Goddess Hunt 3

The Reborn Demon King’s First Campaign

Apparently, the group that was approaching this village was a cavalry squad led by this country’s fourth princess.


According to Lilith,

“Mmmm…At the time of your revival, Maou-sama, a shockwave of magical energy was sent out to the area surrounding us. I thought it was going to be fine since it happened only for a moment… but it looks like the princess’s group just happened to be nearby”


“There’s a magic barrier placed around ‘Hell’s Village’ so that people from outside can’t sense our powers. But your magical power was too strong, Maou-sama. The shockwave went past the barrier and was detected by the outside world”

That’s what she had told me.


“But what would a princess be doing here in the countryside?”


“Ah… Right. I’ll explain that right now”


Lilith said that the human society had gone through significant changes in these last three hundred years.

With me sealed away, the six goddesses have dominated each of the six countries.

In other words, religion had become the most important thing in each country.

Because of that, the authority of royalty has weakened.


Then, one day, an incident happened.

In the middle of a hunt for the remaining demons of the world, the hero of the country at the time had lost his life.

A hero, huh… Those who can be called heroes were troublesome beings from the human race.


Apart from that, that hero’s bloodline had also completely ended from that incident.

A hero was the symbol of hope for the people. That incident caused a big uproar in this country.


It was the king at the time who had stepped up and said, “The royal family will fight in the place of the fallen hero”

In an attempt to restore the royalty’s authority, they became the symbol of hope for the people.


“—But even so, the current royalty with the highest order of succession rights to this kingdom were all spending their time smashed drunk inside the royal capital…”


Her explanation ended with a sigh.

So, practically, even though the princess was doing a hero’s job, her chance to take the throne was small since she was from a low ranking royal family.

Even if she went out to hunt vicious monsters, solve disputes between people, and attended ceremonies as a symbol of hope for the people…


“Hoho. So in other words, this country’s princess is the vanguard, huh?”

My eyes were drawn to this girl that was being shown through the magic circle.

Long, vibrant, blonde-colored hair. Fair skin, and majestic, big eyes.

Her riding form was beautiful, and her facial profile looked extremely heroic.


And most of all, the size of her chest is amazing…Even when she is riding on her white horse, I could see them sexily shaking.


However, her expression was unnaturally stiff.


When I thought about why that would be — I instinctively grinned.


“No matter how erotic her bouncing breasts are, she is still an enemy. I will not allow anyone to harm my precious family!”


“Yeah, let’s get em!”


Lilith tapped on the floor of the dining hall. Then, a new magic formation appeared.

It was a circle as well, but it was a bigger one than before. This should be a gate used for teleportation magic.


Then, she went into thought for a second and said with a look of worry.


“U-um…. Is it going to be okay if it’s just us two?”


“Not a problem. These opponents would be perfect for me to face to get used to my new body”


And it’s also because,

“My body is your precious work, Lilith. I believe in you from the bottom of my heart”




With her cheeks slightly red, Lilith replied while she held both of her hands tight before her chest.

I gently wrapped my hand around her back–

Then, we went into the magic circle.


The exit of the teleportation gate was inside of the forest.

We were on a path that had the surrounding trees cut just enough so that it could barely be called one. It was just wide enough for one horse carriage to go through at a time.

This path goes straight to Hell’s Village. I cannot let the princess get past here.



This holy aura that I could feel was giving me goosebumps. It seems like this princess has a goddess’s blessing.


“Maou-sama, what’s our battle plan?”

Lilith asked me from my side.


“When I give the signal, invoke a barrier and cut the princess off from her troops. That’s all”


“U-understoo…whaa? That’s all?!”


“That alone will be enough”


I raised my right hand and cracked my fingers.

“With the magic tuning that I took three hundred years to develop– I will obtain that blonde-haired princess”


“*Gulp*… F-finally, I will get to see that magic in action?!”


I had already given an overview on how magic tuning worked to Lilith.

By using this strongest pleasure-causing magic in history, just how much can I mess up that proud and noble princess…?

My heart was beating louder as I thought about it.


“*inhale*…*exhale*… Yup. The air of this forest is fresh. Come on, Lilith, try taking a deep breath as well. We can both stay calmer if we do this together”

“O-okay. *inhale* *exhale*. Please calm down, my horniness. *inhale**exhale*…”


The two of us suppressed our excitement as we waited for the princess. We made sure that our magical energy were not leaking out since we were planning to pull a little prank on her.


After a while,

Without the need to wait too long, those guys made their appearance.



The head of a white horse could be seen coming out from the vast array of trees as the princess and her cavalry team approached closer.

They seemed to have noticed us as well.

Then, the princess who was leading the pack greeted us with a gentle smile on her face.


“Excuse my rudeness, dear nobleman. May we get past here? I am Spica Von Spiegelberg. As you should already know, the fourth princess of the holy kingdom of Artemis.”


What do you mean “as you should already know?” Moreover, she seems to think that I am a nobleman when I’m wearing my demon king’s attire.


