Sparta Teikoku Kenkoku Senki 1

Keyshia Region’s City-state Sparta

I woke up while crying from somebody’s voice. As to whose voice that was, I do not know.

I still have the memories of living in a country called Japan as a Japanese person, but I was already in the body of an infant when I came to.

Currently, I am being taken somewhere on a luggage rack inside of a shaky horse carriage. Next to me are seven other babies who are lying on cloth blankets while completely naked.


In the end, it was the top of a cliff that I was brought to.

Then, a middle-aged man wearing something like a robe took a look at each of the babies thoroughly, one by one, with a stern look.

It was an examination. He was ascertaining whether there were any illness, malformations, or strange colors on their skin tone.

If he judged that there were in fact abnormalities within the infants, they would be tossed down mercilessly from the top of the cliff. That was already the reality in front of my eyes, as three of those babies were tossed down and had disappeared into the depths of the valley.

The valley was deep enough that from the moment the babies were tossed, their cries would get fainter and fainter without stopping until they couldn’t be heard anymore. It’s needless to say what happened to them after they got thrown down there.

From what I’ve heard afterwards, in this country, it doesn’t matter whether it was a boy or a girl; newborn babies were all subjected to this examination regardless of their social status.

Therefore, since I was in a healthy body, I gained the right to live on.

By the way, it seems that I was an orphan who was picked up by a foster father who is a soldier. The reason why he chose me seemed to be because I had the biggest body and weighed the most amongst all the other orphan babies.

My foster father had no other family, and on top of that, he seemed to be quite wealthy, so he did not show any signs of dislike towards raising a kid at all. He was almost never home because of his employment in the civilian army, but all the housework and chores were still be taken care of by his slave, Martha.

Oh and also, it’s too bad but Martha isn’t the name of a young maiden. She’s a granny who’s around forty years old.

When I took a look at my own body, I saw that I had a light skin color similar to westerners from my world. My hair is silver-colored, and my pupils are red. From what I know, there wasn’t a race that existed on earth with these traits.

The language they used to communicate in this world was neither Japanese nor English; it was a language that I had never heard before.

At the time when I lived in Japan, I lived alone while earning money by working short-term, part-time jobs. It was mostly construction jobs that required lots of physical labour.

I made a living with my physical capabilities, and lived the lifestyle of an anime otaku by myself. I do not remember how I ended up in this place or why I have become a baby. But, whatever.

This place I live in now is similar to the ancient Mediterranean world of the first century AD that I knew of from Earth’s world’s history, but there are many big differences.

There are people with yellowish-green hair, some with vivid purplish hair, all without the use of hair dyes.

That’s why I couldn’t possibly be on Earth right now, and I must have been reincarnated into a different world.

Unfortunately, I was not given any “cheats”, money, or power of status. However, there was still one thing that I have.

I was able to stand up on the second day after my birth, and surprised my in-laws.

By the age of one, I was not only able to walk on two feet, but also do sit-ups and chin-ups.

At the age of seven, all the muscles in my body were becoming visible, and I had a 4-pack.

I did not have to ever exert myself in daily activities, and the days went by easily with my robust muscles.

On top of that, once I started to train my body, the visible results that I got were pleasant to see.

Even though I did the same amount of training as any other child, it was evident that I became stronger faster than my peers.

I don’t know why that is, but to explain it in terms of the modern world, it would be something along the lines of abnormal muscle growth created by a strange genetic makeup.


My name is Hercule.

I spent my days peacefully as a commoner youth. I could not find a way to return to Japan, and I have already gotten used to life here, so I had also stopped caring.

Now, this is how I go about it,

My life in Japan was just a dream, and I have woken up to this real world.


I am seven years old, and there are a few things that I could understand just from walking around the streets.

The street where my home resides is in a city-state called Sparta. When I think that I’m in an era where a city can become its own country, it is quite amazing.

From the compulsory education that I had received in Japan, I think this place would be most similar to the country of ancient Greece.

As I walked along the streets, I saw people walking by with leather collars around their necks. There were few that did not have collars attached to them.

