Chapter 10

Mira 2

After we passed through the red gate, a broad city made of stones could be seen.

There were rather big houses along the way.

As I survey the surroundings, Mira and the soldiers are looking up at the sky, seemingly bored.


There is nothing special worth mentioning along the way, just continuous plain mansions made of stones.

Quiet streets without much livelihood, occasionally with some high-class sophisticated looking people strolling by.

Then, the beautiful scenery of the cityscape comes to an end, and we arrived at the next gate.


As we approach the gate, the soldiers next to us open the gate with solidarity.

After we passed through, the scenery changed dramatically all of a sudden.

No, it was mostly the smell that changed.

Up until now, it was something like the odorless smell of a zoo?

I understand that there’s something wrong with this, even from my slave lifestyle point of view.

It smelled so bad to the point that it made me wonder if I had the skill 『Enhanced smelling』

The streets are somewhat the same as before, with houses lined up, but made out of wood instead.

The people here look slightly dirtier and they are armed with weapons on their waist.

The atmosphere around Mira and the soldiers has completely changed.

They straightened their postures, with hands on their weapons, ready to draw.

This neighbourhood might be a dangerous place.

Our carriage continues moving forward in this atmosphere.


Every time we dove deeper past the gates, the environment got worse.

The number of bums increased.

The soldiers chasing the bums off seem to be used to this.


「You guys are in the way, go somewhere else!」

「Disappear if you don’t want to be killed! 」

Awfully frightening words were coming out. Hearing it here and there with my good hearing is taking a toll on my soul.

There are also people who keep calm and keep walking without a care in this atmosphere.

They are probably adventurers, soldiers, knights, mercenaries, magicians, and such. Well, judging from their appearances.

And.. Is that a monk?

An onee-chan with blonde twin tails. She caught my eyes because of her big tits.

That girl, is she in the same trade as Yukari?

Their group moved close to the side of the road after seeing our carriage, and lowered their heads.

Because I was unsure of the reason why, I was very uneasy. However, Mira just took their action as a matter of course, and she seemingly didn’t want to explain why they did that.

Then, Mira starts to talk about the plan after this.

「There’s a slave market ahead. Turna and them should be picking out slaves for you right now, bastard. I think you could be doing that yourself as well, what do you think? 」

「….That’s right. I don’t need a stroll anymore… I’d like to talk to Turna too」

「Understood. We’re heading to the slave market then」



The driver takes us into a side street according to Mira’s instructions.

Entering a road with only a few people, the amount of information coming in is also reduced.

I decided to ask a question that I have on my mind.

「Mira, why are you always looking up above us anyway? 」

「That’s because flying types of monsters can show up. Most likely wyverns. And even though they are not a threat to us, it’s still better to be cautious」

There was certainly something black that flew by from where Mira was looking at.

Even if it’s a wyvern like she said, it sure didn’t look like one. It looked rather small from my point of view.

「What kind of monsters are they? 」

「Their size is bigger than a grown man, but they are the weakest of their dragon-species. An annoying monster that would have no trouble taking human girls away」

What a troublesome world to live in; always having to worry about what’s up in the sky.

So air superiority in this world is owned by monsters…Which reminds me, the words of the god said that this world will be destroyed soon…. Suddenly, I feel a sense of urgency gushing out.

After that, I also waste my time by looking at the black things flying in the sky.

The horse carriage went through the ghetto streets into the rural areas.

There is a big building just up ahead.


Slave market.

The horrible stench drifting towards us as we get closer was truly awful.

As we enter inside, there’s a massive prison block.

Someone is running over. Is he one of the slave traders? He’s wearing a hat with a feather on it.

It’s my first time seeing someone who’s not a noble with such a flabby body.

「Oh, what do we have here? Imperial knight-sama…  How can I help you today? 」

There’s an air of wariness around this slave trader.

I wonder if he’s doing something bad behind the scenes.

Mira answers without minding much.

「My colleague should have come here as well, guide us」

「Yes, right away」


The slave trader seems to be relieved.

