Chapter 8

Nanami 1, Turna 2

The power of the old gramps’s words “Bring me all the food there is ” was frightening.

「There’s no way we can eat all these. There’s enough bread, potatoes, and soups to fill a grand banquet」

「I know, right? Our stomachs have gotten small」

The ikemen reaches out to grab some food with his hands, but was stopped by one of the prison’s guards.

There’s an abundance of food. In the sense of a Japanese person, it was a good time to eat.

Then the ikemen says this in Japanese:

「They are not letting me eat huh… 」

「Looks like it」

「Because I’m a slave huh?」

「I’m a slave too, it just seems to be a part of their rules or something. I’ll save some for you」

Tears come out of the ikemen.

Starvation is really painful, I know.

「Sorry. It’s just when I thought that you saw me as a close friend after all, tears came out 」

..This is a start of a “B.L”… Super scary. (boys love)

I have to make sure to make the right choices here.


「I..I don’t have that type of hobby」

No, wait, I feel like I’ve already made a few wrong choices.

However, this should have got through to him.

The ikemen gives me a thumbs-up along with a refreshing smile.

Hmm…. what does that mean?! I have absolutely no clue…


Then a prison knight comes in and takes the ikemen out of the room, and here comes Turna.

「What were you two talking about? 」

「I was just listening to him grieve about not being able to eat the food」

「There are all kinds of circumstances for why “love slaves” aren’t allow to eat, but trust me, it’s better not knowing them」

To what degree have we been had.

「Even so, you can’t leave without finishing the food, so please call those two over to help」

「Yukari, Nana-chan, let’s eat」

「Ok / Un」

They came in while holding hands.

Then they both found a spot to sit down, and began eating.

「Nana, chew it slowly, okay? There’s soup here too if you want it」


Everyone’s munching their food up.

Yukari eats a lot.

It’s impossible to find the old Yukari from back in Japan in her, who was satisfied with just puddings and was forced by her mother to eat more.

At some point during our meal, Nanami-chan suddenly started to vomit.

I stayed still at my spot, but Yukari and Turna rushed to her side immediately.

Yukari starts talking to her with a gentle voice, while Turna is soothing her by patting her back.

「It’s alright, It’s all okay now.. calm down… okay? 」

「Stop zoning out and doing nothing, please clean her up」

「Oh, right.『Clean』」

「S..Sorry, I…I…. 」

Drip, drip. Nanami’s tears are falling down.

To be honest, I’m having trouble keeping up with what’s going.


「Takuma is really dull. Being kept by goblins is the worst thing that can happen to you in this world. She was reminded of it, so it’s only natural to have reactions of this degree」

I see. So that’s how it is.. Those types of things.

Food, clothing, shelter and sex life.

I guess she was living at a standard which I could not imagine. I wonder what kinds of things she had to eat…Nevermind, I don’t want to know.

Nanami is gasping hard for air right now. I guess I’ll throw some bread over to the ikemen while she calms down.

When I came back, I resumed eating.

「It’s good enough if you just eat a little bit, try your best」

「Un. Thank you」

Somehow, Yukari seems to be used to doing this.

Just maybe, I think this might be a common situation for her.

No way… but it’s said that there are quite a number of darumas out there.

If that’s the case.. that means she’s seen quite a lot of victims, and we’ve only arrived in this world for a little over a year too.

Maybe some other classmates of ours had the same fate…When I really think about it, my life can be called enviable in comparison to theirs…

Well.. but is there anyone that would really envy the sexual life I had in these recent days?

We quietly finished the rest of our meal, and moved to the beds.

I feel like the light from the lamps is giving off an erotic ambience.


Now then, it’s time for the “important positioning”.

Turna on the left, Yukari in the middle, and Nanami on the right.

There’s a feel of impossibility between Yukari and Nanami.

Even though this time Turna wasn’t playing a prank on me, it sucks that the best position to make out with Yukari is gone.


