Sparta Teikoku 3

Sudden Assault

Two days have passed since I left the city.

At first, I thought that things would have somehow worked themselves out if I just entered the forest; like I would somehow run into some animals that I can eat just when I start to wonder if I’ll make it to the end.

It was going to be sweet.

Even when we Spartans hunted in groups, at times we would fail to find prey for as long as a whole week straight. And yet, when it becomes just me, it was going to somehow easily work out.

However, I am not someone who believes that things would just happen conveniently for me out of nowhere; that I could just get lucky like that when it would normally be impossible for anyone else.

If the world were to confront me with the answer, it would be me starving to death.


So, I chewed on bitter weed and tree roots to deceive myself of hunger, even when such things would not be enough to fill one’s stomach.

As a long time passed by without food, the feeling of hunger gradually disappeared as I became numb.

At this rate, my body was going to get worn out from malnutrition, so I had turn into a savage who would eat anything from insects and rats, to even snakes.

If I want to change the future, I have to do it with my own two hands.

I decided to remind myself exactly why I am taking this trial. Don’t forget it, me, it’s for the sake of graduating from my virginity. Since there is no way that women will come to me by themselves, I have to be self motivated and go for it.

For two days, I’ve hidden myself in the shadows of rocks in the forest and observed the surrounding villages.

In the slave village to the north, there were no more than 5 houses in a small settlement. Each of those houses had a few people living in them. Let’s say there are three people living in one house, there would be more or less about fifteen people in that area.

As to their real fighting power, I was taught to estimate that at the rate of roughly one tenth of the whole population. Therefore, it should be reasonable to assume their fighting force to be only one or two people.

In the slave village to the south, there were thirty wooden houses built closely to each other. The population there looked to be around a hundred.

If their total population is around a hundred, their real fighting force should be around ten people.

There was even a two story inn located in that area with tons of pedestrian traffic. That village is surrounded by wood fences, and there is a man holding an axe who is standing guard by the gate.

If I were to attack, I wonder which village I should choose.

After thinking it through carefully, I made my choice.


I headed for the slave village with the higher population. By taking cover in the shade of boulders, I approached the entrance.

If I was to attack during the day, I would be fully exposed. The difficulty would be lower if I attack at night. But, in order to have as many people as possible see this, I dare to attack in broad daylight.

The first thing that I would need to accomplish if I am to do a one man invasion is to completely break the villagers’ minds so they won’t ever think of resisting.

If I were to deal with them only one at a time, there would be no doubt that the villagers would continue come out swinging thinking that they would have a chance.

That is why I will need to kill some people and have them witness the scene, to make them thoroughly understand.

If I borrow the words that a king once said, I only need to show them that I alone am stronger than a hundred slaves.

Maybe I’ve gone crazy from being too hungry, but who’s going to pity me? In order to survive, I have to become a heartless soldier from now on.

I lightly grasped the long sword’s handle from my waist and confirmed the feel of the sword. This will be my first actual battle, so I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Then, leaped out from the shadow of the rocks and rushed at the guard by the village’s entrance. The distance between us was around fifty meters, and my opponent has noticed me.

「Who are you?! Stop! 」

I ignored his warning and further increased my speed.

The male guard raised his double-sided lumberjack axe high with both his arms. His movements were extremely slow.

I stretched out my right arm towards the sky and prepared for the double-sided axe that was about to be swung down.

The guard yelled out,

「EVEN THOUGH I TOLD YOU TO STOP!!!! Uaaaaaaawwaaahh!!! 」

With a whoosh sound, the double sided axe was swung down at my right hand. However, there was no blood.

The axe was an inferior good made of low quality bronze and it was rusted because it wasn’t kept in good shape. I understood that from just a glance that its cutting ability was bad.

The skin of my hand is thick as well, so I caught the axe and stopped it from moving with just my right hand. My opponent was still trying to push it down with both his arms using his entire bodyweight, but since it is not budging at all, he has the look of disbelief all over his face.

「W, What brute strength! 」

Then, I stopped pushing back the axe and pulled him to the opposite direction instead. The guard’s balance broke as he fell face first onto the ground.

I winded my foot up to my waist as that happened and dropped my heel on the back of the man’s head.

His skull was broken like a fragile eggshell, as bloody contents splashed out onto the ground.

The guard had lost his life without time to even scream.

That human that was just there is now nothing but waste.

「What an ugly way of dying」

I spoke as if it was someone else’s business.

That man just now was weak. From the mock battle training that I did with the other two hundred recruits on the daily, the abilities of that guard would be ranked at the lowest level. He was no stronger than a child who had just entered the training camp.

