Soul Eater of the Rebellion 8


9 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 8

  1. This MC started meh, then was irritating, then laughable then just meh “when will intro finally ends”

    The author did really good job at making MC unlikeable, the tragedy is thin and mostly self inflicted. If the author wanted sympathy for MC he should made intro into him to point some good point about character but he skipped it and jumped straight into tragedy/betrayal/bad luck/MC being idiot.
    There are two reasons I will keep reading it first that translator is doing great job and second I want to see how author will change MC – if he will create new person in guise of “character growth” or if the MC will have actual character growth. Many webnovels authors create pasts, backgrounds or describe MC’s in a way at the beginning that have no connection with how MC behave, because they lack skills or their MC is just for self fullifilment. So I wonder how this author will tackle it, were those chapters necessery or author wanted to show off “look how well I described my MC, so dark aren’t I awesome?”

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      1. I plan on doing Soul eater for a bit. If someone wants to treat me to some coffee for some chapters I would though. Otherwise, it’s on hold until someone else picks it up or in another month or so.

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    1. i did find him unlikable as a character in the beginning but when his level cap was revealed it made plenty of sense, he is living in a world that follows the strong while being a cripple and even here there are people who will despise cripples, its edgy AF but so far its clear about that

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  2. MC should just die and reincarnated rather than wasting away playing safe(technically not “safe” because of his shitty bad luck) with all kinds of shitty situation.

    Thanks for the chapter [⌒o⌒]


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