9 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 6

  1. He is a petty person to hold a grudge against the elf for 4 and half years as it seems it was misunderstanding on his part. Other party mambers though… This mage is really a complete bitch. Funny how in some novels when not the MC has harem but other male, the female are portrayed as complete bitch snapping at all around them (especially MC) and fighting for their male attention. And such party has the worst opinion from those around them example is “Atelier Tanaka”

    Still don’t like MC even hate him.


      1. nah, Tanaka is no hypocrite, he knows girls have no reason to be attracted to an ugly man like him just like how he is not attracted to ugly women, thats why he wants to make a rejuvenation potion


  2. Huh, Lars actually doesn’t seem like a bad person. Somewhat sympathetic of his situation, maybe even frustrated. But he’s definitely not looking down on the MC so blatantly. Realistically, he’s just worried that this former friend of his will get himself killed with an unchanging level, so the advice to quit is completely reasonable and even caring in some respect.


  3. Puedo entender al prota si se siente molesto por los consejos pero igualmente no me gusta su actitud hasta el momento 😦


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