The Revenge of the Soul Eater 13


11 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Soul Eater 13

    1. Why do you think he would do that? Normal person would do but MC form this is super idiot so no chances for intelligent, smart or logical decision.

      So after all this he is still chuninbyou, eh? The author really is bad at character development and creation. This whole thing didn’t affect MC at all?

      And he is too stupid to connect Fly Lord to disapperance of monsters? Or maybe the monsters are afraid of his Kei or soul eating soul equipment?

      Thanks for chapter lets see how much author disappoints us.
      Very good translation


    2. Just because the narrative does not explicitly state something happens does not mean it did not happen. Making certain he can get out is more important than looting the dead.

      Heck, the MC could have religious, moral, ethical or even legal reasons not to loot.

      Though if he was gong to loot the dead the best point to do so would be while he was clearing up the maggots since he had to cover the full area to kill them and make certain he did not miss any.

      Plus as long as he knows how to get back the treasures are not going anywhere

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    3. He’d probably report his finding to the guild more than anyth…. Ahh wait he’s kicked out of there isn’t he?
      I see no reason for him to rush looting them then, going back home without any wound and carrying lots of stuff would expose that he found the Fly Lord nest to basically anyone who know him.
      They’d think he was just lucky and they to take advantage of him.

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  1. Ah alright, so he was more in “I was a bit grateful to the Fly Lord because with her help I. Finally awoken my true power” kind of mood,
    He really was a bif of a chuunibyou that always believed he has more purpose than he could ever was, it’s just he’s lucky that this time he actually is right~ so he’s in a “Finally, my future is only hoping up now~” kind of mood. hahaha.


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