Goddess Hunt 1

Chapter 1- The Rebirth of the Demon King and the World Three Hundred Years Later

Revenge… Yes, revenge.

That beautiful and despicable goddess, Venus, and the six goddesses of the hexagram.

If I am revived one day, just what will I make you do…


That was the only thing I’ve ever thought about.

While I drifted in this poisonous air of this holy space while having a spirit body only, I’ve thought about that forever and ever.

How long has it been since they’ve sealed me in here? …I could no longer keep track.


However, hope still remained.

Although my body as the demon king, Juno, was destroyed, my spirit and my ability to have thoughts were not snatched away from me.

Therefore, I kept on trying, looking to find a way to break free.


But in the end, I couldn’t do it. There was nothing I could do without any limbs.

Ah…This is so annoying.


I swore to have my revenge on the goddesses, and that determination had made me successfully create the strongest pleasure-inducing magic in history, “Magic tuning”.

It was a big fuck up from them to not take away my ability to have thoughts!


Even so, at this rate…I won’t even get to show off the power of magic tuning, and I will be drifting through this holy space like I have been forever.


I wonder what the goddesses did with this world called “Liliaheim” after sealing me away?

And what happened to my friends from the demon realm?

Is Lilith safe…?


At that moment




Suddenly, I felt a great force drawing me in.

I, who had only my spirit body remaining, was pulled out of the holy space by a wave of intense magic energy.

Where am I? This evil yet comfortable power… Where is it taking me?!


The surge of this evil and dark power was getting stronger.

I felt the speed accelerating.

I was being drawn to a place far away….


The moment the speed reached its peak, I had stopped thinking completely.


*Shattering sounds!!*


An intense sound of crashing filled my ears, and I was followed by shock immediately after.

I’ve realized a moment after that I had fallen over and landed on my face.




A natural voice leaked out of me.

…A voice? But could I even make sounds?

No, it wasn’t just my voice.

I could feel the rough ground. I could also smell something like herbal medicine. In my blurry vision, I could see a stone wall not too far ahead. And, my body was wet. Speaking of which, I feel all slimy.

All that stuff was not something that could be felt with a spirit body.


Which means… Perhaps?!

In midst of all this chaos, I heard a voice coming from next to me.




The person who said that as she looked at me was a young fallen angel.

She had pink hair tied in twin tails. A black halo was floating above her head.

Even though she had an immature body without much curves, she was wearing a suggestive black leather costume.


“Hello? Maou-sama? You are the demon king…Juno-sama, right?”


Juno– That’s my name.

Maybe the young girl was getting nervous, since her expression was becoming kind of stiff.

However, there’s no mistake about it. This lovely face! This lovely voice!


“Lilith… you’re, Lilith, right?”

The moment I spoke out in stutters,




Loud cheers came from all the girls around the room.

Where am I? Who else is here other than Lilith?

I tried to get up right away, but my body wouldn’t move. Shit, even though I wanted to confirm my surroundings.

Then, I felt a soft feeling of someone touching the back of my head.


“Ahh, maou-sama….maou-sama….!”


Lilith was giving me a lap pillow.

Tears were coming out of her big, round eyes and they were dripping onto my body.


“Lilith…I missed you”


I put some strength into my right arm. Alright, I’m going to try moving slowly.

I reached my hand out to her soft cheek. It’s soft, and warm.


“Uwahhh, Uwahh…..I’ve missed you too, maou-sama…wahhhhhh!”




I opened my eyes wide as I said that in a voice even louder than Lilith’s.

My arm! My pure black arm in armor that I had before I was sealed away!


“I, I have an arm of the human race?!”



I saw a darkish, slightly muscular arm of the human race.


“W-what’s going on?”


“Ah, about that…Juno-sama. Here… please, use this”


Another young girl has handed me a hand mirror.

What a perfect mirror. I’ve never seen a mirror that reflected an image so clearly.


“…Is this…me?”

It was an image of a human youth that I saw in the mirror’s reflection.

Purplish-black hair. Sharp-looking eyes. A very well-shaped face.

However, there were two horns growing out of my forehead.

These two cool horns looked the same as the two I had attached to my armor before.


With a little strength to my forehead, the horns retracted back inside. It seems that I can freely control if they come out or not. With my horns gone, I look more or less just like a normal human youth.


No, wait a second. Hold on. My head is spinning. There’s too much information for me to handle at once.


—And, that’s when I noticed.

The young girls of the demon race in this room were all looking at me.

My lower half, mainly.

All of their cheeks were red for some reason.

…Well, no matter. My field of vision was clearing up, finally.

After taking a look around, it seems like I’m in some kind of workshop.

There were bookshelves with many grimoires on them. There was a complex-looking magic circle drawn on the floor.

And, there was a huge crystal big enough to fit a person that’s been shattered open.

The liquid that was inside the crystal was spilled all over the floor along with the debris from it.


