Sparta Teikoku 6

Day To Day Life In The Village

I was checking out the village as I walked around.

The center of the village was packed with wooden buildings all around. They were residential homes, livestock huts, and warehouses. I also had caught sight of a girl who was running with all her might to the outskirts of the village.

As for the one who was chasing her, it was a young man who was quick on his feet.

「Kyaa—-!! Nooooooooo! 」

I heard her screams in the distance, but the villagers on the road did not react at all. Now then, what was that about? There’s obviously something strange about this.

While minding the surroundings, I calmly headed to the direction where the two people ran to.

I arrived at a large corn field at the border of the village, with plenty of thick corn plants.

From the gap in that greenness, I saw a pair of white legs of a girl poking out. As I approached whatever that was, I heard a girl’s voice.

「….*haa*……*haaah*, stop it already. Nooo. ….Ahhnnn…. Please, no more. Please….! 」

I looked inside the bushes as I got even closer. There was a young girl lying on her back, and a young man with his pants lowered to his thighs. His bare ass was showing as he humped her.

They were doing it in such a place.

When I realized that I did not recognize the girl’s voice, I decided to pretend that I didn’t see them.

The two of them came out of the field afterwards, and I looked right at them.

The young man was the sole survivor of the neighborhood watch.

His name is Ark. He is a fifteen-year-old boy and he is short.

His black hair was all loose, and he had nasty-looking sanpaku[i] eyes. The leather armor he had equipped on his body gave off the impression of someone who is working a dangerous job.

Ark saw me and went “Oh!”, before shortly falling back a step.

「Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything to you」

From my sudden words, Ark got on his knees.

「Oh, ok. Would it be okay for me to address you as aniki[ii]? 」

「Me? 」

「Yeah, I think it’d suit you perfectly」

I wonder if this person can be trusted.

This would be the second time that I’m treated as a big brother by someone.

「You were part of the neighborhood watch, weren’t you? Aren’t you thinking of taking revenge on me? 」

「No, no, there’s nothing like that. There’s no way I can stand against you. I have no choice but to silently follow those who are strong」

「If that’s the case, do my share of work as well」

「Ehhh! 」

In the society of men, there are occasional flakey bastards like this guy.

As soon as someone strong comes along, they switch sides. However, I think that he can be trusted for now, since I’m overwhelmingly stronger than anyone else, there won’t be a need for him to betray me yet.

It’ll be okay if I just treat him as an underling from the same neighborhood watch group that we’re in. I don’t see him as even the tiniest threat to me, but I want to gather some men who can fight to make a fighting force soon.

That’s what I had in mind, maybe it was because I grew up in the military dorm with other men.

「Ark, I came to see what you were doing here」

「Oh, I was horny so I forced myself on her. Nothing but the usual」

The girl had fixed her clothes and was sitting on the ground behind Ark. She was around the same age as him and they grew up in the same village. However, they were just acquaintances with no romantic feelings for each other.

The girl did not like having Ark force himself upon her, but she quietly told me that after a while she got used to it and learned to put up with it.

The villagers had also approved of Arc doing that.

This was Ark’s argument:

「I’m in the neighborhood watch. The villagers respect you when you are armed, and they won’t say a thing to you even if you force yourself on a girl. It’s nice」

It looks like we’re on the same wavelength.

In other words, as the ones guarding the village, you have benefits that come with having power. A certain degree of violent acts are permitted.

I think that this slave village is similar to the hood. The neighborhood watch would be like the mafia, but they also act as the cops at the same time.

Ark then pointed at the girl who was behind him.

「Aniki, do you want to use my woman as a token of my sincerity? Her condition is quite good」

「Stop that」

I immediately answered him.

He might have made the offer with good intentions, but I don’t share things like that.

Besides, I don’t feel like holding a woman who I am not close with right after she was violated.

「Moreover, how many women have you put your hands on so far? 」

「Just this girl here, why? 」

「Understood. Then, for me, it’s the mother and daughter of the inn」

I declared the women who I am gunning for. There’s an important meaning to that.

「Let’s not hand out each other’s women to each other」

「I see. So that’s what you were getting at. Understood」

Ark grinned.

「Do you have any information on the daughter and mother of the inn that you can tell me? 」

「Yes, leave it to me. I grew up in this village, after all」

We hit it off with each other as he told me about the background information of the daughter and mother.


I opened the door of the inn and went inside. Incidentally, I had fixed this door that I broke.

「Welcome! 」

Livia welcomed me with a smile while she was carrying three beer mugs in her hands.

Her mother, Amalie, glanced at me from behind the counter for a second, then she took her eyes off me.

There were three old men who were wearing similar looking black robes sitting there at the counter.

The three of them sat in a row drinking what looked to be ale out of their wooden mugs. To be drinking so early in the morning… well, aren’t they well off?

When the three of them saw me, they all had stopped talking and the shop went quiet.

I sat down at a table at the edge of the room.

Everyone had stopped moving and was wondering what I was up to.

「Just be normal like usual. Livia will attend to me」

With that said, Livia came to me with a wooden mug in her hand and she stood right next to me.

「Welcome. This one is a service on the house, please order some food too if you’d like」

A wooden mug was placed on the table for me. The liquid that was in the mug was pure white.

