The Revenge of the Soul Eater 18


10 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 18

    1. He has always been a fairly normal person (if not a bit mindbroken now after being almost eaten alive).
      Lots off ppl complaining about him in prologue seemed to not get that the narration was largely his frustration and emotions given words. He himself was honestly really mature about it for 13yo kid who just got disowned and denied his whole life (learning his family Sword techniques or w/e for most of his life) on top of ppl who clearly hate him like ragna rubbing it in his face. He was able to view his situation and understand he should thank those caretakers for everything up till now but being treated like w/e when previously they acted well towards him, just because of his former position is hard to take. As if they never cared about him if not for his position.

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      1. If they never cared they would ignore him like the rest. His half brother cared enough to give him 3 Gold coins and rub his victory in MC face this way he ignited MC spirit while being asshole, his former fiancee offered him clean break and destroyed any remaining feelings on his part, his caretakers prepared things for him and again provide him with clean break (I think the female was meant to be his mistress but because he failed she salvaged her situation by be coming MCs father one). All of them showed him that he can’t depend on his clan anymore and must grow and depend on himself. MC would be in worse situation if he left depressed. When he was given this “betraying” leave he got his spirit ignited, his pride wounded and iritated and he set himself a goal to take revange and return in glory.
        Yeah they “betrayed” him but it was better for him than them ingoring him completely.

        And even if MC was “mature” for 12-13 year old he didn’t grow as a person in last 5 years at all and is as mature as then a chuninbyou dreamer.

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      2. You’re putting a spin on their actions Mikss. His half brother just wanted to mock him.
        His ex-fiance only cared because of his status. She just didn’t want to be bothered dealing with him once he lost that status.

        The caretakers actually did care a little. But in the end he wasn’t that much higher on the priority list.
        If the female was meant to be his mistress, she was then supposed to go to his brother, NOT his father.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!! Man, o sm already addicted and want to see how he will do in Ishka. My thirst for blood and vengeance is driving me mad!!!!! Lol.

    Now, he just needs to gather more and more power as he spreads fear and judgment on those corrupted bastards who list their hearts to their greed, lust, and pride.


  2. He’s in manic basically, his body is full of endorphin raring to do somethin, g but his head is a mess because of disappointment and anger, he easily becomes forgetful and hasty.
    At least Luna Maria is there to give him the money back lol.

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