Sparta Teikoku 2

The Trial To Become A Real Soldier

There was one urgent problem that had been bothering me.

Even though I am generally pretty good at getting used to most things, I have not been able to masturbate once ever since coming to this world.

It is a big problem.

I was put in a dorm setting at a young age. Then, I went from waking up to going to sleep until one day, I realized that I had already become a teenager.

I can say for sure now that masturbating is not possible.

It was not prohibited to do so, but if I were spotted doing that, it would have been way too embarrassing to face my peers after.

For that reason, it had already been over a hundred days since I had developed the need to masturbate but couldn’t do it.

I have worked hard to survive to this day. Not being able to masturbate was many times harder to endure compared to training. My sex drive is literally overflowing. Even now, I have reckless thoughts of escaping from here and getting rid of the sexual desires that have accumulated over the last hundred days.

However, Sparta has its laws. When the men of Sparta become thirty years old, they are given a girl who is fifteen as their bride. That law is mandatory. However, the men are forbidden to have kids until that time. And it’s considered honorable to keep one’s virginity until then. If it was in modern Japan, people would be making fun of you by calling you a “wizard” if you were still a virgin at the age of thirty. However, it’s the opposite in Sparta. By the way, thirty years old in this era is not the same as the modern times; it’s considered to be middle-aged here. I guess the law was made so that young men won’t drown in their indulgence in women or worry about getting a  family and they can just solely focus on battles.

That is completely how Spartans are taught.

In any case, I have decided that I will not have sex with girls that aren’t of appropriate age.

If that’s what I decided on then I would think that the next option would be with a slave, but a relationship between me and someone else’s slave is troublesome so I’d like to avoid that.

I had also thought of buying a slave myself, but I have no money in the first place, since I live in a dorm for free without any allowance.

For the sake of suppressing my lust, I devoted myself to training. In my daily routine, I woke up earlier than anyone else, and did extra weight training. I thought that if I exhausted myself, my lust would disappear as well.

But, it was no use because my lust was simply too strong.

However, as a result of that, my reputation had gone up. Rumors about me spread, like how I was full of motivation and how I had more enthusiasm than anyone else, but that was not the real case.

I simply had no choice but to train my body because I was sexually frustrated.

Can I really wait until I’m thirty years old? In these living conditions, I will be continuing this life of no masturbation until the age of thirty.

It would be a torture unheard of for the course of eighteen years. It’s horrifying to even think about it.

I will definitely go nuts if I go through such a long time surrounded by a bunch of naked macho-men. It wouldn’t even be strange if that will make me slip and turn into a homosexual.

If that happens and I were to choose a guy, I could choose a feminine boy out of the group, but that is not what I want.

It’s too bad but I’m not gay.

I’m not someone who can’t give things up in life, but this is one thing alone that I will not accept. I have to get “some” to stabilize my sex life, even if I have to look for some in a back alley.


I have come to the indoor training ground where my foster father and captain in training was.

He stood in the middle of the room with a serious look on his face, and he spoke:

「Oh, Hercule. At last, the day has arrived- the day of your trial」

While thinking if he was being a little too dramatic, I fixed my posture and listened.

「First, the trial period is one year. The ones who are taking the trial are forbidden to enter the city of Sparta, or the dorm. It’s also forbidden to come in contact with the people of the city during the trial period」

I wonder what happens if we break that rule. The answer to that came out of my foster father’s mouth next.

「If you break that rule, you will become a slave on the spot. You will become another person’s possession as a slave for your entire remaining lifetime and live like an animal」

It would be such a sorry thing to become a slave. I won’t stand for that as a man.

However, this means that I won’t be able to get close to this city for a year, I will have to live without any assistance. What should I do?

「If you got it out of your training, you should be able to live by hunting, gathering and fishing in the forests and mountains. But, you might not be able to get through the winter like that. Therefore, the most important thing is to pillage」

Pillaging, huh. If we’re leaving out the pretty things, it would be pillaging.

My foster father showed me the wooden board that he had in his hand. It was a map drawn in charcoal, showing the surrounding areas around Sparta.

「Take a look here. There are countless villages in the surrounding territories of Sparta. Those places are where you will engage in guerrilla style of combat with the villagers to pillage the necessary things for your life」

Does this mean a twelve-year-old child has to live a survival combat lifestyle for a year by attacking and pillaging villages while constantly being on the move? What an amazing world, how admiring.

「There is one point to note. Never leave the country’s border. You won’t survive if you cross the border」

There are countless small city states called “polis” in the Keyshia region. Sparta is one of them. We are next to several smaller nations like Athens. It’s very important to keep that in mind.

Sparta is isolated from the world just like Japan in ancient times, relying solely on domestic production and does not get involved with other nations. That’s why all other small nations can be considered enemies.

「Amongst the two hundred recruits that had taken the trial in the past five years, fifty of them did not survive and another fifty fell to slavery. It’s a very strict trial」

In other words, only a hundred had passed. That’s one out of every two people, huh? Certainly that rate does seem a bit low.

「How about that, Hercule? Are you scared after hearing about it? 」

「I won’t know until I try」

I’m not scared, so I won’t be open to negligence. Even though I don’t exactly feel confident, I don’t think it’ll be that hard either.

But before all that, there is something else that I care much more about.

「I have a question. What kind of villages am I allowed to attack? 」

My foster father’s look became more severe after hearing that question.

「To put it briefly, places where slaves gathered. Villages with only slaves. Villages in an isolated state without any slave owners, laws, or anyone to back them up. When the time calls for it, you can even kill them to take what you need」

Villages with only slaves, huh. That’s a good thing I’ve just heard.

In other words, it would be okay to even forcibly have sex with them since I won’t be blamed even if I end up killing them instead.

My heart is screaming for joy right now!

「Ruthlessness is something that a soldier needs as well」

I responded to his words with a sinister smile.

That’s what I like to hear in these circumstances. I will gladly take joy in doing plenty of evil things.

「With that said, the trial is tough. Don’t let your guard down」

「Yes sir! 」

My head is filled with thoughts of the slave village.

The perfect opportunity has come.

I will catch the most beautiful girl there and graduate from my virginity.

Fortunately for me, I am blessed with my physique.

This trial is the best.


Before I head out, I was told to arm myself with a weapon.  It’s in the rules that I cannot bring anything else with me other than a weapon.

Various types of weapons are placed on the walls of our training ground.

Short swords, long swords, spears, axes, huge shields and so on.

Normally, one would think that the most user friendly choice would be the short sword. Since it can be used as a cooking tool or a weapon, it can be called a daily necessity item as well.

However, I have thought about it and I choose to take a different weapon here.

What I took and put in the sheath in my hands was a long sword.

Then, my foster father’s face frankly twitched.

「Oi, Hercule. That’s not right… That doesn’t seem like you」

I gave him a smirk as a reply.

My foster father seemed to have given up on caring, then he headed outside and screamed out with a loud voice,

「Gather up everyone! Future’s warriors, you are now going on a journey! Never forget these brave figures you see in front of you today! 」

As the other recruits came in here one by one, I saw everybody off.

From now on, I will be taking on this year long trial with only a piece of cloth as underwear and a long sword by my side, all while I try my utter best to cover up my inflated crotch naturally with my hands.


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  1. when can we expect the next chapter? Can we expect a next chapter? Your track record on NU doesn’t look too good. Sadly I didn’t learn Japanese so I could only help as editor. But back to the story, the author seems to have done his research on Sparta, he hasn’t stated anything wrong yet. I will make a short fact on every chapter.


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