Goddess Hunt 9

The Reborn Demon King and the Golden Confession-Magic Caster



【Race】Divine beings

【Class Job】Goddess of hexagram, magic caster


【Strength】【Defense】【Dexterity】【Speed】【Intellect】All unknown

【Magical Power】610+


【Hobbies】Underwear thief


My demon eyes revealed such data and numeric values.

She seemed to have taken some strict countermeasures against it, so there were a few things that I could not see.

About the【Hobbies】 amongst the things that I could see though…but what is meaning of this?


“Hah. I could see everything about you, Artemis. I will trample you before your angel subordinates!”


There was a lot that I did not know about, but I will just bluff for now.

Anyhow, I held my head high majestically and showed off the dignity of a demon king.


Artemis brushed her silver hair upwards and replied,


“Demon eyes, huh…It really is a shameless spell fitting of a demon. Well, whatever, let’s quickly get started on your execution. The existence of you demons is a sin in itself!”

She quickly raised her hand.




The angel soldiers behind her readied their magic powered guns in perfect unison.

An endless number of barrels pointed towards me.

Due to the bloodthirst coming from her soldiers, her devout believers on the street started to scream.

They got up from the ground one after another and ran like scattering baby spiders.


All the angel soldiers who were giving off such bloodthirst were young girls.

They were wearing pure white clothing and silver colored armor. A golden halo floated above each of their heads, and two wings with feathers came out of their backs.


“Maou…your tone is disgusting”

“I bet he’s just all looks”

“No, that face of his has a bad feeling to it”

“You deserve death for mocking Artemis-sama!”


All of them were looking at me as they were looking at a bug.

Even though they laughed when I made fun of Artemis’s meatiness just before.


However, there wasn’t much time left in this situation.

The morale of the angel soldiers was rising.

Artemis also began to gather her magical energy.


At that moment, I realized something important.


“Artemis…Don’t tell me, you want to fight me in this town?”


We were on the main street of Artemill.

Lots of her believers lived here and there was even a statue of her somewhere around here.

If we start to fight here, what will become of this place? It will obviously go up in flames.




She showed some hesitation for a second.


“T-The order of goddess Venus is absolute above all things! I feel sorry for my believers who’ll be sucked into this… but they will be considered as noble martyrs”


To label those people as martyrs so conveniently–that is such a goddess thing to do.


“But Artemis-sama…”


Spica muttered in shock.


“Your holiness has always basked our country’s citizens in your sacred silver light…To sacrifice them for such an absurd reason like that…no…”


Spica said as she staggeringly walked closer to her.

She is a royal born and raised in this country. Even though she became a demon, she still could not suddenly abandon the faith she has developed from a young age.


Artemis bit her lower lip and said,


“This magic energy response…Oh, the fourth princess. You’ve really become a demon, haven’t you?…It can’t be helped then. In accordance to Goddess Venus’s decree, at least with my hands you’ll…”


She pointed her crescent moon-shaped staff at Spica.


“Become a martyr…!”


A silver light was coming out of the tip of her staff!




I leaped to her without delay.

The attack closed in on her while she tried responding to Artemis with a “What…”

I hugged Spica with all my strength.

Immediately afterwards, a loud metallic explosion was heard.

My forearm…felt hot.


What repelled off my forearm was a magic arrow made of high magic density.

To shoot something like this at Spica… Damn Artemis.


“You would have been dead if that hit you, Spica. She’s serious”


“It can’t be…!”


Spica started to tear up with a red face while she was in my arms. The goddess that she has forever believed in suddenly wanted her life. I can imagine how that feels.


“You get it now? This is how the goddesses are. It’s not the upper echelon of the kingdom that you have to beat; the goddesses that you believe in are the source of the country’s corruption!”




Spica’s eyes were opened wide in shock.

But, it seems that she has quickly shifted her gears as fighting spirit filled her eyes.

Then, she left my arms.

She pulled her sword out as she stared at the angels in the sky.


“Artemis-sama…No, Artemis. Why are you being so unreasonable like this?”