So, there’s only four options remaining.

First option, the spot next to Turna and the edge to our neighbour-san.

Turna should be delighted with this choice.

Second, I go between Turna and Yukari.

Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this, but this should be the spot that’s most safe.

Third, the place next to Nanami.

It’s true that frail girls also have some sexual charm in them. I remember this girl had such attributes as well.

However, this is a minefield that I definitely shouldn’t step foot into. A landmine that I don’t dare to step on, nor do I need to.

And the last choice is to connect some chairs and sleep on them.

With three girls in front of me, that’s absolutely not an option. Hahaha.

Turna seems to have read my mind, as she has been closing up her distance to Yukari with a smirk on her face.

「There’s a spot free right next to meー」

Right. As expected of a genius.

「Ano~ What’s wrong? 」

「No, it’s just that today’s events have been too spicy for the 13-year-old me… it makes me want some human warmth. Is it no good to be close next to you? 」

「Un. Alright. I really understand how that feels 」

「Thank you so much, Yukari-san」

「Un. I thank you for all the things you’ve done as well」

As expected of Turna, to be able to think of ways to close their distances so easily.

Maa~ whatever.

Looks like there’s no other choices. I move to the spot next to Turna.

Before long, I can already hear Yukari’s sleeping noises.

I wonder if she was really tired.

Turna then shakes some sort of tool, and the lights of the lamps went out, wrapping our room in darkness.


「Yukari-san seems to be asleep already, but do you have any skills to check if the other one is still up? 」

「Well… I do. By the way, she’s awake 」

「Is that so? Then please check what skills that person possesses」

「Okay, I got it」

I use 『Appraisal』and look at the spot where Nanami should be at.

White characters show up above her head.

「If we had a crystal, I would like you to show it to me directly… 」

「My “appraisal” would be shown in Japanese, so you wouldn’t understand it anyways」

「Ehhh, that is so inconvenient. Please do something about that」

Maybe she should just study the Japanese letters?

It would be such a hassle to though.

Then, I confirmed Nanami’s skills.

「She has nothing at all」

「Really? But look, remember you put it in at that time though. I thought her capabilities would have gone up from just inserting it, but that’s not the case, I guess」

「It would be hell if it ended from me just putting it in」

「But it would be good with those you called “fatties”, wouldn’t it? 」

「Yes, that would make me happy instead」


Our conversation ended on that note.

I am not sleepy yet, so I will take a look at Nanami’s status.

Her statuses are overall slightly lower than average.

Her 『charm』value is low too.

Well, this is a numeric value that could rise to a certain extent if you just do normal body maintenance even staying as a slave, so that’s really not anything to worry about.

I remember the Nanami from back in Japan was actually considered quite attractive, she even had a boyfriend.

She was someone who had a cute little chubby-cheeks smile with a canine tooth sticking out. It was one of her charming features, her smile could surprisingly put a smile on other’s faces.

Her other numbers aren’t particularly awful either. They are one tenth of what Chris’s numbers are, as one would expect, but it still makes me feel like something’s wrong.

As I continue to check out her other items on her status window, she spoke out to me.


「Thank you, Takuma-kun」

「Hmm? 」

「I still remember it perfectly. The way you desperately tried to help me, being angry for me, and crying for me 」

「….Stop that, it’s embarrassing」

「No…really.. Takuma you were someone who was quiet and seemed to be always be thinking about something . You gave off a feeling of someone who’s weird back then, but I’m glad it turns out that you are a warm person after all」

「I only ended up as more trouble for the old gramps though, it’s embarrassing」

「That’s not it, really. It became really comfortable. Thank you…I fell in love with you just a little bit there, you were really cool」

「I’ll get killed by your childhood friend」

I know it from the mood between them earlier.

Nanami and the ikemen both have feelings for each other.

「Ah, please, absolutely do not tell Gat-chan about this」

She strongly rejected the idea.

What? I thought it was alright to tell him that.

