Goddess Hunt 4

The Proud Fourth Princess VS The Strongest Pleasure Inducing Magic in History

*Princess Spica’s POV*


“Shi….You insolent! Nnnn…nnhhh…!”


I was tightly clenching my back teeth as I turned around and stared at the man with a look of hatred while he was hugging me from behind.


That man behind me.

He was the arch-enemy of humankind. The one who managed to revive after three hundred years, the Demon King, Juno.


“L-let go of me! Nnn…W-w-who do you think I am?!”


“Spica Von Spiegelberg. Right now, you are the fourth princess of the holy kingdom of Artemis, but you will become my servant shortly”


“A-a servant, you say…Nnnn, don’t make fun of me!…Ahhh, ahhh…!”


Strange sounds were coming out of my mouth.

Sounds that I couldn’t believe were coming from me… immodest, lewd sounds…

But, it was only natural.

My armor and clothes have been stripped off, and right now, I’m in only my underwear.


Furthermore, the demon king was hugging me from behind, gently massaging my exposed breasts. Anyone would be making sounds like that…or they should.


But, it was ABSOLUTELY not because I’m a perverted girl!


“You I-Insolent…! Hyaaahhh, ahhhh….Hyahhhhhh!”


I screamed out again. My mind was becoming all weird from the frustration and embarrassment that I felt as the magic circuit that circulates around my entire body felt like it was being burned by fire.


Even when I tried twisting my body around, the demon king’s hold did not weaken.

Traditionally speaking, a demon king had always worn some sinister-looking armor.

However, he was half naked right now.

His well-trained upper body was perfectly glued to my back.


I could feel the sensation of his lean muscles on my back—

His broad chest, and his nicely-defined abs.

Moreover, there wasn’t even any smell of sweat coming from him, but a rather faint and nice smell…

Shit. Even though he’s the demon king, he possesses physical beauty that could make my heart throb. How unfair!


On top of all that, he’s got a human face.

Blueish-black hair with slightly long bangs, and a pair of gentle-looking eyes.

He looks just like an honest young man!


However…he has been persistently groping my chest for a while now.

He was massaging my boobs in a circular motion as he held them from below, with his fingers dug into them.

Ahhh! It feels so good, I can’t stand it!!!


“Ahhhhh…!!! Nnnn…ahhhh!!”


I finally couldn’t hold my voice in anymore.

My womb…feels hot…


Then, at that moment,

“*Puupuu*! Even though you’ve been cursing at Maou-sama for a while now, you just exposed yourself that you’ve been feeling good~ ♪. Even when you’re being felt up by someone you hate, you’re still moaning out like you wanted more. Why don’t you just be honest and admit it?”


I heard a voice making fun of me.

It didn’t come from the demon king who was behind me, but from a small girl who has been watching him play with my breasts for a while now from the side.

She looked like she’s ten years old or something.

She had pink hair tied into twintails, and there was a black halo floating above her head.

She was wearing a lewd costume that even made me feel embarrassed when I looked at her.

It was an outfit of black leather and metal fittings. No matter how I looked at it, that costume wasn’t something that was made for a ten-year-old to wear.

That girl was called Lilith. I’ve heard the demon king calling her that a while ago.



I glared at her.

This girl… she looks like a young girl but she’s definitely a demon. She’s probably a spatial magic user.


I am trapped inside of a demonic space right now.

The whole space was covered in a devious-looking, purple miasma. It’s a horrible place.

The moment that Lilith girl tapped the ground, the scenery around me changed.

Through the use of her spatial magic, I was separated from my men.


“Hyahhhh! T-there’s no way that I would be feeling g-good from this! N-no way… Ahhhh!”


I couldn’t stop making these perverted sounds no matter what. I mean, it’s because that demon king kept on groping my breasts this entire time.

Digging his fingertips in them, squishing them as he shook them, and slowly massaging them as he traced in circles.

Anyhow, he was gentle with them; it was as if he was greatly curious about them…



While I took on this teeth-clenching pleasure, Lilith shrugged her shoulders in an exaggerated manner and spoke in an astounded tone,


“No, no. Isn’t your face already a mess~? Your eyes are empty. Your mouth is loosely open and there’s drool running down from your mouth”




I tried to wipe away the drool in a panic.

Ah– I can’t move my arm. While I was being molested by the demon king, my strength had completely given out.

That’s probably…because of a spell of his. It must be.


It was SURELY not because I am weak to perverted stimulations!


Suddenly, Lilith turned her eyes to the person behind me.


“Maou-sama, how’s it going? How do those bouncy boobs feel? Is it a completely different feel compared to Lilith’s small boobs?”



However, the demon king did not respond. He just kept on massaging my breasts.

Lilith smiled bitterly and continued,


“Jeez- You’re so into it, Maou-sama. Hello-Hello, are you there? How do the breasts of the royalty’s strongest (*lol*) princess feel~?”


She kept on asking him as she grinned.

Then, the demon king behind me finally spoke after the long silence.


“Hm… They feel supreme”



“What are you saying with a serious face like that, you stupid demon king?!”

I turned my head around and yelled with all my strength.

Ughh. What a manly look he has on his face…I can’t imagine he’s making a face like that while playing with someone’s breasts.


“Don’t fret, Spica. You’re not in pain, right?”

“Don’t casually call me by my name…Nnnn! Mmmnn! S-so…ahhh….don’t…ask..me i-if it hurts or if there are any other problems l-like that…!


What should I do…? There were actually too many problems.

