Chapter 7

Yukari 2

I’m worried about what to do with Turna right now… there’s a cloud of white liquid hanging from her crotch and she’s been reduced to white eyes.

Yukari is going to be back any minute now, so I wish she could leave soon.

Certainly, this was my bad.

I was too turned on by Turna’s loli pussy, so I kept on being rough with her even when she was trembling so hard and couldn’t go on anymore. I am really reflecting on my actions.

However, even with being said, I will try to give her a few shakes to wake her up.


She seems to be in heaven, absolutely no reaction at all.

She looks to have recovered and she’s also breathing, so she’s probably just asleep… but the white liquid leaking from her crotch is making me sweat.

Then that time comes.

「I’m back~ ..Sorry, are you still in the middle of work? 」

Her voice sounds very apologetic.

It’s alright, I can still save this.

My heart quickly calms down.

「I’m done already, but the customer hasn’t left yet」

「I see… Should I go home for the day? 」

No way.

「If Yukari doesn’t mind, I’d like you to stay with me」

「Un. I don’t mind. It was your work after all」

「Thank you. It makes me happy that you understand」

「Un. Good job. I know you hate the job and yet you work so hard at it」

「Eh? Ah, yes」

Why does my chest hurt…

Leaving Turna in a corner, I embrace Yukari away from her.

「You seem to be in better condition today」

「Better than yesterday, so go ahead if you want to do something」

「Hehe, but I will endure it for now cause there’s a nuisance around. I know how much Yukari hates that」

「Uuu…please don’t remind me of that」

I can still see the ikemen in the corner of my eyes.


The topic changes to one about Yukari’s work.

It seems they fought with a new type of monsters, Orcs.

「──That’s right. They are heavy fighters that are hard to eliminate. I kept roasting them at work, but today they broke through quite a bit」

「Sounds like the orcs are strong」

「Yup. They look like green pigs that walk on two legs. Whenever they see women, they attack them as their top priority, so I burn them to death as fast as I can」

「I’m glad that you’re fine」

「But some other units have been destroyed」

How many people are in a unit? This is a topic that would worry Chris.

「The female monk on that team was made into a hole for them to screw」

「As expected from fantasy creatures. Orcs have the same unchanging sexual desires as I know it」

「But.. that girl looked like she was feeling good from it」

Orcs have good techniques?

Turna told me the answer as she woke up from listening to our conversation.

「Ah, that’s because of the skill orcs possess. They have 『Amplify pleasure』as their racial skill. It’s a skill that forcefully amplifies sexual pleasure」

If I find an orc, I have to get that skill from them.

「Ohh… so that’s why… 」

「Good morning, Turna」

「Good morning..Was I out of it the whole time.. after that? 」

Turna is sulking a bit.

Yukari asked a question right there.

「Eto.. You guys seem kind of close… Is she a customer of yours? 」

Sweat starts flowing on my back.

Then Turna gave an answer to that question.

「Yes, my name is Turna Milanjol. I am a customer and also one of Christina=Real=Almeria, the first princess’s guards. I was dispatched to assist Takuma with his work. If you don’t mind, would you also introduce yourself? 」

「Eto… I am Oda Yukari, a quasi-first classed magician belonging to the Magic Corps Association」

「Ho Hoh~ you reached the quasi-first class at that young age.. you’re a prodigy aren’t you? So you are “that” Yukari-san huh. I see.. I see.. 」

There seems to be a tiny hint of hostility towards Yukari. That’s very rude.

「You’ve heard about me? 」

「Yes, about your name and your battle deeds… You’re definitely beautiful, but still miles apart from Hime-sama..*ufufufu*」

「Um… 」

Yukari looks at me.

I give an answer in Japanese.

「She’s a henchman of a customer that is pleased with me. She knows of you because they  both know that I love you a lot」

「Oh, that’s how it is… Is that person pretty? 」

「When we first arrived in this world, remember that beautiful woman with the crystal ball? 」

「Oh, that woman…. I think she would beat me on looks」

「A woman isn’t all about looks. For me, it’s only Yukari」

「..I’m already embarrassed」

Turna shows a look with wrinkled eyebrows, as she doesn’t understand a thing in Japanese.

