After we thoroughly washed each other’s hair and bodies, we soaked in the bath for a bit before we returned to the bedroom.

Actually, what really happened was that since it would have taken some time to clean every nook and cranny of our bodies, I reluctantly got out since I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

But after I did that, she told me “Please wash your body properly”, so I did that without touching her.

However, whether or not I had properly washed my body was not important right now.

Flora and I were embracing each other as we kissed in the moonlight that was shining through the window and the small candle light that lit up the room.

It was similar to the kiss we shared in the field of flowers. Our lips touched and parted then we looked at each other before they overlapped again. When I pushed my tongue into her mouth, her shoulders trembled as our tongues intertwined.


We were both drunk on these kisses.

The feeling of her warm tongue stirring around in my mouth felt amazing. I wish we could stay like this forever.


We sucked on each other’s tongue until she reached her limit, and our lips separated from each other’s in order for her to take a breath. Then, she pulled the string of saliva that was hanging from our mouths-how lewd.

When I took a look at her face, her white cheeks were dyed really red.

I noticed that she seemed to be wanting more, so we started to kiss again.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth and our tongues intertwined once again. The texture of her tongue, the warmth of her mouth, her pink lips and her sweet saliva; I thoroughly tasted them all.

The way she was trying so desperately to get my lips and tongue was so cute and unbearable.

As our kiss gradually intensified, I started to gently rub her soft, abundant breasts. Her breasts were fluffy and soft, but still firm.

The shape of her breasts changed as I put some strength into my fingers as I groped them.

Amazing, so this is what a woman’s breasts feel like. They’re so soft.

「Nnnn…*haah…*haah*…Nnnn! 」

Her breathing was becoming heavier as I caressed her breasts while we kissed. Her voice was further stirring up my arousal, so my cock got big in no time.

「Wow…Aldo-san, your…thing has gotten big again」

Flora muttered as she started to stroke my cock after our lips separated from each other. The way she stroked the tip felt really good.

I was certain that I would cum again if she kept on touching me like this, so I decided to go on the offensive this time.

I turned her body around and continued to grope her breasts from behind.

Then, I pinched the slightly hard point in the center of her breast with my index finger and thumb as I took notice of it.

「Hyannn! 」

She moaned in a flirtatious voice as her shoulders shook.

「…Your nipples are hard, Flora」

「I-it’s because your hands are being nasty! 」

She replied in a sulky tone with her ears red when I muttered those words to her.

I laughed at her child-like gestures and kissed her white neck; it was an action to show her that she’s mine.

「…*haaa*…*haaa*…Aldo-san, my lips too…」

Flora turned around and said to me with a dreamy expression on her face when I was kissing her neck.

It seems that she likes kissing quite a lot. I feel excitement and love from seeing this side of her that wants to be fawned over, which was different than how she usually acts.

And of course, I also liked kissing her a lot so I aligned my lips to hers and put my tongue in her mouth again.

From there, I also gently played around with her nipples that were standing out.

「Nn, nhmnnnn! … *haah*, *haah…」

Each time I squeezed them she let outa muffled voice as her body trembled.

Then, our lips parted and my right hand made its way down to her lower abdomen area as my left hand kept on massaging her breast. While I was enjoying the touch of her smooth skin, I felt up her thighs and her butt before I put my finger in her private area.

「Hyannn!? 」

Whether it was because the feeling of my finger entering her private area was strong or she simply had pleasure accumulating, it looked like her knees gave way.

「Are you alright? 」

「I-I’m sorry. My knees felt weak for a second…」

When I supported her in a hurry, she laughed out as she leaned on me.

It looks like she won’t be able to get back up herself, so I picked her up with both my hands.

「Ah, a princess carry… It’s just like nine years ago」

Flora said as she smiled happily in my arms.

「Now that you mention it, we did walk around in the field of flowers while I carried you like this in my arms-」

Yup, when I helped Flora nine years ago, we walked around there together while I carried her like this.

「Ehehe, it makes me happy that you remembered」

「There’s no way I would forget that, when the girl at that time was someone this beautiful」

And to think that I would meet with the same girl again and become a couple with her. You really never know what’s going to happen next in life.