“Our exalted and noble princess has sensed an evil power coming from ahead”


“Now, please stand aside. Let the most beautiful princess in history pass”

The princess’s young female subordinates continued with their words of praise.


–But at that moment,

The fourth princess, Spica, slightly furrowed her brow. It was a movement that spoiled her beauty.

However, she shortly fixed her expression and said,


“I want you to listen to me while staying calm. It seems that the demon king has revived nearby. The remnants of his evil magical energy are scattered all over the…”


During the middle of her sentence,


“Oh Spica. The Demon king that you’re looking for–”


“Did he give out this kind of magical energy~?”


Lilith and I both released the magical energy we held inside our body at the same time!



A crater started to form under us as waves of our devastating magic spread.

Waves of evil energy whirled up like a tornado.

The trees around us were falling over from the wind pressure.


Perhaps it was greatly taken by surprise; her horse raised its front legs up high with a violent neigh.



With her eyes opened wide, Spica was pulling on her horse’s reins in a panic.

It was not unreasonable for her to be surprised when the magical energy of the demon king that she was pursuing suddenly started to come out of the man in front of her.

Our little prank was a great success.


“Hahahaha! Look at the princess’s face, Lilith!”


“Uwahh, she got so scared! How unsightly!”


It was a blatant provocation, but the princess still took the bait.

“Mocking me like that…! Everyone, the demon king has appeared! We will take him down right here!”


“*Hahh!*, Spica-sama!”


Her thirty or so subordinates all answered sternly.

They quickly got off their horses and readied their weapons. One handed swords, long swords, spears, and maces… It seems that even after three hundred years, there is little difference in the types of weapons that people are using.

Then, in the long awaited moment, princess Spica had gotten off her horse as well.


“Answer me. Are you the demon king called Juno?”

She asked me as she gallantly pulled out a sword from her waist and gave me a death stare.


“Indeed. I am the demon king Juno. And this is Lilith, a young fallen angel who spent three hundred years to resurrect me. But now, I have the appearance of a human”


I answered her with a carefree attitude.

Then, some girls’ voices came from behind Spica.


“Is that gentleman there the demon king?”

“Wow, what a hottie…”

“He’s so hot”


“Don’t be fooled by his appearance!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Spica-sama looks way hotter!”


“Prepare yourself– Demon king Juno!”

Spica raised her sword that has flashy ornaments embedded in it above her head.


Suddenly, I was confused.

Spica’s subordinates were hiding behind her.

Even though they drew their weapons out, they didn’t even get into a formation…


Before long, her female subordinates started to yell out,


“Great power to the strongest invincible princess Spica that we love and respect!!”

“For the holy kingdom of Artemis, hooray!”

“My thoughts to Spica-sama’s heart… please get through!!!”


Magical energies started to emit from her subordinates.

“To our beloved and noble princess, we offer our everything!”

“The life and hope of our entire nation’s citizens, please go to Spica-sama!”

“History’s most precious flower, the pride of our holy kingdom of Artemis!”


Then, all the mana from those people gathered in Spica’s sword.

The blade immediately started to emit a golden light.

The light was quickly getting brighter. Holy magic flooded the surrounding area and started to burn me.


I see, this woman named Spica…


“I see. So you’re a magic-sword user”

I said as I nodded while the scenery was dyed in a golden light.


A magic sword is literally a sword that can hold magic inside.

Moreover, what they were doing would be called a technique called magic sword union. She was trying to unleash the combined mana of those thirty or so people into one huge attack.


It’s a technique that already existed three hundred years ago. The power of that move is considerably strong.

However, I have no idea why, but-

Every time she was showered with their praises, her expression twisted a little.


As to what she was thinking in her mind– I already knew the answer to that.

I said it out loud with a smirk,


“In other words, the only one who’ll be fighting me here is you, Spica. Your foolish subordinates are just using you as a shield and supplying you with their mana from a safe place…”



At that moment, she strongly knitted her brows.

Her face was twitching as she gritted her teeth.


“W-w-w-w-what are you talking about!? T-they’re all my precious comrades!”



What a straightforward response. I was sure I hit the spot from that.


“Okay, let me confirm that then, shall we?”


I focused my magical energy into my eyes. What I was trying to do was to activate my demon eyes.


I can feel that my spirit and body were meshing together better than before. I should be able to see more information with it now–

A moment later, various entries and numbers popped up around Spica.

【Name】Spica Von Spiegelberg

【Race】Probably human

【Job Class】Princess, magic swordsman

【Hobby】Reciting poems

【Strength】About 100?

【Defense】【Equipment】【Speed】【Money】Well, they’re all alright

【Magical power】about 80ish-120



【Stress】above 320


“Hmm…I see”

Alright. It seems to be showing me more accurate entries now compared to when I used it on Lilith before.

It looks like her strength and magical power were enhanced from the goddess’s blessing.

If I use the standard of people from three hundred years ago, a human male’s strength could only get to forty to fifty regardless of how much they train. As for their magical power, most humans would stay at zero.