「This person is beautiful too huh…」

「She’s okay」

「There’s a lot of beautiful people in this world too. All the magicians are total beauties」

Ehh, that’s something I would like to see.

「Izuha-chan is really cute too」

「Hey, that girl’s personality is really good too. She’s my best friend」

「Um… do you guys mind talking with this world’s language? 」


「Yukari is also acquainted with Chris. I was just telling her there’s no way I will get with Chris」

「Ah. Is that so? 」

Turna’s mood went up after hearing that. She lost her wrinkled eyebrows.

「I know, right? Christina-sama is our kingdom,  Almeria’s most elegant national treasure, her beauty is unmatched. Every foreign nation’s royal families are always seeking her hand in marriage─Since this is a great chance, let me tell you how amazing our Hime-sama is」

Turna’s prideful lecture lasted quite a while.

In the middle of the lecture, Yukari started dozing off and eventually fell asleep.

Anyhow, I will join in on this conversation.

「As expected from Chris, she’s way out of my league」

「I’m glad that you understand. Your relationship with her is one that will be given up eventually, so you should savor the happiness you have right now」

「I’m savoring my happiness right now. Ahh, her boobs are so soft」

Giving Yukari’s tits some rubbing.

「Yes, Hime-sama’s boobs are supreme, I also want to have a chance to touch them once someday」

「They are very soft but have an elastic feel」

「AwーI’m jealous」

It’s like these guys have a thing for her, they pay so much attention to Chris.

Even so, Turna is in the way right now.

If Turna wasn’t here I could be boldly messing up Yukari in her sleep right now…

「So, are you not going home? 」

「It’s not possible right now, I will be devoured alive by the flying monsters at this time 」

「Really? 」

「Wyverns and Gryphons are active during these hours, and on top of that, there’s a really dangerous black wyvern」

Is that so..? Yukari always heads home around these hours though.

「But Yukari always heads back during these hours? 」

「Quasi-first classed magicians can protect themselves. I, on the other hand, will definitely die. My house is far away after all 」

「Is it because magicians are that strong? Or is Turna just weak? 」

「That’s rude!! I am quite strong among the knights, you know. I would say I am near the top ten percent 」

I see.

「Yup. Or else there was no way I would be assigned as one of Hime-sama’s close guards!」

「I know already, keep your voice down, you’re going to wake Yukari up. 」

「…. Anyway, thank you for your help today. Please be aware that this is part of Takuma’s responsibility as well now. 」

「So it is」

Turna has now shown me both her cute side and her angry side.


Then, Turna extends her hands to my penis. ..This is not the time for that right now.

「Stop messing around! I will really get mad」

「S, Sorry.. I was just thinking of what kind of situation would make my opponent concede for sure 」

I got mad at her.

Turna looks sad.

This gives a feel of a mischievous little sister getting scolded for a prank.

That’s it! I guess I will pat her head.

「I’m sorry for getting so mad at you」

「No.. I was the one that got carried away」

Hm. I’d like to keep you “following” me for a bit longer.. because we’re likely to be associated with each other for a long time.

I wonder how much of Turna’s thoughts can be examined from my skill.

I see…

「Don’t worry, I like you more than Nanari at least」

「… I don’t know what criteria you used to base that on, but I’m still happy hearing that, so I’ll cling on to that thought for now」

Turna moves even closer to me.

I reach for my clothes on the opposite side of Yukari. Then I rotate that hand to stroke Turna’s behind.

Rubbing Yukari’s tits with my right hand, Turna’s behind with my left.

This is how success is made.

I wonder if I could get Chris on my dick if I can do more.

Well, that is something which will definitely not happen.

I feel the happiness and fall asleep.



I slowly regained my consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself on Yukari’s chest. We were cuddling closely.

The morning has the best mood, but the snooze coming from behind is a hindrance to us.

Before long, Yukari seems to be waking up as well.

I can see the signs from the way she moves that she’s regaining consciousness.

She seems to be observing her surroundings, and then calming down.

