Goddess Hunt 6

The Reborn Demon King and Confession Magic

The next day.

I was on my way to the second floor of the workshop while the morning sunlight was shining on me through the windows.

My destination was the room where Spica was sleeping.


After she fainted from my magic tuning yesterday, Lilith teleported the three of us back to “Hell’s Village”.

Since we were having too much fun in the demonic space, it was already midnight by the time we got back.

We helped Spica change her clothes and left her to sleep in a vacant room on the second floor.


This four-story-tall workshop was originally built for the sake of my revival. Lilith and the other magic researchers lived on floors two to four. They’ve earnestly researched magic every day and night.


Speaking of which, my room is located on the top floor.

Until we expand the territories of our demon realm, this place here will be my “demon king castle” for the time being.


Alright, I’ve arrived.


*knock* * knock*


“Spica, I’m coming in”

I opened the door after a few knocks.

However, I did not have a demon’s luck to encounter something like Spica being in the middle of changing her clothes after I opened that door.


“Uuuu, uunn…”


Instead, she was in bed and appeared to be having a nightmare.

Her golden colored hair was sticking to her forehead from her cold sweat.

Her eyebrows furrowed as if she was in pain.


I sat down on a chair next to her by her bedside.

There were no signs indicating that she was being possessed by a dream demon. It looks like she was simply having a nightmare.


“Though I have to say, she looks like she’s in pain…”




I held on to her sweaty hand with both of my hands.


What’s going to happen now?

She grasped my hand feebly in return.

Her expression gradually relaxed. Before long, her cold sweats stopped and her breathing also calmed down.

I stared at her peaceful sleeping face for a short while.




Spica’s body started to move around a little bit. It looks like she’s going to wake up soon.

Then, her large eyes slowly opened,


“Are you…the prince?”


She murmured out some sleep talk while she held on to my hands.


“Unfortunately, I’m the demon king”


“Prince… Demon king? …..Ah!”


“Good morning, Spica. How are you feelin…gggg?!!”


A pillow hit my face immediately before I could finish my sentence. Spica was the one who threw it.

She seems to be fully awake now. She snatched her hand away and jumped to the corner of the bed.


“W-w-w-what…! You’re already doing something strange to me again?! So early in the morning?!”


It seems that she remembered about the magic tuning yesterday. Everything above her neck was red.

She was shooting daggers at me.


“How dare you have the guts to ask how I’m feeling! Making me cum like…*Ahem*, making me all weird like that! Such bad taste to ask me how I’m feeling…”


She stopped talking there since she seemed to have come to a realization of something..

Then, she stood up on the bed silently, stretched her neck and shoulders, took a deep breath and repeated doing that a few more times.


“So? How are you feeling?”


I asked her again. She averted her eyes and turned away from me as if she wasn’t going to answer.


“M-my shoulders feel lighter…It feels like my entire body has gotten lighter…I feel…refreshed…”


“I see. That’s good”


I smiled and activated my demon eyes.


Spica’s 【Stress】 – 12


It’s almost like the『320+』 value from yesterday was a lie.


“Let’s go to the dining hall right after you dress up, with Lilith as well. Let’s go get some breakfast together”


However, this girl wasn’t coming closer.

She just stared at me with a red face while she wrapped herself up with the blanket.


“Y-y-y-you! How are you so calm after doing all that embarrassing stuff to me?!”


“Well, I am the Demon king”


“That doesn’t answer the question at all! …!!”


Spica was speechless. However, it seems like she’s finally going to get her clothes at last.


As for the clothes she was wearing– it was only a white t-shirt and nothing else.


Her voluptuous breasts could not be fully contained inside of that shirt.

It was making a ripping noise from the strain, and the buttons looked like they were going to pop off at any time.


“By the way, that shirt was something that I wore yesterday”


“I-I see. So that’s why the prince in my dream…WAIT NO, NEVERMIND! I feel humiliated to know that I slept with your smell on me! I’m going to take it off now and throw it away so look the other way! I said, look the other way!”


