The Revenge of the Soul Eater 31


11 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 31

      1. ^One thing people do when it become mainstream: stereotyping it and makes everything remotely similar to it as the same.


  1. What the so she is a bitch… typical for elfs

    Just because she is cornered, she spread her leg wide open!?


    1. Remember, his dark feelings for Luna started because Miro plotted out his misunderstanding of her.
      She never had bad emotions for him from the start,
      He’s the one that decided to give distance between them because his heart was irreparably hurt.

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  2. Seeing as MC is such a small person mentally I find it odd that both MC and readers here didn’t point out that there is only one person / thing that is a reason of all MC misfortune (except MC himself and his actions which put him in a lot deeper) and it should be main goal of his revange and hate. I mean his soul equipment (the dragon possesing him). If it didn’t stóp his progress and leveling he still would be an heir and powerfull warrior in his clan or even succesfull adventurer (with his skill and training in sword) but not only the soul equipment stole everything from him but it also using him to feed and is making him an addict to soul eating (unless author once again shows that he is a terrible author and doesn’t follow with it). I mean if eating souls apart from making him stronger is also giving him a lot of pleasure then it is easy and fast road to addiction or at least Pavlov conditioning.

    Pitifull elf, MC hated her because of what Miroslava did and because he is such a small minded person. She tried to make up with him many times but he was to pridefull.

    Thanks for chapter


  3. So far it has been great, thinking about it i have no edgy story among the ones i reading so i’m really looking forward to the next chapters… whenever they come out, but worry not! my leecher skills include the ability to put novels on my waiting list for YEARS

    So, smell ya later


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