She is a good woman, really.


「Good morning~」

Yukari says that while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

「Good morning」

「I had a really good dream last night」

「What kind of dream? 」

「Mm… I don’t remember anymore…. I think you were there, hmm」

Ma~ That’s how dreams work.

Yukari looks at the window that has just enough room to take in a small amounts of light. Her eyes are more droopy than usual.

This seems to be a method of how you confirm the time.

「I think I wanna sleep some more… but you want to do ecchi things.. right? 」

Turna is behind us, so we stopped yesterday. But I have been building up from the long cuddling yesterday… and on top of that, I have morning wood.

「I do」

「*Fufu*, Aren’t you quite honest just telling the truth. Hug me~」


「This is our second time doing it huh?」

「Yup, do it gently, okay? 」

I move in to kiss Yukari who has heavy sleepy eyes but she didn’t let me.

Her lips are tightly shut, and she’s refusing to put out her tongue.

Then she pushed me with both hands, creating some distance between us.

That made me almost want to cry.

「Ah, sorry. Let me brush my teeth first.. I don’t want you to smell any bad breath」

「I don’t think you have bad breath」

「It won’t take long.  『Clean』」

Bubbles came out of Yukari’s mouth and soon disappeared after.

「Open your mouth too」



Bubbles start fizzing inside my mouth.

「It’s a very convenient spell. You don’t even need a tooth brush and it turns all shiny」

「Wow, it’s true. Yukari’s teeth are all shiny white」

I will lick those white teeth.

She didn’t refuse me this time.

I slide my tongue into the mouth of Yukari, and turn a few times in her mouth.

「Hey, *mm* don’t cling so hard, *Nn*」

「We haven’t kissed in a long time, no? 」

「It’s been three days, hasn’t it? However, you’ve been doing it to me while I sleep? 」

「For around 6 hours. Yup」

「I knew it. I knew it somehow, you’ve been doing it to me every day after all」


Contrary to these words, Yukari seems happy.

「But I didn’t use tongue in them」

「Hmmm, really? 」

My lies are going to be found out by Yukari…

Being always together our whole life has an quite the adverse effect here.

「I’ve only put the tip of my tongue… 」

I will end this conversation by closing her pleasant mouth again.

Although Yukari has hardly any experience kissing, she tries her hardest to entangle our tongues together. It’s really cute.

If she’s satisfied with the kissing, next is her big tits.

I grab her soft tits directly.

It’s warm and soft, the lumps that are full of every man’s dream.

Even if the reactions I get from her when I rub or pinch is weak, I still can’t stop doing it. It feels soo good.

「Nnha~, you really like this huh, don’t you? 」

「It’s every man’s romance」

「I thought having them this big only makes my shoulders sore, but now I am experiencing a new meaning to having these which I’ve never felt before 」

「Maybe I’ll should give you a shoulder massage next time」

「That might be a good idea」

Suddenly, I noticed Turna’s breathing pattern changed.

I sneak a peek at Turna while continuing to caress Yukari, and noticed that Turna is looking this way with half-closed eyes.

Did she get up already?

Chi. I was going to say something just now too.

I’ll act in a way that’s easy for her to understand.

I kick Turna ‘s body away so she faces the other way.

You’re a genius Turna, so you’ll get what I mean.

Then it seems my thoughts got through. She started making imitation sleeping noises.

Let’s do something ecchi later as your reward for being so understanding.

「That scared me for a sec, I thought that girl woke up」

「She just turned over in her sleep right? Looks like she’s deep asleep to me」

「…. Yeah, I hope she doesn’t wake up mid way, it would be embarrassing」


I spread open Yukari’s legs, flip up her white skirt, and gaze into her important parts.

There lies the beautiful “abalone” which will appear if I take off her white shorts.

It’s totally different compared to a certain slutty bitch knight.

Yukari’s face is completely flushed red.

In a missionary position, I gently plug it in.

「Ah.hah… 」

That voice has a hint of pain mixing in.

「Move slowly」

Yukari’s breathing became rough.

「Do more than that please…I don’t want to only be connected with you down there..」

「Ah. That’s right」

If I keep hearing that, someday it’s going to make my head spin.

