Goddess Hunt 7

The (Former) Noble Princess’s Sexual Ritual


“Ahhhhhhiiiii, ahhhhhhhhh…I-I’m cumminggg again…!!”


Today was supposed to be the day I endure this without making a sound.

And yet…!


“Hey, hold on! I-I said I’m cumming, I’m cumming already…!”


No matter how much I yelled, Juno’s hands were not stopping.


We’re inside of his room right now.

I was hugged from behind by the bedside, and then he did what he pleased after that.

He rubbed my breasts softly with his hands and persistently played with the hardened pink tips.

I was being shamed and made a fool of by this man. Ahh, but…!




My mind blanked out completely as I was hit again by another wave of pleasure.

My waist was twitching. My spine felt numb.

Uuu, it was the fourth time already.




“Spica, those are some nice reactions. I think that’ll make a man really pleased”


“S-shut up! This doesn’t feel good at ALL..AHHHH!”


He tightly wrapped his thick arms around me, shutting off my sounds of resistance.

I could feel his hard pectoral muscles touching my back.

Juno’s scent…I could smell it.

Moreover, he was completely naked right now.

There was a large thing thrusting against me inside of my skirt.


Because of that, I really feel it right now.

Through my underwear, I could vividly feel it strongly pulsing.


“Ahhh….My butt…it’s hot….”


So big…. so hard…so powerful…

Like a burning iron rod, he began rubbing it on my butt.


*haah*, Ugh…Spica…”


Juno’s voice was shaky and his expression looked as if he was in pain.

At that moment– my heart mysteriously started to pound.

He sounded like he was feeling so good from using my body.

When I thought of it like that, somehow this Demon king seemed pretty cute….Wait no! Don’t be fooled, me!


“Ahhhh! Juno….T-that place…NOOoooo!”


I shook my head sideways as I squirmed around in pleasure when my ※※ were pinched.

This man is not cute at all! He’s a demon king. A bad guy, after all.

During the midst of my desperate struggle,


“Haha…Spica-san, this is actually quite good~”


While Lilith had a line of blood falling from her nose, she pointed the magic camera this way.


“Ahhnnn…Hey, don’t record this!”


“Nono, it’d be a waste to not record the scene when you go crazy!”


“It wouldn’t be a waste, baka!”


While I was shouting, I noticed that Juno seemed to be deeply intrigued by the magic camera.


“*hahh*….Ugh. T-that magic camera, how does it work?”


“Oh this? It’s a magic tool that lets you record what’s happening. You can use it to look at your affairs with Spica as much as you like afterwards ♪”


Lilith answered him immediately.

Juno responded with a “Ho…” as if he was very impressed by it.

I see. He doesn’t know about the magic camera since he just revived after the last three hundred years.

Damnit…. Now that I think about it, he’s like a grandpa, isn’t he?! To have a grandpa make me cum like that so many times, I….!


“…Hey Spica. Just now, you were thinking about something rude, weren’t you?”




“H-how did you know?!”


“When I touch your nipples, I can feel it. It’s like they have a voice of their own”


“You… I knew it! I have no idea what you are saying!”


However, it was bad of me to have admitted it like that. Then, Juno turned to Lilith and spoke to her as he kept tickling them.


“This calls for a punishment. Lilith, invoke a barrier around us. As for the settings…Hm… Maybe I should ask Spica directly on what she’d like? Kukuku…”


“Yes-Sir! Now then, Spica-san ♪ You’re about to do something really shameful from here on~“


Juno and Lilith were both grinning. S-something really shameful?!




“Spica-san. You were looking forward to it just now, weren’t you?”


Lilith said as she stared at me suspiciously. *jiiiiiiii*


“T-there’s no way I’ll be looking forward to that, okay?! Ku…I’ve already came so much…isn’t it about time you let me off…”


However, my words stopped there.

Lilith tapped the floor and invoked her spatial magic.


The scenery around us suddenly changed.

–Outdoors. A blue sky. Green grass and chalky castle walls.

There were a lot of people staring at us as we’re now on a podium.


“This place is… It can’t be…”


This is the courtyard inside the royal palace of the holy kingdom of Artemis! I’ve given speeches and attended ceremonies here many times as a princess.


“Wha….Emil, Sofia, Ryuko?! And everyone else is here too, H-how?!”


My eyes were focused on the front row of the crowd.

They were the girls who worked together with me in my cavalry squad!

Behind them were countless other nobles and merchants. Ah, there’s my father and mother as well!

However, there’s something off about this situation.

They were all looking at me with their faces red, either covering their faces or with an expression as if they were looking at something dirty.


“Hoho-.  This is quite a spectacle~♪”


“Muahaha. The public punishment is about to begin, I think it’s making my thing harder”


“Lilith, Juno! ….AHHhhhhhhhhh!”


When he pressed his ※※※※ on my butt crack, I moaned out in a shameful voice.

Then, I immediately went into silence.

So the scenery around us changed but our appearances remained the same as they were… which means…


My entire chest was still exposed…!

Everyone was watching me being held by a powerful demon king!


“As expected of Lilith. What a realistic barrier”


“It’s an honor to be praised by you ♪ I created this space from Spica’s past memories that I linked to me. That’s why it looks so real”


“This…is all fake?!”



How precise can her magic get?!


“Wai- stop…Ahhhhnn!”


Juno hit me with his ※※※※ again as a flirtatious voice leaked out of me.


“Spica-sama…How lewd”

“What indecent things her ※※ are”

“Despite being a princess… Does she have no shame?”

“Her existence itself is a national disgrace”


The countless people in the crowd were throwing insults at her with disgusted expressions on their faces.


