The Revenge of the Soul Eater 28


13 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 28

  1. So MC turned into asshole? Poor Lunamaria. Why he didn’t bring up that Lars went to brothels? How pushy and self righteous Lars is.

    Thanks for chapter.

    Will you post KDCS.


      1. MC ain’t doing anything wrong. His slave is his property and they don’t have any say in the matter. And it’s not like they are being forced to bet anything here. They can just walk away.

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      2. There was nothing to protect there teammates from, especially if Lars was as righteous as he pretends. Sora only made things a bigger deal in direct proportion to how they refused to admit any wrongdoing, and then twist the law to get away scot free once the truth was out. The only innocent is Lunamaria, but Sora doesn’t know that thanks to Miroslava’s schemes, and her fear as a result of her spirit sight only mad her look worse. Honestly, I hope he learns the truth, but how can it happen believably is the question.


    1. An asshole is a jerk to those who do not deserve it, everyone who is is being a jerk to DESERVES it.
      Lars is to self obsessed to see his own wrong doings
      Miroslav is an attempted murder
      Iria went along with the murder attempt and did nothing about it, which is really bad for someone who is supposed to be a priestess of the god of law
      Lunamaria also stood by an did nothing of worth.

      Just confronting him like this puts falcon sword in the wrong, Unless they can pin a crime on him they should just leave him alone.

      Heck even the innkeepers are in the wrong since they should not be gossiping about their guests like this, or spying on them like a perverted peeping tom.

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    2. Hahahaha nah man, this is much deserved, I don’t get these Justice stuff, and what they were really trying to do there really is stealing from MC.
      Sure MC’s the one that incited the problem int he first place, him being doing that “intentional misunderstanding”

      But it’s Lars own fault for falling to it, hook, line, and sinker.


  2. Hahahahaahahahaha!
    Man I had a good laugh reading this chapter, man. It reeks of “according to Keikaku~” type of situation here, lol!

    Lars is falling, hook, line and sinker to his trap, and Luna will be forced to join this side no matter whether she’s willing or not. Scary how easy it works if you have an Insider Intel and supporter hahah.

    The MC need her anyway to help himself gleam some more info about his Sword’s origin.

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    1. No, it is part of a legal revenge plan against the party and the guild.

      She is a large part of what holds the party together, and the MC can use her to stain the guilds reputation. Legally to boot.

      Best part is she knows Lars is not 100% likely to win, since she can feel the MC’s aura, and has been blatantly given an option to back out since the wager needs her approval, and is saying nothing.

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