I cover Yukari up with a hug as I push it in.

Then, I pull it out slowly and start moving.

「*Nn*, It’s too big for me, Uuu」

「As soon as I thought of being Yukari’s partner, all the blood rushed to my dick. I’m sorry, I’ll try to think of something disgusting to calm down a bit」

Yukari shook her head.

「It’s okay, it’s way better than the time before. You can move as you like」

said Yukari with watery eyes.

However, it’s certainly true that there’s way more love juice flowing  in her than the last time.

I start moving my hips again.

「Ahh~*Nn*, ahn」

That reaction…it’s a troubling moaning voice.

Although, it’s probably better for Yukari as well if she can finish fast.

With that excuse in my head, I start thrusting violently.

The sound of meat slapping echoes throughout the room, with Yukari moaning to the same beat.

「Ah. Ahnn, Ahh──, Ahh, Ohhh」

Even though It feels so good, she doesn’t seem to be near her climax.

I let out a moan, as I have no problem reaching mine.

I grip tightly onto Yukari’s waist, and push my pole all the way in her.

「Ah, come, let it out, let it all out 」

「I’ll let it all out even if I’m not told.  Get pregnant with my child, Ahhh」

My waist shakes from too much comfort.

「Ha….hahh….it’s all gushing out..did you let it all out? 」

I couldn’t stop to answer in words in the middle of my ejaculation, so I gave a nod to answer.

Yukari seems to be able to relax since my hips stopped. I’m staring at her happily.

「You have a terrible look on your face. I’d want to take a picture of you to savor this memory if I had my smart phone with me 」

「Same goes for you, you look erotic right now」

「Yaaa, I had a feeling I look like that as well. Ah, it’s overflowing and leaking out again…  what a waste… 」

Yukari is showing a face of regret.

Now then, even though I am satisfied already, I want Yukari to be able to cum as well.  I could use my fingers for her.

「I felt good but Yukari didn’t cum right? If you let me use my fingers for you, you should be able to cum soon」

Yukari looks out the small window.

「No, it’s okay. It’s already time to go, I’ll leave it to you tonight.  Besides, if you are able to feel good, that’s already good enough for me」

I noticed how she felt even if she didn’t tell me. She was letting me use her body for my sake.

「Thank you, it was the best time ever」

「Un. I’m happy if you say so… But I’m sorry, even though we went through all that trouble, I think today was a safe day 」

「Ehhh, Is that so? We should grasp this opportunity」

「Un. I was taught by our classmates. It seems I can’t get pregnant for about a week. It’s a girl’s day after that, sorry for the talk about getting me pregnant」

「You were taught by our classmates? Does everyone know of our relationship? 」

Yukari shows a smile that says “isn’t that expected?”.


「Well, I’m gonna get going」

「Orcs today too? 」

「*ufufu*, because I make a fortune doing this」

「Have a safe trip」

Yukari walks out while waving.

How should I put it… after all, I’m still constrained and unable to go anywhere.

Then, Turna turned back over this way when Yukari was gone.


「Should I do a cleanup fellatio? 」

……Did you think I will be happy to hear such a thing? … This girl.

I was totally in love with Yukari until now…

Just to be sure, I look down the corridor to confirm if Yukari’s there.

No sign of her there.

..Just like the saying goes, not eating a meal presented before you is a man’s shame. Also, If I refuse her here, I might put a dent in Turna’s heart.

I check the corridor again.

Well, this could be considered part of my job. Preparations are important in any jobs.

「So, can I ask you for that favor? 」

「I heard you just now. Here’s Turna’s sticky stuff, please do your job here」

Turna came sucking happily.

This is work, this is for work.

But that blowjob won’t be making it clean…


Today’s second round was over.

Turna wants to keep a record of our exaggerated events.


Then, Turna’s imperial guard comrade arrives at the same timing as Turna finishes.

It seems like Greydia prepared my partners for today since Turna stayed here last night.