I lifted up the man’s body by grabbing onto his clothes from the back, and walked into the main street of the village.

No one dared to come close to me, if anything, some even screamed and fled.

Then, I arrived at the center intersection of the main street. At this spot where I know it’s the most eye-catching, I picked up the guard’s corpse and yelled:

「Listen! Everyone throw away your weapons and get on the ground! You don’t want to have an unsightly death like this guy, right? 」

「Bastard! Draw your sword! 」

I heard a voice coming from behind. When I turned around, there was a young man standing there who held a plowing hoe at his chest level with both of his hands. To stand before me with a farming tool, I can only see this as a joke.

He might as well be tickling me instead.

「There’s no need for me to draw my sword. You are all weak」

My muscles are trained to the point of being as hard as steel, so my entire body can be called a weapon.

I have no intention of drawing my sword unless I have to.

「W, What the fuck did you just say?! Are you dumb?! UuuuWAAAA! 」

I quickly stepped forward and released a sharp kick.

The farmer had tried to block it by moving with his hoe sideways, but he was too already too slow. I wonder if he just came back from plowing the field or something.

My kick stabbed into his abdomen and it was dented greatly.

Blood was spat out from his mouth, then he fell on his back and soon he had stopped moving.

「You’re only at this level? This is the difference between me and you guys」


I have also learned something good.

That there is that much of a difference between a trained soldier and villagers who are not trained at all.

If they continue to come at me, I would graciously kill them one by one, violently, and frighteningly. I will let them taste despair thoroughly.



The fifteen-year-old newcomer, who recently joined the neighborhood watch of the village, is a boy called Ark. The neighborhood watch group had somewhat of a reputation in the area. Even when they were under attack by Sparta’s soldier recruits, they managed to make it a standoff. Sometimes they would retreat, and sometimes they would chase them away. There were also times when killings happened, but Ark has seen it all.

They were the best of the slave village. His group of vigilantes was really strong.

That’s why Ark had always boasted about his group as his pride. However, in the reality now, he could only observe the battle’s situation while hiding in the shadows of buildings. For what purpose was he still holding the short sword in his right hand? He was not even sure anymore.

They were being invaded by that “monster”, and only that “monster” alone. Moreover, that “monster” intended to do that with just his bare hands.

It was only natural to put him down.

However, Ark’s leader ate fists to his neck, then suffocated after his throat was crushed.

Nine out of ten people in the group could not even pull out their weapons and fell back when they were challenged.

That young recruit with silver hair is superhuman. Is it alright for there to be such an overwhelming difference? There’s no way that I can deal with that monster… was what Ark had in his mind.

Ark was reminded of a demon like monster from folklore legends.

「… A silver haired ogre…」[i]

Although Ark was shaken, he will never forget this scene.

He was frustrated, but there was nothing else that he could do. Even so, he still wanted to defend the villagers. That feeling alone was still genuine.

At this rate, everyone was going to be killed without being able to accomplish anything.

That’s why Ark threw away the short sword he held in his right hand. Then, he jumped out to the street and prostrated himself on the ground.

「Please, no one will fight anymore! Please, stop the pointless killing! 」

While he was pleading over and over again, the villagers joined in one by one, male and female. They all prostrated themselves on the ground.

There was hope. Maybe lives can still be saved with this, as a sense of relief revived within Ark.


(Back to MC POV)

After the flashy battle just now in the center of the village, I raised the women’s faces one by one to take a look at them.

There are no girls to my liking out here.

Some might be still hiding in their houses, but checking the houses one by one would take too much effort. Should I give out some orders or something?

Then, an old man came up to me while crawling on all fours.

「Please, have mercy. Please let us kn…know if there’s anything you want. We will prepare whatever it is that you want」

The old man’s voice was trembling from fear.

「Who is the best looking woman in this village? 」

「Huh? Ah, that, that… ah, yes. In my opinion, the young lady of the inn is the most beautiful. She doesn’t have a man either so it’s convenient 」

He was surprised by my question, but he gave me an answer that I liked to hear. He’s a person who caught on quickly.

「Okay. Tell everyone in the village to just carry on with their lives as usual」

「Y, yes, as you wish」


I start walking towards the direction of the inn.

The inn is a two story building, with dining on the first floor, and accommodations on the second floor.

It’s a so-called lodging tavern.

Both my hands and feet look awful as there’s blood smeared all over them, but I have no choice but to go in as is.

I was throbbing not only from the excitement of battle, but also at the thought of getting to violate a girl soon.




[i] he meant a Japanese ogre, an oni, which is more like a demon than an ogre in english

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