And the answer to Spica’s serious question,


“W-well… it’s because it’s an order from goddess Venus”


Artemis was mumbling in her response.

Something’s not right. Just what is going on?…you goddess of meat.


— Spica’s execution by the order of the goddess, Venus.

—  Artemis’s gestures and attitude that are full of hesitation.

— Her 【Hobbies】being an underwear thief.


While I was in thought, Artemis’s attitude changed.

She spoke as she rolled her hair with her finger.


“Fifty years ago, the position of the Goddess Queen was replaced. Due to the one named Venus officially taking over as the new queen, I had to suck out the conscience and compassion of my believers and convert those into magical energy to maintain the heavenly world”


Hold on, that’s strange.


“Maintaining the divine realm requires an enormous amount of magical energy, even I know that. But since the dawn of time, that had been the responsibility of the goddess queen. Didn’t Venus herself come up with the magical energy needed to maintain the divine realm herself? Why are the humans bearing that weight now?”


When I truthfully questioned her, she showed a look of surprise and replied,


“It’s because…the goddess queen right now said she was tired of training to come up with that magical energy, so she isn’t going to do it anymore. Mou, we’re in quite a pinch, you know?”




Spica, Lilith and I were all dumbfounded.

She made the human world into such a mess for that reason?! If the people’s conscience and compassion were all robbed away from them, it would explain why the royal capital was so corrupt.


“It seems that a ridiculously big dumbass became the goddess queen. You should take her out right away!”


Anger naturally showed on my face as I spoke. How ridiculous.

But, how does Artemis feel about this?


“The goddess queen… Venus-sama is cute when she’s working. She’s a lazy girl but her useless sides are also her cute sides…no, she’s way too cute. With an order from her, it can’t be helped even if my faithfuls have to sacrifice their lives!”


“Talking about the goddess queen being lazy and useless…”


Lilith was appalled as expected. She dropped her shoulders and she looked worn out.


“All because of that?? What about the country then?!”


Spica’s shoulders were trembling. I could see the flames of anger burning behind her.


“I thought you were like us humans. What a mistake I’ve made. If I knew Artemis was a person like that, I…”


“If she told us all the severe problems that the human realm has were actually caused by the demons’ and gods’ whimsical egotistic battles, I would say that’s a typical scenario… but this time it’s just too much”


“Juno, I’m going! The one who strikes first wins–!!”




Spica yelled and kicked off the ground.

Where did her bashful attitude go? While emitting touki(fighting spirit), she brandished her large sword and approached Artemis.

Pouring her magic energy into her sword, Spica activated a special ability of her magic sword.


“Strike her down, oh golden thunder– Lighting・ Death・ Bringer-!!!”


Her sword was covered in heavy lightning.

The blade shone in a dazzling golden color as it crackled.

From the magic tuning that I’ve used on her, Spica’s magical power and physical ability were improved drastically.



Right before she could unleash her slash,


“Heh. It’s useless…”


Artemis’s body was enveloped in a sphere.

The sphere around her was half transparent with a silver color. It was emitting a phosphorescent light of holy energy to the surrounding area.


That— is a magic barrier.


The sounds of metal clashing echoed on the streets of Artemill.

Spica’s magic sword.

Artemis’s magic barrier.

The clash of the two powers was creating enough sparks to fill my field of vision.


But that stalemate only lasted for a moment.




The one who was sent flying was Spica.

I jumped up instantly.

I caught her in midair and landed with a somersault.


“I see. That magic barrier is a pretty big deal”


“No-No way…. My magic sword… I was supposed to have become stronger….”


Spica’s body trembled in my arms.

Artemis on the other side wore a relaxed smile.


“Ufufu. I’ve created this magic barrier over the last three hundred years. I can entrust both my defense and attack with this, I call this the 『Arte・καταφύγιο(shelter)』


“I will make you into a martyr now–”


With that, Artemis’s magical power increased explosively.

The sphere-shaped magic barrier around her expanded and a countless number of protruding objects appeared.


–They were magic made arrows.

