Isekai Taneuma 20

Christina 1

I thought this was too much to bear.

「I’m going to be leaving for the job tomorrow, so I really want to spend time with Umi right now. I’m sorry, I’ll accompany you later」

With that said, Yukari was satisfied and she quickly fell asleep with Umi.

I massaged her voluptuous breasts while she slept.

She has nice facial features, and on top of that, she even has a personality of not being angered easily.

Everything about her is something I want in my ideal woman, but lately I feel like she hasn’t been treating me as someone who is very important to her.

After tonight, we will not be able to see each other for the next 10 days, and I would have to have other women to take care of my sexual desires.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t this be the time where Yukari would want to fuck me the most?

I was dominated by such negative thoughts.



Day break.

At the end, Yukari, who did not get up in time, started panicking when she was woken up by the sun-light coming in from outside.

「Uwaa, I’m late, I have to hurry」

She rushed out of the house after saying that.

I looked at her go with a cold stare.


Then, the time for work has come, along with the horse carriage’s arrival. However, something felt a bit off.

The same carriage that came every day would have parked on the right side, but this one parked on the left.

I don’t want to get on…

The coachman spoke to me as I thought to myself.


「The first Hime-sama has summoned you today」

I unintentionally made a “guts pose”.[i]

The monthly, three days of “fun time” is here!

This is prioritized over any other kind of work.

The wonderful three days a month to enjoy her “divine instrument”.[ii]

If I use appraisal on myself to confirm the rankings of the girls… Hm.. Oh, Turna, you sly bitch… oh well, whatever. That’s how good of a mood I am in today.

And, Chris was ranked third on the “people I like” column.

I thought about how I was going to request a salary for myself, but when I was reminded that I am going to be getting it on with Chris, my head was taken over with thoughts of her godly vagina.

That is one badass vagina she has.


Now then, I was taken through the roads to the royal palace, but the ride was so bumpy and shaky, it was an annoying journey.

Every time another horse carriage passed through, I had to get off the carriage to get on one knee, and wait there until their carriages couldn’t be seen anymore before I could get back inside to continue the journey.


The social status of a slave is a painful thing.


At the entrance of the palace, there was a familiar face of a woman who I knew.

Greydia Flimil.

One of Chris’s personal knights who is directly under her command.

「Come with me」

She said to me with a prickly tone, but within it I could feel that she has gotten softer compared to before.

I kept walking in silence until I arrived in front of a certain room.


「Hime-sama, I brought that man here」

The door opened from the inside, and I entered the room.

Inside the room, there were three beautiful knights shining in a golden light. And on the side, there were three maids on standby.

It was the same people as usual.

The woman standing in the middle of the pack is currently deep in thought while looking through some papers, thinking about something that I have no idea about.


Christina Almeria.

The first princess of the Almeria kingdom. And also, the one who feeds me.

「Come here, both of you」

First, she used mind’s eye to take a peek inside Greydia’s mind.

Greydia doesn’t look nervous at all, as she just stood with her back straight and waited.


「Greydia, good work」

「*ha* 」

With those words, Greydia went towards the pack of knights and joined them.

Then, it was my turn.

Between me and Chris, we are able to talk privately with our minds using the skill, 『Mind’s eye』.

( Ara, ara, you finally had your first fight with Yukari-san? Uh, but is that even considered fighting?)

(We didn’t get to fuck yesterday)

(Uh, about that.. I feel sorry for Yukari-san if you disliked her for that.. Anyway, Turna’s skills have increased by one since she is pregnant now. Please, do congratulate her)

(Thank you for that good information, I appreciate it)

(I want to see Turna’s face when she’s crying out of joy. Now then, I’m busy right now so go roll on the bed or something. I’ll play with you later)


Well, something like that.

I start rolling on the bed, and in the mean time, I’ll use appraisal to see what the new skill is that Turna got after getting pregnant.


It looks like a skill I won’t need.

That’s right, isn’t it?

It’s a skill that’s used to decide things like whether to attack with fire arrows or dig a hole and use that pit hole as a trap.

Anyway, I should talk to her as the man who impregnated her.

「Turna, your skills increased. Congratulations, you’re pregnant」

She was confused by my sudden words, but she quickly realized what I meant and had her hands on her mouth.


「It’s fine to celebrate, without minding our ranks」

With the words from Chris, the whole room got excited.

Truthfully, Chris was overjoyed as well. She, too wanted to celebrate, since she had been so busy lately, although the others don’t seem to realize that.

And, naturally, I was left out.


From what I’m hearing from their conversations, it seems the skill, 『Tactician』,boosts the attack power and defense powers passively for the troops that are under the command of the skill wielder. Although it’s only a slight increase, it’s a huge win for Turna still.

After a little while,

「I’ve got to bring Takuma to meet my parents」

So, it looks like I might have to do my best to survive, yet again.

