Chapter 3- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept③


By using Seiya to train her sex techniques, Rena managed to nicely steal away her friend’s boyfriend.

But her college life that she thought was going to be smooth sailing from there had soon reached a dead-end.

Her vagina that she trained for two years with Seiya had quickly worn out her boyfriend who was supposed to be perfect.


「Ehh… 」


The feeling of hopelessness at that time… she could still remember it today.

A penis that was shorter, thinner, and weaker than Seiya’s.

It was also greatly inferior in terms of stamina.

It went soft after cumming once, and it would need a break before she could put it in again.


And by the time it was ready, Rena’s pussy would strangle him tighter since it would have lust built up, thus starting a vicious cycle of him cumming very soon again. No matter how much they did it in a night, she could never cum.

It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

That man was not only in the law department of Kyoto University, but he was also the son of a distinguished family that owned a huge business. A man like that was of course, a well known playboy in the neighbourhood. Naturally, the amount of love affairs he had with women was countless. Not only were his “day-time” achievements well-known, but stories about his “night-time” prowess were also endless.

To have a high quality man like that get addicted to her body, she should have been drunk with the victory yet-


Foreplay that was totally crap.

A tool that was too plain and disappointing.

Self-centered performances that ended quickly.

For him to be a rumored “technician”[i], she could not possibly believe it at all.


The action that Rena took to save her aching body was of course, to cheat.

However, what Rena understood after devouring ten other men, was the hopeless conclusion that her own boyfriend was “better”.

She who had little or no experience before Seiya, did not realize it at the time-

How Seiya had grown into a man of exceptional talent while she was messing around, and how much this man of exceptional talent earnestly loved her.


Without knowing any of that, it’s been half a year since she dumped Seiya.

She squeezed semen out of countless men as she pathetically wanted it but she was never once able to reach climax with any of them.



Kurobuchi Rena, the person who was once Seiya’s absolute ruler.

That girl was now trying to rule him once again.


「Hey, you want to know, don’t you, Seiya-kun? I don’t know how many others you’ve slept with after me, but were there any who could make your dick feel like this?」


「… 」


Seiya did not answer her.

Rena had let herself loose and continued further,


「That’s why I made you this hard when you saw me, right? 」


Rena’s had her right hand around Seiya’s cock as she stroked it slowly up and down.

His meat pole that was gripped by her fingers was having the glans exquisitely stimulated in a built up manner. She made Seiya’s hip slightly twitch from every stroke.


「If you want it right now, you can feel it again」


Rena whispered into his ear.


「It’s warm, it’s wet, and it’s soft. But if you put your dick in there I’m sure you’ll find a perfectly~ tight fit」


It was an invitation to have the best sex from the woman he’s been yearning for and in love with for a long time.

However, Seiya said to her without mercy,


「Please don’t get cocky. The reason why I reacted to you today… was simply because I had it all pent up. That was all」


Rena looked openly displeased as she heard that.


「Hmph. Ohh? I see… it’s for your date today. You must have saved plenty for your girlfriend」


She narrowed her eyes as she looked at his heavy looking balls that have been accumulating sperm.


「Ehehehe. It definitely looks amazing. This much…You were humping like a monkey when you were with me before, so it had never accumulated to this much」


Rena smiled faintly as she felt the weight of his balls in her palms.


「Say, Seiya-kun. How long have you been saving up for? 」


「…Half a year」


「…..Haaahh? 」


A dumbfounded voice came out of Rena.


「It’s been half a year, yeah」


「Half a year?! 」


Her eyes were glued onto his balls as she heard that.


「Half a year ago , I-I- Erm…」


「Yeah, from the day after you threw me away」


「Sex aside, but not even jerking off? Why?! 」


「Because I’ll be reminded of you no matter what when I cum」


「…What do you mean? 」


「It means like I don’t want to remember your face 」


A sentence that carried the resolve to cut off all ties with her.


The sentence that ignited a fire in Rena.

Trembling with humiliation, she spoke out,


「You’re trying to sound all cool right now aren’t you, Seiya-kun…? 」


With her tongue sticking out, Rena caught the tip of his penis.

Then, she nibbled on it with her wet lips.


「There’s no way you can forget about me. Nope, I’ll never let you forget- just who can make your dick feel the best」


Then with her tongue entwined with it, she slowly opened her mouth to take it in.

The sticky saliva in her mouth covered it as it went in. Before long, she was feeling the bitter sweetness of the tip of his dick tightly reaching her throat. And of course, when she pulled it back out, she did not forget to stimulate the tip with her lips on its way out. Rena’s mouth was simply a first-rate cock sleeve.


