Eiyuu Kyoushitsu Chapter 3- Cú Chulainn I

11 thoughts on “Eiyuu Kyoushitsu Chapter 3- Cú Chulainn I

  1. Hey thanks for the chapter, I really liked this series but it was dropped ages ago and I’m not that good at Japanese to read it ….

    My only criticism is the leading and the font choice. If you need any help in typsetting I can give some help.


    1. Yes uhm I acutally never done this before I was doing it in paint.
      Can’t afford to hire anyone right now but if you gime some pointers on which fonts are best to use on paint or whatever that’d be cool!


      1. Oh write I’ve never used paint for this I use Photoshop, hmm for fonts it usually depends on what the raws look like. For stuff like yelling and loud speech I like to use “yikes”, and other parts of text vary depending on what they had in the Japanese. If you want I can lend a hand for a bit just send a message to my email if you have it..


      2. Okay I’ll check out that “yikes font” to see if I can get it on paint.

        It’s all good, I don’t wana bother you since we’re using diff programs bcus I don’t have photoshop atm anyway.

        Do feel free to drop by and comment on the quality or anything anytime though! Thanks!


  2. This is great! Thanks for translating the series. 🙂

    A side note: if you want a copy of Photoshop for free, you can get CS2 from Adobe legitimately. It is rather dated now though….. But it’s Photoshop! XD


    1. Ohh I did not know that, CS2 sounds really old but yeah. Although I did figure out more things on typesetting even with paint. I think I only really need photoshop if I want to clean/redraw the background sfxs and kanjis which I don’t see myself as a good redrawer for that… Might have to recruit one in the future.

      Typesetting wise though- do check out the latest chapter whenever and drop some comments on what you think. Ty!


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