We get to Turna with the slave trader’s guidance.

There, she’s with the ikemen who is dressed in knight’s clothes and Nanami who is dressed as a town’s girl. Then, Turna sees us and shows a smirk.

Mira and Turna start talking in a low voice.


「We came to visit because we have nothing to do」

「How enviable. So, how’d it go? 」

「It was no good this time. I was just used as a hole at the end」

「Were you? Did you properly work on the backside of the head of the penis? 」

「Ah. I did try my best to rub it but it was no good. It felt like he was far from climaxing from that」

「Hmm, the only thing to do is to train more」

「That’s Right」


Those guys… are no good.

They only have ero stuff in their heads.

I call out to the hard working ikemen and Nanami.

「What are you guys doing? 」

「Uh, we are classifying the people with skills and the ones without. There seems to be more skill holders here than we been told, so we are looking for them as our work」

Slaves are being sorted like wanko-sobas. (Japanese noodles)

Ikemen came close, smiling with a thumbs up.

I don’t know why, but I’ll do the same for now.


「This looks rough, doesn’t it? 」

「Not at all. Like this, I have the ownership of Gat-chan and I get pocket money here and there, I’m thankful」

「So you got the ownership of Ogawa? That’s good」

「Well, I am a slave of Christina-sama myself though」


Selling slaves to your own slaves.

How chaotic.

That’s being tsun-tsun right there.


Oh, It’s Turna.

「If you are free, can you help with the skill confirmations again? It’s similar to the work that Hime-sama does. It would be a great help if Takuma does it as well」

「What are you trying to confirm? 」

「The difference in ability between 『Appraisal』and 『Improved Appraisal』. So, tell us all the columns you can see . I will be writing down what you say」


I will talk to Turna while we get to the skill wielders who are locked in isolation cells at the opposite side.

「Lately, you know how we been fucking every day? Because we didn’t do it last night, Turna is feeling terrible」

Recently, Turna only talked about two things, either ero stuff or work.

「Then, why don’t we go somewhere with no one around and fuck there? It’s what I want to say but however…」

「I’ll be counting on you when this job is over. Turna’s body can no longer live without Takuma」

「You’re exaggerating」

「I’m not really exaggerating… 」


Chris’s commands are absolute.

Now then, we’ve arrived at the destination prison.

There are 6 people here. Four humans and 2 Elves.

Each one of them is looking down on the ground, while looking depressed.


「It’s okay if I just read all of their statuses out loud, right?」

「No, one human then one demi is good. The order’s not that important」



First, a Human. I use appraisal on a strong looking warrior.

Turna will write it down as I read it out.

「So, he has 『Physical reinforcement I』. That is it」

「Hm, I see.  The information obtained expands by about three times. It’s quite convenient to know their affiliations and identity as well 」

「Ohh, is that how it is?」

「That’s how it is」

「So, which one is good next? 」

「Then, let’s do this elf here」


I use appraisal on the elf with lifeless eyes and withered ears.



The third daughter of the Elven Empire.


「What’s the matter? 」

「Nothing, but this girl is someone I embraced before, a girl with three skills」

「Oh, it’s Emilia-san. Emilia-san.. I didn’t know what she did after our last encounter, it seems like she escaped from the prison. But since she’s living here, she must’ve been caught again. Poor thing」

Hearing the words from Turna and me, Artesia turned her face this way for the first time.

「Is it Takuma? Is this the voice of Takuma? 」

「You called my name? 」

Un. There are no lights in her eyes and they are white and cloudy. I wonder what happened to her during this short period of time.

「Artesia, it’s been a long time」

「Ah, Thank the god of the forest. Takuma, please I beg you, listen to me」

「Yes….? 」

「I fled to that forest in the west end, and I discovered a group of orcs deep inside. That’s when I saw it, the strongest orc warrior」

It’s the one Yukari told me about yesterday.

