Sparta Teikoku 7

The Only Daughter Of The Inn, Livia

I took off Livia’s clothes one piece at a time, and made her lie down on the bed on her back.

Although she was being conscious of me today as well, I am waiting to see how she will react.

Well, I’m confident about my body.

For fragile maidens like her, it’s not unreasonable for her to be fascinated by the body of a strong man.

Moreover, she’s a girl who’s at an age where she would start getting curious about sex.

Speaking of which, this will be Livia’s first time seeing my body directly, since I was fucking her from behind last time. Well, let’s show it to her.

I took off my own underwear, and exposed my male part.

「…..! 」

Livia was showing a frightened expression.

My tool is huge.

It’s as big and thick as a “BBC”[i].

The skin is pulled back towards the base; this is a grown man’s tool.

Moreover, unlike my white skin color, it’s dark all the way from the base to the tip. Only the tip is red like sunburn. It looks like a burning iron pole.

Its appearance looks evil.

This is an excellent tool to violate women with.

However, I had planned on pampering her a lot today. I thought that her attitude toward me had changed a little once I started to be sweet to her.

Nevertheless, it’s meaningless for her to be scared now.

「Are you scared? Try touching it a little, here」

I grabbed Livia by her right wrist and put her hand on my pole.

「….Nooo.   … It’s hot… 」

It seems like she was afraid of my hung dick.

There were tears in her eyes and her body was trembling. But, if she acts like this, how can I endure this excitement from her cuteness and not shove it in right away?

When I let go of her wrist, she quickly pulled her hand back. …You don’t have to hate it that much.

「What’s wrong? 」

「Sorry. This, this thing here is like the monster of darkness」

「The monster of darkness?」

It seems like that was the name of a monster that lived deep in the sea in ancient folklore. People were scared of it and it had an appearance of a black lump. Apparently, my dick looks similar to something like that.

That name is kind of too chunni[ii], but I like it. Now then, I’ll be doing her with this “monster of darkness”.

However, if Livia didn’t like my dick, even I would feel hurt by that.

I should think of some ideas on my end to make her enjoy this as well. So, I brought my dick close to Livia’s face.

「Livia, please me a bit with your mouth」

「…With my mouth?」

As Livia kept her mouth closed, I brought my dick to her lips and forced her to kiss my dick.

Then, by pinching her nose to open her mouth, I shoved my dick deep inside.

「It’s so big!….. My mouth is so full!… 」

「Use your tongue and try to make me feel good」

I looked down at her face as I waited without moving.

After thinking for a moment, she started to lick the back of my penis. However, it won’t do if that is all she’s going to do. It’s troublesome but apparently, I have to tell her how to do everything step by step.

「Squeeze your mouth and move your head as you suck it」

Livia started doing what she was told and started giving me a blowjob with her eyes moist from her tears.

Her technique was poor so it wasn’t something that I can praise her on. However, it was getting me excited as well, since I was being served genuinely by an inexperienced young lady.

Nothing feels better than getting comforted by a girl who doesn’t mind to be the one who’s doing the work; it makes me feel so loved.

Then, I felt that I was getting closer to my climax.

As I felt it getting closer and closer, I pulled my dick out of Livia’s mouth. I could have ejaculated as it was, but that wasn’t my goal today.

I looked at her face and asked her.

「Livia, you did good. So, how is it? Are you used to it now? 」

「Yes, I’m okay now」

I thought that it was possible for her to get to know what my dick is like if she spent some time with it in her mouth.

I’ve kept my body clean every day. Despite its scary outer appearance, it’s the same as any other man’s.

The proof of that was the fact that there were no signs of fear left on Livia’s face. Her breathing was accelerated, and her facial complexion was good, as her cheeks were flushed red.

I laid her down on the bed flat on her back and checked her body out.

Even though she’s slender and petite, she had a big pair of tits and a round ass that were not in proportion to the rest of her body. To have both the charm of a young woman and an adult on her body is like a miracle.

Her white skin that was illuminated by the sunlight that was coming through from the window was truly dazzling.

