Chapter 5- The Night Rena Kurobuchi Wept ⑤


With her back against a tree of the park, Rena was receiving service from Seiya.


「…Seiya-kun ♡」


She blushed like a maiden in love while her eyes focused on the male who was caressing her body.


「…Hnn ♡ …. Hnn… Ah ♡ Ahh ♡…」


Rena moaned repeatedly in a soft voice as Seiya’s fingers crawled over her body. Just as she thought, he was good at it. His fingers always caught Rena’s weak spots and did not allow her to escape. Whenever her butt was caressed, she felt a pleasure strong enough to send shivers down her spine repeatedly. She even moaned out without thinking when he first touched her breasts.


Rena immediately had a hard time standing right after his service began, so she immediately took it to a nearby tree. Her face was already dyed red at that time and her entire body was sweating. The sweat made her yukata stick close to her body and it emphasized the shape of her breasts and butt in a lewd way.


But from around that time,

Seiya’s performance started to lose its colors.


A soft and sugary fragrance drifted in the air every time Rena’s body reacted to his attacks. Her neck, hair, chest, armpits, and more than anything else, her small bush below, they were all releasing an arousing scent.


It was a woman’s scent.

Inside Seiya’s palms, Rena left a large amount of her pheromone in there.


Originally, Rena would hardly ever let her scent be smelled by a male.

Only at a good timing can one just barely smell a little of it.

However, tonight, her instincts broke that rule for her.


Just from one look she could tell how wet she was after sucking on the best cock she’s had, then having her mouth violated by a large amount of rich semen until she unintentionally yielded and swallowed some. There was no room left for her to hold back while she was being caressed by a man who could be called her natural enemy.


But working as intended, the result was overwhelming.


Seiya who was supposed to be on the offense was now showing a look in his eyes of someone who was shaken by lust. To him, this scent of her pheromone was an irresistible aroma from his memories.


It was the residue of bitterness left on his bed by his most beloved woman who did not look at him seriously no matter what; that was the scent. Seiya could not keep count just how many times he had jerked off to that scent.


He couldn’t help but heavily take in that finest scent of pheromone.

His cock has also started to seek that soft and wet feeling when her vagina tightens around it.

He wanted to unload everything he had in there.

And that lustful thought of Seiya’s was what was distracting him this time.


Meanwhile, even though Rena was sopping wet as if she was soaking in a warm bath from Seiya’s caressing, she still had more leeway than him.


Furthermore, she quickly started to notice-

That there was a reason why Seiya could not exert his full abilities.




Rena suddenly kissed Seiya on his cheek.




Seiya was caught in surprise while he was being distracted by the internal conflicts he was having.

At that moment, Rena put her arms around his neck.


「Wha-what are you…?」


Seiya started to panic, and then she said to him in a light tone,


「Hehehe. There, there ♡ Seiya-kun is still as good in bed as he was before. Sensei is totally feeling good right now」


Rena was trying to secretly disempower Seiya while saying such words to him- by using the cleavage of her abundantly huge breasts. By having both her arms out behind his neck like that, her breasts were squeezed together and further puffed out. She pretended to hug him in order to bring his face close to those two lewd twin mounds of hers.

As soon as Seiya smelled something nice, a warm and gentle feeling covered his face.




「You’re also tired, right? Let’s take a little break」


She rubbed those meaty breasts on his face like it was no big deal.

Seiya seemed to have tried to resist for a second but he was immediately neutralized by Rena’s words. There was no doubt in his mind that she was trying to deceive him with those words, but he was still instinctively caught up in her seductiveness. The hand he tried to use to get Rena away from him lost its power and dropped back down.


「It’s been a while since we’ve been like this. I hope I don’t smell or anything」




Seiya did not answer her, but he thought that there is no way that he’d think she smelled. Rather, he’d much prefer to be in this space that was filled with Rena’s enchanting pheromone.