They were far more powerful than the one that Spica was hit with earlier.


The appearance of the sphere shaped barrier is just like a huge iron ball with spikes. The barrier was made of a bottomless mass of holy energy, but the appearance looked very evil.

If she fired that here, this town may be ruined–.


“Like I’ll let her do that. This town, these people, this country, all of them will be mine. I won’t let her get in the way of our Liliaheim demonization plan…!”


I tell Lilith who was behind me,


“The humans in this town, teleport every last one of them to a safe place! Including their pets and livestock!”


“Roger that~! My magical energy will probably be exhausted from this, so please supply me a ton later Maou-sama ♪”


With that, Lilith invoked her teleportation magic. That alone is enough to ensure the safety of the people.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that Artemis’s magic barrier was a threat.

A way to protect the buildings as much as I can, and trample her and her angel soldiers.


“There’s only that…”


I give an order to Spica,


“We’ll make use of your confession magic here. If we can defeat Artemis here we can reform your country. Lend me your strength!”


To such words of mine–

Spica nodded firmly.


“I will save everyone from the goddess! …as a demon!”


She sheathed her sword as she yelled. Then, she slightly closed her eyes and spread out both of her arms.

Then, a swirl of magical energy appeared behind her.


That swirl was rapidly getting bigger.

Evil energy that she was emitting rotated around her– and the scattering golden colored light formed a magic circle.

The golden light was dazzling.

But, I can feel it.

This amazing magic circle is undeniably made from the power of a demon!


Confession magic.

What she needs to do to activate it is to expose something that she feels guilty of in her mind.

What she’s going to expose will act as her chant, and it becomes the key to unlocking powerful techniques.


“I’m filled with an urge to sing…”


Spica’s body floated up in the air.

Her entire body’s magic circuit was activated. Evil magical energy coursed through her and the air around her shook.


And then.


“I confess….night after night, I had written poems and sang out parts of them. Ahh, what a painful and sinful hobby I have. By publicizing them to the crowd that came down from the divine realm, it will be my chant to activate my confession magic…! ”


Spica opened her eyes wide,


“–Confession magic  【Slash style】 First chapter 『Parting with the past』….I’ll sing it!”


She went through with the one and only chant of hers.


“Tempted by fate, I kept walking to this day ♪”

“Taking on the expectations and hopes, my life as a fighting princess ♪”

“But I fell to a demon, yet my heart felt full ♪”

“Infinite admiration, just a one sided love, because it’s a precious feeling ♪”






Artemis and her soldiers were clearly shaken.

It was not surprising, to say the least.

Regardless of Spica’s questionable taste in music, her magical energy density was increasing as she sung.


“What an iffy taste she has in music…It pains me to see that the person herself seems to have written that seriously. Everyone, please fire already! Martyrdom, martyrdom!”


My field of vision was dominated by silver flashes immediately after that.

Thunderous sounds of gunfire went off one after another.

The myriad of angel soldiers began to fire their guns all at once.

Their target was of course, Spica.

However, that was all within my expectations.


I jumped in front of Spica and spread my arms wide.


“Leave the defense to me! Heh, Spica. Aside from your taste in poems, your magical energy is nice and evil!”


And so, I activated my support magic. I forcefully distorted the bullets’ trajectories and absorbed them with my body.

I became a shield for her while she was channeling her confession magic and caught all the attacks.


Just when the sound of her loud singing disappeared, sounds of countless gunshots broke out.

Silver magical energy sparked violently as a heavy rain of magic bullets poured down at my body.


Boom, boom , boom , boom!!


“Kukuukuu…Did you think such pea shooters could hurt me?”


But I did not dodge; there was no need to dodge.

My shirt and pants were greatly torn, but my body was untouched.

The angel soldiers’ confusion was clear.


“He endured that?!”

“What absurd defense!”

“Oh, he has a six pack…”

“He also has a nice chest…no, stupid! Reload, reload!”

“Yes! Artemis-sama!”




Artemis glared at me as she shouted in a high pitched voice.


Arte shelter, I command you! Make that demon king full of holes!”