「Uuu..Fu…Ah-Ahhh… 」


Seiya groaned in sadness.

In merely three strokes going back and forth.

During that time, Rena had sensed that Seiya had leaked a large amount of pre-cum in her mouth from the strong taste that was spreading.


「You were just all talk, huh? Seiya-kun. You tried so hard in the last half a year, but you’re still just a “good boy”」


Once his penis was released from her mouth, she licked it with her tongue sticking out.

The pre-cum that was leaking out was now dripping down to the ground.


「I wonder how long it’ll be until this clear liquid turns into pure white semen~」


「Fuc… 」


Although Seiya was frustrated, it was clear who was on top right now.

Rena had a bewitching smile as she was convinced of her victory.

Then for one last time, Rena licked all over his penis with love.

His plump and heavy nutsack, his rod, the veins, and his tip. She went through them slowly as she caressed them all with her tongue.

She eventually went back to the original position with Seiya’s penis right in front of her mouth with a melting expression on her face from the thick flavors that she tasted.


「Fuck… 」


Even though Seiya was preparing himself for more violent attacks to come from there, she did not start sucking yet to his surprise. He thought that he was being impatient, but it wasn’t the case.


「………Nnnn… 」


Rena was looking down with slightly knitted brows, seemingly a little agitated.

Plenty of pre-cum was leaking out from her mouth.

She had carelessly licked and breathed in the smell of a supreme male sex tool.

And what was hanging in front of her eyes was a sperm bag that had half a year worth of especially thick semen.

For someone like her who had continued to drown herself in sexual relationships over the last half a year, the long awaited feeling of being able to cum was something that she has been dreaming of.

All of that was more than enough to get Rena’s female instincts excited.

For the sake of focusing on getting that last “spurt” to ease the painful aches in her vagina and womb, it was necessary for Rena prepare herself as well.


「Nnn…..Nn….. 」


She moved from Seiya’s waist as she slightly bent her knees inwards, as if to not get found out.

She was trying to endure the waves of stimulating pleasure that she was feeling without making a sound.


「Fu….. 」


Rena slowly looked back up again after she barely managed to calm down.

When she realized it, a string of drool was already coming out of her relaxed mouth.


「……? 」


Seiya realized that something was off when he saw that Rena was kissing his dick over and over.

It was his first time seeing such a sweet expression on her face.


It was something that was impossible for Seiya to know.

That it was the consequences of his actions.

By living the past half a year without any sexual release, there was plenty enough to drive even Rena crazy.


「Rena…san? 」


Seiya called out to her in confusion.


On the other hand, the small response she gave in return was just a blank look.

It was because she could not make a sound just before the cock that she was about to suck.

However, Seiya clearly felt her lips moving.



Just call me Rena right now.


And what she displayed at that moment were sexual techniques that were so beautifully refined.

Her left hand was gently massaging Seiya’s balls.

Her right hand was stroking the rest of the dick that she could not fit in her mouth.


Her tongue that had become softly coated with saliva glued itself to every single area of his penis.

Entangling, letting loose, licking, teasing, and entangling again.

The inside of her mouth changed shapes each time her face moved back and forth, as she continued to give Seiya unending pleasure.


「A-Ahhhh, s-so good!! 」


While Seiya was writhing in mental agony, Rena was just immersed in her mouth techniques.

Every time pre-cum leaked out, she swallowed it like a vacuum.

It was the first time since she was born that she was doing it like this without self-interest.

Tonight, this girl was serving a male for the first time in her life.


「Uu..Ku….so goood…ah….ahhh….Re-Rena…. 」


The moment that her name was called out, she understood that he was about to climax.

She welcomed it in her throat with no hesitation, and she gently took it all in.


*spurt* *spurt* *spurt* *spurt* *spurt*


It was a strong and powerful ejaculation that she had been waiting for.

She felt that she had satisfied the male’s lust with her own mouth.





[i] someone who is really skilled in sex



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  1. This is where he should pull his dick out of her mouth and make her beg and plead for it. LEWDLY. This is his chance to take control. Exact a little revenge and make HER the tool and one to chase after HIM (or his dick).


  2. the story advance at good start, but depend on what his choice it would be much better or just another story about a boy that can’t control his lust and become the woman toy that suppose to the one he hate,,,,


  3. This was his chance to turn their relationship around and make HER his slave. Make her promise to be his, maybe even collar her but because of his pride and inactivity he lost it.

    Thanks for chapter.

    I hope you will return to translate it.


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