Chapter 4- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept ④


The one who managed to make Seiya cum for the first time in half a year was Rena Kurobuchi after all.


*Spurt*, *Spurr*, Spurt*, *Spurttt*


The penis that was defeated by Rena’s mouth service continued to spew out sperm unwillingly. From just the few minutes of pleasure that Rena gave it, it leaked out the thick semen that its owner had saved up for half a year.


Due to the large amount of thick semen there is, Rena had to inevitably pull away from the cock that she was tasting deep in her mouth.


Instead, she gently closed her eyes and licked the tip of Seiya while his cheeks went red.




Every time his cock suffered in ecstasy and shot out sperm, she politely tickled the tip of it with her tongue and helped him in his ejaculation.


It was Seiya’s first time seeing an expression like that on Rena’s face.

Moreover, it was Rena’s first time putting on an expression like that.


It was the secret expression that a girl would only show to the man who she really fell in love with.


「…*chuu*…*chuuuu*, *chu*…」


Rena’s bittersweet kissing face was completely devoted to Seiya’s cock as her partner.


The moment Seiya saw it, his cock twitched before it got even bigger and ejaculated again.

Rena did not really understand what suddenly got this male beast so excited, but she followed her instinct and welcomed every last drop of it.


When his long ejaculation was over, Rena slowly caressed his cock with her tongue in the end as a goodbye.




Her lips parted from his cock but she did not immediately look up at his face.

Instead, she looked down to the floor and closed her eyes as if she was in pain.


Right now, the insides of her mouth were filled with his thick semen. That was the fruit born of their love and lust over the last half a year.


To that essence, she blended it with her tongue in one big sweep. As she expected, the semen tasted sweeter and richer than all the semen she had swallowed to this date.


Rena’s hands grabbed onto Seiya’s pants before she knew it.

Her hands that were clinging onto them grasped tightly with determination.

She gathered up her sense of reason that had melted and recollected herself.


Then, she slowly opened her lips.

Yellowish, white jelly-like liquid dripped down from the tongue she stuck out.


Rena opened her eyes slightly and took a look at the cum that she spilled on the ground.

Her lower half was throbbing so much that it almost felt like it was hurting.

The “female” in her was screaming out.

The thing that she had been yearning for in the last half year…


The thing that she wanted to have in those painful nights.

If only one drop of that got in Rena’s body, her body would start to overflow with her love juices miserably.


If possible, she wanted to get a taste of that in her throat as well.

However, there was no room for that.

Since she has decided to never drink it.

That rich essence was the same thing as an aphrodisiac for her right now.


She would definitely be drunk on it if she swallowed it.


Her instincts told her that.

She definitely would not be able to bargain with him if she drank it when she was already getting drunk on its smell.

She would surely be conquered and end up showing Seiya the sight of a sow in heat.

That premonition was something that she was sure of.


Rena took out a black lace handkerchief and wiped her mouth with it. She tried to spit out any of the remaining semen in her mouth that was mixed with her saliva.


However, her tongue and lips that had a full taste of his semen were giving her a hard time. She spent some time swishing and cleaning her mouth before she was finally able to get it all out.

Seiya’s lust had violated every corner of Rena’s mouth.

His thick semen was sticking to her handkerchief still.


Rena’s body trembled slightly when she saw it.

The urge to bury her face in that handkerchief suddenly came surging out.


「…Not yet….No….」


She muttered to herself in a soft voice so that Seiya wouldn’t hear her.

She took a breath to calm herself before she calmly folded the dirty handkerchief.

Then, she hid it deep inside of her pocket.


But the calm part of her was convinced of this.

That she would not able to wash this handkerchief anymore.


  •         ●


While Rena was fixing herself up, Seiya was also trying to get his breathing back to normal.


The mouth techniques that he received from Rena for the first time in half a year were far more beautiful and refined than before. The sexual frustration that she had accumulated in the last half a year has made her female side mature even further. Seiya’s breathing was greatly disrupted due to the huge amount of pleasure that she had given him.


「Ehehehe. You really gave out before five minutes, Seiya-kun」


It was Rena who managed to recover first. She ridiculed him exactly the same way that he thought she was going to.

However, Seiya was astonished after seeing the look on her face.

He thought that she would definitely be laughing from the bottom of her heart.

But the smile on Rena’s face was the smile of a woman who was satisfied.


And when she saw Seiya’s cock that was still hard, she got even happier and spoke,


「Still, your stamina is worth a hundred points ♡」


For Seiya’s penis that was better shaped and a class bigger than the rest, the stamina it possessed was out of the ordinary as well. Even when he was “trained” by her in the past to the point that he could pass out, his cock would still stand tall as if it wanted to continue to be “trained”.

The only one thing that was average about him was how quickly he came. That was the result of being trained to repeatedly ejaculate for Rena’s entertainment.


But this time what Seiya did not expect was to lose to Rena’s mouth service like that.


「How was it I wonder, Seiya kun? This… of mine…」


She stuck her tongue out at a distance and imitated licking the tip of his cock.


Seiya’s cock jumped up greatly even though it wasn’t touched by it.


「Ehehe. Is that so? It was that good?」


Rena said happily.


「…I didn’t say anything」


「Ara, your cock has already properly answered me. Unlike you who’s not honest, Seiya-kun, your cock is much cuter ♡」


She pointed at the tip of his cock and touched it repeatedly with her finger as she praised it.


「Uu, Ugh….」


「But..let’s see.. Your sensei wants to hear it properly from Seiya-kun’s mouth」


With that, Rena looked up at Seiya with a greedy look.