In accordance to her voice, a large number of magic arrows shot out from the bulging sphere of her magic barrier.

Holy energy gushed out.

Loud noises from the projectiles cutting the wind filled the air.

The magic arrow made of pure holy energy covered the streets of Artemill in a shining silver light.


“Hoho. Magic arrows of this level would one shot any ordinary demons”




“…It’s too bad that I’m no ordinary demon. I’m the Demon King Juno”




The large amount of magic arrows pierced Artemis’s magic barrier.




Everyone present was overcome with surprise.

That reaction was not unreasonable since Artemis’s long-awaited trump card was instantly reflected back to her.


I only did one thing.

I had merely swung my arm at them without thinking about anything.


“Hah. Foolish goddess of meat. Magic arrows of this level, I can just flick them off with my hand, you know?”


“Ah. Uuu…but…”


“Oh Artemis, what you did in your last three hundred years was nothing compared to what I did in mine!”


At that moment, Spica’s poem stopped.

I heard nothing during all of that, but it seems like her chant has finished.




She called out my name as she slowly descended down from the sky.


“–Thanks for making me a demon. It was so embarrassing that I could die…but I feel like I can take on anything now!”


The next moment.

A thin sword with a long blade appeared on her waist.

A blade that slightly curves backwards.

Extraordinary dense magic energy dwelled inside of it.


Perhaps Artemis and her squad was shook by its ominous aura, they moved back a few steps in fright.



“That’s bad news”

“R- run for it–!”


“You- You guys! Don’t run away! Do you guys not believe in my arte shelter?!”


Artemis’s holy energy shook the ground.

She poured lots of holy energy into her barrier and strengthened it. She retracted all the magic arrows and focused on defense.

On top of that, the angel soldiers all deployed their own defensive magic.

Sphere shaped barrier shields filled the streets.


“I am Spica Von Spiegelberg of the demon race…”


Spica gripped on the handle of her sword.

Then, she squatted down and got into a battle stance.


“I will cut down those who get in my way– Together with the demon king, we will change this country!!”


She shouted as she drew her sword.

And then, a golden flash filled the empty sky for just a moment.


“–What now?”


Artemis muttered at the end of the silence immediately after.




A thin line appeared on her barrier that she was so proud of.




A loud shatter.

Artemis’s magic barrier was cut into two as it slid sideways before breaking into pieces.


But that wasn’t all.

With only one strike, all the barriers of the angel soldiers were cut down in the same way.




Their voices of confusions overlapped.

Both Artemis and her soldiers could not see Spica’s slash at all and did not understand what happened.


“Amazing…Oh my precious confession-magic caster”


I went up close to her and brushed her long, blonde hair.

I thought that she would blush again from this, but


“Thank you, Juno”


She said to me with a gentle smile.

It was as if she was someone else with that expression.


“With this power, I can change this country…No, this whole world!!”


“Heh, attagirl, Spica. You are a part of my precious family that can surpass the goddesses”


Spica strongly nodded to my words.


“Leave the angel soldiers to me. I don’t feel like I can lose right now!”


“Umu. I’ll leave it to you then!”


I lightly patted her back and then I began to walk forward with a calm composure.


“Now then, it’s time for your punishment”


Artemis seemed to be unable to hide her shock, as she just flopped down on the floor.


“My….my… magic barrier….”


Well whatever. I don’t need to wait for her to recover from that.

I crouched down and put my hand on her shoulder and softly whispered into her ear as if I wanted to tickle her with my breath.


“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s go crazy in pleasure from now on”


I snapped my finger- to activate a magic barrier around us and begin my goddess hunt–


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  1. Thanks for translation.

    I don’t understand why it couldn’t be straight up R-18? It is very, very, VERY border Line do why not cross it? Stupid author and his greed or Publisher greed.

    So will he go all the way with his harem? Or it will be like Shimai Maou no Keyakusha and MC will start fucking his harem after 7 volumes? And before it he will only give pleasure and only recive hand jobs?

    Hey is it dropped or ongoing by you?


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