Then Turna voiced her dissatisfactions.


「I still can’t understand Japanese, so please tell me what you are saying 」

“Still can’t”? This genius, still hasn’t learned Japanese huh?

「She was just thanking me, and we’re having a girls talk~」

「Hohh? Perhaps she fell in love with you? 」

「How did you know? 」

「Maa~ I’m a girl too so I can pick up these sort of things from the tone of their voices」


Is there really such a thing?

「Well then, chop-chop and plant the seeds」

Turna still says things that I can’t understand, even in a situation like this.

「Why? 」

「That person is a slave bought by Hime-sama, so we will put seeds in her. Love is a feeling that could be replaced fast, it’s easy to do if you think about it, right? 」

Those thoughts are too unemotional.

「This is work you know? 」

「Is this really work? 」

「It is work if you really think about it. You didn’t really meet the quota for the day, it would be for the best if you can do it」

Hm… What should I do…

「Ano… what are you two talking about…? 」

A voice that sounds full of anxiety.

Well, there’s no point in hiding it anyway, so we should just tell her.

Now then, how should I go about this… first about our jobs? Then about Nanami’s own social standings.. and sex, I guess.

「Nanami-chan, looks like I have to do some terrible things to you」

「…. Terrible things? 」

「Like committing a crime to you… 」

I have to explain the reasons to her carefully.

About this job I have to do, relationships with Yukari, Nanami-chan’s circumstances.. I can’t focus at all in my head.

「Ano… is it possible to not force me? I’d like to be held gently… 」

「Ah, there’s no problem to do it gently … Um, I just have to pour my sperm in you」

「Understood, but please don’t tell Gat-chan about this」

I was given a “free pass” after the explanations.

Turna asks me for an explanation to our convo just now. Ugh, how troublesome, my lower-half is already ready.

「She told me we could have sex」

「Then hurry it up and get it over with. I also want to do it next, please 」

「Nope, since Yukari is right there」

「What are you doing talking with your penis looking like that, it’s just work, work」

Mmmm…once Yukari sleeps she usually doesn’t wake up till the morning.

I know this because she doesn’t wake up even when I do all kinds of things to her.

This should be alright.

「It’s work」

「Yes, this is the work of “love slaves”. Besides, once magicians go to sleep to recover their mana, they usually won’t wake up until their mana’s replenished. You can use appraisal to see the timing of when that will happen」

「As expected of a genius」

I take a look at Yukari’s status.

Her maximum mana is 82, with 23 remaining as of now.

If what Turna says is true, I could just go wild.

Okay, I’ll believe her.

I move to the side of Nanami while evading Turna and Yukari.

「Well, I’m going to start now」

「Right here? Yuka will wake up」

「Yukari understands what my job is, so it’s going to be alright. Don’t worry about it」

「Okay… I… I think I’ve become quite a loose girl, but Takuma-kun.. you are the first Japanese person for me… I want you to know that 」

If I didn’t hear it here at this timing, I probably wouldn’t hear this for the rest of my life.

「So I’m your first one huh. I understand, but why do you say you’ve become a loose girl? 」

「..Wau….maybe I was toyed with by an ogre… 」

Do ogres have big penises? Did it make her feel good?

「Absolutely keep this a secret from Gat-chan, okay? 」

「Of course, we are as close as two peas in a pod. I wouldn’t want to say anything that would make him suffer 」

Now then, I will start by stealing her lips.

But she blocked me with her hands.

「Kisses are a “no go”, sorry」

「Ah. That’s fine」

I wonder what her reason is.

I go for a kiss on her cheeks instead.

Then I touch her ribs.

「Diet successful」

「I will “rebound” soon」

「Takuma-kun, what kind of physique do you like on girls? 」


「Oh my, Yuka will be happy if she hears that」

「Oops. Keep this thing as a secret from Yukari though」

「I will not say a word, I want to be good friends with Yuka too」


Then I hear Turna rushing us.

