Sparta Teikoku 4

The Mother and Daughter of the Inn

The door did not open when I tried to enter the inn. It did not surprise me one bit. One way or another, the people of the inn would resist my invasion. However, this much was nothing to me.

I turned the doorknob with a little more strength put into it, and the hinge of the door popped off with a loud sound. The door broke as a result, but now I can get inside.

After going in, there were three sets of tables in a spacious area with chairs here and there. On the other side of the wall was a counter, but there was no one to be seen.

However, I feel that there are still people here.

On the floor in front of the counter lay a corpse. It was a man who I had beaten to death from earlier. I think he was a middle-aged man in his thirties, but I can no longer tell since his face is now covered in blood.

Although I am proud of my sharp intuition, there were other indications hinting that there were still people in here.

「There’s no use in hiding. Stop resisting and come out like adults」

*Hiii* . Shortly after that squeal, two young ladies stood up right away from behind the counter. It seems they were crying quietly while hugging each other back there.

I wonder if the dead man here was their father.

These two girls are unfortunate, but I wonder if one of them is the young lady that I’m looking for.


After questioning them, I learned that they were the mother and daughter that owned this inn. I could not believe that I’ve found her so soon.

The mother was cute no matter how I looked at her. She was a shortie in the 140s in centimeters. She has big round eyes and a baby face. Her black hair extended to the middle of her back.

She was wearing a beige colored tunic. It had short sleeves with a circular neckline, and the dress extended down in cylindrical way to her knees. Even though the clothing didn’t show her curves or anything, her chest area was stacked like two mountains. She seems to have something quite nice.

She looked like a busty teenage “loli”, but the shocking truth was that she was already twenty-nine years old.

Both of them were getting cold feet as they answered my questions.


「I came here to get some. You know what I’m getting at? 」

And then, the mother stepped up with a look of resolve.

「Please, let my daughter off. She’s my only daughter who I raised with all I have. Won’t you have mercy and let her go?」

I got a bit annoyed at her words.

「I am here for the young lady of the inn. Many villagers’ lives were lost for this, and you think that only she gets to be let off easy? 」

I had no right to be the one who is saying that, but it was too convenient of an argument for me to not use there.

Then, the mother slowly approached me, and clung onto my leg.

「Please. Please, I beg you. My daughter’s body is precious as she is going to get married soon. If you would allow me, let me take her place instead」


My heart shook. That was a nice suggestion. The mother is a busty loli with overflowing mother’s love.

Furthermore, something about it turns me on when I see a mother who dedicates herself to protect her daughter.

To be honest, I was not sure if I should take this deal with the mother.

At that moment, I heard a voice coming from the girl behind her.

「Mother, enough. That’s enough」

Her name was Livia, the daughter of the inn. She was a fifteen-year-old girl who has just entered adulthood.

She was a delicate looking girl who did not lose to her mother. She had an innocent looking face just like an angel’s.

She had a slender figure, and her height was something in the 140s in cm. She had straight, glossy black hair, beautiful purple eyes, and skin as white as ceramics. She was also wearing a beige colored tunic.

I have no complaints with her looks.

Besides, even through the clothes she was wearing, I could see the outline of her busty chest, and the roundness of her plump butt.

Livia then pleaded to her mother,

「This person is right… I, I don’t care what happens to me. That’s why… mother, you don’t have to cover for me」

「N, No. Stop it, you’re still a child! 」

I purposely listened to the two silently.

They are both just so cute so I couldn’t help it.

The mother really cared for her daughter

That’s why I almost accepted her offer of her sacrificing herself.

From the wonderful mother-daughter love, I straight up got a hard on.


If anything, I’d like to do them both at once. But, since I’m still a virgin, I want to keep it one on one for my first time.

It didn’t matter to me whether it would be with the mother or the daughter, as they are both good.

Should I take responsibility for killing the father by marrying the mother and becoming their new papa? I had all kinds of thoughts like that.

It took me a while to decide, but eventually I came to a decision.

At the same time, I suddenly remembered that my body was still covered in blood. It would be a problem if it became too dirty and I end up getting some sexual transmitted diseases.

「I won’t say it a second time. Prepare me something to clean myself with, and get your daughter into a bedroom」

Then, the mother revealed her dissatisfactions.

