The Short-lived Past


She really came. Princess Ritona, and standing behind her, Hamira-san is here too

It was indeed unexpected for the princess of a country to want to meet a chore-man such as I.

“Princess Ritona. I can’t believe that you really came….”

“Oh? I told you I would come today, didn’t I? Or perhaps you thought I would lie?”

“N-no, I’d never”

Princess Ritona’s cheeks puffed up after hearing what I had said. Then, she let out an innocent smile as if she found my apologetic appearance amusing.

Honestly, it was so cute.

“To be honest, I don’t really get to talk to people of my own age too much.”

“And so, you want to talk with me?”

“Yes, on top of us being the same age, your childhood friend is also going to be marrying Yuto, right? It got me wondering. And I don’t know how to put it, I feel like you have a gentle air to you or something. Please forgive me if I’m bothering you”

Princess Ritona said as she stared into my eyes. Her pure eyes were like two precious gems.

By the way that she was talking to me, it seems that my “skill” was in effect.

“It would be an honor. To tell you the truth, I also have something I would like to ask you”

“Oh? What is it that you want to know?”

“What do you think of Yuto…sama?”

I unintentionally hesitated when I thought about attaching “sama” to his name.

However, that was what I wanted to ask- just what did princess Ritona think about the hero? If she likes him, then it’ll feel that much better at the time I snatch her away from him. If she doesn’t like him that much, then it would be easy to move forward with my plan as it is.

“Yuto-sama?……I love him very much.”

Princess Ritona said as she blushed.

If you like him, then you like him. It doesn’t matter either way. Even though I should have thought like this, the thought of the hero monopolizing Princess Ritona’s pure heart made me jealous.

Why? Why is it like this? Why is it only the hero?—–  Such Ugly, wretched, negative emotions smeared over my heart. Pure black and to no end.

“……Hm? Roush-san?”

“Huh, oh, yes?”

“Jeez. What is this all of a sudden? Talking about something so embarrassing  and then going silent?”

The princess looked at me with knitted brows.

It seems that I was getting so jealous that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings.

“I-I’m sorry, but princess,  you really like the hero, huh? What do you like about him?”

Where do you see anything good in that kind of guy? I almost instinctively said out loud. I desperately held myself back from saying it aloud and as a result, the end of my sentence may have sounded a bit too strong.

“Well, I don’t know where to begin. Yuto-sama saved my life during a time of crisis.”

“Saved your life during a time of crisis?”


From there, princess Ritona went on and told me the story of what happened.

Two years ago, when she was visiting foreign countries for diplomatic reasons, she was attacked by a demon while she was on a moving horse carriage.

The demon was strong, and her considerably strong escort guards were all killed.

Just when princess Ritona was in a desperate pinch, the hero Yuto appeared and defeated the demon.

He who had been seeking the princess’s hand in marriage had finally succeeded in getting the king’s approval to be the princess’s fiancé because of that achievement.

I certainly knew about the announcement of their engagement two years ago, but I never would have imagined it had this kind of backstory.

However, there were questionable parts in her story. First of all, it was highly unlikely for such a powerful demon to come out at the route that Princess Ritona took. The reason for how such a demon appeared was completely unknown.

The place that was supposed to be safe was somehow dangerous. The king seems to be hiding some information about the incident in order to avoid raising suspicions from the people of the country.


Then, the next question is what was the hero doing in such a place? Obviously, the heroes at that time should have been in the middle of their journey to subjugate the demon king.

The explanation that was given to the king afterwards was that Yuto temporarily returned to restock on supplies but it seems very suspicious.

Even if that was actually the case, the road that the princess was on was not a road that people would normally take. Why would the heroes go through all the trouble to take that path?


“And at that moment, I felt my destiny. It was like, Ah, this person is my prince. Well, I’m also a princess though.”

Was that a royalty joke? You get full points from me if you call that piece of shit hero a prince.

But still, there was a high chance that the hero was acting out his own play again. However, since there’s no evidence of this it would be no use to make a scene out of it. Let’s look into this in my spare time.

“Roush-san, Mina-san is your childhood friend, right?”



I felt a prickling pain in my heart just now from hearing Mina’s name.

Shit, just how weak am I?


“What kind of person is Mina-san? I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her yet”

“Mina is…yeah, she’s a bad woman. She betrayed me. She did not know how much I thought about her, and she betrayed me as if I was a laughing stock… ”


I clenched my teeth as I scowled while I felt my whole body shaking.

I’ve decided to marry Yuto, so don’t talk to me like we’re all close anymore, okay?

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I hate all of it!


“Is Mina-san such a cruel person?”

“Yes, there’s not one good thing about her–”


Roush, look at that flower. Isn’t it beautiful?

The Mina from the past appeared in my mind. Beautiful, lovely, and kind. She was that kind of girl.


