Goddess Hunt 2

Chapter 2 – The Reborn Demon King’s Plan to Take Back the World

I never thought that she was going to make me unleash my load eleven more times in that bathroom…

But after I let it all out, the dark weapon from my crotch had finally become soft.

Right now, I feel as calm and virtuous as a saint.


…And so, while I was wiping myself in the dressing room after our bath, I asked Lilith to explain the current state of the world to me again.


In summary, the state of the world had become something like this,

  • After I was sealed away, the world called “Liliaheim” was divided into six countries.
  • Each of those six countries has its own religion. Aside from the “Goddess queen”, Venus, the six goddesses of the hexagram are each being worshipped in their respective countries. But note that the longest reigning goddess, Venus, is worshipped by all human beings.
  • The position of goddess queen was replaced just fifty years ago. The goddess called 『Venus』 inherited the title and no one knew where the previous goddess queen went.
  • This village here is located in the countryside of the holy kingdom of Artemis, where the people worship one of the six goddesses called Artemis. The country here was called 『The kingdom of Spielgelberg』before, but its name changed when the rule of Artemis began.
  • There are about five hundred demons currently living in this village. The people of the demon race here use magic to disguise themselves as humans and survived by doing trades with the surrounding villages and cities.

Now then,

This is probably where I should be thinking about the question, “What am I going to do next?”

But at that moment, I heard Lilith calling out to me,


“Now now, Maou-sama, please come over here ♪”


What an innocent smile. She was just covered in slimy white liquid some time ago, but her skin already looks all dewy again after taking a nice bath.


“…Umu. I’ll take this seat here”

I did as I was told and sat down in a chair.


After we came out of the changing area, we went into this dining hall area of the workshop.

Lilith was wearing the same black leather costume that she was wearing before.

I was wearing 『The demon king’s attire』.

It’s a luxurious looking mantle with fur. It is sinister-looking with a hint of nobility in its design.

It seems that Lilith had tailored it over the years while she was anticipating my resurrection.


It was early in the afternoon right now.

The size of the dining hall was small, but it was not packed with people.


By the way, this facility seemed to be a workshop built especially for the study of resurrection magic in order to bring me back.

After I was sealed away in holy space, Lilith was the one who took the initiative and decided on the construction of this place.


At first, it seems that there were only a few researchers.

But, the number of people helping had gradually increased, and now there are twenty magic researchers with Lilith leading them. Her title here is the 『Chief of magic research』.

Half of her subordinates were people of the demon race who were initially living in this village.

The remaining half were newborns who were born inside the village in the last three hundred years.


“Al ~right ♪”


At the same time Lilith sat down across from me,

*Guuuruuuu!!* My stomach made a strange sound in a low pitch.

Now that I think about it, I had been under attack for some time now by a new desire that I had never experienced before. Just what is…


Then, Lilith giggled and said,


“Maou-sama, you’re hungry, aren’t you? That’s so cute!”


She stood up with a smack on the table and walked to the kitchen in the back.


“So, I’m hungry, huh…”


I see, so this is hunger. I have never felt like this in the past, but I guess it’s only natural since I have a human body now. What a hassle.


Just when I was sighing, Lilith came back to me.

She was holding a square-shaped tray.


“There was some leftover lunch! It’s only some vegetable soup and brown bread but..*rustling sound*, let’s eat together ♪ ”



Lilith picked up a spoon and took a sip of the soup. Then, she cut the bread up into small pieces and tossed them into her mouth.

It seems that during the many rounds she was giving love to my lower body in the bathroom, her subordinates had finished their lunch. Now that I think back, we did spend quite a long time in there.


“Mmmm~ so delicious! Was it because of all the ecchi exercises we did in the bath? The bread and soup tastes especially good~ ♪”


Lilith looked so happy with that loose smile on her face.

Isn’t eating just a hassle?

While I had that thought in my mind, I imitated her movements and took a sip of the soup and ate the bread.



At that moment, my eyes were opened wide. This sensation I’m feeling inside my mouth right now…is called taste, huh?!

There was no need for me to eat before. Therefore, I did not know about what it felt like to have the sense of taste. But now… how should I put it…

To have lived without taste was such a big missing out on my part!


Nom, nom, nom*slurp*.. *slurp*…!!!”

With undivided attention, I gobbled up the bread as I drank the soup.

Delicious. It’s way too good! Having a human’s body is wonderful!


“Ohh! Maou-sama, you’re a good eater!”


“Lilith, give me another cup of soup. Bread too… Give me more!”


“Yes yes~ ♪”


Bread, soup, bread, bread, soup.

Before long, I was comfortably leaning back on the chair with a full stomach.


“Hahh…. I feel so full. What a comfortable feeling this is, to have a full stomach…”


“From libido to appetite, is your body of flesh satisfied?”


“Oh, it’s quite satisfied. It feels good to meet your physiological needs”


This body probably will have a desire to sleep at night as well. The need to sleep… would certainly be a part of my body’s function. I’m looking forward to it.