「Here you go, today’s slaves. I prepared cheap things suitable for this guy to use. It’s an elf, a dwarf, and a daruma, hahaha  」

「…Greydia!! How dare you harass Takuma like this! Hime-sama said to build a relationship of trust with Takuma as much as possible」

「Don’t get so angry~ This is just my protest against him for ramming that crazy dick into my ass」

「That’s why I said you should have let me find the candidates for Takuma. If Greydia wants to get fucked, you should just ask him directly, I’m sure Takuma will be happy to」

「If I do that, it will make me seem like a slutty bitch, wouldn’t it?」

「You are a slutty bitch though」

「It still doesn’t mean I want people to think that I’m one」

「I have no idea what you’re saying!! 」

It seems I got the skill 『Super hearing』from someone, I can hear even Turna’s breathing coming from all the way over there.

It seems Turna was trying to get along with me under the order of Chris.

Judging from appraisal, I thought I got into the “people she likes” category without bias somehow. My heart is a little broken.

Turna finished her conversation with Greydia, who was totally not on the same page as she was, and came back in the room while looking sorry.


「Today we only prepared bodies of demi-humans and a daruma 」

「Ah, the ones you’ve told me about before」

「That’s why, can I ask you to just do as much as you can, please? 」


「Then, prepare yourself」

「Leave it to me」


The first one Turna brought in is someone with pointed-ears, it’s an elf-san.

Even with slave clothes on, she still looks to be a slender beauty maybe?

Her hair reaches all the way down to her waist, and her face has a look full of dignity.

「This is your first time with an elf huh?」

「Ah, yes」

「Appearance wise, they are a race with similar looks between males and females. They have no major individual differences, as their only difference is if there’s a stick or a crack down there」

「I don’t really get it, can you be more in-depth?」

「It just means that you can only distinguish if they are males or females depending on if they have a dick or not」

「Oh, so it’s like there’s no other way to tell their gender at first glance otherwise」

「That’s exactly right」

Thinking she’s a hot girl and it turns out to be a transvestite.. I heard of these stories on TV.


「Elves have no chest? 」

「That’s one of their special features」

With no tits, my attraction towards elves halved.


「Now, it’s time to work. I’d like to see if their skills will increase, so please use appraisal before and after 」


An elf that’s keeping still like an instrument without any resistance.

I’ll start off with a little 『Appraisal』 .

░Elraine=Bill= Artesia ░

Third princess of the Elven Empire… er.. whatever

She possesses the skills: 『Talent of Bow』 and 『Super Hearing』

This is the first time I’ve come across someone with 2 natural skills. No.. wait… since Yukari, to be exact.

Well, I have both of those skills anyway. They are pretty mediocre.

The real question is….

「Um, this person’s name is Elraine, and her last name is Artesia.. Is that her name?」

「Eh? This woman’s name is supposed to be Emilia-san」

Hmm. When I turned my face towards Emilia-san, she flinched back and started shaking.

Then Turna pulled on my clothes.

「Well, elves are a race that value their names greatly. They are taught from a young age that if by any chance they were to become slaves in their lifetime, they should make up a fake name. You should respect her intentions and call her Emilia-san or even just elf-san」

「Turna, you are a nice person」

「You finally noticing my good traits? I am a good woman you know? I’ll pick you up if Yukari or Hime-sama ever throws you away 」

「Your actions and my words don’t match. .. It’s only natural huh… 」

Turna tilts her head sideways.

It is said that if the two people are 20 IQ points apart, their wavelengths won’t match. No point worrying about it now.

Now then, the elf in front of our eyes is a princess who’s hiding her identity for some reason. I’m guessing from the way she’s trembling, that it would be a big deal if the truth comes to light.  She might also be a spy and may be looking for her escape right now. If I tell Turna about this, I might be able to score a few points, and Chris might ride me a few times, but I hate to be looked after by this country, so I decided to leave things as they are.

A beautiful woman. Maybe something nice will happen for that, like a crane’s repayment. (jap folk tale “the crane of gratitude”, moral of the story is when you save someone out of good will, unexpected rewards might come)

「Turna, can you get me the next person after the elf? I will end this with haste」

「She’s a beautiful girl huh…」

Turna left to get the next slave.