Alright. I have gradually calmed down.

I more or less understand what was happening around me. Next, I have to get some answers for the questions I have.


“Just what happened to my bod-?”

Right when I was about to ask that, Lilith grasped my hands.


“*sob*, *sniff*… ehehehe~♪ Maou-sama. Let’s talk about that long story over a bath. Yeah~ come with me~”

Lilith was crying and smiling at the same time.


“ First, let’s clean that slimy magic solution off you. Here, this is a lesson for you~. Take your steps one by one, one step at a time ♪”



I started to walk like a baby while Lilith held hands with me.

And behind us,


“That’s not fair, Lilith-sama~!”


“I want to get in with Juno-sama as well!”


“Me too!”


The girls of the demon race were protesting.


“Now, now, everyone. This is the special privilege of the magic research chief~ ♪”

But, Lilith didn’t care about that. Sheesh, this girl hasn’t changed at all.


After walking out of that door, we walked down the stone corridor and went up a short staircase.

When we arrived at the bathroom, we were greeted by a cloud of steam.

The fairly hot steam made me squint my eyes as I let out a sigh of admiration.


“While I was sealed away, the flood control technology has advanced this much, huh…”


The bath itself was not very wide. Six small demons of Lilith’s size would completely fill the tub.

According to her, the hot water being used flows in from outside as it gets pumped through a pipe inside the ground when you twist the bath handle. Furthermore, the spell to heat water up had been greatly simplified and was spread to the average households.

When I took a step onto the marbled floor with great admiration towards the convenience, she said to me,


“It has been three hundred years since you were sealed away…This world, this country… many things have changed. *rustling sound*. Here you go”


After being urged by the completely naked Lilith, I sat on the small wooden stool that she handed me.

My body had started to get used to moving while we walked here.


“Three hundred years, huh…”


Demons fundamentally lived long lives. Three hundred years is nothing but a portion of our timeline.

To me, however, these last three hundred years felt way longer than it actually was.


My friends and family in the demon realm, I was suddenly separated from them.

How much loneliness have I endured while I was inside the holy space…


That’s when it came to me.


“Lilith. You were always looking to resurrect me after that incident… for three hundred years…?”


“Well….never mind about that~ ♪, I’ll wash your back~”


She dodged my stare and went behind my back.

When she rubbed her hands against my back, bubbles started to form on my body.

It seems like she was using some medicinal chemical to wash me.


It felt so comfortable each time she got that slimy magic solution off of me…

Then, Lilith spoke as she carefully washed my back,


“Maou-sama was sealed away, and the demon realm’s territory became small… But I did not give up. Everyone said that they wanted to resurrect you…From that point on, we were always studying resurrection magic with all we had”


“Then you used a spell to move my spirit body from the holy space into a body of flesh, huh?”


That would be a spell that did not exist three hundred years ago.

She must have researched it from scratch. What strength of will she possessed.


“Lilith, thank you…”


“No, no~♪. It’s because everyone in the demon realm loves you, maou-sama. They all believed in you, so we were able to put together the mana we needed to resurrect you!”


That type of spell must have taken lots of mana to invoke.

Everyone in the demon realm has given up some of their mana, and little by little, Lilith was able to finish her research and resurrected me…


My heart was filled with gratitude and my eyes were feeling hot.



Unexpectedly, hot water overflowed from my eyes. …They were tears.

The old me would not have shed any tears.

However, this is…


“Lilith. Having a human’s body sure is nice…”

When I muttered out earnestly, Lilith came in front of me.

With her thin fingertip touching the front of my eyes, she gently wiped away my tears.


“Maou-sama… Congratulations on your resurrection! I love you so so so much!”



Lilith jumped on me and hugged me all of a sudden.

Ah… her body is so soft.

She had small breasts, but in the middle of each one stood a pink colored point. Her collarbone and ribs were faintly showing.




“Hyannn!… Mou, Maou-sama!”


I instinctively stretched out both my hands and grabbed her small butt.

My fingers were buried in her butt cheeks that felt so soft that it was as if they were melting into my hands…


I was surprised from how good it felt.

It felt completely different to touch others through having human skin rather than hard armor!

I want to feel the cute Lilith up more with these delicate hands.


“Ohh! Lilith, This is amazing!”




Her butt is small, but it was soft and elastic. My fingertips spring back to me when I push them in.

—How fun.

How fun it is to grope the ass of a petite girl!


“Ahhh, Ahhhhh….Ahhh…!”


Was the sweet moans coming from Lilith making me excited…Ah?

Then, I suddenly noticed.

My crotch was also feeling very hot. When I looked down there, my eyes opened wide.


The stick-like organ in my crotch area was greatly bulging as it stood tall like a man.

I- I see. Since I assumed a body of a human, it was natural for that thing to grow…

This thick log growing out from my crotch was not an organ that existed when I lived in the pure black armor. Therefore, I was not particularly interested by it…However, after it grew out like that, it made me feel restless.


