Soul Eater of the Rebellion 4



11 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 4

  1. Err thought i pity him for his misfortune isnt he just plain idiot here ? I mean not even trying to know the rule, (dunno about this) act lazying like that, uuuh since money not yet introducted kinda hard to make comparison but from the talk adventure got many benefit there and he act lije that, no wonder people think him as lazy who only smocch to the tittle..
    Sigh dunno if i will cobtinue read this maybe better save few chapter for binge read for final judgement

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    1. No he has an very good excuse for not remembering.

      This is one line in a potentially long rule book that he probably only had explained to him 5 years ago. Very easy to forget about.

      The guild should be reminding people of this as unless it is a regular occurrence mos tof the guild could be completely unaware of it. as unless you memorize the rules like a lawyer that is one most will forget about.

      I would half expect that the guild wanted him gone, and for anyone else they would have given them several reminders, or tried to get them to take the test.


  2. The setting of this world seems higher level than I thought. Only doing herb quests suggests he has no chance against the nearby monsters (probably why he got demoted). Is there a high population of super-humans or something


  3. Honsetly with such mindset, without spine or balls it is very good thing that he was disinherited. If he wasn’t it would only spell certain doom for his clan and all Empire if such a wuss would be a clan chief.
    He is such a loser that after advancing once and then dropping in rank he was content only in gathering quests? And he didn’t even do them seriously? He only leeched on benefits content with his meager existence and talked big about returning? Really pathetic. As a newbie adventurer he had a lot of advantage over others what with hellish training of his family/clan, and this timid looser couldn’t use it? Too afraid to do subjugation quests, too stupid to look up rules, too incompetent to look for companions?
    Really this edge lord is better off dead because all his “traumatic” experiences are all his damn fault. There are no points in MC to make him likeable.

    I do wonder what *sspull will author do to make him OP and how far leap he will do with character of MC to make him even little likeable.

    Thanks for chapter translator your work is very good but I wonder why you waste your time and effort on this? Will it be better later on?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. I am really lost here, one thing is haveing someone that doesn’t try not to move, or be a failure in live. But that isn’t the vibe I got from MC at chapter 1, it feels more like the author is just throwing shit at him to make him ‘the loser’. So we guet an explanation why he was demoted?? Even if it was stated in chapter one that he was weak to stay on the island why is he so weak now???? Seriously if anything the author chould have killed him a year after he left the island why give him 5 years of pathetic suffering.


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