The Revenge of the Soul Eater 19


7 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 19

  1. That monologue at the end’s a little off character, like she said she would know him best and had a decent opinion of him but he assumed the worst of her without any indication, even tho he was ready to forgive Lars who was objectively despicable.

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    1. Maybe, but he is right that it is to late for a proper apology, and if she was sincere it should have been in that meeting. Plus her opinion of the MC is based on 4 1/2 years ago but his opinion of her has changed over that time period. In an earlier chapter he mentioned that the first time he heard the nickname that basically caused him to be ostracized and rendered unable to join any party was from her lips.

      He just does not realize she was kind of paralyzed with fear due to being able to sense what happened to him, and could not then

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  2. Is it just me or did the Guildmaster just really screw up.

    He chose a solution to a short term problem that could easily lead to a bigger issue long term. He basically just signaled to those present that they can commit crimes and as long as it is not to large the guild will protect them, which is a reputation that the guild can not afford there to be any whispers of at all.

    Plus he is aware of questions that he kind of needs answers to (as I am assuming Sora did not say the fly lord and its larva are dead, so he needs to assume they are still out there and a threat to the city) and started the discussion with statements that were almost guaranteed to prevent him from getting those answers.

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  3. Hmmm weird is it base on the Elf monologue she seems not the type to give someone a terrible nickname. also it seems that she dont denounce him or hate him……

    Sooo why did she give him that Parasite nickname? Is it really her or just simple a misunderstanding?

    Well it wont change the fact that she also abandon him to die for lars sake, & despite not saying ill things to him like the two bitches she dont want anything to do with a useless trash so she just stay silent for good.


    1. Anyone would fear power, even more when it’s a power unknown to them, I think it’s alright if she got shellshocked the first time.
      The way she’s the only one recognizing the danger in front of them makes her Hella confused why. Thus she can’t respond properly.

      This end the second attempt at reconciliation, the first time the MC shuts down because he gave no indication whatsoever of ever forgiving them.
      The second because the accumulation of misfortunes he faced on makes him has severe trust issues now. Him being skeptical of her action is also understandable.

      This last two chapter is a good read.

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