「Wait, hold on just a sec… 」

「If you guys don’t want to end up like your “father”, obey」

When I threatened them in a low voice, they trembled and hugged each other.

With a terrified look, the mother took her daughter a bit away and said to her in desperation,

「… It will be painful for you. It pains me to have you go through this as well. But, listen to me. No matter how hard it gets, don’t resist. If you make him angry, it won’t be just us, I don’t know what will happen to the entire village. We have to live on. Surely, that’s what your dad who’s in heaven right now would want us to do」

「Mother… I understand. I, I definitely won’t resist. I’ll endure it. That’s why, don’t worry. It’s going to be okay」

With this, I can save the trouble of getting them to comply thanks to this wise mother and daughter.



First, I wiped my body till it was all clean. There were no traces of blood left on me anymore. Next, I was guided to a room on the second floor of the inn. Then, a creaking sound echoed inside the inn as I turned the wooden doorknob and opened the door.

At last, I was face to face with the young lady of the inn who I had been looking forward to meeting.

We were in a simple room with two single beds inside.

Livia stood in the corner of the room opposite from the door.

Her voice was high pitched and refreshing. It’s so cute.

I closed the door behind me and locked it.

Her face turned pale as she was filled with silent tensions.

「I’m going to have sex with you now」

Blood gathered in my groin.

I am already at my limit. I want to rub those big tits and cum on them.

I put my hands around Livia’s back and violently pushed her down on the bed. I’m directly on top of her now.

I forcibly ripped off her tunic and her cloth undergarments.

*boing* *boing*. Those are some really big tits. Her big tits are now fully exposed.

Livia still hasn’t let out a sound, she just looked completely empty. She did not look like she wanted to resist at all. I couldn’t help but to get excited at the thought that she’d just let me do as I please with her.

I took off my clothes quickly and got naked as well.

「It will be fine if you just let me do what I want with you」

I lifted up the body of Livia and turned her over, making her get on all fours like a dog. It was an easy task for all the muscles that I have. Then, I kneeled down behind her and lifted her by her hips, making her butt stick up. The curve line she has that goes from her waist to all around her plump butt is a prime sample of what a nice ass looks like. From the cleavage of her white peachy butt, I can see her butthole and her vagina crack. Maybe she was embarrassed from being seen in such a way, she closed her inner thighs and started fidgeting.

This time, there will not be any foreplay.

However, Livia will not get wet as it is. Even the virgin me knows that I won’t be able to get it in when the girl’s not wet.

That’s why I used plenty of my own saliva as lube first, then pressed the tip of my dick against Livia’s vagina.

I gripped my dick tightly and aimed to insert it at her vagina’s opening. But, contrary to my expectations, it did not go in. I was starting to get impatient as there was no mistake that I was trying to put it in at the right place.

Having an erection for so long is driving me crazy.

When I put more force into it, it broke through the limit of her vagina’s small opening and went in.

「*Nnnnn!* Whaa!….*Haa*…*Haa*. *Ha!* 」

Livia is breathing heavily as if she was suffering in pain.

「My dick is inside of you right now. You’re so tight, and it feels so good」

It’s so tight that I can’t take it anymore.

I seem to have started ejaculating in less than a second with just the tip in.

「Ughhh…ghh. I’m cumming inside!」

「…Nooo!! 」

Livia let out just a faint voice. I guess that was all she could do as a form of resistance. I put my hands on Livia’s hips from behind and strongly pulled her towards me, shoving my dick deep inside her vagina as I cum.

It was a raw creampie with no contraceptives.


When I took a look at my dick, the shaft was wet with the blood from deflowering her. My “beast” destroyed her hymen and drank her virgin blood, as I poured my seeds into her uterus.

All the semen that accumulated over the last hundred days was poured into this girl’s small hole. It was a never-ending ejaculation.

A strong, warm feeling rushed to my head, shaking up my thoughts, and my vision blurred.

Never had I felt such pleasure before. Cumming inside a woman is the best feeling ever.

「Are we done already…? 」

Livia showed a look of relief.

However, there’s no way that that was enough to get rid of all the sexual frustration that I had. Nope, not yet.

My dick remained hard inside of her vagina still.

「We’re going for another round」

So, the pumping in doggy position started again.