The air of celebration filled Chris’s room. However, someone was silently looking through the documents by herself.

That person is Chris herself.

As I start getting concerned about when our love affair will start, I was called out when I took a peek at the documents.

「It’s national secrets, you know? And you can’t read it anyway, can you? 」


That’s right, I can’t read the letters. I did manage to learn simple letters and numbers of this world, but this much is impossible for me.

Then, Chris continued:

「However, I wonder… if I teach you about the affairs of the neighbouring countries, will you thrust your hips harder for me in return? What do you think, Turna? 」

「*ha*. After thinking about it, I think it’s fine to teach him」

「Thank you. Then, read it out to him next to me」


Turna came to Chris’s side as she was ordered.

I took a position in the center of the spacious bed already, as she beckoned me to go over with a hand gesture.

So, I also beckoned them over with a hand gesture.

Turna, who listened to me all too easily, took her sword and some other hard objects from her waist, and put them on the table. Then, she invaded the bed as she started talking.


「This type of document, huh… This is a report of Milled’s defense line」

「Oh, it’s a topic that I’ve recently been hearing about quite frequently」

「Now then, Turna will explain the details」(Turna)

With that being said, she brought her mouth close to my ear.

Then, she whispered:

「What do you like more? A boy or a girl? 」

She used a voice that only the two of us can hear.

She seemed to think that it’ll be better if she hears the answer to that later, as she continued to explain the details of the Milled defense line without hearing my answer.

It was quite an awful report.

In that country, a massive invasion of undead is occurring, and on top of that, they are in the middle of a civil war as well.

With their hierarchy of power in shambles, the report spelled out the details of how that country is completely ruined.

「So, how did the country get destroyed? 」

「They completely destroyed themselves」

「Well, my royal family Almeria, is not in a position to laugh at all either. Because, after all, our three forces of powers, the royalty, nobles, and magicians are all in disagreement with each other as well」

「It’s like that for every country. However, the magicians with power in this country are wonderful people who have no interest in political powers, so it’s been really helping us out 」


Using Japan as an example, it would be something like the LDP vs the democratic party vs the communist party? No, they are always fighting, so maybe it’s different?

Somehow, I couldn’t get a clear image.

「Next is the problem of the spotting of several Brave-orcs and High-orcs in the outskirts of the area」


I endure to not leak out the secrets.

I was sure from the explanations of Turna.

Kii-kun is surely doing his best earning experience.

There were a lot of reports of witnessing orcs hunting monsters.

They seem to be changing their hunting grounds every day.

I also want to be a man like Ki-kun, who tries his best every day.

But, there’s no way I can.

Turna then went on to explain how a brave-orc is dangerous.

「The skill, 『The Brave』,is a skill that brings out whatever power the wielder needs to deal with the circumstances. The way to deal with a skill like this is -」


Her lecture continued for a long time.

Turna is someone who loves teaching anything to others.

Chris, who is next to us, also listened to what Turna had to say with attentive ears.


The bundle of documents that started to pile up were taken away somewhere by the meido-san .

Work hours seem to have ended, and when this lecture ends I’ll be able to do sexy things with them.

So, I listened to her lecture happily.


The lecture is advancing smoothly, and it has now entered the explanations of the plan for the recapturing of Milled.

At that timing, Chris cutely coughed.

Turna quickly crawled out of the bed as she seemed to have caught the hint.

Then, various equipment was placed on the table, and she left the room with all the other female knights.


The three people who remained in this room are: Chris, the meido-san, and me.

Chris stood up, and changed from her silk-ish dress that’s as white as her skin, into a white-colored gown.

Then, she came back to bed.

The moment I touched Chris’s well maintained, beautiful skin, the maid bowed deeply and left the room.

It’s the usual routine every time.


Then, Chris said some chilling words.

「It’s about time, for you to make my third skill appear」

What can I do other than nod when I’m being stared at by those emerald-like eyes?

Chris did not change her expression at all.

I know that she is purely putting up a front, so I activated my『Mind’s eye』.

(Ahh, the time has finally come. I wonder what we’ll do this time….)

Her thoughts are the thoughts of a perverted girl.

If I touch her body, she will snuggle up to me unconsciously.

If I bring my lips close to hers, she will point her lips up for a kiss.

And, her breasts that I wasn’t even allowed to touch once upon a time, can be massaged by me as much as I want now.

Her breasts don’t feel as big as Yukari’s, but the firmness of them have been well maintained.

「These tits are a big favourite of mine」


There was no reply to my frivolous comment.

Instead, sweet moans leaked out.

I got a hold of her voluptuous breasts, where lies a wonderful erogenous zone which only existed within Chris there.

The pleasure enhancement skills I have are only effective with penetration.

Because of that, I will insert my penis into Chris’s important place, which was already ready for it.

