The Revenge of the Soul Eater 25


16 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 25

  1. So again the author has problems with creating characters. They are inconssistent, like author was interested in few character traits, slaped them together and didn’t try to fit them together (wasn’t even interested if they go along each other) and he even didn’t force them together.
    Pity this work has potential, interesting premises for characters but execution is seriously lacking like in this case with Miroslava.

    Thanks for chapter nonetheless. Any chances for a chapter of KDCS?


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!! I am still interested in where this is going, so I still hope for more chapters. Of course, I am still confused about why Sora didn’t take Miroslavia’s virginity as originally planned……Is he desperately trying to avoid the R18 so much that he is trying to cover up the foreshadowing of previous chapters?

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  3. nice, i want to see the explanation of how she was dominated but i like how it was set for later, and it would be amusing if the elf girl was the one who trapped miroslava, then she would be fair game


  4. I don’t mind this development. Making characters that have both irredeemably bad personalities and sympathetic backgrounds is extremely intresting to me. It makes all sorts of situations moral greys instead of black and white.


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