But Rena saw through what Seiya was thinking and said,


「Ara, that’s not what I meant. I was talking about your smell」


Then, Rena got close to his ear as if she was telling him a secret,


「…I was actually referring to that really strong smell that spurts out of your cock when it’s sandwiched by these. You know, that mushy and obscene smell that you’d leave on them. I was a bit worried if they still smelled like that since you’ve cummed on them so many times before…」


A tingle ran down Seiya’s spine as he heard those words.


「Back at your place in those days, there would still be some traces of you left on them even when I borrowed your shower afterwards. I would still smell that perverted scent when I sweat on my way home」


Rena’s devilish words kept on attacking Seiya’s brain.


「But because I never felt hungry when we studied together, I always had to get something to eat from a store when I was on the way home」


Then, she moved even closer to Seiya’s ear and whispered.


「While smelling your scent-」


「I would eat my fries」


As if she was taking a bite at her fries, she nibbled on Seiya’s ear.

His lower body experienced an unreal pleasure. When Rena stole a glance there, she definitely saw a reaction in Seiya’s lower body even though he was trying to conceal it. It was definitely faintly shuddering back and forth.


「Hehehe. Why are your hips shaking from a story of your sensei having a meal, I wonder?」


But Seiya could not stop fidgeting. His lower body had completely remembered how it felt to be sandwiched by Rena’s huge breasts.


「Should sensei help you let it out again? My breasts are already occupied but I can give you a hand-pussy if you want?」


Seiya’s shameful movements quickly stopped as soon as he heard that.

If he let that happen, he would never be able to come back in this fight.


However, Rena was not giving ground.

She has stirred him up plenty already.

All she had left to do was to make sure that he’ll give in.


「Seiya-kun. Honestly, sensei is a little disappointed. I thought you would be able to corner me a bit more than this」


She laughed while she patted his head that was on her breasts.


「Hey, I’ll give you a chance to turn this around」


Rena took Seiya’s right hand and gently guided it.

The place she was guiding it to was her crotch.


「You understand where your hand is right now, right?」


After going up her yukata, Seiya’s finger was in between her thighs.


「It got wet from your super big cock that I licked…This place thought that it was going to get it next, but since it was my entire upper body that was getting the caressing, it’s a little annoyed now … It’s completely melting from the jealousy and expectations it had… It’s already a defenseless pussy that will forgive you even if you just give it your finger instead of your cock」


While Rena’s breath was occasionally blowing into Seiya’s ear, she whispered to him.


「If it’s Seiya-kun, I’m sure you can make me cum right away even with just your pinky…Now is your chance, Seiya-kun. Move the yukata a little and slide it in the side of my underwear like usual and do it like that」


*kuchuu * ♡  (sound of something wet being stirred)


「…Once you simply stir up the entrance like this, it’ll be your win, Seiya-kun」


Rena tongued Seiya’s ear with her tongue that was coated with plenty of her saliva as she talked. It was as if she was projecting his ear hole as her own genitals and her tongue as his finger.

She waited while doing so, to see what action Seiya will take next.


However, Seiya did not do it.

He whipped his brain that was charmed by Rena and weakly pulled his finger back out from her crotch.


From seeing that, Rena was convinced.


「I’m not going to directly touch you…」


She had a feeling about it. Even just before when Seiya was caressing her through her yukata, he has never tried to touch her skin directly.


「Oh, I see… You’re going to be going on your date with Koniwa-chan after this I guess…」


That makes sense.

Today will be the day that Seiya and Koniwa hold hands for the first time.

They will be enjoying the summer festival together as they hold hands.


It should be a memorable time for them.

Something like touching Rena’s skin and her pubic area and then holding his girlfriend’s hand…there’s no way Seiya could forgive himself if he did that.


Since the victor had been decided, Rena laughed out loud and said,


「Ahahaha. That’s wonderful of you, Seiya-kun. Sensei… likes that about you. You just give it your all once you like someone. Koniwa-chan is really lucky to be loved by someone like you without even doing anything herself」


Then, Rena began to have a lot of disgusting thoughts to herself.


