8 thoughts on “Soul Eater of the Rebellion 10

  1. So the author took the easy way. Now suddenly MC is smart and CAN think logicaly?! So after traumatic event MC is clear headed and a lot smarter than before, no shock time, no trauma just up and go buissiness as normal, funny especially as it was his first so serious wound.

    I do wonder if he becomes an killing junkie. Normaly addiction is connected with pleasure, so if he gets orgasm every time he kills (because of his soul equipment) will he have withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t kill say every second say (just example it can be longer or shorter intervals). This SE is a good way to nurture serial killer.

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      1. I was exagerating a little, but “ryb one off” was used. So it is the feeling during or after? It was done or not? I guess even in raw it wasn’t clearly answeared. But even if it wasn’t finished all other arguments still stands. I wonder if it will happen as Pawlov Dog.


      2. I’d assume it was refering to feeling of after busting, not during.

        Edit: Re-read the chapter. Every time he deals damage(cut into things) is when he’d start to feel that feeling. the soul reaping starts as soon as he cuts into his enemies. Fixed.


  2. Hmm pretty expected, Hajime was alone for a while after his awakening, so his incredulous state was only really seen by Yue, and even then he get mellowed down by her attacks pretty swiftly (sasuga Vampire princess).

    Now if he went wrong he can be an evil coming out of that hole.


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