「A brave-orc? 」

「That’s what they call it in the human world. I tried to escape  with all had, but I was caught and made into a plaything. Unexpectedly, in the midst of it, someone helped me out and I managed to live until now somehow by being sold as a slave. Please, before the strongest orc does its damage, convey this message to the great people of this country. One of my elven villages is nearby, it will be bad news if they are attacked by the orcs, as they are our natural enemy」

「T, That’s right, the great people of this country」

I see Turna. Is Turna one of the people with high position in this country?

Turna looks troubled from the bottom of her heart.

She pulls me away by my hand.


I can hear this coming from the cage: 「Takuma. Takuma, did you hear me? 」

Turna took me to a considerable distance from the elf.

At this distance, I can’t even hear the elf’s voice with my super hearing.

Then Turna told me the reason of her worries from the bottom of her heart.


「The forest in the west is far from here, there’s no need to get past our country’s vanguards to fight them, so please, don’t get involved in that」


Turna stares at me in wonder.

「*Mu* I was sure that you were seduced by the beautiful elf and was about to nervously beg Hime-sama to help」

「No, I just know her name, that’s all. We don’t have that kind of relationship, and I don’t really care」

Well, I guess if I can help, then I should do what I can; but no matter how I look at it, this is way beyond what I’m capable of doing.

W, why do I feel like I wanted a little time to think first when she asked this of me?


「Well, I’m relieved if you say so. A brave-orc is very strong. It’s best to not get involved considering the danger. There are eight countries surrounding the western forest, the chances of the brave-orc coming to us is only 1 out of 8. If it really comes here, we’ll do our best then. I’ll make sure to talk to those who understand the situation, so please forget about this」

「Understood, but what will you do with the elf-chan」

「Considering the skills she has, she could be used as an archer, but we can’t use a slave that escaped once before as a soldier. So, please understand that she’ll most likely be made as a tool to give birth」


Is that how it’s going to be?

She’s going to be like the female version of me then.

「Then, are we continuing with work? 」

「Since some trouble came in, let’s call it a day here」

「What about ecchi stuff? 」

「I’m not in the mood anymore」

Arara, I see she is rather troubled.

「I want to thrust it in Turna’s loli pussy and mess you up」

「I want you to do it too. But, it’s better when the mood is right」


I guess so.

Not being able to help when asked to help… it doesn’t feel good even if you have no reason to help.

My spirit is even lower now than it was before.

「I’m going to leave for today」

「I think that’s good. And tell Yukari-san to not go out until the brave-orc is subjugated. Orcs will go after good women with all they got」

「I understand. I’ll keep her in the room as my pillow」

「That would be a wise decision」


Turna and I return from the way we came.

She takes a look at the data we have and shows her usual smirk.

Then I went to take a look at Mira, who’s been resting.

She is sitting down on a chair, and looking like she’s worried about the child in her stomach.

「Is your body condition bad? 」

「Ah, a little. But this level is nothing I can’t handle」

Would “a little” leave her breathing in disarray?


「I’ll cast recovery magic on you」

「Hmm? You can do something like that? How convenient. It’s your child as well, handle it carefully」

「I don’t have strong enough magic power to have to be careful about it」

Mira laughed scornfully from my words.


「You have flaws like that? 」

「A whole pile of them. Here, let me see your stomach, it’s more effective if I touch it directly」

「Ah, I understand」


I lifted her clothes up a little and lowered her trousers to a position where her pubes are slightly visible.

A cute belly button is showing with her waistline.

The feeling of her thick pubic hairs are throwing the mood off a little. I’ll have her take care of it next time. ….No, wait, let’s handle it together at that time, sometimes good things can come out of it.

If I start playing with her visible pubes, I’ll probably get smacked cutely in the back of my head.

Now then, let’s get started.


The gentle white light envelops the lower abdomen area of Mira.

My small quantity of mana was gone in an instant, so I’ll stop my magic here.


「That’s the end of it」

「Hmm, I feel a lot more comfortable. Thank you」

「It’s my precious child after all」

「I’m happy that’s how you see it」

Mira broke out a smile.