“Woww! Jeez Maou-sama…ehehe”

While I was feeling a bit perplexed at the situation, Lilith seemed to be somewhat happy.

She put her right hand over my inflated organ as she stared at it intently with a playful expression.


“It’s just the right time. Since you have started to move in that body, let’s see if that part of your body is working normally as well”

“L-Lilith. What are you…ughhh!”


I groaned in a low voice.

She put both her hands around my “blade of darkness” and started to rub her hands up and down.

“Maou-sama, how is it? me doing it slowly like this… Does it feel good?”

She whispered to me in a seductive voice.

Her breath tickled my ear as my crotch kept on getting hotter and hotter.


“Ehehe♪ I read it in a book that men would feel good when you do this. It looks like it was true, after all.”

The medicinal chemical that she used to wash me with was still in the palm of her hands.

It made the jerking smoother and the sound made from it echoed in the bathroom.


“*Haah*, haaah*, Lilith…!”

A sweet stimulation ran through my crotch. Being attacked by this unexpected pleasure, I could not stay still.

I hugged Lilith as I couldn’t take it anymore.


However, when I felt her warmth, it kept on getting hotter and hotter…

“Lilith, but this…a-are you sure?”

I feel like I have put an unnecessary burden on her but…

She just nodded at me with a smile.


“It’s fine, Maou-sama. It makes me happy that even my flat body can get you big like that. It makes me very happy♪”


She said to me with a shining smile.


“I-is that so? That makes me feel relieved, Lilith. Maybe my crotch swelling up was a rather good thing!”


“Of course it is ♪. It can be called good manners to get big in front of a girl like that! Maou-sama, please have some confidence in yourself!”


Then, she continued with a soft voice,

“Three hundred years ago…  when Maou-sama was sealed away by the spell of the goddesses, you used your remaining power to teleport the remaining demon territory away, right?”


By using the power of her wrists, she started to stroke my c※ck.

Furthermore, she would occasionally knead the tip with the palm of her hand.


“Because of that teleportation magic, you were sealed away for good… However, thanks to that, me and the others were saved. For three hundred years, we were able to live our lives inside this place we call “hell’s village.”


Her two hands were moving faster and faster as she spoke. My c※ck was becoming more slimy as the stimulation grew.


My hips… were starting to feel numb.


“This “hell’s village” is now a countryside village that is a part of 『The holy kingdom of Artemis』. After the goddess Venus sealed you away, she split Liliaheim into six countries. So now, each of those countries is under the rule of one of the six goddesses of the hexagram.”


My hips– feel hot. My spine is trembling.

“Other than the goddess, Venus, the humans of this country also rest their faith in Artemis, one of the six goddesses. The names of each of the countries were named after the goddesses of their country’s religion…”


Speaking up to there, Lilith slightly looked up.


“Oya, it’s plump and swollen. Ahh~ Maou-sama, your face is completely melting. How cute ♪”


“L-Lilith. If we keep on going like this…My magic cannon is going to explode…”


“It’s fine, don’t hold it in ♪ Aim it at me and shoot it all out!”


“A-alright…! If that’s the case– I’m going to let it all out!!”


I finally reached my limit and thrusted my hips in Lilith’s direction.

“AAAhhhn ♪”


She opened her mouth wide as she kept on moving her hands up and down violently.

And then,


*splurt!!! splurt!! splurt!!!*


A countless amount of white liquid was released as my magic cannon exploded.

The pleasure I felt at that moment was like– My entire body was enveloped by a sweet numbness, then my consciousness almost flew away.


“Wow! Amazin…g..there’s so much…Nnn!”


The liquid that I shot out covered Lilith’s whole body without mercy.

Her pink hair, inside of her mouth that was wide open, and all over her small body…



While covered in white liquid, Lilith licked and slurped it as if it was delicious.

She rubbed the liquid that was on her forehead with her hand, and sucked it off her fingers one by one.


“*Gulp*… ♪”

Her throat made a sound as if she had been waiting for it. Then, she stared into empty space.


“*Haaa*~…. I have received Maou-sama’s first load..~♪”


“W-was it delicious…?”


I asked her while breathing heavily still, but she was still spacing out.


“Because it had your feelings in it. Just that alone made it delicious and satisfying to my heart. Your precious seeds were entering my body…it was a feeling that I could not get enough of ♪”


“I-I see”

Well, it’s good if she felt satisfied from it.

Then, she clapped her hands together and said,


“Oh yeah, Maou-sama. I was telling you about what happened while you were sealed away… Did you get all that?






Lilith asked as she tilted her small head.

This is where I have to give a dignified response to her as the king of the demon realm, however…


“…It felt too good, so I couldn’t remember a thing you said.”


“I-I figured…”


Lilith giggled with a bitter smile. How adorable!


It’s okay to be honest in front of this girl.

That’s what I thought in my mind.


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