Chapter 9

Mira 1

I made up by fixing up Nanami’s private tool.

I thought what I did was disrespectful to my classmate. But well, it was also a decision made from thinking of what would happen if Yukari found out.

Nanami accepted it without any complains and it went smoothly.

That is a secret which I will never tell the ikemen.

From that encounter, a skill has appeared within Nanami.


A skill that normally only appears on royalty.

It just came out casually.

However, Turna showed a face of astonishment.

「Is that really true? 『Appraisal』? 『Appraisal』? !」

Nanami is in a state of confusion after she found out she has such a skill.

Even though I could explain to her why, that would only increase the risks.

「Isn’t that a cheat given to people that were transported here? 」

「Eh? Ah, so that’s how you see it」

There was a novel that was really popular with that setting, so maybe that’s where she got that idea from.

Turna recovered from her confusion, but still has a look of doubt.

「Well, use your appraisal to check my full name please」

I tell Nanami to use 『Appraisal』to check Turna’s full name.

「Turna Milanjol… 」

At that moment, Turna fell on her knees on the spot.

「What should I do.. ? Hime-sama’s value will go down again 」

「Does the value of a rare skill go down as there are more people who possess it? But I don’t think Chris’s worth depends on her skill though」

I won’t go into any details about it.

Turna is depressed, but hey, at least you are a『Genius』

Somehow, she seems to have noticed what I was thinking, and her pupils lit up.

Then, a evil looking smirk appeard on her face. I don’t want to engage her any further.

「*fufufu*, that’s right. If I can master this rare skill, Hime-sama’s value will go up even higher」

It appears that the “genius” has come to some kind of conclusion.

Still, she’s a girl who’s full of happiness.

I’ve heard that when people act for the sake of others, it brings them a very fulfilling happiness.

Turna seems to have the princess at the top of her priorities over anything else.

Always saying “For hime-sama”, “For hime-sama”.

Truly a happy girl.

「Takuma, there’s something I have to do today, so I will be taking the day off. Some other personnel will be dispatched for you. So, please take a rest until then」

「A holiday? 」

「No, it’s  just a break until that person comes」


Without turning around, Turna takes Nanami out of the prison.

I hear Turna’s voice from my 『Super hearing』.

「Ah, right. There is a language problem…. Okay, we should make use of that breeding horse…」

Ikemen, you are being treated like a horse.

It seems like they will use him as a translator for Nanami.

It’s good if that’s the case, the two of them can be together.

It would be nice to know what will happen to those two, but I should be able to rest easy, since they should be under the protection of Chris.

I was given leisure time all of a sudden, so I decide to indulge in sleep for the first time in a long while.

As I lay on my bed, I can hear the joyful words of the ikemen and Nanami.

「From now on, we will be able to stay together forever」

「Gat-chan… this isn’t a lie, right…? 」


Thank goodness.


It was late in the afternoon when I woke up.

It looks like the person that was going to take Turna’s place for the day hasn’t come yet.

Yukari was changing her clothes near the bed.

Her clothes are exactly the typical attire of a magician.

A blue robe, with a strange looking wizard hat.

She took her hat off and left it on the edge of the bed, and there was a white one-piece under her robe?

She had something different under her robe every day, but today I saw Japanese clothing under there for the first time.

Those big tits wrapped by her pretty clothes, almost drooping out from gravity.

I want to know how good it feels if I can fuck her tits with my cock, but I don’t think I can ask her because I don’t want her to hate me by any chance.

I wonder if she will say yes if I ask her for a blowjob instead?

I think I could find the answer with the use of 『Appraisal』, but to be relying on this method.. Have I been poisoned by this world?

Right then, I hear the voice of Yukari coming from over there.

「You slept a lot today, right? 」

「….What are you? An esper? 」

Is it from my expressions? How are you able to tell?

That’s what I thought, but it appears to be something different.



I see.

My lunch and my dinner are stacked up on the table over there.

「It’s like a holiday today, so I slept since the morning」

「Hmmm, then, that’s why today you have a “beautiful” body? 」


Why are you being so spiteful all of a sudden?

However, it’s a big miss.


「Too bad, but I worked once in the morning」

There was no reply.

Instead, different questions came up.

