こんなチンポに誰がした! 不本意寝取り系純愛ハーレム奇譚

Who made it such a cock?! A strange tale of unintentionally NTRing a harem of true love


Author: ブラック木蓮

Genre: 18+, Romance, Netori, Modern life


The enchantingly beautiful home tutor, Rena Kurobuchi.

The protagonist who had received two years of sexual abuse from her, Seiya Kirishima.

The outcome, what he got was sexual techniques and a penis that has overdeveloped to an unnecessary degree.


Sex is unproductive. All I wanted was to experience true love…

Although he who was hurt lamented so, a woman who has tasted him once cannot help but go crazy.

A mysterious tale of him unintentionally stealing girls into his “pure-love” harem

This is a story of love and lust.


Arc 1- Rena Kurobuchi

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