Blah, blah, blah.

Chi. I know that I should start already.


「Sorry, I will end it shortly」


I insert my finger into Nanami’s vagina, and start to caress her with it.

Oh, I see. It’s good that she’s as lewd as I am, so she’s getting wet.

However, this is far from a pussy that’s loose.

That old gramps actually adjusted her vagina’s condition to an unused one… I didn’t know you were a virgin fanatic. (処女厨)

Nanami twists her hips in reaction to my fingering.


「Ahh~ Your hand is… *nn*」

If I move my fingers violently I’ll be able to easily end her virgin “bitch pussy”.

Nanami starts breathing heavily as I put my hard pole at the entrance of her virgin pussy. Then I pierced it in one go at a stretch.

「Hiiiii, Hiiiiiiigiiyii~ii~iiiiii」

She cried out in pain.

「Don’t worry, I won’t move until the pain calms down」

With that being said, I touch her belly.

This is like a type of treatment.

In a short time, the pain should decrease and I won’t move until then.

「W, Why, does it hurt… why…? 」

「Ah. I think that grandpa teacher set your vagina’s condition back to an unused one」

「…..Then… this is first time? 」

「Ma~ that’s right」

「fu~e…..wah….. I wanted to give my first time to Gat-chan. If I knew… oooo…uawh…… 」

Ugh.. she’s crying.

I gently pull my penis back out.

Turna, who also noticed this dangerous mood, got up and looks at me.

She lights up a lamp.

「What’s happening? 」

「She wanted to give her first time to her favourite person, since she got her virginity back」

「*hiku*, *hiku, *hiku*」

「Well, I understand her as a woman.. but there’s no way since she’s a slave」

「No, there’s a way. Her favourite person is in this prison as well」

「…Is that so? Then why don’t you try cleaning her up and see how it goes?  It’s still considered brand new for the most part, isn’t it still really tight? 」

「Well, yes. It’s pretty brand new. Like a new car for sale as used」

There’s a red print on the head of my penis though.. that’s why it wouldn’t be a completely new car.

「Please clean her vagina thoroughly, don’t leave any love juice in there 」


「Well then, I will call a knight over. Please fool him somehow. Lying is easy, with the use of magic that is」

「Ohhh, I see」

I start cleaning the woman who is still crying on my shoulders, and pretend it’s all new.

「You just have to act like it’s all new, then it’ll be okay」

What happens once can happen twice. Well, that was a lie.

However, the effects were outstanding; Nanami stopped crying in an instant.

I nodded with satisfaction.

「What happened just now will be a secret between only the two of us」

Nanami shows a look of seriousness, then nodded with satisfaction as well.

The clothing that Nanami’s wearing is the attire of a normal slave.

We will clean it up carefully.

From now on, it will be her first act of love with her beloved Gat-chan.

Nanami is completely fired up. A maiden in love is strong. Where did her sense of despair go? She completely looks like a warrior heading off to a battlefield now.

Then, Turna came back with a knight.

「Now then, I’ll leave it to you」


Even though this knight is overwhelmingly older than Turna, the response he gave clearly shows that Turna is superior in terms of hierarchy.

The knight takes a hold of Nanami and pulls her out.

「Eh? Ano? eh? 」

Nanami is confused, as she couldn’t understand the words that were said.

I turn and ask Turna as well.

「Wasn’t he going to call the ikemen over here? 」

「Eh? Did you want to see the mating between slaves? 」

Hmm. I guess it’s true if you put it that way, it is mating between slaves. It certainly could also be troubling if they do it right here.

He’s always been my neighbour-san so I’m not really bothered by it, but if Yukari gets upset from seeing something like that, I won’t feel good about it either.

I’ll be the one that will need to fix it.

「Nope, I don’t wanna see it. I don’t have that type of hobby」

「I’m relieved. Then….. since Yukari-san is asleep, be my partner please」

「That’s not the right way to ask for that, right? 」

「Mou…. Turna’s loli pussy is ready for you to put it in」

Mmhm, well said.