「Turna-san isn’t here today, huh…? 」

「Turna left in the morning. I don’t know the details though」

「Then, what about Nana? I’d like to negotiate the amount of money to buy her」

She wants to buy her out, I see.

「Nanami…hmm, it seems like a rare skill of huge convenience has appeared for her 」

「A skill?! Nice, then I shouldn’t have to worry about her even if I can’t get her out yet」

「Hehhー Is that so?」

「Because it doesn’t matter what skill she has, as any skills can bring you up to the level equivalent to a director class of a company 」


That’s an analogy that’s somewhat hard for me to understand. Is it like getting upgraded to be a priest in a shrine?

A good flag is set now though, so Nanami should be able to obtain happiness.

「While we’re on that topic, I don’t see Ogawa-kun here anymore? 」

「Ogawa was taken as a translator for Nanami, because she can’t speak the language of this world yet」

「Ohh, that might be a start of a successful career to Nanami 」

The future of Nanami which cannot be seen by me who lives in this prison, seems to be visible in the eyes of Yukari.

Yukari and I start to share the meal she bought for me. She seems to be in high spirits now.

With what’s considered to be bad manners, we start eating together on the bed.

We have the luxury of cleaning magic after all, even if we get the bed dirty.

After I finished eating, I didn’t feel horny today for some reason.

I slept a lot too, is that why?’

Or was there something mixed in that food?

Well, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

It slipped out of Turna’s mouth before, a decline in sexual desires wouldn’t be caused by sleep alone.

「Oh, you’re calm today. Somehow, it feels like the old you came back 」

「I’m strangely calm… Is the me today better or the yesterday’s me better? 」

「Do you really gotta ask that if you don’t already know? 」

Her response made my heart skip a beat.

I don’t know if it’s because she noticed what I was thinking, Yukari decides to join hands with me.

Then our topic shifted to the information of the fight against monsters.


「Today, we fought with goblins」

「Hm, small fries huh? 」

「People who die are the ones who takes them lightly. You’ll be eaten alive by the goblins 」

「That sounds scary. Yukari, are you going to be okay? 」

「Un…. it’s probably going to be fine. Monsters have the ability to evolve. For goblins, they evolve into Hob-goblins, then it feels like they turn into ogres afterwards. Hob-goblins are still easy to deal with 」

「So it’s like stages of evolution or something?」

「All monsters go through three stages of evolution. I’m told that if you ever encounter a monster in their third stage, you should run away with all you’ve got. Well, it would be over before you know it if you meet one」

Hmmm. So monsters in their third stage of evolution are super strong.


「Well, we have never encountered such monsters, but the units that have run into those monsters were never able to do a thing against them, and it just ended up as defensive withdrawal to protect magicians and skill wielders. Apparently, those monsters were destroyed by the suppression unit of the “National Alliances” later. They seem to only appear once a year or less, so even the people at the front lines mostly don’t have that experience 」

「By the way, if it’s an orc, what’s their three stages of evolution? 」

「Orc, High-orc, then Brave-orc. Brave orcs are insanely strong」

「As I expected」

They have that amazing skill. It seems their skills will evolve as well when they evolve.

If that’s the case, I want to touch them to get their skill by all means possible.

After that, I enjoyed talking with Yukari, who was strangely in high spirits.


Next morning.

With a kiss to see her off, Yukari was in an extremely good mood.

Somehow, we had a good platonic atmosphere going.

I must hold on somehow…

I want a “Yes, No” pillow. (One that says yes on one side, and no on the other. For the girl to choose if she want sex for the day)


Then, Turna’s substitute came.


░ Mira = Shusted 

A knight  with “Neat-styled” black hair.

A cry-baby on the outside, but an erotic  woman inside. You could say that she has small tits.

Even though she looks older than me on the outside, surprisingly, she’s a year younger.

「It’s been a long time, Takuma-dono」

「Long time no see, Mira-san」

Her dignified facial expression is as cold as ice.


It’s said that when the ice melts off in such women, they are really beautiful. I haven’t seen it happen much though.

Like the time when she wanted to fuck because she wanted some skills.

Well, we only did it once.

Then ever since I said that kisses were okay during blowjobs, all we did after that was just her giving me head. Those were some good memories.

She went back to work as soon as possible afterwards.

「From today on, I will take turns in shifts with Turna to take care of you, bastard」

That was sudden.