She was shoving me with both of her hands, so I had no choice but to turn the other way.

*fwishh*, *fwishhh*… I could hear the sounds of clothes rustling from behind.

The silver armor that Spica wore yesterday was returned here and placed at her bedside during the night by Lilith.

Her underwear that was soaked through was, of course, already washed clean.


“Say, Juno. H-have I… become a demon?”


Spica softly muttered.

Juno? Well, whatever. It’s just how she wants to address me.


“Indeed. Your magic circuit has already been rewritten to the specification of a demon’s. But since you’ve fallen to a demon from a princess, you’ve been set free from all your constraints, so just be happy”




“You’re probably feeling somewhat confused since you’ve become a demon so suddenly. However–”


The sounds from her changing her clothes stopped.

I turned around with a smile on my face.


“We’re going to have breakfast right now. Let’s leave the long talk for afterwards”


I said as I reached out to take her hand gracefully like a prince would. Spica’s blushing face became redder.

I thought that a fist would come flying at me at this moment, but-


“Nnn… Fine, I’ll go. It’s true that I feel relieved of my worries…”


Surprisingly, Spica gently gave me her hand.

She was now wearing her neat and heroic looking silver armor, with a sparkly short skirt.

It goes without saying that she possessed a high-class, beautiful face.

Furthermore, her blonde hair was glittering as the morning sunlight shined on it–


And so, we met up with Lilith at the dining hall and the three of us started to eat.


There were a bunch of other girls having a friendly chat with each other there.

They were the magic researchers who worked under Lilith. It seems that they would also be working as my maids from now on. When I’m not here, they will continue their research on magic and work hard toward further developments.


And now, back to talking about Spica,


In the end, she had four bowls of beef soup, eight pieces of crispy grilled chicken, and she devoured seven slices of bread with tons of butter on them.

She said that to celebrate my resurrection, today’s breakfast should be a luxurious one.


With a bright smile on her face after she finished the meal,


“Haa~ It’s the first time since I was born to have such a delicious meal like this”


Lilith, who was sitting across from us, was looking amazed.


“Hora, didn’t I say so? Life as a demon is pretty fun, right?”


“Y-yeah, it’s not bad…I guess. Well, I’m not a demon, but the food here is delicious”


Spica was staring me down as she refused to believe the fact that she has become a demon.

Since her stomach was filled, she decided to casually start up the long talk.


“My companions… What happened to everyone in the royal knight order?”


Lilith will be the one answering her here.


“I ordered my subordinates to forcefully teleport them back to the kingdom. We’ve also erased their memories of the incident, including the part where they sensed Maou-sama’s powers ♪”


“You-you haven’t really killed them off, right?”


“We don’t have a reason to kill them, you know~? Oh my oh my, you’re worrying so much about them even though you felt so burdened by their expectations?”


“Yea-Yeah. I was always with them for as far back as I could remember”


Spica turned away from Lilith’s smug face and stared at me with a scary look.


“Juno. In the first place, why did you do that magic tuning stuff to me?”


“That, of course, is because we needed to experiment with the spell that we would use to knock down the goddesses…”


The reason came out of Lilith’s mouth. Certainly, that was one of the reasons.

However, my biggest motivation for doing that was of course–


“–Because you looked like you were suffering”




Spica’s eyes opened wide.


“The heavy pressure from the people around you, their unreasonable expectations, your duty as a princess; it was obvious how big of a burden you were shouldering”


“…So you did it to try to help me?”


“Heh. I’m a demon king. I’m not going to try to be a saint. You always had that unpleasant look on you from being under all that pressure… it was like it was ruining your beauty. That’s why I wanted to make you fall and be reborn freely as my subordinate”


“Maou-sama likes Spica a lot, you know? ♪”


“Yup. I wanted you”


Oh? Spica was blushing again.

