Goddess Hunt 5

The Reborn Demon King’s Magic Tuning


The information I could see with my demon eyes was getting more accurate as I expected.


Intellect value of 20. Lust value of 880.

The self-proclaimed proud fourth princess, Spica Von Spiegelberg.


Her strange status values were self proven to be true by the way she acts.


No, no.

Despite being a princess, she was making such lewd sounds just from having her chest touched a bit. Shouldn’t I worry instead because it was going a bit too easy?


The moment I activated magic tuning after my preparation of caressing finished,




Her high pitched scream from climaxing echoed in this demonic space.


“*hahhhh*…ahhh…W-what…what is happen..ing?…Ahhh”


“Do not worry, Spica. I’ll make you feel even better from here on”


Spica’s body was convulsing here and there, but her knees were not struggling anymore. Maybe it was because of the sense of duty she felt as a princess that she was still barely managing to stand.


Well, no matter. She’ll soon be drowning in pleasure.


I recited an incantation.

Oh goddess, Venus, and the six goddess of hexagram under her.

Witness the magic that I’ve used my three hundred years of imprisonment to create, the strongest pleasure-inducing magic in history, as I give the first taste of it to this knight, Spica.


Magical energy gathered on my hands.

Then, as I raised my arms, several layers of demonic markings appeared as they emitted a golden light.


“Now then, let us begin. Have a taste of my last three hundred years…”




I grabbed her abundant melons and held them tightly with both of my hands.

I clutched them tightly so that I wouldn’t make any stupid mistakes.

Softly, gently, and affectionately.

The style of caressing that I’ve told Lilith about must be followed properly to every word.


“Ahhh….What…is this?…Ahhhh!”


Spica’s way of speech was already becoming strange.


“What is this, you ask? I’m just putting the several layers of demonic markings that appeared on my arms into your body, again and again. Something like that”


“D-don’t calmly give me an explanation like that… Ahhhhhhnn!”


A plentiful sensation was spreading in the palms of my hands. Bouncy and soft, the smooth texture of Spica’s breasts… How fresh and youthful.


“Ahhhhh… It’s coming innnn…. Nooo…I don’t want these lewd marks made from your magical power inside of me…!”


It did not take long until the markings of lust started to take effect inside of her body,


“*hahhh…**hahhhh*….. My body… it’s hot…”


“Rest assured. I’ve finished interfering with your magic circuit, Spica”


“…What?! T-There’s no way you can do something like…!”


Suddenly, she was shocked silent as the markings started to appear on her body.


Magic circuits.

That is the source of one’s magical power.

It’s like a magic blueprint that allows one’s magical power to circulate around their body.

The form of each individual’s magic circuit is different…

Each time one exercises their magic, their circuit grows little by little inside of their body, eventually becoming a unique nerve of their body.


In other words,

A magic circuit is something of a magic user’s that should never be messed around with.


My magic tuning spell lets me interfere with exactly that precious circuit.

Destroying their magic capabilities, snatching them away, or even granting them new abilities. I can do all of that as I please.


Ending my explanation there, I smiled at her.


“If I rewrite your magic circuit into one of the demon race’s with my magic tuning, I could make you fall from being a ‘Princess’ to a ‘Demon’.”


“No…Stop it…..Ahhhhh….Shi….Ahhhhhh!!”


Spica was saying no with her mouth, but she has been repeatedly climaxing for some time now.



Magic tuning creates an enormous amount of sexual pleasure.


Of course, I could use it to inflict pain as well.

However, using sexual pleasure would be more suitable as a method of revenge on those beautiful and despicable goddesses.

While they moan like crazy from my demonic caressing, I will make them climax in the most unsightly fashion.


“*hah…**hahhh*….. I’m not going to lose…! There’s no way I’ll lose to your perverted magic…!”


Spica was still saying things like that.

I could still see a light in her clear eyes as she looked right at me.


–However, it’s all futile.