Can’t you hold that smile forever?…Oh well.

Perhaps I should demand this “Ice-cold Mira” to smile more.


But, the small-fry soldiers who came along were showing signs of admiration and lust towards her.

I guess her cool beauty type is popular among the soldiers.


「Is it about time you bastard?  Want to head back? 」

「Ah, right. Please」

We said our good-byes to our friends and left the slave market.

Mira and the soldiers paid attention to the skies on the way home as well.

When our carriage got close to the prison cage which can also be called our “shop”, Mira opened her mouth.

「How did our country look in your eyes? 」

What an abstract question.

「The monk with blonde twin tails was super cute」

I feel like this isn’t the time to show my real thoughts.

I don’t know what kind of answer Mira is looking for. I doubt if my skill 『Genius』is activated at all.

Due to that, well, I decided to only tell her the thoughts I have that are safe to say.

「… There are lots more young people in this world than the one I came from. It’s strange to see so few old people」

「When old people go outside, they are nothing but sitting ducks」

「Oh, right. Indeed this is a world very cruel to the weak」

「There isn’t a world that is kind to the weak, is there? 」

Now that you mention it, that’s exactly right.

Even though Japan isn’t this extreme, I was taught in school the disparity between the powerful and the weak is also expanding progressively.  Was it called the “Gini’s coefficient”?

Our teacher of the class, Fumio-sensei, said that’s what capitalism is.

“That’s why you should be nice to the weak, and absolutely no bullying them”

He was constantly repeating it.  Sensei’s influence was so great that there was never any bullying in our class.

Leaders are important to have… 。Amen.

「Why’d you suddenly go silent? 」

「Na, it’s nothing. I was just thinking that I lived in a world that was much kinder to the weak than this world here」

「Isn’t it just a problem of standards? 」

「Well, yeah, that’s right」

Mira looks satisfied from my answer for some reason.

The talk ended, and unfortunately we’re back to my home.

Is the time around early afternoon? Did we come back a bit early? But it was boring there.


Ordinary soldiers welcome us in by opening the gate.

The salutes they give to Mira have such an indescribable force to it that it gives me the illusion that Mira is some kind of big shot.

As we enter inside, there is a prison.

There are countless cells in this prison, and I am kept alone in a special area.

I hear groaning voices from other prisoners as I walk.

It isn’t a volume that normal people can pick up.

This skill is convenient but also annoying at times because of things like this.


I came back to this “work room” that’s specially built for me.

It has the same gloomy feeling here, reminding me that I have returned from the pleasant air of outside.

I thought it would have been better to not notice it.

I want to say something a little selfish about it.


「I want to go out once in a while」

「Understood. I’ll ask Hime-sama for you」

I felt relieved as I was unexpectedly given a sympathetic answer.


I tumble onto my bed, and for some reason Mira joins me.

A mole under her eye is very sexy.

We stare at each other blankly, and then words came out.

「Hey, Mira, have you kissed anyone yet? 」

「No, because it’s not you, you stupid bastard」

She got angry at me.

「But look, it wasn’t your first time, right? What about the men you were with before? Didn’t you kiss them? 」

「I knew it, you are misunderstanding it. I thought that’s where you were going with it」

「But there was no blood that time」

「Because I am a knight, I train intensely every day. Many girls like me have torn their hymen like that. Therefore, that was my first time」

Ho~ so you can get that messed up for your first time? This girl has some slutty qualities.

Mira continues to explain further.

「My body is especially flexible. Take a look for a bit」

──Is she telling me she’s going to do a leg split? This is like something that rhythmic sports gymnastics athletes do.

Her right leg in front, left foot behind, and her vagina faces the bed.

「I see that your body is flexible, but isn’t doing that bad for the baby? 」

「Hmm, I sense no discomfort, but I’ll stop since you say so」

「So, where were we again? 」

「Uhh, probably because of training like that, the hymen regrettably disappeared. Can you believe me?」

「I have a skill that lets me detect lies, so you don’t have to desperately try to convince me like that. Well, I’ll have to touch your head」

「Ah, I just remembered as you mention it」

I grabbed her head and start to ask questions.