“What…Everyone, don’t look at me! Don’t look at me like that!”


But–Ahhh, it feels good.

Even though they were all watching me, why? Why does it feel even better than before–?!


Emil, Sofia, Ryuko.

My father, mother, and everyone else, they are all watching me cummmm…!


“E-everyone! This isn’t…This isn’t meeahhhhhhh!”


It’s true that I’ve always felt burdened by everyone’s thoughts.

However, for more than the last ten years-

I thought of Emil and everyone else as my friends.

What was really rotten was the structure of the country.

And the country being rotten is why they lean on me.

That’s why, if I master my confession magic and use it to change this world–

I’ll be able to save all of them!!


“T-this is a ritual needed for me to become strongerrrahhhh! Nannnnn, ahhhh…It-it’s nothing nasty at alllllhhhhhhhhh…!”


Mou, I was already used to wetting my underwear completely like this.


“Ahh I’m…I’m cumminggggg! In front of everyone, I’m cummi….?”


Suddenly, the huge wave of pleasure dispersed like fog.


“Kukuku, what’s wrong?”


“Uuuuu, Juno….!”


On the verge of my climax, the demon king stopped moving his hands.


That action was more cruel than what he was doing before.

He would caress me intensely, but stopping every time when I’m about to get there.

Move…I want him to keep on moving his fingers…

I thought that he was going to start giving me various orders while I was fevering in pleasure.

…A lot of shameful orders on the condition that he would keep on moving his fingers to the very end.

And yet! He…


“Phew… My arms are a bit tired. Ohh? W-what’s wrong Spica? You look like you’re about to cry”


…He made up shameless lies like that every time he stopped his hands.

Just a bit more.

Move them a bit more and I’ll be there!




Mou, I was no longer able to speak in words.  My woman part was throbbing, and my insides were in pain.

I want him to hug me harder–

Just when I was thinking that, he came up with a new condition.


“Spica, if you declare yourself as a demon here, I’ll continue to move my fingers for you”


How cowardly! I knew this guy was a bad guy after all!

My heart was screaming as anger filled my chest.

And yet–

I can hear the voices coming from the corner of my heart.


“This body was already a demon’s, so isn’t it okay if I just admit that I am one?”

“I want to feel even better”

“Since I need the confession magic to save this country, it’s fine”


“…..I’ll do it”


I spoke in a hoarse voice.


“…I, Spica Von Spiegelberg… By the will of Demon King, Juno-sama, I-I-I will serve as a d-d-demon…”


–I’ve said it. I’ve done it now.

But at the same time, the feeling of liberation ran through my entire body as the remaining bits of weight were lifted off my shoulders.


“Nicely said, Spica”


Juno patted me on the head.

His hand is big…warm, and gentle.


“From now on you are officially part of my precious family”




“Now then, here we go…!”


“Yes..Ahhhh! AhhhhhhhHHhnnnn!!”


His fingers sped up.

The pleasure ran through my spine.


Then, finally.


–Upon my scream, the evidence of climax came gushing out.


Emil, Sofia, Ryuko and the others in the front row of the crowd all had their faces wet.

My former comrades and the crowd all screamed.


Ah…It’s all over… this is the end.

I said goodbye to my past.

With those words in my mind, I fell down to my knees.

…Or so I thought, but–


“Spica, once again, welcome to the world of demons”


Juno embraced me and picked me up with his strong arms.

This is… a princess carry!




I wrapped my arms around his neck to cling on to him.

His body temperature was getting rid of the torment I was feeling from everything that I’ve lost…

It was something that I’ve always longed for as a princess.

Impossible, don’t tell me I’ll let this man be the one who’ll make my dream come true.

I tried to restart my hostility to him but— I could no longer do it.

I mean, because…


It was the first time I was carried so gently like this ever since I was born–


The scenery around us shook.

The barrier dissolved and we were back in Juno’s room.


“You worked hard, Spica”


He laid me on his bed and rubbed my head like I was a good girl.

I squinted my eyes at him, but I just accepted it anyway.

There were no regrets.

This man is sadistic, perverted and self-conceited.

But, he thinks about me seriously in his mind.


His fingers are really gentle when he caresses me.

When they intensify, I could still feel him thinking about me till the very end.


If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t feel the tingles from his whispers.

His scent would not ease my mind.

And after climaxing, I wouldn’t feel this satisfied…Definitely not.


“Juno, I..li-lik….”


Just when I was about to confess to him with a chest full of good intention…


“Oh my, oh my, Maou-sama, you’ve been suffering a lot, haven’t you?”


Lilith interrupted what I was going to say with her happy-go-lucky comment.

She was staring at Juno’s ※※※※.

In my hazy field of vision, I also took a look at it–




I sighed without thinking.

Juno’s ※※※※ still hasn’t reverted back to the way it was.


“Ehehehe ♪ Now then, let this unworthy Lilith take care of this for you~”


The small, fallen-angel girl named Lilith started to move to it.

She kneeled in front of the Demon king respectfully and said words like “let me take care of this”


“*hahhh*…. Ughh, Lilith…that’s good”


“MNnnn~ That’s a nice expression you have on, Maou-sama ♪ I will accept everything from your ※※※※, Maou-sama~”


Juno and Lilith were looking at each other.

Seeing the two of them like that, I…




My chest felt hot.

It was my first time feeling this bitter and painful feeling since I was born.

However, there was nothing I could do about it right now…

My eyelids were becoming heavy, and as my conciousness started to fade into darkness,


–Spica Von Spiegelberg. Confession magic 【Slash style】First chapter- ‘Parting with the past’ has been learned—


I heard a voice from somewhere far away.


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