She looked down as her body trembled. Then, she slammed her hand on the desk.


“You…! That’s what I’m talking about, you! How can you say such embarrassing things like 『beauty』 or 『I wanted you』with a straight face like that?!”


“…W-well… I am the Demon king, you know”


I thought it was supposed to be “cool” to use those kind of words, though.


“…Hmph. Well, whatever. I’ll leave that as it is for now… I’ll be hanging around for a while… but I don’t know what I’ll do after that…”


She turned away with another “Hmph” after she finished her sentence.

But I think the smile on her face probably had nothing to do with my face turning red.


Afterwards, Lilith and I decided to show her around “Hell’s Village”

When we left the workshop, I felt the cool breeze blowing on me. The humidity in the air was low so it felt quite comfortable.

I thought so yesterday too, that the climate of this village goes well together with my human body.


“Is this village… in the remote region of the holy kingdom of Artemis?”


Spica asked as she looked around.

Lilith, who was walking ahead, turned around and replied,


“Yeah~ Well, this is what you would call a village in the countryside, but the population and the scale of things here are pretty big in contrast”


In this village filled with greenery, there are stone built houses that are two stories, or some even three stories tall. Each one of those houses is paired with a small livestock hut that was built solidly. It looks like in the last three hundred years, the architecture has also advanced a lot.


“Our main industry here is farming. We got to where we are today doing business with the human race in small villages and towns”


“The human race, huh…”


Spica kept looking around restlessly.

Many villagers here have been looking at us from a distance since a little while ago. She was probably wondering about that.


“Lilith. In other words, the village here is in demon territory, right?”


“Yes, indeed. The villagers here~ are all demons. There’s not a single human in this village”


“So, it’s illusion magic, huh? That accuracy is quite amazing. Both the villagers’ appearance and their magical energies are the exact same as normal human beings”



Just like Spica says, the villagers here all have the appearance of a human.

Of course, if I used my demon eyes, I would know that they are demons.


Lilith scratched her cheeks and proudly explained to her,


“Well, yeah. Everyone here desperately mastered their illusion magic in order to escape from the goddesses that were hunting them down. Right now, they can mimic humans as naturally as breathing!”


“Hm, I see. So if you use illusion magic, you can live alongside humans without trouble”


Then, at that moment-

My eyes met with one of the families.


Speaking of which, I haven’t said hello to them since I’ve resurrected.


“No need to be afraid, come over here”


I looked and them and waved them over with my hand.





The family ran over to me after I gave them my permission.

It wasn’t just them. The other villagers who had been watching us the whole time started to gather around us as well. A crowd formed in the blink of an eye.


“Maou-sama! I hope you’ve been well!”

“What a strong presence!”

“Ah~ This isn’t a dream, is it?!”


They were rejoicing in my resurrection with glimmering eyes.

In the midst of that, I made a cough and spoke,


“At this time, I have successfully been reborn. This great achievement belongs to Lilith, the chief of the magic research–”


I took an extensive view of the villagers around.


“–During these last three hundred years, I’ve heard that all of you have helped her build these houses and continued to supply her with your mana…I thank you. I was able to resurrect because of everyone here. From now on, let us live together. You are all a part of my precious family!”


I was surrounded by a loud round of applause after my speech.


“All hail Maou-sama!”


“Oh Maou-sama!!!”


I comforted those who were shedding tears up close, and gave out handshakes and hugs to the people in the crowd.

As I thought, the demon realm is a nice place. Our family is…such a precious thing.


When I said my goodbyes to the villagers and stepped onto the green grass again,


“You’re quite popular, aren’t you?”


Spica muttered with a faraway look in her eyes.


“If there’s mutual respect, the people will trust you and their feelings will not become a burden to you. As of right now, their thoughts are resonating in my heart”




Spica gasped.

Concerns, expectations, and hope.

She probably realized something as a person that was heavily burdened by them.