「Has Mira been penetrated by a penis other than mine? 」


「What about your mouth? 」


「In the ass? 」

「Even you haven’t done that to me, bastard」

Hmm, everything she said was true.

Well, so that’s why I feel like this. It seems like my desire to monopolize her was fulfilled.

Somehow my dick started rising up.

「Well then, if you are able to… I would like to.. 」

「I don’t know what it is that you want unless you make it clear」

「Mmm, fine then. Do it with someone else」

Our conversation ended there, now nothing is happening as time flows by.

We enter the futon together with hands joined.

Maa~, it’s something like a habit now.

Even so, to think that Mira who didn’t even have her first kiss is carrying a child..

There is something wrong with that order of things.


Mira must be tired. She falls into sleep quietly.

Her mouth is half open and it’s a slutty look.

Somehow my dick is motivated.

But I too have a conscience, as angel and devil start a battle with each other inside my head.


☆☆If you get found out, you will be labeled nothing but a cheater ☆☆

★★It’s not cheating if you can fool her even if you get found out ★★

What an intense battle.

★★She’s already pregnant, no matter what you do now it’s all the same★★

☆☆Hold on, I have a good plan. We can just call it a job to find the condition for the third skill’s release☆☆

After their fights to the death, the angel and the devil are shaking hands.

This is not cheating. I’m working. Even if this is judged as an “out”, my thing won’t be cut off yet. Because of that, I’m still “safe”.

… I’m getting even more into the mood now.

I touch the lips of Mira who is asleep.

Her thin lips don’t look like it can suck, but they are glossy and beautiful.

Then, I insert some fingers into her mouth.

She’s not doing any of the sucking work that was taught, as she is completely asleep.

What a shame.

I mark her beautiful face by sucking on it.

I didn’t think of her as just a hole, so I do it carefully.

Mira didn’t wake up from that, so I start to remove her imperial guard uniform that is full of unnecessary ornaments.

First of all, I decorate the table with her outer garment.

It’s a game that’s over as soon as she wakes up.

Then, take off her blouse by unbuttoning the inside of it.

She’s unexpectedly in deep sleep; I hear a good breathing rhythm from her.

There are no bras in this world.

Her upper body is now naked, but are those closer to pectoral muscles than boobs?

The hills are made up of muscle instead of fat.

For no special reason, I give a lick to her nipple of her flat chest, but there was no response.


There are no men who will stop here after getting so far.

I quickly get in my birthday suit.

Then I lay my hands on her trousers.

Unbutton it, and lower the zipper.

Peel it down quietly.

What appeared before my eyes were pink shorts.

Compared to Japan, the embroidery is very elaborate.

But to me, it’s no more than an obstacle that could wake her up.

I took it off slowly, and Mira is now naked.

When I take a look at her again, I realize this woman is a good woman after all.

Her physique is thin but firm, and her skin is white and glossy.

More than anything else, this sweet smell emitting from her that allures men is unique to Mira.

I don’t know whether or not there is a charm skill that does that, but I doubt she has such a skill.

I start boldly caressing her body.

And she woke up with that.


「What are you doing, you bastard!? 」

She was expecting that my excitement will cool down from that.

But, I start licking her chest, touching her ribs, and stroking her stomach.

I put my hand around her hips, and start rubbing her butt. Even so, Mira didn’t give a reaction at all.

However, there was one place that was reacting clearly.

A hole letting out pheromone seems to be the culprit from my sweet conduct.

I can see the sticky transparent liquid dripping down from it in the middle of the bed sheet.

I sucked on it.

Screwing my tongue in it forcibly, then going in and out.

Her love juices start surging out from deep.

「Ahhh, *Nn*」

Finally I can hear her cute moans.

I pull my tongue out and lifted up my face.

Mira’s face is pure red.

Then I hear her faint whispering voice.

