Sparta Teikoku 5

To Rule The Slave Village

On a bed inside a dark room, Livia had a complex expression on her face. There was a sensation that kept on lingering in her lower body; it felt as if a man’s thing was still inside of her. Furthermore, sticky mucus was overflowing little by little from between her crotch. She felt nothing but discomfort.

I was violated. Livia thought to herself, as she felt the pain and frustration from her powerlessness to resist.

On top of that, the man who violated her was the same man who had killed her precious father… That fact made her even more sad.

Just like a monster, a devil. This man is scum.

He harshly toyed around with my body then he kissed me. And now, he’s even sleeping while lying on my chest.

Livia reached under the bed with her hand in a gentle manner in order to not wake him up. She touched the floor with her fingertips, and then she confirmed that she had a firm grip on something.

She had paused her breathing.

Then, she pulled her hand back from under the bed.

What was in her hand now was a knife; a knife that was put there by her mother Amalie, in the case of an emergency.

She gripped the knife’s handle with both of her hands, and raised it high above her head.

I just have to aim at this monster’s neck, and then swing straight down.

If I do it right now, I can definitely kill him.

But before that, she wanted to confirm one last time that he’s not going to wake up. It was with that thought that she decided to take a peek at this monster’s face.

His sleeping face looked younger than she thought. There was a hint of innocence that was still fitting for a twelve-year-old boy. He was sound asleep; he was a boy who found peace while buried in her chest. He no longer looked like a monster or a devil to her, as he looked just the same as any normal boy.

「*Ha*…..*Haa*……..*H*….! 」

Livia was gasping for air.

She had let go of the knife in her hands, and a loud noise was heard as it dropped onto the floor.

She was enveloped by an unprecedented feeling.

She did not know how to describe the feeling inside of her right now. However, it was clear that it wasn’t love.

She hesitantly reached out to gently touch the cheeks of the young man. From the feeling of his firm skin and his human warmth, she understood that this man was not a cold blooded animal.

It felt comfortable and soothing to her as she stroked through his silver hair.

Strangely, she no longer felt disgusted at the fact that this unknown man had poured his seeds inside of her.

When she wrapped her arms around the man’s back, she clearly felt the warm emotions spreading deeper in her heart.

—-Forgive me father. I am a bad child. I could not make myself kill this person.

Livia was puzzled by the incomprehensible emotions that were born in her heart. She didn’t even understand herself as a person, nor did she have any experience of understanding others, but she still cracked a smile while she looked at the sleeping face of this young man.

Like a mother, she wrapped herself around him as if he was a child who fell asleep, tired from playing all day.

However, she shook her head and waved those thoughts out of her mind, before she casted her head down with a gloomy expression.


Shortly after I told the villagers to gather at the central square of the village, they had all pretty much gathered there.

About 60 out of 90 of them came, huh.

This village did not have a name. It’s just called the southern slave village.

The inhabitants of this village are all slaves. They have money, but they have no one to back them up.

If they didn’t have collars, their beautiful appearance would be no different from any free citizen. Thanks to that, I stand out like a sore thumb since what I’m wearing looks like I only have undergarments on.

I took an imposing stance and looked down at them.

All sixty of them, men or women, elderly or young; they all had their hands and head down on the ground in a unified manner.

I wonder if they are lowering themselves like that because they were afraid of incurring my wrath.

I raised my voice to further enhance this spectacular scene.

「So, you’ve gathered.  I will be giving out orders from now on. But first, who can tell me the background of this slave village? 」

It is said that this southern slave village was different from other ordinary villages since it did not belong to any countries, but it was not an independent state either.

In other words, it was under the control of Sparta. That’s also why it’s called a slave village. However, the village was not operated by Spartans.

An old man, who looked to be in his sixties, came up with two young men next to him who looked to be about sixteen and sat in front of me.

Then, the old man started to talk.

「There is no village chief in this village. Decisions are made after discussing it with everyone. If I had to say, it’s the seniors like me and the adults in the neighborhood watch who make the final decisions」

「I see. I understand now」

From the three man group, I’ve learned that disputes were usually handled by the men of the neighborhood watch. The people would listen to their advice.

Although this was a village without any laws, I had realized that In this village right now, I might just be the law.

「I have three demands. First one, is to let me get a room inside of the inn free of charge」

I decided to not take the pillaging route, in the end.

Rather than pillaging and plundering, I would be able to get food continuously like this.

What other soldier recruits have never done before, I will be the first to do. Since, usually it would be much safer to live in the forest than right in enemy territory. This is a high risk move, but the reward is big if I can manage to pull this off.

How this will unfold will be up to the villagers, as I had no way to tell.

The worst case would be me getting killed, but there would be nothing I could do at that time anyway.