That collar was the proof of slavery, and the names of their owners were carved on the inside of the collar. It seemed that slaves were obligated to have a collar around their neck at all times when they go outside.

I took another look at the whole street. Anyway, there were many slaves with a collar on them.

I have heard that the population of this city-state, Sparta, is around a hundred thousand strong.

The common civilians who aren’t slaves, are called “free citizens”. In Sparta, there are roughly five thousand of them.

Which means that there are close to a hundred thousand slaves.

That’s like twenty times the population of non slaves. There was no place on this street where you couldn’t see a slave.

A king had once said, 「Each free citizen should each have the strength that is twenty times stronger than slaves」. After thinking about that, in a literal sense, won’t the people just all be musclebrains then? I have no idea if that’s really the case or not though.

When I looked at the streets as a whole again, I rarely saw any young men passing by. All I saw were either the elderly, women, or kids. However, no matter who it was, they all looked to have healthy bodies and you could tell in one look that they were all undergoing some type of physical training.

In the plaza of the street, female free citizens gathered from the morning and lined up in rows. From young girls who looked to be under the age of ten, to girls who looked to be about fifteen years old; there were so many people participating in this that it seems like everyone in Sparta had come.

They would run through the streets from morning to the evening, and train their body with intense muscle training.

If it was already like this for the women, I feel like I can somehow imagine how it would be like for the men of this city.

My foster father seems to have a reasonable position in the army. He spends a long time living in a garrison, and spends most of his year in training camps.

Even so, he comes home once a week and shows his face. However, the war continued on and he has yet to come home for the past year.

I was a grown man from my past life so I won’t feel lonely, but at this rate I’m going to forget what he even looks like.

Just when I had that thought, He came home to get me.

He is 29 years old, around 180cm tall.

I had just ran into him at the entrance of the house.

He has short, black colored hair, with a full smile on his face.

Wearing a mantle that goes down from his neck, shorts that look like what pro wrestlers would wear, and only some curly laced up string shoes.

His body gives off a macho-man feel, showing his strong pectoral muscles, thick arms and legs.

Even though he’s dressed like a pervert to me, this is the standard formal wear of soldiers in Sparta.

Training Captain, Dilios. That’s the name of my foster father.

A powerful, yet friendly man.

In Sparta, when free citizen males reaches the age of seven, they are forced to leave their home and enter military training as soldiers.

Just like my foster father, I won’t be able to come back to this home for a while.

If it was modern Japan, you would be entering primary school at the age of seven. The enlistment system of this country is imposed on you quite quickly.

Your hair and clothes are to follow the guidelines of the army when you enter, so I had my hair all buzzed off. I was given a cloth to wrap around my lower half of my body, and the upper half is kept naked. Isn’t this a bit too “wild” for the formal wear of recruits?

After giving my words of gratitude to those who had been taking care of me, I headed to the training camp inside the garrison with my foster father.

Just like that, my life as a recruit began.



The training camp of the recruits is a facility located on the outskirts of Sparta, where two hundred free citizen boys from age seven to twelve live as a group and train together.

It’s a bit weird to see a gathering of kids who just have their lower half covered.

For the people who entered the recruits, they were first put into groups of ten, and then they would each be given a room for their platoon. However, for me, it seemed to be a problem that I was able to do the work of ten people by myself. Maybe my brute strength wasn’t all that good of a thing to have, after all.

So, I ended up in a platoon of two including me, and we shared a room.

Then, we trained day and night with regular trainers and captains such as my foster father, Dilios.

We lived our daily lives according to the time table set by the army’s rules, and we had the manners of a soldier drilled into us completely.

After that, studies of basic knowledge such as reading and writing, history, sociology, and geometry were all hammered into us before we knew it.

We also had to go into the forest to eat different medicinal herbs and toxic herbs till we were seeing hallucinations while accompanied by the commanding officers. We were taught all kinds of practical survival skills as well.

Then, there was the basic fitness training such as running and muscle training.



By the time we were used to it, we started to train to handle weapons.