I crossed over Yukari and got on Turna’s side.

「Aha, Takuma is really easy to understand, An~」

「I don’t want to be told that by a horny child that’s fingering herself to get ready 」

「Oh~, you noticed it? It’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it」

The other side is about to start as well.

「Would you like to change your taste a little bit for today? 」

「What do you mean? 」

「From the usual missionary position that we do. I want you to do me from behind today while using tools in the front… like how you do Greydia.. she seems to enjoy that a lot」

「She’s the only one who likes that」

「That’s what I said, but she keeps telling me to try it time and time again」

「I like doing it while hugging you like a pillow 」

「Okay then」

「I’ll use the tools for next time」


Turna nodded with satisfaction.

Then the lamp was turned off.

With that signal, I start caressing Turna’s body.

I lick all the parts of her body that stick out or cave in, as if I am marking her.

I shove my fingers into Turna’s mouth, and move them in and out as her breathing becomes heavy.

「Nyaa~ don’t be so rough*grgrg*」

She voices her dissatisfactions, while still sucking on my fingers. Turna loves to give blowjobs.


I suddenly pick up a voice from a man that I know with my 『Super hearing』.

「Ora, oraoraoraora」

「Noo, be more gentle, it hurts, please, it’s my first time」

「Shut itー oraoraoraora」

Violent tapping noises.

….. Oh right, he was that type of guy.


「Takuma, your hands stopped」

「Ah. My bad」

I pull my fingers out of her mouth, with a regrettable sigh coming out of Turna.

Then, I use my fingers full of her saliva to caress her vagina.

*Nn*, *Nn*, *Nnn*, your hand feels more ecchi than usual」

It seems like my fingering skills have improved. I’m honestly happy to hear that.

As soon as I confirm that her vagina is wet enough, I insert my stiff-hard cock into her.

It’s the vagina with the shape of my cock.

「Why is it that every time you do this it feels better than the last? You can hit it however you like, Ahnn~」

「Ever since this thing here became mine, see this thing right here, rightt here」

「Mouu~ right there. *Nn*

Turna covers her mouth again, as she tries hard not to cum from the pleasure.

It looks to me she will cum soon though, isn’t that cute.

I move to focus my attack on the rough part on the back of her clitoris. She trembled as I violently rubbed it.


Her voice is leaking out, but she hasn’t passed out yet.

She should be climaxing any minute now, yet she still manages to hold on.

I give a pinch to her clitoris, while keeping up the movements of my hips. At that point, she trembled and liquid flew out from Turna’s vagina and dirtied the bed sheets.

This is the perfect finish for her slimy loli pussy.

I lift her up to a position that faces me and hug her.

「T, This is what I wanted you to do. Hyan~」

「The feeling of hugging you like a pillow is the best, I can feel every part of you, Turna」

Turna’s already covered her mouth with her hands again.

The convulsing loli is desperately trying to hold on.

I start pounding her from below, and taste the pleasure of trying to break her limits of patience of holding it back.


「Well, here it comes. I’ll pour it inside you like usual 」

Turna nods desperately as her ears become red while she clings hard onto me.



My sperms are all squeezed into Turna’s vagina.

This is the best feeling ever.

My heart is still racing hard, but there are things that I must ask.



「I didn’t cum」

「I didn’t say anything」

「I didn’t cum」

「But you were shaking so hard, saying you can’t anymore too」

「If I didn’t cum then I didn’t cum. I understand that cumming by yourself is frustrating but stop arguing about it 」

I can feel from my cock that Turna’s vagina is still twitching.

「Huunn…. 」

「Your ears are still red 」

Turna starts hitting my chest silently.

Hahaha, she’s so cute.

As it gets a little bit hot, I pull out my penis.