Right then, Lilith stood up like it was the perfect time for her to say,


“Maou-sama, let’s go get some exercise to help your digestion!”


“Exercise, you say… A-alright. That was just what I wanted”


I also got up from my seat and walked near her.


“…But still, it doesn’t look like I can shoot out much for a while longer…”


Just when I felt a sense of anxiety, Lilith made a *pffff* sound as if she had trouble holding her laugh in.

“Noo, Maou-sama, you naughty perv! I wasn’t talking about making it rain again, I was referring to testing your new body to see how well your spirit is matching your body!”




I misunderstood her, huh. Damn, how embarrassing. Why was my face getting hotter? A human’s body is so inconvenient!

In an attempt to blow away my embarrassment, I spoke out to her in a low voice,


“Ahem. Alright then, Lilith. But without my evil, pure black magic armor… would I still be able to draw out my power with this body?”


My pure black magic armor—

Three hundred years ago, my body was made up of that armor until the goddesses sealed me away.

I did not have a body of flesh.

When my spirit became one with that magic armor, that was when the existence of the Demon King Juno came to be.

If I can even use a portion of my power from back then with this current body…


Lilith then said yes to all my questions.

“Of course, Maou-sama ♪ I spent about a hundred and fifty years to properly develop the fusion technique I performed between your soul and that body of flesh, all in order for you to retain the same abilities that you had when you had that armor”


“Way to go, Lilith!!”




When I spread my arms wide open, Lilith came flying into me.

I hugged her and we danced around for a while.

However, there was a second part to the story,


“With that said, it’d be impossible for you to use your full powers right now, Maou-sama. Your spirit and body has to gradually fuse to perfection with time before you could regain your full power.”


“Well, that makes sense”


If I stay alive in this body, I will eventually get my power back.


“Now then, do you think I can use my 『Demonic eyes of inquisition』?”


“It’ll probably be alright! Want to give it a try?”


I nodded and put Lilith back down on the ground.

With all my strength, I concentrated my magical power to my eyes.

The demon eyes of inquisition.

It’s one of the abilities given to the people of the demon race.

The effect is simple yet profound.

By looking at your opponent with the eyes activated, you could analyze how strong they were.

But as to how much information you can see depended on the user of the skill.


“Okay then, Maou-sama~”


Following up on her playful voice, I replied to her with a flirtatious look and responded,

“Lilith’s everything … Let me see it all”

While I was thinking whether or not she would squat down on the floor inside this dining hall, she did just that and boldly spread her legs.

Her tight private area that was covered by the black leather costume was suddenly brought forward.

She brushed her bangs in an exaggerated motion and looked at me with a seductive gaze…



I opened my eyes wide. I stared hard at her daring pose that she was making with that small body.

I see, as expected of Lilith.

By stimulating my visual senses with a pose that shows her private area like that, it made it easier for me to activate the eyes!

Power gathered in my eyes as a layer of magical energy enveloped them.

And then–


“I can see it! ….Huh?”

Lilith was in my sight. And next to her were some letters floating in the air.


In the past, what I was able to see was my opponent’s name, race, job, interest, weapon, how much money they had, power, endurance, speed, magical power, mana, and the number of skills they possessed in numeric values with various additional details.


However, right now…


【Name】Lilith   【Bust】flat 【Waist】small 【Hip】cute

…WTF. I almost fell down on all fours.

“W-w-w-what…the.. hell…is”


That’s it?! That’s all the information I could see? What are these categories in the first place?!

Bust and hip? Was this skill taken over by my libido?!


No, hold on.

Now that I think about it, after I got this body, I’ve only been firing off my…

Shit. So this was the inevitable result of that?


“Maou-sama, please cheer up!”


Lilith ran to me as she seemed to have caught on about what was happening with my skill.

She patted my shoulder to comfort me.


“It’s okay. When your soul and body fuses completely into one, your demonic eyes and your powers will work like normal!…So, Maou-sama, what kind of information could you read from seeing my body?”


“W-well, I’d rather to not talk about it”

I looked away from Lilith and stood up in a way full of dignity. I have to change the topic here.


“So, I’ve been wondering, what should I do next?”

That was what I was concerned about from the beginning.

Lilith has revived me, and my power has been steadily rising.

The first thing that I think I should do would be…


“About that, of course, it would be nothing other than to viciously beat down those goddesses that have sealed you away and conquer Liliaheim!”

Lilith said as she pointed her index finger up. Her eyes were shining brightly.


“Yup, so you think so as well”


I put my hand around my chin and continued,


“When I was confined in the holy space, that was all I thought about. In order to punish those beautiful yet hateful goddesses, I have created a new spell for that purpose”


The new spell–called magic tuning.

When Lilith heard my words, she started to breathe heavily with excitement,


“If that’s the case, it would make things so much easier! Revenge, we’re getting our revenge! With your power, Maou-sama, we will make a huge uproar in Liliaheim. We’re going to call it the Liliaheim demonization plan!”