Chris showed a face of wonder as she was in a cuddling posture as half of my penis went in.

「Did you activate your skills? Or do I have a fever? 」


Yup, recently, it has become a daily routine to use the skills to make them go “hiihiii”.

However, this time I want to try something interesting for variety’s sake.

「I just want to grope your tits with the pleasure enhancement skill activated, can I? 」


Chris’s body shook from my question.

That expression she has on is implying that she is looking forward to it.

「That’s fine if that’s what you like. There’s still time left, it wouldn’t be that bad to slowly enjoy this」

「It’s nice to do it with a princess who has lost her mind in the act, but the Chris who is still conscious is  the best 」

「Well, of course」

With those words from Chris, I activated my skills and started to lick her nipples.

There was an interesting reaction coming from her vagina.

Her vagina was squeezing my penis.

Up until this point, Chris had been laying dead during intercourse.

Only the insides of her “godly pussy” have been doing its best to pleasure me.

I lick her nipples, and then I start nibbling on them on my own accord.


「Hauu..Haa…. 」

With those words alone, her body arched like a bow.

However, I don’t know if the pleasure she is receiving from her tits alone is not enough or something, as she does not look close to climaxing.

That was interesting.

I caress through her body, and bit on her hard, erect nipples.

「Hauuuuuu… 」

Chris moaned out while twitching.

Just like that, a face of hers that I know quite well is shown to me.

I cast recovery on Chris, who looks tired, and start the fun up with her yet again.

Then, the time came again.

「Noo, you can’t only be focusing on my chest, Fua~aaaa~aaaaaaaa」

「Okay, then make me feel good as well」


She gave me silence for a reply.

So, I moved her to the missionary-style position, and started banging her mercilessly.

「Hyaa, Hya, Hya, UnnhaaaaaaaAAaa」

Love juices start spilling out in a pleasant way. Then, until she cums… No, wait, I smell it leaking.

As it leaks out on a large scale from her vagina, I start stroking her clitoris to guide her to climax.


Inside the vagina of the trembling Hime-sama, I also cum the first time.

「I’m cumming」


Her eyes are dozing off. She looks to be enjoying the feeling of immorality.

Her body started twitching after she enjoyed taking in my semen.

She lost her consciousness afterwards, but if I cast recovery magic on her here, she will scold me instead, so I won’t do it.

If anything, she is feeling the best time of her life right now.

I pull my penis out of her vagina, then, with my fingers, I start gently fingering her.

Finally, as I sucked on her tits at the same time, Chris let out moans of satisfaction.

She already let her consciousness go, but in my book, there is no such thing as “rest”.

I have no idea who put that in my head, but I understood since it was an order from Chris,

“Don’t stop moving your hips even after I passed out”


Her vagina hasn’t stopped undulating even after falling asleep.

Here’s when I put my penis back in, and from there, I start gently pumping her.

My humping speed is similar to the speed of the two-hole tortures that I’ve seen the orcs do once to their victims.

When  I had enough of moving my hips, I start sucking her mouth, feeling up her tits, and sticking it in her ass.

For these next three days, I will have the best time of my life.


Chris’s consciousness has returned, and she started moaning again.

「*Nn*, thanks for your hard work,* NnnAhhh*, be a little gentler, please… yes, *Unn*」

I feel like Chris’s horniness level goes up when I go at the pace that I think is best.


Suddenly, it has become noisy outside of the room as I’m doing what I please

「Eei, Don’t you know who I am? I’m the third princess, Raffina. Let go of me, let go」


What has reached my ears doesn’t seem to have reach Chris’s yet, as she is still leaving herself to pleasure.

「Mou, it feels like nothing else matters as long as I’m feeling good」(Chris)

「I know. I feel like that a lot」(Takuma)

「Ara, but what happens after feeling like that? You know, right? 」(Chris)

「I thought about that too, naturally. I just use the excuse of me not able to go against the pleasure」(Takuma)

「Ara, then I will also become like that.. That’s a complicated feeling」(Chris)


Then, the door of the room was slammed open.

In her state of being half conscious, I put it in from behind her, and gently started moving.

Because it was not a position of shame, I thought Chris wouldn’t mind it being seen either.

I’m being watched in my cells every day anyway, so it doesn’t matter for me.


Well, just like that, the third princess, Raffina, made her appearance.

Greydia, who was dragged along while holding on to Rafina’s arms, took her back outside before long.

「Ara, ara, you guys dare to disturb my precious time, looks like you are in need of a punishment 」


Chris said it with a cold expression.

As if Raffina did not care about how this would end, she barged back into the room once again.




Third princess of the kingdom of Almeria.

A royalty with a blonde-colored ponytail tied behind her.

An owner of such small tits that you wouldn’t think she is related to Chris; she is one of those girls who resembles little boys.

