Isekai Taneuma 21

Naomi 1

I gave a good-bye kiss to Chris who is on the bed.

「See you later」

With those words, the door closed as I thought about the events of the last few days.

This signaled the start of my next job.

「Now then, shall we head back? It seems that Hime-sama is satisfied, and Turna also got praised. Go back and embrace a slave. I want to find the second condition for skill-awakening」(Turna)

「I’ll do my best-」(Takuma)

Contrary to what I said, I am feeling very empty inside.

In other words, it’s because I’m in “sage mode[i]” right now.

Therefor, I can’t see myself using the skills of the brave orcs anytime soon.

I board the horse carriage with Turna, and headed towards the stone-built area.


While we’re on the way-

「So? Which do you like more? 」(Turna)

It’s the same question from three days ago.

I’m sorry for being unable to answer that when I was thrusting my hips, but I was happy just from being satisfied.

「A girl, maybe?」(Takuma)

「Hohh? Why a girl? 」(Turna)

「It’s because the children we have around are all girls. If we get a boy, then he would be the only boy around 」(Takuma)

「Yeah, that might be the case. It would be a pity if he was alone by himself. No, wait, maybe we can get him some toys」(Turna)

Turna nodded with satisfaction.

Then, she further expanded her point of view.

「Turna is also a girl herself. And, if Hime-sama’s child is also a girl, it would be nice for them to be each other’s friend」(Turna)

I see. She shared the same simple views as me.

I was worried that she was thinking about something much colder, but it was just the subject of children that seemed to have touched her heartstrings.

「Well then, give birth to a girl」

「Understood. I’ll let you see the sweetest and loveliest baby you will ever see」

A smile rose on Turna’s face.

I start caressing Turna’s stomach inside the horse carriage.

「Really, Takuma is sly. When I was watching from the side, I was laughing at the simplicity of the others when they were letting you do this kind of thing, but it turns out that I couldn’t go against it either. Turna proposes that you caress my stomach more than the others」(Turna)

「Yes, yes, mommy sure is spoiled」(Takuma)

「Mommy, huh. That doesn’t sound too bad」(Turna)

Turna’s face is a little red.

What a nice feeling this is. And so, we arrived at the workplace for the first time since we left three days ago.

It’s a mansion with the color white as the base, but if I compare here to the place we were just at, I would feel like it was just a dream.

Inside the yard, women who are skill wielders are chatting while being bathed in the warm sunlight.

I looked towards that direction and waved my hands.

There were no changes in this place but that’s a good thing.

I went in the house with Turna and then we tumbled onto the bed.

「Lazy, aren’t you? 」(Takuma)

「Takuma should be tired as well, let’s take it easy until noon」(Turna)

「Is that alright? 」(Takuma)

「Actually, we have a shortage of female slaves, so today I was wondering if we should take half a day off anyway. Turna also missed this bed」

After showing a grin, she quickly fell asleep.

I have also been thrusting my hips for the past three days, so I can appreciate this half day off.

So, I also let my body get some rest.


At noon time, there were about two slaves with skills I had to work on.

After that, I was hand in hand with Turna as we dreamed.

The day of work was over like that.

Suddenly, my mind went blank from her surprising words.

「Since tomorrow will end early as well, please drop by our house of the Milanjol family. Rest easy because Turna’s father does not crush other people’s hands with handshakes, nor does he enjoy company from other men when drinking」(Turna)

My body shook as I understood what she meant.

No wonder Mira desperately pulled me away.

「By the way, what is Turna’s father like? 」(Takuma)

「He is the head of the Milanjol family, marquis Dadan=Milanjol. The strongest long distance combat type of knight in our great country, Almeria. And, he possesses the strongest bow and arrow skill, 『Bow・Ultra』. He is also the highest ranking general in the army. What else do you want to know? 」(Turna)

「Like, his personality? 」(Takuma)

「His personality… Hm, he is extremely gentle. In the current house of Milanjou, even though father, elder sister, and I all have skills, my sister and I are extreme amateurs. But even so, I have never seen him frown when teaching us, let alone get angry. Whatever it is that we wanted to do, he has always supported us and protected us. To Turna, he was the ideal father」(Turna)

「I see, if he’s this good of a person then why not. So, how are you going to introduce me? 」(Takuma)

「I’ll introduce you as my husband. Of course, I have Hime-sama’s permission to do this. If I was able to give birth to a child, I would like to get married as the second wife so I got permission a long time ago. So, there are no problems」(Turna)

「You haven’t gotten my permission yet though? 」(Takuma)

「Are you going to refuse? 」(Turna)

she grinned after asking with upturned eyes.