「It was an order from Hime-sama, I don’t really know the details…I know it’s intruding all of a sudden, but there’s something on my mind. I want to confirm something about my skills.」


The skill Mira had was 『Talent of sword』

It was a skill that boosts sword proficiency, and that proficiency will strengthen proportionally as they train.

It seems to have stronger effects on people who are already at their peak with the sword.

Now then, time for an appraisal.

「… A second skill has appeared. 『Swordsman』」

It’s a skill I haven’t seen yet. ..Really, it’s a such a waste to not try to touch her. If she showed that smile she has on the whole time, she would absolutely be popular.

「*ufufu*, I knew it. I was feeling sick for the past few days, so I suspected that I was pregnant, but this confirms it」

「Did you not ask Chris to check with appraisal? 」

「How can I bother the Hime-sama when she has her hands full? It’s exhausting work 」

Is Chris really busy? It didn’t feel that way when I was with her.

「Then, this means the condition for a second skill is definitely pregnancy」

「It was already confirmed the other day, did you not hear it from Turna? 」

Turna. You didn’t share that information with me. I’ll remember this when I see you next time.

…. No, wait. We’ve been using skill investigation as the reason to do all kinds of things together, maybe she didn’t want to lose the reason for us to keep doing those things, so she kept silent about it. ..If that was the case, then it’s okay since that’s cute. Next time, I will ask you that question with the lie detection skill.

「You already had few people impregnated, and they got their second skill without fail, there should be no mistake about it for the most part」

「Did Chris get pregnant? 」

「No, probably not 」

「Oh, that’s regrettable」

「Don’t joke around, I know you’re happy that you will still get to embrace her」

Hmm, she found out.

I can’t help it since sex with Chris feels too good.

「Well then, is work starting? 」

「No, you are off for the day. Knowing that the second skill comes from pregnancy, I have been ordered to research the ovulation day so there won’t be any futile strikes. In accordance of this job, we have to prepare a large number of slaves, so you can keep resting for now 」

「Oh, what good treatments, but I’m left with nothing to do」

「If that’s the case, let me give you a tour on the streets. You will be depressed being locked underground every day」

Hearing that made me very happy.

「By all means」

「Understood. I will prepare a carriage」


Hmm. This feels nice.

I feel like I’m getting treated better.

I’ve finally lasted till the day I could see outside again.

I wonder if it’s because I’ve earned their trust, or because Mira is friendlier than Turna. Anyway, it’s a step forward.

If this doesn’t cause any problems, I could even go on dates with Yukari.


The horse carriage is full of elegant designs.

Easy to ride, easy to get off.

Is it easy to imagine from those words that it’s like a wagon?

Mira and I are the ones riding on this carriage, with two small fry soldiers walking parallel to it.

They are level 1 and level 2 respectively, and they both look very slacking.

Are they “NEETs”? is what I thought. (Not employed/education/training, basically they look like slobs)

Soft and flabby bellies with a slacker’s look.

They look like they are in their twenties. Maa, whatever.

Mira is staring at me before I realized it.

I couldn’t even notice, because of her cold facial expression.

「I thought you were going to tell me to suck you off」

On the road of the royalty owned land, she suddenly began talking dirty.

Level 1 and level 2 will see my face…

「Are you listening to me? I said “I thought you were going to tell me to suck you off”」

「I heard you」

「I thought you would definitely ask me to do that, like the dirty bastard that you are. So I practiced with vegetables.. regrettably. Why aren’t you asking me to do it now? 」

the Level 1 gulped his saliva.

「I’ll be troubled if I pull it out before work」

「Don’t lie to me!! The reports said you and Turna did it every morning and evening」

「From whose report?!」

I was ratted out!

Am I being monitored? Is that how it is?


「So, why did you not tell me to? 」

「It’s a bit difficult to say when we haven’t seen each other in so long」

「Well then, pull it out, I’ll suck it. No wait, I’ll take it out for you」

In the blink of an eye, my lower half was exposed.

When I look with appraisal, my name isn’t in the people she likes column.

I thought she wouldn’t suck the dick of someone she doesn’t like, but she wants to suck it… No, wait, it’s the same with Turna.

Chris’s order was to make a relationship of mutual trust. There’s nothing out of line about making a relationship of trust out of blowjobs from this knight.

