The Revenge of the Soul Eater 20







8 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 20

  1. So this bitch did all of this, just so she wouldn’t have to see him again? She wasted her time even after he was kicked out of the party, because he irritated her because she didn’t like men?
    If that isn’t a BS reason to do all of this, then I don’t know what is.

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    1. Ya, and that she seems to only think about herself is not good either. she has the audacity to ask what crime she committed when she knows full well she tried to murder someone in cold blood.

      She hates Sora for being a man who entered her life, and did everything she could to destroy his life. She hates Lunamaria for being better then she is (and likely the only adult in their party)

      It also seem like she hates men due to a couple bad experiences she probably helped to create.

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  2. I would like if the person who kidnapped her is just trying to frame Sora instead of it predictably being Sora. That being said thanks and I hope we get more Goddess Hunt soon

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  3. Ah so that ever present classic anime,manga, and ln/wn trope of the “misunderstanding” finally rears its head in this novel as well.


  4. Naah, the Elven girl is still not a good person. She is a hypocrite. If she really thought of Sora as a close friend, then she should have left that party and joined him instead. The fact that she indulged in a conversation about Sora being a parasite without retorting or showing any sort of disgust is the proof, even though she didn’t herself named him ‘parasite’. She spent years in the same city as Sora and never even bothered to communicate with him (to make things write or ask how he was doing on his own as a solo adventurer)? Was that the extent of her friendship? She didn’t even try to save him from the Fly bug when he got injured. She didn’t admonish that beech Miro for injuring him. The MC is right in his cold attitude towards her. She has not a single thing to gain his trust back in the last 4 years. She is like those indifferent classmates who silently witness ongoing bullying.


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