Here is when I should retort to her,” You aren’t really crying!”, but this is how Turna is, isn’t it?

「Turna, you are going to make a good wife. Let me have you」(Takuma)

「Thank you for being willing to take me. Turna is satisfied if I can get some results before Mira. I hope Mira will get a child as soon as possible but please marry me first. Turna will be the second mistress and Mira will be the third. Is that okay? 」(Turna)


「Don’t hold back just because we’re getting married though. Work hard to thrust your hips for the sake of humanity」(Turna)

「I’m blessed to have such an understanding partner」(Takuma)

Turna is strangely hyped.

But she looks to be happy from the bottom of her heart, so I’m somehow happy as well.

If we were getting married in Japan, it would be hectic one way or another.

But for this world, I wonder if there is such a thing like a wedding ceremony.

I went home as I thought about that.


Inside my home, there was a girl who was at loss of what to do while holding my favourite baby girl with tears in the corner of her eyes.

Naomi Taketatsu.

A female classmate from Japan, and she also can be called Yukari’s best friend.

A popular girl who gave off a tom-boyish feeling.

Her hair is short, and her features are even. I wonder if she would be considered a beauty in this world too.

I have heard that her slightly tanned skin tone is from her mixed blood of Okinawa[ii].

Her chest… is like two apples.

That is exactly what needed to be said to describe her cleavage.

Swiftly, with tears in her eyes, Naomi came up and said to me,

「… Yukari said she won’t be back for ten days, and Takuma, you were missing for three days. I can’t go through the slums alone, so I didn’t know what to do anymore… *hikkuuu*[iii]」(Naomi)

We have lots of food stored in this place, so in that area it should have been okay. But, me going out to work for Chris in the last three consecutive days without saying anything to her was an act lacking in compassion.

Yeah, that’s right. A normal girl like her wouldn’t be able to make it past the slums.

「Sorry, it was something urgent. I was thrusting my hips for three days and nights in the royal palace」(Takuma)

「Unnn, I thought you could have been eaten by a wyvern… Tears just came out when I saw you back safe and sound… 」(Naomi)

I unexpectedly gave her the “neglect play”.

Umi had burst into tears after being surprised by Naomi’s outburst of emotions, so I received her from Naomi’s arms.

Then, I sat down on a chair in the guest room, and started talking with Naomi while playing with my sweet Umi.

「*Hahh*, so you were thrusting your hips for three days in royal palace… So there are jobs like that as well…」(Naomi)

「Well, yeah. Everyone was desperate because they all want skills. Naomi, you’re also waiting for your skill, right?」(Takuma)

「….Un. I look forward to working with you」(Naomi)

Naomi dropped a curtsy as she replied.

Then, she continued.


「…Hey, do you remember? 」(Naomi)

What incoherent words.

My association with this person was always in Yukari’s presence.

During the time we played in amusement parks.



Festivals in yukatas.

First line up to buy video games.

And, the times we made a fuss about fishing.

Now then… I have to think about which time she was talking about.


Then, an answer came to me.

There are many memories with her in them; my “genius” told me that it was impossible to find the answer to her question.

Therefore, I’ll choose a safe answer to give her.

「The time your favourite anime character died, and you were absent from school for three days? 」(Takuma)

「… No」(Naomi)

Naomi went silent after saying that’s not it.

It feels like this blind guessing game will keep going until I get it.

So, I chose the words that will move this conversation forward.

「There’s too many memories with Naomi-chan in them, I don’t know which time you’re talking about」(Takuma)

「… That’s right. Here’s a hint, it’s something I said when we first arrived in this world」(Naomi)

Oh, that time.

「You were the person who told me that she always liked me, huh? 」(Takuma)

「Yeah…that… what did you think..about that? 」(Naomi)

You weren’t the one I wanted…but I can’t really say out loud.

I used appraisal on Naomi, and certainly, my name was in there.

She knows of my relationship with Yukari, so giving a passable answer would be correct here.

I am accustomed to lying, so I don’t feel hesitant to lie at all.