Oh, but this knight’s been practicing hard and getting really good at it.

*Jurrururu*, *Jubo*,*jubo*, *jubo*

I feel the pleasure as she makes those lewd sounds with her tongue at the tip of my cock.

It’s a full erection.

She did not forget to hold back her obstructing hair as she works my cock.

You really remember once you’re taught, huh.

The bumpy carriage ride bouncing on a beat has given a nice tone to this.

Mira’s ears are red, she could actually be nervous.

*slurp*, *slurp*, *slurp*

─I enjoyed Mira’s blowjob quite thoroughly. Next, let’s enjoy your throat.

「Let me use this」

I hold Mira’s head tightly and give a thrust.


She doesn’t forget to keep vacuuming even when she protests.

Mira is trying her best even though she’s falling to tears from me rubbing my cock inside her throat.

「It’s coming」


Mira nods to welcome my ejaculation inside her mouth for the first time in a while.

She took everything in.

She covered her mouth with her hands to not let any fall out, then opened her mouth for me to see the cum in there.

「That’s good」

When I nodded with satisfaction, that’s when she gagged it all out.

「Gyaa, it came out」

She hit the level one with it directly. It was almost as if she aimed it at him.

「This smells as usual」

「But I’d be happy if you swallowed it」

「You’ve said that before, but give me a break. *Pehh* Please clean me up」


「…. Phew. Even so, it was an amazing amount.  It was only a bit, but I drank it」


Level 2 is leaning forward to listen. How cute.

Level 1 is even more pitiful. It’s completely showing on his face…

After being satisfied, my penis goes back down.

Mira, who saw this, made a worried voice.

「… Are you sick? It shrunk after only one round? 」

「Because it was the best feeling ever」

「Hmm. It’s alright then」

「Then, do you want to have sex next? I want to try having sex in a carriage 」


Even though it’s shaky, I wonder if it feels any good?

「Hey, look, I am carrying your child right now. If we do that, I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s my first child with you, you bastard」

「Ah, right. I forgot about it, I’m sorry」

「Really, you have to be aware. It’s irreversible if you let your lust run rampant」



Uhh, what’s with this conversation? There’s like feelings of love mixed in or something. Doesn’t this make us seem like husband and wife?

But, I don’t see myself in her “people I like” column.

I’ll try to use appraisal again….



Just as I thought, my name’s not there.

Hmm, I guess it was just my misunderstanding.

Well, I will just ask her.

This is a performance investigation of 『Improved Appraisal』


「What? 」

「You, you used to like me before right? What about now? 」

My name was there before for sure. Come on, let’s hear the answer.

「Hmm…hehh, there’s no lies that can get past you, huh. Ma~ that’s correct. I don’t hate you right now, but however, I too am at least a daughter of noble birth. There’s no way I will snatch the one Hime-sama likes. So, the you in my heart right now is just someone who Hime-sama likes that forces his dick down my throat. That’s the setting I’m going with. When I think of it like that, I’m released from the feeling of love, and also the uncomfortable feeling that I can’t explain」

「Thank you for telling me the details」

「I thought about being a mistress, but as I am the only daughter in my family, I can’t make my family sad. So, I will endure with just a child. If you understand, then put some distance between us, it’s for our own good」

「What are you saying as someone who was just giving me head?」

「That kind of things are common hobbies of nobles, it’s not a strange to do at all」


Mira was touching her lips as she said that.

It’s that type of talk which Japanese people cannot understand.

There’s no meaning to keep pursuing her about it.

Well, a sense of distance is a good feeling for me. Yukari wouldn’t be able to get angry with me, but only until I’m bought by her though.

「Well then, if it gets bad between jobs, would you suck me clean with that pretty mouth of yours? 」

「Ah, that’s what I intended to do since the beginning. I heard that you, bastard, have trouble getting it up with some ladies, so I’ll suck you well before that. Otherwise, it will make them lose face and we’ll get a bad reputation from the nobility’s side. Remember that」

「It’s because they are bad partners, they should go on a diet」

「That’s why it’s no good the way it is now, you bastard」


The horse carriage arrived at the red gate that protects the royal palace.

Anyway, when did the escort soldiers change?

It went from “NEET” looking wimps to slim, but muscular warriors.

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