24 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. This is nice, a good change of pace. From the summary though I thought there’d be little to no ero, just slice-of-fantasy-life, but I guess romance and stuff would make it more fun.
    Hope you’ll continue this for a while, and thanks for the new series.
    Also, what’s the status of this series in the COO?

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    “If you register for the adventurer’s guild, you will receive quests to kill different types of monsters.” Replace [for] with [at].

    “So with that thought, I called up the members of the party “Black silver” and gathered at an inn.” Shouldn’t the [s] in [silver] be capitalized to read as [Silver] since it is part of a name?


  3. Thanks for translating this. I was kind of surprised to see this was on Nocturne rather than straight Syosetu, but it has the tone of a solid story with some R18 mixed in instead of porn without a plot.

    The village name makes me feel kind of nervous though. If a character named Tiz shows up, I’ll definitely freak out.


  4. [Were you happy that Elliot asked?] Kiel showed a friendly smile as he responded.”

    It’s more better be like this:
    “Were you happy like that?” Elliot asked.

    Oh by the way, thank you for translating this novel, I just found this story from Novel Updates


    1. That part ” Were you happy that elliot asked?” is a monologue from the potagonist, there are no dialogue marks around it. I didn’t think it was confusing but I’ll change that line’s pronoun to “Was he happy that Elliot asked? It would make the monologue more clear with that pronoun to avoid any further confusion from anyone else.

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  5. He’s 27. More importantly, with money.
    Him thinking it’s too late to find romance is ridiculous.
    Admittedly girls going after him for his money/fame are well going for those that. But that’s normal for medeval society.
    Not marrying for love was something poets made a big deal of to get into any ladies’ skirts & purses instead of getting a real job before the renaissance.
    The French Lancelot wasn’t even in original Arthur legends. Most of his deeds were tales of Sir Gwaine. Except the NTR, which the French poets threw in to get into… as already mentioned.
    Morte d’Arthur was published centuries after William the Conqueror when English royal court spoke French.

    Rambled on a bit.
    Thanks for the chapter


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