If that’s the case, then I’ll have you provide for me, Roush.

—Stop. Stop it!

I love you, too! I love you. I love you. I love you!

—Enough already, This is too much… This hell.


As I was getting crushed inside my head, I screamed at the top of my lungs,

“–About Mina…There isn’t one good thing about her…”

“……Then why, why are you crying?”


I wiped my cheeks; my hands had become wet from my tears.

It seems that I was crying. Why…? Why was I crying?

“It’s love, right?…for you too…you love that person”

I couldn’t say anything back to Princess Ritona’s words.

The silence continued for a bit longer and then the princess slowly stood up.

“Let’s call it here for today. Let’s talk again, okay?”

With that said, she left with Hamira-san.

Even though it ended in such a gloomy atmosphere, she said “again” huh? What a strange princess.

But it was unexpected that I somehow cried. I was supposed to have made my resolve but I was still too soft. For the next time I must have such feelings thrown away so I can properly get on good terms with the princess.

But you know, princess Ritona, you were wrong about one thing. I don’t love Mina. I “loved” her.

I cried because I saw the past that I cannot return to. The golden days of the past were too bright, so it made me close the eyes of my heart.

I cannot go back to those days anymore. I understand that. That’s why I am not going to forgive her. No matter what happens to me, I will not stop my revenge.

That is the only way I’ll be able to conquer my old, hopeless self. It’s my only saving grace.

I know. That is just my one-sided thinking.

“However… I don’t feel like stopping.”

My murmur wasn’t heard by anyone, as it simply disappeared into the air.



18 thoughts on “CUCKED 4

  1. I didn’t read chapter 1&2 but. After reading this chapter. Does any of you thinks that a hypnotism/magic eye/ or something that can make someone think that “THAT” situation happens is involved here? I mean. From the line of the “Osananajimi” she seems to like the MC. But after the hero appears. Her attitude suddenly change. Even if the hero is super ikemen. Kind/Nice or whatever it is. The feelings you have since childhood won’t suddenly change after a few seconds/minutes/hours/days/etc~.


    1. Actually, it was a matter of months. Since you didn’t read (and frankly, I won’t go back to check, so sorry for any misinformation in advance), but in the first few weeks, the girl was still sending letter frequently regularly, but over time, the frequency got lesser until it was one letter for every month/few months.

      Anyway, It’s not impossible for the hero to have a hypnotic skill to supplement his girl-in-danger playmaking. But considering what I said above, it’s not impossible if the hero sets up that many “life and death” scenarios with the girls, as the latter would be more aware and attracted to the hero’s “heroic antiques” that has “saved” them from death time and time again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Even if saving her multiple times somehow made her fall for the Hero it doesn’t explain the radical change of atitude towards the MC.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. I just read only this chapter.
      And the part about the demon appearing on the princess’s supposedly save path made me think of three possibilities:

      1. The hero is actually a high ranking demon posing disguised as a human and posing as a hero.
      2. The hero has the ability to summon demons and so he could have summoned one to manipulate the MC’s childhood friend while she was asleep. (With the legendary class the girl has she certainly has stroong resistance to manipulation / brainwashing but even that can be overcome if you are manipulated every night for a long time while believing that your companion (the hero) guards you.
      3. The hero is actually being manipulated by demons. So the hero is controlled and naturally helps the demons to take control of any other holder of legendary professions that could oppose them. Also the demons would use the hero to infiltrate society . e.g. by having him marry the princess and therefore taking a leading role in the country.


  2. I think that maybe the hero got a brainwash skill or something, also it doesn’t look like the mc’s soul completely drown in darkness of revenge…yet


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    I love this phrase “But you know, princess Ritona, you were wrong about one thing. I don’t love Mina. I “loved” her.”


  4. Everyone is saying it is impossible Mina changed so much, BUT you have to remember it is NTR story and Mina had sexual relations with hero. So the hero as every scum from NTR was certain to use typical tricks from NTR genre, like: “who is better me or your childhood friend” or “if you want to have sex with me or be my woman/wife you have to say this to your childhood friend” after training her enough that he was sure that she doesn’t disagree.You have to remember that they had sex in a room next to MC in castle with open doors. Or even she did it on her own violition so she could be a favourite of hero by saying those things to her CF. You have to remember that in historical harem and courts when concubines, mistreses and wifes fought for harem owner time and affection they would use every means necessery – look up chinese emperors harem or Sultans harem or even stories from Europe royal courts especially french ones.

    It think that hero guided this high ranking demon to Princess travel path and then waited so demon kill guards and the suddenly appeared to save princess from pinch. He had help from wand and bow princesses as he had 3 years to work on them and train them into loyal tools. He didn’t have to work with demons it could be nobles or othe countries or just his own initiative.


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