I mean.

Because of his lower body.


“Ahh, ah…. A-a-a-ahh… my back…it-it’s touching…”


I was instinctively wiggling my hips.

It’s been pressing on my back along my backbone for some time now.


The demon king’s… thing.

It’s really thick, and very long. It’s inside of his trousers but I could feel it violently pulsing even through them.


It looks scary, but I want to see it. A conflict was taking place inside of m…Wait, no! There’s no reason why I would want to see such a disgusting thing!


“I-I said…Nnnn! S-stop groping m-me…!”


Then, the demon king… released his hands that he was holding my breasts with.


*Boing*! My two boobs made a sound like that as they sprung. Then, he made a “Ohh…!!” sound.

Ahh, it’s no use. It feels way too good.

When he held my soft breasts in his hands again, a sweet numbness ran through my entire body.

When he teased my nipples, my insides felt hot..


I mean, it’s all because he’s doing it so gently.

When a female is captured by their enemy, normally they’d get treated violently.


But this Demon king called Juno was different.

This man was touching my body in a way that’s filled with plenty of love.


“*hahhh*, *hahhh*…. Ahhhhhh…!”

I was taken by surprise. I bit down on my lower lip and pushed my thighs together.

As the pleasure kept coming excessively, hot honey started to overflow from inside of me.

It has gotten like this, but I’ll never let you find out!


“Oh, you got her wet”

Lilith had noticed right away?!


“W-wha?! M-my underwear is wet …!?”

“Ah- sure, right. So you’re trying to play it off like that. But you’ve already been found out”


Lilith fluttered her fingers as she walked over to me.

Then, she reached her hand out…

Her fingers were reaching for the one place that I should never let anyone touch right now.


“H-hold on! W-wait, I-I…Ahhhhhh!”

It’s there. Her finger… is inside my underwear…!

She scraped my v***** down there with her finger tips.

Following the slit, over and over.


“Hyahhhh! S-s-stop…Nnnn!”


“Uwah~! You’re really wet. Well, if Maou-sama is caressing you, then that much is natural!”


“This girl should feel honored and privileged to be receiving this from a demon king”


Juno, who was behind me said as he nodded.

It feels like I’m receiving a double slap on the face from these two but… the problem right now is my underwear.

The honey that was coming out from the pleasure was not stopping. Soon, my entire underwear will be soaking wet. And thanks to Lilith’s extra stimulation, it has started to drip down my thighs.


I could no longer make an excuse. I am a proud princess and yet… this, this!

Then, Lilith pleasantly smiled showing her vampire-like teeth and said,


“Now then, Maou-sama. It’s about time…”

“Yeah. Let’s go on with the magic tuning”


The Demon King Juno replied in a serious tone.


“Magic Tuning”–

I was confused by the words that I’ve never heard of before.


“Magic….Nnnn, wai….Nnnnn…!?”

In the middle of my sentence while my breasts continued to be toyed with by the demon king, Lilith started to mess with my important place.


Then, the demon king spoke.

“Magic tuning is an ability that I developed in the three hundred years that I was sealed away by the goddesses. It’s my new spell”

“T-that magic tuning…What does it…?!! W-what are you trying to do to me…!?”


I asked him timidly.

Then, the demon king gave me an astonishing answer.


“By using that, I will make you fall to the demon race. Oh proud fourth princess Spica”

–What is he talking about?


Me? Fall to the demon race? The princess of the holy kingdom of Artemis, to the demon race!?


“T-that will n…ahhh! N-never, Ah…!”


I want to resist, but my body had no power.

Demons are enemies that I have to defeat.

We believe in the goddess Venus and the six goddess of the hexagram.

These people are on the complete opposite side, as beings of evil existence.

And now they’re telling me that I will become one of them?!

I don’t want that to happen. It’s absolutely disgusting!


“No…! Noooo!!! Ahhh…Ahhhh!! I-I definitely don’t want to be a demon! I’m a princess…ahhh! I carry the expectations of my entire country… Everyone’s h-hopes are on my shoulderrrrrrs…ahhh!”


I shouted. Even though I was in a whirlpool of pleasure, I yelled out as I cried.


But even so,


“No no, Spica-san. Life as a demon is pretty fun, you know?”

“Umu. The Liliaheim demonization plan, I definitely want you on the team for that, Spica”


“You two, how can you act like it’s not a big deal—?!!!”


They were showing no concerns to my hostility at all. Without listening to me, they went on with their preparation for that “magic tuning” spell.


Then, Lilith took her hands out of my swamp of love juice.

A silver string formed between her fingertips and my underwear.


“Oh no~ Spica-san. What’s this string here~?”

“D-don’t show me that…!!”


Lilith sucked her wet fingers deliciously and continued,

“*slurp*, *slurpp*. Now, Maou-sama, she’s wet enough. It looks like Spica-san was also waiting for it to happen, please go ahead!”

“I-I wasn’t–”


I wasn’t waiting for it at all!

That was what I wanted to say.

But, what came out of my mouth the next moment was–



It was my scream from feeling an unbelievably huge climax.

My mind went blank as my waist jumped uncontrollably. Ahh… my underwear, my thighs, and even the floor were all soaking wet now.


Magic tuning–

What will happen from this point on will be a one-sided onslaught.

Frustrating and embarrassing.

But it’ll feel so good, too good, so gooddddddddddddd…!


Before I knew it, I had let go-

Of both my pride and dignity as a princess.

Everything that Spica Von Spigelberg had been protecting up until now–


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