The Liliaheim demonization plan–



I instinctively swallowed my saliva after hearing such words befitting of a demon.

Ah. However, I shook my head slowly. Then, I spoke to her as I stared at the palm of my hand,


“When I hugged your body, Lilith, I realized the preciousness of that warmth, and I think of you as someone much more dear to me now. If we were to go to war with the goddess right now, there would be many sacrifices.”


I made a tight fist and looked at Lilith as I continued,


“I don’t want to bring harm to my dear family anymore. As of now, I don’t even think living with everyone peacefully inside this village is that bad of an idea. That’s how I feel”




Lilith paused for a second before she continued,


“That’s what I love about you, Maou-sama …”


Her cheek was gradually dyed red. It seems like she understood where I was coming from.

I let out a breath of relief.


“Right now, the humans are being watched over by the goddesses, right? Faith is nothing but a relationship of trust. If their relationship is going well, maybe the demon race can also enjoy living peacefully in a corner of this worl…”


When I said up to there, she suddenly interrupted me,


“Oh yeah, Maou-sama. It’s actually pretty bad in Liliaheim right now”


Then, she casted a short chant and tapped the floor with her hand.

Shortly after, a magic circle appeared on the floor.

Pink lights were dancing as they scattered around. That light was a special feature of Lilith’s magic formation.


“This is… far sight magic?”


In the middle of the magic circle, the scenery of a town comes into view.

There are buildings of stone and brick. And I could see some humans walking on a stone pavement.

The buildings look to be either private houses or shops.


However, when I saw the state of the humans walking there, I doubted my eyes.


“What…what is this?”


No matter their age or sex, all of them had a dead look in their eyes. Their steps were heavy, their backs were slouched, and their expressions were dark.

Then, the scene on the magic circle changed.

Now, there are large groups of humans beating each other up. Their eyes were bleeding, and their fists were dyed red…


“This city you see, is the holy kingdom of Artemis”


“Artemis… In other words, the country where this village is in…”


Lilith nodded.


“At this rate, the capital will be destroyed. What is the royalty, the knights or the soldiers doing?”


When I knitted my brows and said that, the scene on the magic circle changed again.

This is… inside the royal castle.


In a grand hall built with beautifully polished marble, there is a banquet being held as singing and music filled the place.

Judging by their clothes, there were nobles, royalty…even soldiers and knights…

They’ve abandoned the exhausted civilians and the run-down cities, just to do what they…


Behind them was what looked to be a goddess’s statue.

Long hair, large, stout eyes, and two huge mountains.

And that thiccc body… there’s no mistake about it. That is a statue of Artemis, one of the six goddesses of the hexagram.


How ridiculous, the goddesses leading the people were overlooking the depravity of the humans?

But, even so, how did things get to the way they are right now…?


“W-what about the other counties?”


The six goddesses of the hexagram each have their own country.

It was certain that the country I just saw was corrupted to its core, but I was not sure if the entire world was like that.


However, Lilith shook her head left and right.

“No matter which country, they have more or less become rotten. All the human who were in a position to control and move their nation are now worthless trash. However, none of the six goddesses would make a move at all…”


So because the goddesses in the upper echelon did not care, it resulted in the hard lives for the people while they lived a dissolute life, huh…

“Then, were there no humans who tried to stand up against this situation?”

“Sometimes they pop up here and there, but, well… they all met a violent death in the end… It was as if the goddesses wanted to see a hopeless situation in this world.”


I was speechless.

I had no idea what’s going on, but this was clearly not normal.

Just what the hell happened to Liliaheim in the three hundred years that I was gone?


“If that’s how it is, wouldn’t it be better if I were to rule…?”

Hot air was piling up inside my chest.

When I looked back at Lilith, I nodded strongly.


“The Liliaheim demonization plan!! That plan it is, Lilith!!”


“Hurray~! That’s more like the demon king Juno-sama that I know~!”


She was hopping around with sparkling eyes.


With that, my objective was clear.

After I crush that incompetent goddess Artemis, who was unfit to rule, I will rule the humans instead.


“Will you lend me a hand in this, Lilith?”


“Of course~♪”


Right when we mutually agreed on our feelings,

*Beep!* *Beeep!!*

A wild sound rang out from the magic circle on the floor.


“This is… No way, an incoming enemy attack?”


“Looks like it… There’s still some distance between us, but it looks like they are coming right for this village here!”


The scene in the magic circle changed. It’s now showing the inside of a forest.

Clad in white and silver armor, there was a cavalry squad fully equipped with swords and spears.

They numbered about thirty.

They looked well trained as they advanced through the rough mountain terrain without a care.


“Okay. We’re intercepting them, Lilith”

“Yes, Maou-sama!”


I have decided to take this country back from the goddesses, so I will not back down no matter what.

I will trample everything in my way with the strongest magic in history!

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