The Revenge of the Soul Eater 16


8 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 16

  1. Why author didn’t go for such MC from the start instead of bullshiting for first few chapters? The MC changed too much and in an odd way considering his trauma its unrealistic.

    But chapter was nice. I wait to the moment when he “compromises” and “only” accepts turning Miro into his slave. But why he doesn’t tell the girls that his beloved Lars goes to brothels behind their back or at least his first time was with pristitute? That would destroy their party a lot more, they wouldn’t work as a party but single adventures defend Ing against accusations?

    Thanks for chapter.


    1. MC has 1 bad day that can change the sanest man into a lunacy~ Joker approved~!
      Well we can see this as testing the water i guess and maybe author has plans for this?
      Thanks for the chapters.

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  2. Must say, I don’t read a lot of revenge series, butt his feels super satisfying, true that it’s not perfectly done in a clever way like I ideally would like, and it’s just a quick cash in after some built up resentment the author intentionally put us through but…

    The b*tch deserves it.

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  3. @Nocturnal.bna I have a question. Did you make a back up of raw chapters of older version or are you translating newest version? I’m asking because reviewer on Novels Update wrote in his review that orginal author made his work more tame than it used to be, because he wanted to avoid being put in R-18 category (stupid imho) and I do wonder what he censored: sex scenes, torture, his insanity? I think sex scenes because his time with prostitute was described in your translation in R-15 way. Pity author self censored himself.

    Wish you perservance so you would keep translating. And if something happens give US hheads up so annoying people won’t keep asking: “when new chapter?” 😋


    1. When I picked up this story, he had already made adjustments to those borderline R-18 chapters so I never read the version before he made the changes. It’s chapter 14 and 21. You’ll see!


      1. Funny scenes where MC and other adventurer are eaten alive is ok but a little bit of sex is not? Japan and its hipocrisy at its best.


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