Why does such an unsophisticated country girl like that have more of Seiya’s loyalty than her? Is holding hands with that girl such a big deal that it was better than the two years they spent together with each other’s bodies? Screw that. Moreover, all the men she met just say that they are all loyal in front of her but they would all cheat behind her back. So why is there someone who’d be so serious for such a country bumpkin like that girl? She didn’t like it, she didn’t like it at all.


She felt such dissatisfaction without saying any of those things out loud.


Rena had conveniently forgotten about all the things that Seiya had done for her one-sidedly in the past. It goes without saying that she was the type of bad woman that does what’s called the pot calling the kettle black.


An evil smile surfaced on Rena’s face from anger as she said to him next,


「Ahahahaha. So you won’t touch my body, I see. Then it can’t be helped. Sensei will compromise instead then」


She offered to compromise like a devil.


「Seiya-kun, kiss me there. I’ll overlook today and let you go if you do that. Just properly stir the insides with your tongue once you’re there. After you’ve done that, you can go on with your date or whatever… That should be an exceptional deal for you right now. Hehehe, isn’t sensei nice?」


However, Rena continued-

-With a sadistic smile on her face,


「Oh but that would be a problem if you were going to kiss during your date. With Koniwa-chan’s docile face, she’d be indirectly kissing my pussy like a dirty slu — *Hyann* ♡♡」


Suddenly, Rena let out a sweet moan and released Seiya’s head.

It was because of the unexpectedly sudden, intense pleasure that came from her chest.

She tried to confirm it in a hurry, but found nothing abnormal on her cleavage.


「W-what was that?! What did you do just now?!」


To answer that, Seiya answered in a quiet voice as he slurped and licked her lips after being released.


「What you ask…I only gave you a little play-bite… just like in the past…」


「Oh, a play-bite…」


Certainly, that seemed to be the case.

It’s just that Rena really felt it from that play bite.

The pleasure was way more intense than all the caressing she had received from him today, even though she wasn’t bitten at her nipples and it was only a small play bite on her left breast.


Moreover, that part was still giving her a painful tingling.


Seiya then spoke to the confused Rena,


「Since you bad-mouthed Koniwa-san, I won’t go easy on you anymore…」


「G-go easy?! You have the balls to bluff like that when you’ve been in that kind of state this whole time..?」


But Seiya’s eyes were sharp and determined. He no longer looked like he was drowning in lust with a female. He had the look of a male who is hunting down his prey now.


「Rena-san as well, please don’t try to act tough with that dull and rusty body of yours… Your tits have gotten quite hard」




「Aren’t your tits all hard because they’re sulking from not getting pampered at all?」


「W-what are you saying to me all of a sudden…?」


「I bet you only thought of your own breasts as a tool to sandwich cocks with but I never thought of them like that」


「I don’t see them like that either!」


「There are people out there who would cherish your body, Rena-san. Please have your boyfriend take care of it properly…」


「…It’s none of your business…」


At that moment, Rena refuted with a bit of sadness in her voice.

But on the other hand, Seiya also spoke with a sad look on his face.


「If it was really none of my business…then why do you want me to make that rusty body of yours cum…as if you can’t remember what happened between us.」




Rena did not answer.

She thought that he was bluffing, but Seiya’s eyes were serious while he was talking.


「It’s painful, you know? The things you made me remember…really, it would be better if I didn’t cum again for the rest of my life..」


Said the man who ejaculated for the first time in the last half a year.

Rena timidly glanced at her own chest.

The part he bit her at earlier was still burning her with the painful tingling pleasure.


「H-hold on a second, Seiya-kun…」


「I’ll have you remember everything about those two years again… We’re going to go to hell together, Sensei」


Seiya’s right hand slipped into the chest area of Rena’s yukata when she tried to take a step back.



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