She’s not the same age as Chris,  and she literally has Chris listed in the “people she likes” column.

And, her level and status are quite high.

As for her skills…

She seems to have the『Talent of Fist』.

It’s a mediocre skill that I wouldn’t need to touch her to get.

「Onee-sama, please stop making children with this barbarian. Onee-sama is our great kingdom’s first princess」


Calling me a barbarian is the first thing that came out of her mouth.

Well, everyone here initially did that as well.

But, in Japan, we have way nicer people than her, for sure.

「Ara ara, Who gave you permission to enter my room? The rest of you can come in, and get rid of her」



Mira entered first, followed by the perverted knight, the gorilla, then Turna.

As for the knights with Raffina,

「This is bad」(random knight A)

「What do we do? 」(random knight B)

「We should just wait here」(random knight C)

They were girls like that.

How cute.

Then, Mira went to apprehend the third princess while unarmed, because she is still a princess, after all.

What happened next was a splendid counter that knocked her out.

Next, the gorilla was struck down by a high kick, and the perverted knight ate straight punches all over her face and body.

Then, Turna distanced herself from her. As expected of a genius.

Raffina, who took down the female knight trio, confronted her with her proud fist gesture.

That is what is called a muscle-head princess.

Chris looks at me expressionlessly.

『Mind’s eye』.

(This child’s a troublesome opponent. Takuma, won’t you do something about her? Like get her out of this room?)

(It’s impossible because I’m busy moving my hips right now)

(I can’t enjoy this when this child is in here. This is an order)

I pull my wet penis out of Chris, and show it to Raffina.


「Tch. A lowly barbarian」

「I guess you are only watching for now, but you’re wrong if you think you can disturb my “once in a month fun time” by beating me with your 『Talent of fist』」

「Hahh? Onee-sama, I will save you right now, so please wait a little」

It’s a mystery what kind of scenario she has created within her mind about this.

Chris hugs a pillow as she takes this time as a break from the pleasure.

I jump out of the bed, and confronted Raffina, while being fully naked.

「I won’t go easy on barbarians as my opponents. Prepare to die」

Getting killed here would be bad. As I had thoughts about escaping, Chris’s remarks pushed me forward.

「Be careful not to injure my cute little sister, okay? — Ah, I can’t wait for the pleasure after all this」

From her reactions, it seems she is convinced and sees me as the stronger one.

If you know the pie is safe, then even Dora will be happy to take it. *doraemon ref???*

I confirm the skills that I can use.

Physical enhancement I, II, III.

Attack power up, lesser, medium.

Increase defense, lesser, medium.

Increase agility, lesser, medium, greater

『Talent of Fist』, 『Grappling expert』, 『Grappling master』


Hmm, that’s beyond my expectations.

It feels like I’m in a one on one fighting game.


「What’s wrong? Come at me. If you don’t, then I will」

She comes flying with a spinning kick, I stop the blow with both my Physical enhancement skills activated.

I don’t seem to have taken any damage in particular, and that attack looked very slow to me.

This can’t be called a fight anymore.

Like that, I caught her by her leg.


「Na, How? S, Shit, let me go」

She throws a punch with her foot that is caught as her pivoting foot.

It was a cute punch.

I lifted her feet up, and her body started floating.


「S, stop.  My panties are showing! 」

Then, I caught both her feet.


「Ku, wa, let me go! You dare to use violence against the third princess? 」

「Yes, yes, I’m bringing you outside, okay? 」

I start walking out.

「Kuu, stop it. You can’t sniff it!」

「Don’t do anything perverted. It’s a rule for when you are meeting with me. So, don’t go playing with another woman」(Chris)

「Oh, yeah. You’re right」


It was the smell of someone inexperienced.

My body is like Garcia’s when I activate the physical enhancement skills.

Even I get a little scared when I look at my body in such a state; I can see the fear reflected in the eyes of Raffina’s knights.

After Raffina’s rampage is stopped, her knights took her and they all left to somewhere.

She seemed to be shocked from losing to me just now, and started tearing up.


Back in the room, Turna is most worried about the condition of the perverted knight.

Chris is in the middle of resting.

I am casting recovery magic on Mira.


「Thanks, you’ve saved me. I was quite beaten up… 」

「She was a cruel person」

「Takuma, please, help Greydia as well」

「Sorry, I’m out of mana. Ask someone else」


「Turna, you don’t have to look like that. One of the maids can also use recovery magic」

「No, well, that’s true..but… 」

I left Turna who agreed, and went back to where Chris was.

「You did a good job. What kind of reward do you want? 」

「I want to do some sexy things with Chris」

「Ah, I thought you’d say that. *fufufu*」


As long as it feels good, nothing else matters.

That’s how I feel right now.

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[i] like YESSSS.      google if still has no idea

[ii] her vag

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