“If that’s the case…”


She stopped moving and muttered as she looked up at me.

Her eyes were serious.

Her ears and cheeks were red, and she spoke while choking, as if she was trying to pick out her words.


“If that’s the case…Do you also consider me an important member of your family since I became a demon? I-If that’s the case, I….!”




I yelled out without thinking.

I interrupted what she was going to say, but I just couldn’t believe it.

I have been looking at her with my demon eyes activated for a while now.


What caught my eye was the column 【Job class】.

Something new has appeared there!


Spica Von Spiegelberg.

【Job class】 Princess, magic swordsman.


Then, the third entry.

–Confession magic caster


“I was born as a princess, but I was brought up by the maids and not my parents. I’ve always wanted a warm family…so…y-you know…”


I gripped Spica’s hands strongly while she muttered.


“Hyan! Umm…but…I’m not ready…!”


“Rejoice, Spica. You and me, the more pleasant feelings we feel, the stronger we’ll get!”




Spica’s gentle expression that she had on took a complete turn; she was looking at me as if she were looking at an insect.


“Now, let us copulate. Let us cum!”




Spica’s angry voice echoed in the sky of Hell’s Village.



I am now back in my room with Spica and Lilith.

It looks like Spica, who was fuming mad, had gradually calmed down.


She was currently looking around my room with great interest.


“T-this is a man’s room…Ah, the smell…”


Her face was red as she sniffed the air.


My room is the same size as the rooms of the magic researchers.

There’s a dresser and bed here designed for a single person.

It’s a cramped and plain room, but it’s just right for a body of this size.

Then, Lilith pinched my butt.


“Now then, Maou-sama, please tell us about the confession magic caster thingy”




A confession magic caster is exactly as the name suggests, it means someone who can use the magic,  『confession』.

It’s a new type of magic that I’ve invented during my time sealed in the holy space.


As to why that skill awakened for her, it was because of what I did with magic tuning.

By rewriting her magic circuit with my skill, I had given her the knowledge of the confession magic.



That is, the confession of sins.

The spell will make you expose the things that you’re guilty of in your heart.

Inevitably, the spell does take some time to activate. However, the power of the spell is enormous. Until the chant finishes, I will be the vanguard and buy time with my overwhelming defense.


“You’re the Demon king and yet you’re going to take on the dangerous role of being a vanguard…”


Stopping my explanation up to there, Spica spoke out in surprise.


“So, I, I will be using this confession magic…?”


She asked me with a questioning gaze.


“Of course. If you can master this power… Let’s see, you can even change the corrupted modern era and completely reform the whole structure of society”


“!! I can… reform it as well…”


Spica lifted her eyebrows with a twitch.

However, her eyes were going left and right, seemingly still hesitant about it.


“B-but, in order to strengthen the power of this confession magic…I-I’ll have to do some other perverted things with you, right?”


“Of course. Confession magic is closely related to magic tuning. The more pleasure we feel together, the stronger your magic will be”


“You can get strong while doing perverted things. Isn’t that like a super~ good deal?! I’m so glad for you, Spica-san. Doesn’t that make you happy?”


Spica was slightly trembling as she started to pull on Lilith’s cheeks with both of her hands.


“Don’t use a demon’s standard on me! I’m a pure princess!”


“Hehehee! Buhh-Buh but Spica-san, it’ll feel good…you like that, don’t you?”


“A-all girls are like that! If they are touched like that in those places, no matter who…”


“But you weren’t just feeling good physically. You also felt the plenty of love that Maou-sama gently put into it, right?”


“…! Love…”


Lilith’s killer word seems to be effective.


Spica took on a defiant attitude and replied in a loud voice,


“Ah Mou, I got it! I’ll do it! In order to become strong, it can’t be helped!!”


Then, she softened her voice and looked up at me.


“…I-in return, be gentle… or I won’t forgive you, okay?”


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