「Don’t stop……. 」

I start to suck her vagina again.

「*Nnn*, Ahh, in there, NOO~  Ahh」

She don’t have to worry about her baby like this.

I keep stroking the clitoris with my finger in order to drown Mira in pleasure, while I move my tongue back and forth.

「Auuu, that tongue, that tongue is going to drive me crazy!! Ah, AHhh, AHhh, *Nnnn*」

The love juices surged out before me, and Mira trembled intensely for a moment after that.

I feel satisfied and snuggle up to her.

「Looks like you are feeling good」

The term dignified would not suit the Mira right now, who is completely broken into a smile.

This is just nothing but an erotic beautiful girl.

Mira ignored my words and spoke to me:

「Don’t put it deep, but use half of it….please… 」

There’s no way you can’t have sex during pregnancy from what I learned when I was in Japan.

I have never heard of something like a penis messing with the baby in the stomach.

However, I remembered from health education that there could be a danger from orgasms, as it could cause premature birth.

So there’s no problem even if I pushed it to the end, but for some reason I started thinking that I don’t want to be hated by Mira, so I accepted her proposal.

「Well then, I’ll do half」

「Ah, I’ll be relying on you… 」

Mira is trying to protect her own child, so she came up with the conclusion that she wants to cut her pleasure in half by me only putting in half in order to do so.

Erotic girl.

Then, with full acceptance, Mira spreads her legs.

I insert it from the side.


「It’s all wet and sticky」

「Don’t say it out loud… 」

Where did her usually strong tone go?

Her body trembles every time from pleasure as I shove.

「Ah, Ahnn, Ahn, Ahn」

「You went to bed next to me when you wanted it like this」

「An, Ahn, Ah…..Ahnn….Au…nn」

Does she not hear me? Or is she just pretending that she doesn’t hear me? Cutely moaning repeatedly.

「This here is for my exclusive use only, I see」

「Ah, Ahh, Ahnn, Ah, Hu….Hyan」

While panting hard, Mira nods in satisfaction.

My words seem to have reached her after all.

Then I started to feel better.

While resisting the urge to go all out on slamming her, I will thoroughly enjoy the taste of her pussy that started convulsing.

「Noooo, I will become addicted to this, *Huuun*」

「Isn’t that good? Give up, you like it. At any rate, every day from now on after this, I’ll be adjusting your body」

「*Nn*, Ah, such a thing, Ah, Nnnn」

Mira wriggles her hips, and the sensation leads me to new heights.

I speed up my humping movements.

Oops, I knocked on the walls of her womb.

Even though I know it’s okay to do that, it made me nervous for a second.

But, Mira doesn’t seem like she’s there yet. I’m drowning from the pleasure, and then I drowned.


A moan that could be suspected for acting. Her moans were like that at first as well.

She is trembling while panting.

「I’m cumming Mira, where do you want it? 」

Mira nods with all her might while showing an unfocused look.

I forcefully pull my dick out from the pussy that’s been sucking it in, and cum on Mira’s beautiful face as I climax.

「Ahh….. such a strong smell…. *nn*」

Her black hair is also mixed with white, and her cute lips and glossy skin are now all stained from the clogged up white liquids of desire.

Mira is squirming after receiving it.

「You’re the most beautiful thing ever」

From my words, her body trembled and her facial expression melted.

After we finished doing it, I cleaned up and used recovery magic. Then, we hugged each other with no clothes on.

Mira came flying into my chest while I was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

I was used as a pillow like that for ten minutes, then Mira who recovered her breathing said with a harsh tone:

「You shoved it all the way down」

Of course what she’s saying is within my prediction.

「In my world, it is said that a healthy child will come from doing that, but if Mira doesn’t like it, then I won’t do it anymore」

「…Well.. If that’s how it works then it’s okay. I just thought somehow it was bad to do that..」


That was a piece of cake.

「With Nanari, we did it every day and I even creampied her, but a healthy girl was born」

「Creampied every day… seems to be alright then」

「That might be the condition for the third skill too. Do you want to try it, Mira? 」

That way, we can have sex every day.