Seiya was cornered.

As he thought, Rena, who was waiting for his compliments right now, looked absolutely stunning.


Her almond-shaped eyes that could see through Seiya, the beauty mark under the corner of her left eye.

Her lovely lips that can twist him around her little finger, her long, glossy black hair.

The beautiful girl that he had fallen in love with before was right here in front of him.


And that girl gave him such passionate service with her mouth.

He could not lie to someone like that.


「…It felt really good, it was the best」


「Right? ♡」


A playful smile appeared on Rena’s face.

Instead of only smiling gently, she said,


「You know, Seiya-kun… I know who it is that you love in your heart 」


While touching the tip of Seiya’s cock with her finger, she said to him.


「This last half year was not for nothing. It was a period needed for us before we could get into a better relationship」


When Rena took her fingers away, she made a transparent string between them.

Then, she put that string in her mouth.

Rena blushed again as she tasted that unbelievable rich flavor again.


「Nn…Seiya-kun’s cock, it’s telling me that it wants me to do it with it again…」


It was frustrating, but it was the truth.

His cock that was given pleasure for the first time in half a year has once again wanted Rena.


「Can’t we… get into a better relationship than what we had half a year ago?」


Rena asked that with the brightest smile.

She was a frightful woman.

Seiya had realized at this time that he was about to fall back down to Rena Kurobuchi again just now-

Even though she had selfishly abandoned him in the past.


Seiya took a deep breath and cooled his head.

He closed his eyes once and looked for a way to get out of the land of temptation.


「I can’t do it, Kurobuchi-sensei」


「Ara, how come?」


「It’s because I have a girlfriend now. Koniwa-san is here」


He answered her like that.


「Is that so…?」


Rena muttered quietly.


She was in a lively mood a second ago, but that was not the case anymore.

However, she didn’t give up at all.


「But I was convinced of this today. You are the one I need. And I’m sure that you will choose me in the end and not that cute kouhai of yours」


Was it because of the feeling of triumph she felt from making Seiya ejaculate?

Rena’s smile showed unfathomed confidence.

Seiya had a bad feeling about this.


「That’s not going to happen. Koniwa-san is a wonderful girl」


With that declaration, Seiya quickly put his cock away back in his pants.


He has to quickly leave and get back to where Misono Koniwa was.


However, Rena Kurobuchi has already devised a plan to take Seiya down.


「Ara, that’s terrible, Seiya-kun. Are you going to leave me by myself like this and go back by yourself?」


She sighed and lifted the hem of her yukata elegantly.


There was no need for her to roll it up till her underwear was shown. The love juice that was flowing down Rena’s thighs was already glittering under the moonlight.


「It’s because of your super big cock Seiya-kun. Because you violated my mouth pussy like that, the real deal down there was jealous and it cried so much like this」


Rena showed a bewitching smile as she said that. She was actually already that wet after smelling Seiya’s semen, but she acted as if it was because of the fellatio that she gave him.


「It’s terrible to only get off yourself then not help the other person get off afterwards, you know? Your common sense as a guy will be questioned if that’s how you act in front of your girlfriends」


It was a good provocation.

Rena’s aim was clear.


All she needed to do was make Seiya service her for now and advance on him little by little.

If she could manage to get him to start having sex with her, he would not be able to stop after that.

It’d probably go on for two or three hours.

He would no longer be able to join up with Misono Koniwa in this summer festival.

And the guy who slipped out of his date to fuck other girls would not be able to get with a pure girl like Misono Koniwa after that.


Rena knows that she’s being a homewrecker right now.

But on the other hand, she thought that it would be a bad move to just do nothing and let him leave.


The outcome of doing nothing here and letting him leave would only leave him with the memory of defeat after he got everything squeezed out of him by Rena again. So as long as she gets him to do something here, even if she decides to let him leave in time to make it to his girlfriend later, the debt that Seiya will owe her for that favor would definitely become a chance for her to capture him again in the future and make him obedient to her.


It was a win-win for her either way.

No matter which option she chooses in the end, it would all be advantageous to Rena.


  •        ●


Rena was aware of it.

That she was no match for Seiya’s amazing male tool right now because she was in a sexually frustrated state right now.

That cock of his tormented her like that already when all she did was just service him with her mouth.

The moment that thing goes in her vagina, she would for sure lose all of her reasoning.


But that did not matter to her.

Because while she would lose her reasoning to Seiya, he would also be drowning in the pleasure she’d be giving him.


The moment that she gets Seiya to use his penis, she would have already won.


So there would be only one thing that Rena needed to do.

She’d have to draw out the process and ward off Seiya’s attacks that will start from this point on.


Of course, Seiya had good techniques as well. She knew that he was good.

She might even cum right away.

But it’s easy for a woman to hide that they came. She can just never admit it.

Even if the girl was showing an orgasmic look with wet eyes, if the girl says that she didn’t cum, there’s nothing a guy can do to refute it.


Something like,

『I’m sorry, Seiya-kun.』

『You’re good at this but I’m still not there yet』


Meanwhile, the winning condition for Seiya was much harsher.


He disappeared with a beautiful home tutor.

He has to get back in time before Koniwa starts suspecting him as time goes by.

And since he has to get back quickly, he’ll have no choice but to use his penis if she started to drag this out.

He was in an extremely difficult spot.


Rena Kurobuchi laughed inside her mind.

From now on, she will have Seiya Kirishima in her hands again.





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