Soul Eater of the Rebellion 5


15 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 5

  1. I really can’t feel sorry for him because of his mindset. At the beginning of the chapter irritation toward MC turned into laughter. His escapism and the way he puts the blame on others, and the way that he is even afraid to show anger… It is really the whining of the weak.
    The middle and last part of chapter were better, but he should told his companions sooner that way they might not kick him out or at least not spread rumors about him, no wonder they felt betrayed and took revange on the leech.

    At the first chapter I thought that maybe someone buffed his trial partner to remove him from succesion but it appears he was unfit.

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    1. They were supposed to be his friends are you telling me that when a friend comesfor advice ashamed of a problem he has for a while the logical conclusion is to slander him???? For what he has told he was pushing his own weigth in the group just that he didn’t open to them fro his fears.

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      1. Yea but they put each others lives at risk if they have a weaker companion in the party. But what I find strange is did they not notice his lack of achievement during quests? That wouldn’t have been indication number one versus just hearing his level.


      2. Thats the thinh he didn´t show a lack if achievments, in fact he was properly pulling his weight in the party, it was only his lack of level increasing that had them make him drop from the party.

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      3. Ain’t that some bullshit. Seems to me, his level 1 is on par with other people’s higher levels. What assholes.


      4. Yes, thats what I got from it, he mentioned that he was guetting distant form them because he didn’t reveal his level wasn’t growing, but he was properly doin missions with them and the party wasn’t failing or be holded back by him, they just abandoned him once he revealed his level and that he wasn’t growing, and even worse they went around disclosing his incapability to increase his level.


  2. Thats why this betrayed novels sometime guets stupid, I mean they where supposed to be his friends, and he was pulling his weight around, so why slander him??? Even if they got mad because he didn’t disclose his level, he was there since the beguinning did the same commisions and contributed to the party, why act like that????

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  3. His situation is similar to i can relate,but the thing is u should not give matter what..once ur mind stray to dark emotion it will never end..thanks for translation


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