「…That’s right. If I can get a skill from doing it every day until the child is born..then by all means… 」

「Is there something wrong? 」

「Hmm, my deployment is probably a temporary one. I think Turna should be returning soon」

Turna is coming back huh..? hehehe

Mira continues.

「Because I’m pregnant now, there’s no choice but to report to my parents at their house. I’m afraid that I won’t be allowed to come back until the baby is born..」

「How come? 」

「My house doesn’t have an heir of peerage yet, so the birth of a baby boy would be given priority over anything else. What this means is the child in my stomach will be treated as the most important thing until it’s born」

「… The life of eating and sleeping huh.. Isn’t that a good life? 」

「Hmph, It’s not a life that I wish for」


To me, that is a plenty good life, just eating and sleeping.

But, it’s troublesome for that model body shape to fall apart. It would be such a waste.

Our conversation ended, and Mira put her chin on my shoulders.

After a long silence, she started talking again.

「Can you confirm it with your skill? Do I really love you…? Bastard」

「No, there’s no need for a confirmation」

「…Yeah, that’s right」


A long silence again.

Then, Mira shouted suddenly.

「No, that won’t do. You’re a “Scat” hentai  pedo bastard, but strangely, I just can’t hate you… 」(scatology)

「No, wouldn’t it be strange to like someone like that??! 」

My Tsukkomi with all my might was ignored. (Japanese retort comedy)

「Ha~aa…. That’s troubling. I’ve lived my whole life so seriously until now, is it wrong to become so strange now…? 」

「There are quite a few women that will turn bad for their men, so no need to worry, you aren’t the only one」

「Hime-sama is also in there. It can’t be helped I guess…. 」

As she said that, she let out a deep sigh.

Then back to a serious face.

「If so, are you going to do what you’re supposed to do? 」

Mira holds my face with both her hands.

She sucked on my mouth.

A kiss that just sticks to pushing and sucking.

Mira is satisfied after a few seconds, and let go of my face.


「Hmph, I heard it’s supposed to be something sweet melting me, but it’s not really like that. It feels better to give you a blowjob」

「Ma~ If you get used to kissing, it will start to feel like that」

「Oh, I’ll look forward to that」

Now then, it’s about time that I have to chase this girl outta here.

I thought very carefully.


I send Mira out with a smile.

I gave myself a pat on the back for being so proficient at sending her away.

Now, I’ll use cleaning magic to erase the smell of a woman.

I am just a complete cheater now, like a disease that can’t be cured.

I decided to do my best in order to not give up and let myself be exposed. It’s going to be ok, I can do this.

Dinner came and I ate it with no hesitation. It will be just right for recovering my stamina.

I don’t know how long it will last from today, but until the brave-orc is defeated, Yukari and I can continue to make love in this place.

I hope it will be all sweet and hot when it begins.

Yukari said she’s on her period right now so she can’t be pregnant, but I will impress her by impregnating her with my love.

I’m about to do it with so much enthusiasm.

Let’s put it between her tits, have her suck it with her mouth, and challenge her with anal.

Conversely, I also want to try out the things Yukari is into.

In the past, I remember we also played house as a doctor and a patient. Maybe we can do an adult version of that.

She can be the female doctor, and I would be the perverted patient…

Then, the outside became dark.

She should have been back by now.

Well, she should be back soon….I went ahead and fell asleep.


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      1. That’s highly likely, then when Yukari got back or saved, she’s already been impregnated by the orc!! or got addicted to the orc, ugh… if that happens then the tragedy tag is something I can accept all the way~!


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  2. People who read this story initially wanted MC to escape but seems the wilderness is dominated by powerful monsters. MC messed up by hiding Elf Princess’s secret. She might have gotten better treatment so she would never have tried to escape and get raped by orcs.


  3. Everyones all “Yukari might be getting orc’d” but nobody even mentioned how poor artesia lost her eyesight.
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