「It felt really good」

Turna is letting out relaxing breaths.  Oh, it seems like our neighbours finished as well.


「Mou~ you are so forceful」

「But it felt good, didn’t it? 」

「Un. I like Gat-chan」

Looks like it’s somehow working out for them.

More noises are being picked up by my 『Super Hearing』.

「*hikku*, *hikku*….」

I look towards the direction where the sounds came from.

Yukari’s shoulders were moving.


What should I do….

When I look at her with 『Appraisal』, her mana was completely replenished back to 82.

You get them back so easily.


「W, Well, this is the 24th time you’ve shot it in me. How is it? Did I get any new skills? 」

「Ah? Ah. That’s right. Nope, it hasn’t increased」

「Maa~ I guess that’s how it is. Thanks for your hard work. You should get some rest now」


「Even though we are trying so hard, there’s no results at all. I can’t get pregnant either, I feel like our efforts are all wasted」

「Y, Yea. That’s how it is」

「If this is how it goes, it might be better to just have you inject into other slaves」

「It doesn’t matter. It’s just my job after all, I have to work, it’s not like I have a choice」

A glance between us.

「Yeah, that’s right, but I want to see some results soon.  I want to finish this quickly so I can return to my other duties from Hime-sama 」

「Well then, hurry up and get pregnant. When I have to thrust my hips every day, sex is only tiring and painful」

「It’s a bit of a shock to me, but I understand what you mean. Well, if you say something like that to Hime-sama, I’ll have your mouth sewn closed」

「I know it already, acting is also part of my job」

「It’s good that you know. Well, I’m going to bed, let’s do our best at work tomorrow as well」

「Good night」

「Have a good night」


Yukari confirmed.

She doesn’t seem to be crying anymore.

I wash my body and give her a hug from behind.

Her body shook at that moment.

「I’m home」

I spoke to her in Japanese, but there was no reply.

But I know her eyes are definitely open.

Yukari takes a hold of my hands as I slowly strengthen my hug on her.

「I know it’s your job, so there’s nothing we can do about it…and I know that this is a problem money can solve, so I will do my best and earn the money to get you out」

There’s no way I can hide something from Yukari, she probably noticed that I was lying.

「U, sorry, I cheated」

「I knew. From a long time ago. But, my vagina is the best, right? 」

「There’s no mistake about that」

「Then there’s no problem. Still, cheating is absolutely not okay to do, okay? So, after I buy you, you can love only me. If you cheat again then, I’ll cut it off, and there won’t be any regeneration magic」

「I accept」

「Good… I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to buy you out…」


A while after Yukari said that, she fell back asleep.

Turna seems to have gotten up and she starts apologizing to me.


「I’m so sorry」

「It’s fine. She’s been aware of a lot of things the whole time, so it was a good opportunity to come clean. Everyone except for Yukari is just a hole to me」

「Please keep that in your heart only…」



Acting is important.

I send a smile towards Turna, who seems to be feeling down, and I fall asleep with our hands touching.


This is still “safe”.

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  1. Thanks for the chaper.

    Hey guys, i didn’t get the last part can someone explain to me

    「Please keep that in your heart only…」


    Acting is important.

    I send a smile towards Turna, who seems to be feeling down, and I fall asleep with our hands touching.

    This is still “safe”.


    1. from the line before,

      Takuma said ” everyone is just a hole to me other than Yukari”

      Turna responds ” please keep that in ur heart only” (like she doesn’t want him to say it outloud because it hurts her as she likes him)

      Takuma says understood.

      He thinks again that acting is important, then he smiles and holds Turna’s hands as he goes to sleep. ( he has to put up an act to fool them both, no matter what his intentions are, )

      This is still “safe” is just his little quote of remark, repeated from a previous chapter, indicating the situation is still alright and hasn’t got out of hand.


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  2. too bad for Turna…. she had completely fallen but just doesn’t want to openly acknowledge it… well, considering that she’s the most frequent ‘guest’


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