To release my lust, I slapped her plump ass as I thrust my hips.

As I thrust, Livia’s big tits were swaying back and forth, so I groped them with my hands and enjoyed the feel of them.

From the overwhelming feeling of her big tits that are big enough to spill out of my hands, I got so excited that I’m almost starting to cum again.

Livia was like a small animal that was shaking in fear as she silently endured this while taking deep breaths. How adorable.

I shoved my dick into her countless times from behind, mercilessly violating her, without considering how she feels at all. I was doing it as roughly as I pleased. I toyed with her body as I let my desires loose. There is no other feeling that feels as good as this.

This world is much crueler compared to modern Japan; the strong devours the weak here.

All kinds of acts of violence are permitted as a privilege for those with power.

The weak can only endure the violence of the strong, as there are no other ways for them to survive.

As I felt my climax getting closer, I started to increase my thrusting speed. Due to having ejaculated once in her already, her pussy felt very smooth inside.

As my penis trembled happily inside of her vagina, I could tell that my climax was just up ahead.

「Get pregnant with my child!!! 」

While I strongly squeezed both of her tits tight, semen poured out from inside of her vagina as my dick burst. There was so much fluid that it did not seem like that was my second ejaculation.

Livia accepted such actions of mine with her eyes closed. Her cooperation has really made this easy for me.

As I pulled my dick out from her vagina, white colored semen leaked down her thighs with some red mixed in. Seeing my semen leaking out of her was a thrill.

While remaining on all fours, she dropped her face down to the bed sheets and broke into tears. I guess she has reached her limit of what she can take.

It was good even when I forced it, so I did not regret it.

However, let’s think of a good way to handle this situation now.

As I expected, I could not bring myself to push her any further than this.

I think that it’s necessary to give people sweets as well as whips, but whether sweets refer to something as simple as just being kind, I am not so sure.

A concrete example of that would be how everyone says that Sparta’s military education is stricter than anywhere else. They eliminated the thoughts of family and women, so the soldier’s hearts will not sway.

There was only friendship between men.

We trusted each other like a family as we have lived together and survived painful training together.

It was a world that I could not come to an understanding with fully.

However, it was a fact that the male soldiers of Sparta were all happy when they acted together.

I even had suspicions that some might be gay.

In any case, different people prefer different types of sweets; some like them really sweet, some like them minty.

When they first try the sweets, some would complain, and others would cope with the taste.

That delicate part is where we’re at right now.

So, let’s guess what type of sweets Livia would like.


I lifted her up and made her sit on the bed facing me.

Tears were falling down from her eyes one after another. Seeing her grieve like this gave me a tight feeling in my chest, and at the same time made me feel that she was adorable.

「Let’s talk. If you listen to what I say, I’ll guarantee your safety. And, I won’t be violent with you」

「….Really? What about mother? Will you help mother, too? 」

「Ah, that’ll be depending on your attitude」

Livia’s expression has stabled a little. It’s probably because she saw a new ray of hope from my words.

「….Thank you」

She was someone who I threatened and violated just a moment ago; I never thought the day of her thanking me would come. What a nice world this is.

「Also, I’ll take responsibility if you gave birth to my children. I will take care of them properly. I will also make money for them」

「Even if you tell me that all of a sudden… I don’t know how to respond」

Livia knitted her brows.

「You have no choice. I’ll just be forceful with you if you refuse. I will do it as many times as it takes for you to understand that」

I tried to say something to cut off her escape path, but those were some awful words that came out.

「….I, I understand」

「Also, you will have sex with me for a year. You can’t say no to it」

Livia’s expression that was just lightened up lost its light and darkened once again.

「…That is…」

「If you get it then stick your tongue out」

I brought my face close to Livia until I was close enough to the point that I could feel her breath.

Then, Livia opened her mouth half willingly and offered me her tongue.

Bon appétit. Let me fully enjoy this.

I tied my tongue to hers tightly as we tangled and licked each other. Since it was just after the whole incident, I applied gentleness because of her lingering memories, but at the same time I firmly used my tongue in her mouth.

This is my first kiss now that I think about it.

Livia had been crying until now, so I wrapped myself around her fragile body and embraced her while I comforted her with kisses.

It was quiet, with only the sounds of our saliva exchanges echoing throughout the room.

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