「I was happy, of course. That was the first time I was confessed to」(Takuma)

「I, I see… I’m so happy to hear that… 」(Naomi)


It feels like Naomi let out a breath of relief.

To me, this is a troublesome thing to deal with, but can it also be called a luxury?

After that conversation, we cooked and ate together, then we started to clean the house.

「This is convenient, isn’t it? 」(Naomi)


「That’s so nice-」(Naomi)

Like that, Naomi, who kept complimenting me on my cleaning skills while being glued to me, is making me feel like a woman.

Then, it was time to work after putting Umi to bed.

「It’s been a while since I’ve done it, be gentle please」(Naomi)

Ignoring what she said, I activated all the pleasure enhancement skills.

It seems that her beautiful place has been developed for a long time. It’s like a ripe persimmon.

And, it’s quite loose.

However, it feels like Naomi wouldn’t know how I’m feeling.

「AHHHHH, It’s completely different doing it with the person you likee..Ahhhhhh—-*Hii*, *iiiiiiiiiiii*」

Like that, she sunk too quickly while feeling satisfied.

I unleashed the origin of where skills come from into her wet and twitching place.


『Talent of Sword』

A disappointing skill came.

Over ninety percent of the skills I awaken are quite mediocre.

Talent of sword, talent of large sword, talent of spear, talent of fist, talent of bow, talent of shield, physical enhancement I, lesser power up, lesser increase agility, lesser increase intelligence, lesser increase charm etc…

Even in these skills of the disappointing series, scoring a long-ranged skill like the talent of bow and spear can still be called a consolation prize.

But, for short ranged skills like 『Talent of Sword』, you would likely end up dead if you attack monsters with these skills.

Then, I took a look at Naomi’s status window and saw that she’s still level 1. In that case, she can’t even use the 『Talent of Sword』that she has obtained.

If she got 『Talent of Cooking』 or 『Talent of Tailoring』 on the other hand, it might have been a bigger success.

Well, since she has『Talent of Sword』, maybe she will become a female knight and work hard on leveling up.

I got a piece of cloth and put it over Naomi, who is cutely conversing, then I left the room.

It’s been a while since I slept together with Umi. Mufufu.


I got up in the morning, and there’s Naomi breastfeeding Umi.

Umi is drinking with amazing momentum.

Naomi turned her back on me as she was embarrassed to be seen.

Well, whatever, maybe I should make some food.

— I finished cooking properly.

「Delicious. It’s twice as good compared to what I make myself. This barley rice, it tastes just like rice that was stored for two years 」(Naomi)

「That’s a confusing comparison」(Takuma)

「It means that it’s something delicious」(Naomi)

Naomi is chomping it down.

Would she be happy if I made more food?

「I can make some fried eggs if you want? 」(Takuma)

「Un. That would be nice」(Naomi)

She took care of my daughter, so doing this much for her would be natural.

I cracked two eggs and started making the fried eggs.

Not half-cooked, but all the way through.

「Here you go」(Takuma)

「Thank you, it somewhat feels like we’re a couple, doesn’t it? 」(Naomi)


“Ehehe”, Naomi giggled.

And, I break out the bad news to her.

「Naomi, your skill is the talent of sword」(Takuma)

「Then, that means I can become a female knight? 」(Naomi)

「I’m sorry for this disappointing skill」(Takuma)

「So it’s a disappointing skill… I see… well, that’s right. I won’t be fighting…but if I’m pregnant, I’ll get another skill…Just maybe… somehow I can already feel it… 」(Naomi)

Out of the females of the class, her intuition seems to be the most accurate.

As I confirm it, she definitely had another skill.

『Source of Magical Power』

What is this? I couldn’t help but to think.

For the time being, I’ll touch her body to get it.

This is a different skill to what they usually get from the first skill awakening.

「Just like Naomi-chan says, you are pregnant. You even have a skill that I’ve never seen before called『Source of Magical Power』」(Takuma)

「Is that something amazing? 」(Naomi)

「I have no idea」(Takuma)

It’s a comical scene where both of us are tilting our heads.


I asked Turna at the workplace.

「Oh that skill, I remember that a certain high-ranking wizard of the empire had that skill. Its ability is to recover mana automatically. Isn’t that skill useless for Takuma? 」(Turna)

Like that, she told me.