As I had such deep thoughts, I raised her up and laid her on the bed.

Like this, there wouldn’t be any problems even if she couldn’t move. I picked up from where I left off earlier, as I approached her from the front while stroking her thighs.

「Hyaaa, you’re tickling me」

Flora’s body was twisting around as if she was trying to escape, but I kept on moving my hands as normal after catching her leg.

Then, I aimed for the moment when she relaxed a bit and spread her legs open in an “M” shape.

There, a thin row of golden hair appeared.

Her pussy lips looked as if they were swelling up. And above that, her clitoris was under two flower petals and honey was leaking out from the slit.

To simply put it, Flora was soaking wet there.

「Hiyaaaaa!? It’s embarrassing! 」

「It’s alright. It’s very beautiful」

She tried to close her legs in embarrassment, but she couldn’t do it due to my arms holding her legs.

Certainly, I heard that it would hurt for the woman if their vagina isn’t wet. It would be good to carefully caress this place to make sure she’s wet enough.

「Please tell me if I’m hurting you」

After I said that, I started to touch her private place.

I slowly moved my hands from the base of her thighs to her vagina. I pressed my fingers there using too much force.

「Ahnnn! Hnnnnn! Hyaaann!? 」

Each time my fingers moved, she cried out in embarrassment in a lovely voice and with teary eyes. While I felt relived to hear that she was feeling good, it made me want to go on the attack even more.

From there, I moved my fingers little by little. I rubbed them on her outer vaginal walls and lightly pushed them to incite stimulation. Then, I gently stroked her clitoris before I pushed my fingers inside.

「Ah…aaaa?! That’s no good! 」

She moaned out loudly from the sudden strong pleasure that made her body twist. The feeling of her soft thighs sandwiching me was really comfortable.

She said it like she didn’t want it, but I did not hesitate to keep on rubbing her clitoris and massaging inside the slit of her vagina.

Since the inside of her vagina was already wet, the sounds of fluids being stirred were echoing in the bedroom.

「Ahhhh…Ahhh…It feels so good! 」

I shoved my fingers inside, bending them and scraping against the topside of her vaginal wall. I paid attention to her reactions as I attacked.

It seemed like I have found her weak spot. I understood that from the way she was moaning intensively as I stirred there.

Love juices were leaking out from deep inside as I attacked her weak point.

Then, I pulled out my fingers from there and used my tongue next.

「N-Not that! It’s dirty there! 」

「That’s not true. I’m paying you back for the favor earlier」

With that said, I stimulated her soft pussy lips with a suck. Then, I licked her overflowing love juice as I spread her pussy open with my fingers.

「Ahh!Nooo! It’s embarrassing! 」

Flora was trying to push me off with both her hands on my head, but there was no power in her arms at all. It was more like she was telling me to keep on going.

Although she was in agonizing shame when she asked me to stop, she was still really cute.

The appearance of a normally pure girl being pressed by lust was making my cock really excited.

When I put my fingers back in and licked her clitoris, her back slightly arched.

「Ahhh, Kyaaa… Nooo! Aldo-san, I-I’m going to cum!! 」

Flora moaned loudly as her vagina tightened on my fingers.

It seemed like she is near her climax.

I just wanted to make her wet, but it makes me happy to know that she’s cumming as well.

I moved my tongue in desperation in order to get her to climax. Each time I licked her, she moaned loudly while looking dishevelled.

「It’s okay to cum, Flora」

「Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t hold it anymore!! 」

And then, Flora climaxed as her ass jumped. Her body was convulsing and she could not keep the same posture.

She was slowly taking heavy breaths.

「*haahh*…*haaaah*… Aldo-san」

Flora reached her hand out to me, so I replied to her with a kiss.

「Did it feel good? 」


She replied with a reddened face as she nodded.

It feels strange to be in the reversed roles of how we were in the bath.

「Mouu, please don’t laugh at me! You were embarrassed like this just a little while ago too! 」

「I’m sorry, my bad」

I hugged her as she got angry like a child. Then, she made a satisfied expression on her face.

「…Say, Flora. Can I put it in? 」

When I whispered that in her ear, her face went red and then she nodded in response.

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