Every day, I did simulation battles using various weapons with other recruits.




I woke up to the order of my foster father that I heard from the distance.

Then, I got up quickly from under my fur-cloth blanket in this narrow, stone room.

At first I was bad at getting up like this, but now I’m used to it. If I put my will to it, my head becomes clear in no time.


I am now twelve years old.

My height has extended to around 170 cm. There was no useless flab anywhere on my body, and I had become even more muscular.

I couldn’t get rid of this baby face since it still matches my age, but if it’s just my body alone, it’s in no way inferior to an adult’s.

If I had a mirror in front of me, I would be posing unintentionally, this aesthetics appeal that I have.

My silver hair is long enough to reach my shoulder blades. I have grown quite a bit since the days of being a little boy.

My eyes have a sharp look to them, bringing a rough feel to my facial expressions.

I would be often mistaken as an adult, even though I am currently twelve years old. My Adam’s apple had finally developed as I entered puberty.

The clothing I have on remained the same as always; naked on the top half, and a wrapped cloth from my waist down, covering my groin. Thanks to the training done in the winter when I had to run through the snow wearing just this, I have developed a tough body that is immune to catching colds.

Looking at the other side of the room, I can see my lil brother still lying down. As I approached closer, he was still sleeping under his blanket with a carefree look on his face.

My lil brother Leon originally had a cute look on his face as a small child, but he had become increasingly cuter as he grew up. He would be like a cupid from a Greece painting, if I had to put this into a picture.

His bright blonde hair extended down to his nape. His eyes that are now closed are blue, his skin is as white as snow, with an androgynous face like a young girl. Even his height is only around 140 cm.

I was worried that his breasts would even start growing when puberty hits, but they remained flat and did not bulge.

Leon – Leonidas. Whether he was a noble or whatever sex he was, it did not matter. In this country, your social status did not matter; everyone had to go through the same training without any special treatments.

He is twelve years old just like me, but I was born earlier than he was, which is why I call him my lil brother.

I approached Leon and tapped him lightly with my hands.

「Stop messing around and get up, Leon. You’re going to be scolded by the captain」

Soon, Leon’s eyes opened and he jumped up.

「Morning already?! That was fast… Morning, older brother Hercule」

His pitch of voice is high, and it has no manliness at all. Both his facial expressions and voice seem less energetic than usual. I can tell because we’ve lived together for the past five years.

We both got up, exited the room, and talked as we walked down the hallway.

「Leon, you look terrible. Are you exhausted from the everyday training? 」

「Everything’s fine. That’s not the case! 」

Leon made a firm smile. Honestly speaking, Sparta’s training is not for children who are weak inside. However, there were no weaklings in this camp who would complain about it in whispers.

Leon and I washed our faces by the well outside of the dorm, and brushed our teeth with the tip of a wooden rod. There are no tooth brushes in this world.

Since we woke up before the sun actually came up, the area was still dark and chilly. However, the well was crowded by all the boys of the training camp.

With Leon, I walked back inside the dorm and through the hallway.

On a side near a wall stood my foster father, who is also the training captain, looking around with a stern gaze.

As Leon and I stood side by side by the right side of the hall, my foster father spoke up.

「Hercule, Leon. You have both become twelve years old now. It’s now time for you to take the trial to become real soldiers. Come see me after breakfast」

We listened carefully with our backs straight.

When we were done being spoken to, we both replied together:

「「Yes, understood!! 」」

Inside the hall, all boys between the ages of seven to twelve were lined up in rows with their platoons. The number totaled around two hundred.

「Okay, everyone’s together」

Foster father checked the hourglass in his hands, and then looked around at the children’s faces.

Next, the two hundred people would head out, and start running laps around the camp. It’s time for some warm up exercises.

After that morning exercise ends, breakfast will be served in the dining hall. It would be a piece of hard, black bread, and a really terrible soup made specially from the Sparta army with boiled potatoes and beans. Aside from the taste, the nutritional value of the meal is high, so it seems that it was carefully thought out.

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