I thought that she did really well just now even when she was afraid and was not familiar with giving blowjobs. That’s why I have to have something to show for it as well.

I will react to her actions with actions of my own.

From here on is a battle between a man and a woman; a serious one on one competition.

If I were to mess up here, even without her saying it, I know inside she’ll be disappointed by such a man.

「It’s my turn next. I’ll seriously make you feel so good so you better be ready」

I started with a light kiss on her lips. Then, I ran my hand through her long, glossy black hair as I pressed my lips on her small ear lobe. At the same time, I was stroking through her hair with my right hand, enjoying the pleasant feel of her hair.

「Noo….. My ears…. When you lick me there, it feels all tingly」

She closed both her eyes as she endured.

I licked her ears and gave her sweet nibbles.

I declared that I was going to seriously make her feel so good just now, but to be honest, I have no experience of making a girl feel good in my entire life. I was only putting on an act, and I actually have no idea what I should do for foreplay. However, I don’t need anyone to tell me because I don’t think I’ll ever be relying on someone else for this.

I will do this on my own. I can fight because I have my healthy body, fingers and tongue. This is something that anyone can do.

All I need to do is pay attention to my opponent’s reactions, and think about what to do next with my own head.

I stopped licking her earlobe and moved my face in front of her chest. There were two big and soft breasts. It came to my mind as I thought about what I can do to this pair of big tits.

I opened my mouth wide and sucked at her right breast. Her breast was firm, yet soft. My left hand was massaging her left one. My hands were large enough as it is, but her tits were so big that even opening my palm as wide as I could wasn’t enough to hold one all in.

At the peak of her plump round breast stood her pink nipple. I swung my tongue around her nipple and let it dance.

Both of her nipples were erect.

Then, I gave them each a pinch with my thumbs and index fingers while I held them in my palms.

Her breathing was rough, and she was looking at me with a red face. She still needs to prepare for more that’s on the way.

I moved lower down her body and sat down while facing her crotch.

She put her knees up and closed her crotch, so I put my hands on each of her leg and opened it up.

There was a small, black bush below her lower abdomen, and a thin crack that was between her legs, in her groin region.

Around the thin crack, there was wet and sticky juice leaking from there down to the bed sheets.

「…Please don’t look… It’s embarrassing」

Ignoring what she said, I put two of my fingers into the crack and spread it open.

There, I saw a peach pink color that was even more vivid than the color I saw yesterday.

「Amazing, it’s now a beautiful pink that is prettier looking than the bloodshot red」

When I looked up at Livia’s face, she had her hands over her mouth as if she was so embarrassed that she was about to cry. To see a beautiful girl shy away in embarrassment is very nice.

When I stretched my tongue out and pushed it into her secret place, her body shuddered.

「*haaaa*… Stop, please stop! Please don’t lick me there…! 」

I restrained her by holding her legs with my arms, so she could not move around violently. And so, I tasted her secret place with my tongue. While I had it spread with my fingers, I verified the places as I licked them in order, her clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and her pee hole.

By the way, there was no taste or anything. She had cleaned herself properly so there was no smell or taste.

As I licked her, she was reacting by strongly twitching. Ah, I want to put it in her soon.

「I want to have a deep relationship with you so we can do things like this 」

「*haaa….*….ah…..ahhnnn… that… I.. I don’t know」

I did not miss her first loud moan. The ecstasy that she was feeling was showing in her voice more and more.

I checked her reactions and unconsciously matched her pace. I understood a bit more about where she stood on how good she was feeling.

「It’s fine, just be quiet. Let me concentrate」

She silenced her moans. I was licking her peach colored pearl as she was in a non-resisting state, and let out my lust with no mercy. I sucked her with my lips, played with my tongue, and then she started to moan in an amusing manner.

「Ahh……. ann…. ahhhh, Ahhhhhh! 」

Livia’s back arched and she struck both of her legs out as she climaxed on the bed. Her body was convulsing. That’s when I stopped using my tongue, and a fair amount of love juice was flowing out.

「You finally came, huh」

I’m in pure joy as this was my first time making a girl cum.