“R-release me…! I am Spica Von Spiegelberg. T-the holy kingdom of Artemis’s…proud…”


While she was in the middle of her sentence, I squeezed her n*pples. Really hard.

Her unyielding heart instantly folded from the pleasure of it.




More yellow colored markings of lust appeared on Spica’s nude body that was tormented by lewdness.

However, those yellow markings changed from yellow to red to pink.


“Ohh, I see~ ♪ The color of the markings indicates the stages of the magic tuning process. Nice one, Maou-sama!”


Lilith yelled out in joy from beside me.

Her eyes were shining. Her breathing was heavy, and she seemed to be having a nose bleed… Well, whatever. I’ll just let her be.


Spica’s body was in big trouble right now.

After all, her magic circuit that has received the goddess’s blessing was being completely broken down and reassembled in the total opposite- into the specifications of a demon’s.

And the intensity of pleasure that comes with that–




I can see it from the way she was screaming at the top of her lungs.


“Why don’t you just give in and bravely become one of us? After that, you can be part of the Liliaheim demonization plan with us”


“There’s no way I’mnyaall! I-I a-am….a…proud and higyahhhhh….AHHHH!!”


Her words were in disarray, but she was trying to put up a princess’s front.


If that’s how she wants to go about it, let’s try shaking her up a bit more.


“If you become a demon, you will be released from the heavy burden of being a princess, you know?”




Spica was startled for a second.


“W-what are you saying? I-I… carry the fate of our holy kingdom Artemis… as…as the princess knight who fights for the people…”


“You’ll be able to get rid of all the heavy pressure you feel from being the people’s hope that everyone leans on. And on top of that, no matter how hard you tried, the corrupted upper echelon of your country will never change. …Was a country like that really worth you protecting with your own body…?”


“How- How do you know so much about me?!”


“Oh Spica… You should have tried a bit harder to hide something like that”


You’re way too honest, responding to me like that when we are enemies. As expected of someone with an intellect value of twenty.

…That’s what I wanted to say to her. But, she’s probably losing her mind right now due to the pleasure of magic tuning… I’ll just think that’s the case since I feel sorry for her.


“*Hahhh*….*hah*…..if… I become… a demon….”


Hm, her reaction has changed. Should I give her another push here?


“…Will, will you…really be able to change the corrupted kingdom…?”


“I can. I will reclaim this rotten world from the goddesses and change it into a place for demons. The world is far too rotten right now; it’d be a better place if I were to rule”


“B-but, what will happen to the civilians?”


“I do not do unnecessary killings. I cherish all my citizens…and my family.


“I can guarantee that ♪ Maou-sama is a very gentle person!”


Lilith joined in on the conversation from the side.


“If you become a demon and serve Maou-sama, you can experience fun like this every day, you know? Moreover, you’ll be able to save this country from the corruption! So, go on, just accept your fate ♪”




Spica’s head was swinging left and right.


“*Haahh*….hnnn….no….. I’m a princess….not a demon….But…. it feels so good…!”


She still did not make up her mind.

But, it was already too late.

Magic tuning was in its last stage. She should already be at her limit.


–And then.


“I won’tsh becomm a demonnnn! Ahhhhh… but…buhhhh….my head..is….going blank…going to lose ittttt…..!!”


Finally, Spica had hit her limit.

Her body was strongly convulsing again.

She had taken a journey to the paradise on the other side.


“Ahhh…. ahhhh… ahhh…”


Magic tuning, complete.

I gently hugged Spica, who was completely exhausted, as I smiled.


“Spica Von Spiegelberg. Welcome to the world of demons”


“Ah… Uuu…..Uuuuuu….”


The new expression she had on her face when she had been reborn– was one that was melting from pleasure.

While holding her in my arms, she had lost consciousness.

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  1. We really need more MCs like this, it’s just too bad that most of society is so prudish, gems like this are few and far between, so they become all the more valuable.

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