「The second one is I want you to provide me the necessities other than clothes and food indefinitely, all free of charge. And lastly, my third demand would be letting me fuck whoever I want in this village」

I kept throwing out unreasonable demands.

Now then, I look forward to how they’ll reply.

「Please give us some time. I’d like to consult with everyone」

「Very well」

I will give them three minutes. So, I start counting down in my head.

The elders, the men of the neighborhood watch group, and other adult males joined in together and started a discussion with troubled faces. Rather than three minutes, I waited for them for more like thirty minutes. I am a patient man.

From what I could hear, their opinions seem to be divided in half.

Then, the old man spoke again.


「There are no problems with giving you lodging and your daily needs. Your wish for women can be fulfilled as well. There are some women who are prepared to fulfill that need」

Nice, all of my demands have passed. Especially the big one to let me fuck anyone from the village. Compared to the barracks that I lived in, this was heaven.

「However, please comply to two of our requests as well. The complaints from the villagers are getting louder, so we need to take some appropriate measures as well」

If I use too much violence, the villagers won’t comply anymore. It’s necessary to have a good balance of things. There’s a limit to everything.

If I push them all to the wall, they will fight me without caring for death.

「What is your first request?」

「First, you have to join our neighborhood watch. In the case something happens to our village, you will fight as well. Is that okay? 」

Protecting this village, huh.

Since I killed nine people that were in the neighborhood watch, they are probably short on hands right now.

I find nothing wrong with that, since battle is a must when the time calls for it. I trained my body in order to fight anyway.

「Naturally. My name is Hercule. Nice to meet you」

The villagers in plain clothes remained silent. Tension and anxiety were still in the air.

Under this hurtful atmosphere, I decided to live in this village.


When I opened my eyes again, there was a wooden ceiling.

As I shifted my vision to the sides, there was a window with curtains. It was still dark outside, but if I had just woken up at the same time as my training camp days, the sun should be rising soon.

I rolled up the bed sheets, and stood up on the floor.

It was just a room with a single bed, but having a bed and a room exclusively to myself felt so luxurious.

I exited the inn, took out a farming hoe from the warehouse behind the inn and went to plow the field that was next to the inn. Like this, I can get busy quickly and finish fast.

When the red light from the sun appeared between the ground and the sky, livestock such as chicken and sheep started to make noises. It was a peaceful morning.

I headed into the forest with a lumber axe and chopped some trees. Then, I carried three logs back on my shoulders.

Next, I’m going to chop the logs further into smaller pieces to create firewood. *pakan*, *pakan*, the satisfying wood chopping sounds echoed.

There’s a trick to wood-chopping, so once I got used to it, doing this does not take much strength. After that, I threw the firewood that was chopped into appropriate sizes into the storehouse.

As I worked in front of the storehouse, I saw Livia heading over here from the entrance of the Inn.



Livia was alarmed since she was looking downwards, but she returned a business-like manner of greeting. She seems to look a bit better now after being consoled plenty by her mother last night.

Then, she looked into the storehouse and made a loud noise.

「Ehhh?! What happened here? 」

Livia leaned back in astonishment with her eyes opened wide.

Apparently, plowing the fields and getting firewood are the responsibilities of the adult men in the evening.

I had already stacked the firewood as tall as possible with no gaps in the storehouse.

For me, it was a light exercise before breakfast. In the first place, I just see it as a different way to train compared to the usual.

「I want to live in this village. I thought it was only natural to do what I just did」

I did not have any obligation to do something in order to live in this village, but due to my Japanese nature, I couldn’t help but spontaneously do some work in return.

Livia had a stupefied look on her face.

「…I, I am shocked」

「Let’s be friends」

When I said that as I laughed, Livia turned her face sideways.

「I don’t know about that! 」

It seems that she hates me from violating her yesterday. Certainly, it would be extremely weird if she liked it instead. But, since the village has acknowledged my being here, Livia could not really object.

She picked up a few pieces of firewood and ran off as she held them in her chest.

However, the storehouse was already full. What are you going to do with those? They are going to become too thin if you are going to chop them still.


At the central square of the village, I saw the women of the village putting a pot on a bonfire.

The pot is made of iron, and it’s as big as a cauldron. Inside the pot was a vegetable soup made of potatoes, carrots, onions and some meat. By the time the soup was finished, the villagers started to gather there. There were about fifty of them that gathered there. That’s more than half of the total population of this village.

They were all chatting happily with each other as they ate the breakfast out of their wooden containers with their wooden spoons.

Even when I looked around the village, there was not a single person doing training. I guess everyone already had their hands full from carrying out their daily duties.

It’s quite idyllic here, this village. This peacefulness is not bad at all.




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