The Revenge of the Soul Eater 24


8 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 24

  1. Okey discrepancy here again. This novel has many but this one is rather big. Few chapters back it was said that Miroslava was with few men, first being her first party member, the one who swindled her and it was one of the reasons (her father being main cause) that she hates men apart from Lars. Now author made a change and made Miroslava virgin again (the japanese ln/wn fetish hat most heroines/harem members must be pure before being taken by MC – really sexist patronizing, and making female into object).

    Thanks for chapter and the two that you posted in those few days.

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    1. from what i understood in this chapter the mc believes that she is virgin, but in not one moment she said it herself.


      1. Yes that’s the part that was changed when I mentioned it few chapters ago. It was supposed to be left ambigious back at the chapter she talked about it herself (20).

        Here’s the passage:

        Due to the fact that she was disgusted by his women being younger than she was, she went to the sage academy to study.
        Then, there’s the former party member of hers who stepped onto her bed after he tempted the all too young Miroslava to join his party with sweet talks.
        She could not remember any good guys from her memories before she met Lars.

        When I first read that line I interpeted this as something happening to her because story had more balant adult content before, so I worded it towards more of that meaning, but later on I realize it was better to be left ambigious as the author clears it up later with more detailed chapters to expand.


      2. It doesn’t mean she slept with him. His sweet talking convinced her to join his party, and after she joined he tried to slip into her bed. It doesn’t say that he succeeded. Since him having “stepped onto her bed” is what made her hate him, it shows that she didn’t like him enough to willingly sleep with him, so she definitely would have fought back. If she is still a virgin, then that just means that she successfully fought him off at that time.


    2. Actually that part was the part that I said a few chapters ago that was changed. I went back and reworded it a little. The passage of that chapter(20) is meant to be left ambigious. When I first translated it I thought the phrase of someone stepping onto her bed would mean that they did it so I worded it under that meaning. But as I read on, the author writes more chapters later to expand on details. So the assumption of her not being a virgin FOR SURE at that chapter was kinda caused by my assumption when I first read that line


  2. Hmmm i see sooo she want to have sex if its for sure that she will be wife not sex toy, i guess even she have trauma on her.


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