「I don’t need skills in the magic category, right?」(Takuma)

「Exactly. If you could give that to Yukari-san it would be good」(Turna)

「I wish I could, that’d be nice」(Takuma)

A skill in the magic category… is not something I need.

Naomi can’t make use of it either, so this time the results are all disappointing skills.

By the way, you can learn magic even if you didn’t have a talent skill for it. However, teaching it to those who aren’t talented is a waste.

Well, it’s just the degree of difficulty is very high for one to learn.

After work is over, I got on one of Turna’s horse carriages and start to head for the home of the Milanjol’s.

At that moment, Turna rushed in.

She looked for Chris’s wax stamp and went to confirm something.

Then, she spoke to me.

「Hime-sama’s third skill has been discovered from the messenger’s message. Do you remember anything that could be related to it? 」(Turna)

Hohh, that is to be congratulated.

「It felt good at the climax」(Takuma)

「Hmm… so the same as usual, huh」(Turna)

Turna is deep in thought.

「So, what kind of skill was discovered? 」(Takuma)

「That skill is called 『Impression Manipulation』, it seems to let you control people’s emotions to a certain extent, so she was greatly pleased」(Turna)

「What is that?… That’s scary 」(Takuma)

「You have nothing to be scared about. It just means now you can love Hime-sama even more」(Turna)

I see, that’s one way to look at it.

「But still, you only did what you usually do yet something was different. Perhaps you did some anal development? 」(Turna)

「That… is something we haven’t done yet. I had completely forgotten because her pussy alone is already the best. Yep」(Takuma)

「Is that so? Then… what was it…? If it was like this I should have watched the whole time」(Turna)

Our carriage kept going forward as we talk.

I entered the home of the Milanjol’s together with Turna as she is racking her brain over this.


They have a large mansion just like the Shusted family.

Mira says that their social status is different from each other’s, but it’s hard to see the difference when they are at that level of wealth.

Is the distance from their entrance to their doorstep farther than the Shusted house?

Their mansion is on the opposite side of the Shusted mansion.

The world is a small place.

「U-n, there must be a chance to see the conditions required… but I don’t know when… 」(Turna)

「Turna, rather than thinking about that, we’re here. And, there is a topless, scary looking old man looking right at us」(Takuma)

From far away, I can see a half naked military-looking, middle-aged man staring here from their doorstep.

The “gap” of him supposedly being a gentle person and seeing him just now brought back old traumas, and made my balls shrink.

「Scary? My father has a super big smile on his face though? 」(Turna)

Looking at him again, his face has changed to a face of a kind elderly person who’s meeting his grandchild.

Oh, so he’s the type who’s only kind to his daughter, huh?

Then, that means I’m his enemy.

This must be how he protects Turna.

「It’s okay, no need to be so tense. Turna will talk about all the circumstances, and tell him how I feel. Let’s start with easy topic of the collection of rare skills」(Turna)


While Turna was turned towards me talking, that marquis-sama glared at me with the stare of death.

「Welcome back, Turna. Is your job too harsh? It’s okay to come home whenever you want」(Dadan)

With those words, it’s confirmed that I am putting myself between Turna and a marquis-sama who has a daughter addiction.

It’s a situation where it’s all smiles on the surface, but with another opening, he kicked me with all his might.

Of course, I am fainting in agony inside.

Noo… I don’t want to do this anymore! The fathers of the female knights are scary…

「Takuma, is something wrong? 」(Turna)

「…Your father just kicked me」(Takuma)

「Father would never do such a thing」(Turna)

「What a weird man you’ve brought over. It’s not too late to call it quits, you know?」(Dadan)

「No, he’s just nervous, you know? Like I explained yesterday, I won’t consider anyone else other than this person, so please understand」(Turna)

「I, I see…」(Dadan)

Turna’s father withered like a wilted vegetable.

Well, Turna should be able to do something about this one way or another from the way things are going.


There were countless soldiers sitting in the guestroom that we passed by.

Turna also seemed to be surprised as she had big, rounded eyes.

After she greeted them one by one, I was also introduced.

「Earl Glen, this person here is Hime-sama’s favourite slave」(Turna)

「Ohh, it’s you! Actually, he looked after my daughter. I am very grateful」(Earl Glen)

「No, she took good care of him as well, and I apologize for her having to deal with such a poor quality man as her partner」(Turna)

「Hahah, don’t be so modest. My wife heard what she was saying and also wanted him to be her partner. I’m entrusting my dear to you. Hahaha」(Earl Glen)

「Very well, Earl Glen」(Turna)

「Ohh, have fun tonight」(Earl Glen)


Turna and the uncle Earl are both grinning.