Next to her pitiful intelligence column, what I was looking for was–


The column, 【Stress】.


There’s no way that should be at a value above 320. For a human, it’s an unbelievably high value that could break one’s mind…

That was also the true worth of the demonic eye of inquisition.

It even lets you to see the information about their mental conditions, thus you could look for their weaknesses!


Her subordinates were hiding behind her. The expectation to be leaned on. That unpleasant expression she made.

–I have found the key that I needed to make her fall!


At that moment, a sword was struck into the ground nearby. One of Spica’s subordinates had thrown a sword to me.

Spica, who was wrapped in a golden magical light, spoke with a stiff expression.


“Demon king, Juno, pick up the sword. As the holy kingdom of Artemis’s fourth princess, I won’t cut down people who are unarmed!”


Without a moment’s delay, her subordinates started to make a fuss.


“As expected of Spica-sama!”

“Oh, the proud sword of the king!”

“Spica-sama’s benevolence always touches my heart!”

“Hooray! Spica-sama! Holy kingdom of Artemis, Hooray!”


Her magical power was steadily rising. But, her expression was also getting increasingly unpleasant.



Lilith said as she looked at me, seemingly worried.

I gently stroked her pink hair and said after I took a step forward,


“Prepare the barrier. However, do not activate it until I give the signal”


With those words, I went to pick up the sword that was stabbed into the ground–

–Or not. I lightly kicked it away and walked forward without caring.



Spica’s eyes were opened wide. Her subordinates’ as well.

“I don’t need a sword to slay a mere princess”


I calmly approached Spica as I looked at her.

“Not a spear, nor a mace….Ending a princess’s life is no trouble at all. Not for me, the demon king, Juno”




In an instant, Spica’s hostility fired up. She put her strength into both her hands.

The sword that she was holding above her head had accumulated plenty enough mana. It had collected everything that was coming from her subordinates.


If that’s the case– Here she comes.


“Oh, my goddess in heaven, Artemis-sama– please grant me your crimson protection!!”

Spica yelled.

A huge torrent of flame was created as it shot up high in the sky.

In a blink of an eye, I could now feel a scorching heat.

As the hot air blew, everything around me was dyed red.

With a great battle cry, she swung the burning magic sword down.


“Crimson・ Infernal!!!”

The wave of heat was closing in on me. I was under attack by a mass of holy energy.


However, I didn’t dodge.

My pure-black magic armor. Its defense should be inhabited by this body of flesh.

Magical or physical, no matter how strong the attack is-


There would be no need to dodge, as the attack would be nullified.



The magic sword’s attack directly struck down on my forehead.


A flash. Explosive heat. Holy power ran through my entire body.

The trees surrounding us were mercilessly blown away. There was a large crater in the ground.

I could hear the shrieks of Spica’s subordinates.

My vision was really red. I saw fire on one side. Hoh… So, this is the big shot magic weapon of the human race.



However, I laughed.


“Wishing on the divine protection of a goddess for this ‘something something infernal attack’… Is this the limit of someone who has an intellect value of twenty?”


My vision cleared up after the large destruction caused by Spica’s attack ended.



In front of me was an unsightly bunch who were shocked speechless.




Chaos and confusion surfaced.


In the midst of that, I, who was obviously unscathed, said to Lilith,


“Lilith. You have my gratitude again… for this greatest body ever”


“I-I-I’m so glad, Maou-sama! It’s my three hundred years of effort!”


Since I was shielding her, Lilith’s glossy and shiny skin was unharmed.


“Now then… let’s go. It’s time to counterattack”


I snapped my fingers. That was the signal.


“Your wish is my command, Maou-sama!”


Without a moment’s delay, Lilith hit the ground that was shattered by Spica’s attack.

What appeared was a purple magic formation. This time, it was a formation combined of a large and small triangle.

The target was the fourth princess, Spica.


“…!! Spica-sama, watch out–”


—The scenery changed and the world had gone silent.

Her subordinate with nice intuition seemed to have noticed, but it was already too late.

Spica, Lilith and I had all teleported into this ominous and comfortable demonic space.

The surroundings were all purple. A sweet and evil miasma filled the space here with a fuzzy atmosphere.



Spica crouched as if she was suffering from the air she breathed in.

However, she looked at me and said as she endured,


“Y-you coward…! What are you going to do with me?!”


“You are going to stop being a princess from today on, Spica. You’re going to become my faithful servant”


“Hah, there’s no way that will happen! I am the holy kingdom Artemis’s fourth princess, the one with the most magical power amongst the royalty, Spica Von Spiegelberg. I will never give in to the likes of you!”


“Hoho. Just how long do you think you can last with my skilled caressing?”

While keeping up a good front, I extended my hands out as I got closer to her.

My target was the pair of abundant melons hanging from her chest.

This is just preparation needed to use magic tuning. I’m not doing it because of curiosity or lust.


I swear, it’s absolutely not because of those reasons…

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