「….haa……ha…..ha. Don’t say it out loud」

Livia was breathing heavily.

I dropped down to kiss her. As our lips touched, the sound of our lips sucking echoed.

I pushed my tongue in her mouth, and with slow movements, our tongues winded up together.

Our tongues were both soaked in each other’s saliva to the point that we can’t even tell whose tongue is whose anymore.

When we separated from each other, I saw the way Livia looked at me with her eyes slightly opened. She was feeling very into it.

Just like a maiden who is in love.

I’m dying to put it in.

I opened her legs up again, but she was still blanking out with drool coming out of her small mouth. It seems that she was still immersed in her climax.

「I’m going to put it in from the front」

I will start at the missionary position.

With my dick in my hand, I pressed it against her vagina.

When I tried pushing it in, it was going in smoother than before, but it still felt very rough and tight. However, soon I went past the roughness and went deep beyond into the soft part of her vagina.

「….Ahhh!… 」

Even though I want to go ahead and start moving already, I kept my breathing matched with hers. That’s when I realized that she was struggling to take it in as she was breathing heavily. So, I was putting it in slowly, little by little.

I thought of starting a conversation as a sort of side entertainment.

「You looked really cute when you were kissing just a little while ago, I really liked that face of yours. Do you like kissing? 」

I finally got half of my dick in her, and I’m going to continue deeper while carefully enjoying this feeling.

「….*Ha*…..*ha*.. If it was with someone I like… then I think… I might like it」

That’s what she said on the outside, but the inside of her vagina was very honest. It was hotter than yesterday’s, and it was wrapping tighter around my dick, which tells me that she is quite turned on. It feels so good that I might be ejaculating again soon.

「Then just think of me as your lover」

「Ah…..ahhh….even if I hate it, you would tell me to do that anyway, won’t you?」

By using my hips, I thrusted back and forth inside of her. As our lower bodies touched, I kissed her womb with my dick countless times in the deepest part of her. Livia was grabbing onto the sheets tightly as she moaned.

Like this, I’m winning over both her body and her mind with sex.

After going for a while, our breathing patterns have gotten heavier. I think we’re getting close.

I lifted both her feet high and made her into an “M” shape, and then I made a bold move to make her vagina open even bigger as I put my weight and leaned forward.

「I’m almost there. Is it fine to let it out inside? 」

「Ah, why, why are you asking something like that? Are you going to listen to me? You are going to let it out inside me anyway」

She was right, but that was not the answer I wanted to hear from her. I let out a heavy breath as I sighed.

「….Ha. You don’t understand how the hearts of men work, I’m disappointed」

「 Please do whatever you want to me. You can come inside of me as many times as you want」

I’ve reached my limit so I took her by her lips, and let out the thick semen inside her as we deep kissed.

At the same time, her vagina was convulsing and trembling as it tightened, as if it was inviting my sperm. That’s why a lot more was still cumming.

Remarkably, I was slowing pulling it out as I enjoyed her flesh squeezing out every drop of semen out of me.

She could not even make a sound as we were kissing each other. It seemed like it was as pleasurable as it was painful for her.

In a state of blurry consciousness, we kept on deep kissing as we stayed connected. Whenever I took my face off to take a breath, Livia extended her tongue out asking for more. She was really begging for it.

My dick regained its hardness from being wrapped in the warmness of her vagina. I stopped the kiss and talked to her.

「Now then, should we go for another round? 」

「….Eh? You’re still not done? 」

Livia was relieved that it was over, but that was not nearly enough for me.

If anything, I got even more excited at the fact that I don’t have to force it in to have it fit inside of her anymore.

I changed her position so she’s now facing down on the bed. Since my dick is long, I could do that without it falling out.

And soon, I started to pump her from behind.

We continued fucking without meals until Livia gave in to exhaustion first and fell asleep.



[i]  big black cock, yea it’s pretty much what he wrote, real talk

[ii] chunnibiyou, a jp slang term- people with chunnibiyou fantasize and play make believe like when you are a little kid… google it for more detailed explanation

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