I was just getting thirsty after all the work that I did, so I immediately grabbed the mug and chugged it down quickly.

It tasted like milk, but it was goat’s milk. The aftertaste was a little strong, but the sweetness of the milk was satisfying.

「How was it? It was freshly milked」

「Not bad」

「So, what would you like to order? 」

Livia tilted her head slightly forward and asked me in a respectful manner with a smile on her face. This girl… she is a capable waitress.

However, there was no menu here for me to look at. In the first place, papermaking technology did not exist in this world.

When I directed my gaze at her, she answered.

「Today’s recommendation is olive pasta, and demon’s shit flavored tuna 」


I doubted my ears for a moment from what I just heard, as there seemed to be a dish with a name that did not feel like a local Keyshia dish. However, I do not mind; I care more for quantity than quality, anyway. In the first place, I have already gotten used to the worst tasting dishes in history when I was in the military training camp. Therefore, taste does not bother me.

「Whatever’s fine, but can you get me enough meat dishes for three people」

「You… you’re going to eat three servings by yourself? 」

I nodded. Perhaps it’s related to my body’s condition. I can’t fill my stomach unless I eat many times the amount of food that other people eat.

「Usually I eat six servings, but it’s hard to move when I’m full. So, eating half of that would be fine」

Livia covered her mouth with her hands and giggled after she heard that. I wonder if I said something funny.

「Yes, right away. Please wait a moment」

After a while, chicken, mutton, rabbit and many other types of meat were brought out. I began eating immediately. Without a single word coming out of my mouth, I gobbled them up greedily.

It felt like I was going to do a dine and dash.

While I was eating, I was also listening to what the other people in the shop were talking about.

One of the old men with a red face had raised his hand and called Livia over.

「Livia-chan~ come over here, over here」


Livia responded energetically , and then happily headed over to chat with the group of three grandpas without showing a single look of disgust.

I felt uneasy when I saw that, so I raised my right hand to call her over.

「Hmmm, you’re popular. You’re like a signboard girl」

「No such thing. I’m not」

I looked at Livia’s face as if I was judging her.

I wonder if the information I got from Ark earlier was true.

「This inn has so many people coming and going, there should be guys who have asked you out before, right? So how come you don’t have a man?」

Then, Livia showed a complicated smile.

「I was fine as it is. Because I had my family」

Her head dropped with tears forming in her eyes.

To be able to come out with those words while looking like that… I guess she really loved her family. And, I’m sure her family loved her dearly as well. It’s just as Ark told me, Livia was happy enough as it was with her family and she was not very interested in relationships with men.

Since she was the total opposite of me, I found her very cute.

Well… I’m the one who killed that precious father of hers.

I took peeks at her face from below as I sat on the seat.

「You look like you have something you want to say with that face」

「…You killed… my father」

Livia was feeling sad and frustrated because I killed her father, and I can sympathize with that. However, I’m also someone who has family members out there. In this world where everyone is killing each other’s family members, I have learned to not sympathize too much.

「So what? Be quiet and serve me 」


Livia sunk into silence and looked down after she saw my sharp glare.

I stood up and lifted her chin upwards with my hand.

As I got closer to her face, she lightly protested.

「Um… I’m working right 」

Her soft-looking lips.

I forcefully snatched her lips by touching hers with mine.

As I took a look at my surroundings, the three men group of elders were chatting away as if nothing’s happening.

Her mother, Amalie, was looking at me with cold eyes from over the counter.

As I looked back at her, she retreated into the back of the inn.

There’s no one who can stop me here. I’d like to see somebody try.

However, if there was going to be a problem, it would be that kissing somebody in front of other people was much more embarrassing than I thought. I couldn’t concentrate because I mind too much about the surroundings.

I forcibly picked Livia up and headed to the corridor next to the bar area. This corridor only led to Livia’s private bedroom, so it’s going to be safe because no customers will walk by here.

I was sucking her lips and wrapping my tongue around hers; it was a passionate deep kiss of my sympathy.

Our bodies shifted closer and closer to her bedroom as it went on.


「Aren’t you happy? If you end up giving birth to my child, your family that you like so much will get bigger」


Once again, I shut her lips up with mine, and our tongues entangled as she welcomed me.

I held her right hand tight with my left, as I enjoyed making tongue sucking sounds with her.

Regardless of what she was saying, she was responding properly with her tongue.

Little by little, her breathing was becoming heavy.


「You’re so cute. Are you feeling it? 」

「P…Please don’t tease me!」

Livia’s face just got lit up like a fire. It seemed like I found her embarrassing weakness.

We tangled our tongues yet again. Then, as I released her, her tongue was sticking out while she let out hot and dense breaths.

「Don’t hate me so much. I have some good points too, I’m sure you’ll notice them soon」

「…Why are you so confident about that? 」

Livia looked at me with doubtful eyes.

「Because I’ll fuck you as many times as it takes for you to fall for me」

「…Mouu, not fair」

When I rolled up her tunic and reached for her crotch, there was moisture around her inner thighs. It was drenched as if she was leaking.

I looked Livia in the eyes with a smirk, and pushed her down on her bed.



[i] Sanpaku is when you can see white below the iris. It’s a Japanese superstition thing that some consider it to be bad.

[ii] BigBrother

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