Isekai Taneuma

Isekai taneuma

Author: 短い



Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Additional tags: Cruel, Cheating, Good ending

Synopsis: Isekai Stud

Arc 1 檻の中の種馬編 ( inside prison arc)

Ch.1- Nanari 1

Ch.2- Nanari 2

Ch.3- Yukari 1

Ch.4- Greydia 1

Ch.5 Christina 1

Ch.6- Turna 1, Christina 2

Ch.7- Yukari 2

Ch.8- Nanami 1, Turna 2

Ch.9- Mira 1

Ch.10- Mira 2

Ch.11- Brave Orc 1

Ch.12- Brave Orc 2

Ch.13- Brave Orc 3

Ch.14- Greydia 2, Brave orc (End)

Ch.15-Yukari 3

Ch.16- Epilogue

Arc 2 滅びし国の種馬編 (countries in ruins arc)

Ch.17- Turna 1, Artesia 1

Ch.18- Nanami 1

Ch.19- Nanari 1

Ch.20- Christina 1

Ch.21- Naomi 1

4 thoughts on “Isekai Taneuma

  1. Good story but what was up with the ball less people or mc ? If I seen people i know getting there heads cut off and I was next would make sure the f##ker died with me


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