I’m trembling with fear to whatever’s going to happen.

However, this seemed to have gone differently to how Turna’s father imagined it would, as he’s biting his nails with bitterness.

Will that alone be enough to save me?


After the greetings are over, Turna and I took a seat near the entry hall.

And, the dinner party began.

Although the luxurious alcohol and meals were lined up before me, I can’t even taste them because of the tension.

I ate the meal that tasted like nothing.

Then, the bards sung the heroes’ tales.

Turna is taking deep breaths, so there must be the big event up ahead.

I feel like a fish on a cutting board right now.

Right then, Turna said it with a smug face.

「Takuma, when I do it after this, please look confident and show a natural smile」(Turna)

「I’ll leave it to you」(Takuma)

「Please leave it to Turna」(Turna)

There’s no other way but to leave it to Turna. I let out a sigh of relief.

As the feast continued, everyone was relaxed.

Turna, who noticed the relaxed atmosphere, took a deep breath and stood up from her seat.

There, the eyes of everyone gathered on Turna. Even the song of the bard has stopped.

「Eii, Listen. I, Turna Milanjol, will marry this man this evening. Those who refuse the bonds of ours that we created in our past life, name yourself here!」(Turna)

It was an announcement of great intensity.

Then, all the VIPS stood up.


「What’s the matter, Turna? You’re frozen」(Takuma)

「…No, originally, I should be kissing Takuma in a room after everyone claps for us– It was supposed to be a ceremony that lasts the night after I make the announcement… I don’t know what’s going on at all… 」(Turna)

Hohh, in other words, our marriage was opposed by all the nobles here.

「What happens now, in this case? 」(Takuma)

Turna’s father answered my question.

「The marriage is not acknowledged. It doesn’t matter how many skills you have, or how much you love my daughter, because you are from another world, after all. No one thinks that you will risk your life to fight the crisis of Almeria」(Dadan)

I nodded in honesty.

At the end, a man of another aristocrat family spoke up in a loud voice.

「Originally, with your social status, you shouldn’t even have anything to do with Miss Turna in the first place, so be grateful that your head is not cut off here」

When I read the mind of the other nobles, most of them seem to have agreed.

It’s just that they don’t say it out loud.

(This fooling around from the first princess is also a troubling thing)  (Thoughts of other nobles)

Like that, the criticisms were also pointed to Chris.

「…It doesn’t look like we’re going to get married」(Takuma)

Turna’s shoulders dropped to my mutters.

「I guess…just like you said, it doesn’t look like we can get married… 」(Turna)

Like that, she was convinced.

I realized just now that Mira’s Shusted family was a special case.

「Turna, you will not leave this house until your child is born. I will not hand my child to that man, that you can be sure of.. This is painful for father too, but you didn’t listen to what I was saying either, right? 」(Dadan)

Turna kneeled on one knee as she spoke.

Her body is trembling to the point that anyone can see.

「Yes, I have no words of gratitude to father’s overly excessive arrangement」(Turna)

「That’s what this boiled down to. Bastard who toyed with Turna, if you get it now then get out! Just seeing you in my house gets my blood boiling! 」(Dadan)

Words leak out of Turna’s mouth,

「Takuma, I’m sorry」(Turna)

This is the worst feeling ever; there was nothing I could do.

I exited the home of Milanjol’s while being dragged out by someone.

I was taken to the gate, and then thrown out.

「It was for your sake, bastard. That’s why she gave up on arguing. After this, someone will make her happy. Almeria’s noble family, Milanjol, is something special in this country」

Voice of a youthful man.

Well, whatever.

I got up from the ground.

I’m used to being forced to do things that are not of my will, but this time was quite painful.

As the rain comes pouring down right at this timing, I start to head back in the direction of my home.


Last Chapter







[i] it refers to the short period after a guy’s orgasm, when they could think clearly, without sexual desires. xD

[ii] biracial birth from the result of battle of Okinawa

[iii] sob sfx

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    1. She was a classmate who Yukari mentioned in the early chapters who later was bought back , then became their house nanny. And now this chapter revealed that she was also the one who confessed to Takuma at the very start when they first arrived.

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