Now that there’s only the two of us left, I start to talk to Elraine=Bill= Artesia.

「I’m also a slave being kept in this country. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what I saw with appraisal」

「R..Really? 」

「Ah. It’s because I hate this country」

「T..That’ll save me. I’ve been caught unluckily by this country’s demi-hunters」

「Are you likely to escape? 」

「Ah. I’ll manage somehow」

「Do your best~」

「I owe you one」

「Well, apart from that, what I’m about to do is part of work, so I’m sorry」

I insert my penis in Emilia’s vagina.

This feeling is very lewd.

Emilia just accepted me silently.

I start thrusting keeping my mouth shut as well.

Semen gushed in her vagina, leaking out as I pull my dick out.

When I checked her with 『Appraisal』, the skill 『Beauty Enhancement』 was added.

Hmmm. She feels prettier than before.


「You’ve really helped me out. Could I ask for your name? 」

「Oh, it’s Takuma」

「Takuma, huh. I hope someday I can repay you this favor… Oh, right. My name is Elaine=Bill=Artesia.  Friendly elves call me Artesia. Let me thank you again for telling me your name」

I don’t understand the meaning of this.


「Well, Artesia, do your best! 」

「I heard working as a “lover” is tough, may fortune stay with you as well」

…We finished doing it, and the farewell speech ended.

Then Artesia started playing with a ridged wooden bench type of tool (wooden horse for like S&M), she decided to show me something as rare as “black abalone” after saying those words..

I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks that the atmosphere from a little while ago has been washed away.

Hurry up Turna, there’s no time.


It appears she was taking her time choosing between slaves because there’s not a lot people on the waiting list right now.

Next up is a loli dwarf girl.

Turna came in with an assistant who took Artesia and left.

Artesia showed me an embarrassing wink as farewell.

「Did the elf learn any skills? 」

「『Beauty Enhancement』」

「Ohh, that’s enviable. I want that skill too」

「What are you going to do if you become even more beautiful?」

Turna dazed out for a second from my words.


「Ah. Thanks for the compliment」

She looks happy and blushed.

That’s probably all an act, but cute regardless.

「I’m just telling the truth of what I think. Turna will definitely grow into a beauty in the future」

「That’s what I hope to happen too, I guess」

Now then, a dwarf that looks like an elementary school student.

It seems like it would be hard to fit it in, so I did it in missionary style.

There was nothing wrong from checking it after with appraisal either, skills appeared normally.

As I finish with the loli-dwarf, hell appeared.



It’s a human with limbs cut off.

Black messy hair that covers her entire face, and she has no hands to move them out of the way.

Her ribs are showing and her breathing is rough.

There’s a bad smell coming from her, maybe it’s the smell of filth?

I can hear incoherent muttering coming out of her, like “a…” or “u…” …sounds as if she’s broken.


「It’s hard to see her how she actually looks」

「There are two ways of becoming darumas; limbs severed from bladed weapons or from monster bites. The areas of the joints then can be changed and healed by pressing burning iron into it. Technically… there are four types of darumas then. I wonder if this girl was caught by a goblin and got her limbs bit off and then branded? Well, either way it’s still lucky that she was rescued after that, or else she would have been forced into giving birth to goblins for the next ten years or so …」

Twenty percent of my penis just went limp after hearing the explanations and considerations of darumas.

「But uh, is there even a meaning to give darumas skills? 」

「The significance of granting them skills is low compared to healthy subjects, but if the value of the mother goes up, the treatments of her and her descendents should be better as well… On top of that, we can make some money, and the buyers could use them for stronger kids. It is statistically proven that having skills brings forth good effects on their status as well. Then the living standards of darumas will go up and everyone will be a winner」

「I am not energetic one bit comparatively though」

「Do you understand this now?..This world is too cruel for 13 years old girls. Honestly, I want to run away」

Well. I personally don’t even know how the people of this world are and what kind of rules are there outside.

It might be cruel to say this, but turning into a daruma to stay alive… they might be better off being dead.

「By the way, are there male darumas? 」

「A man without limbs is pretty much garbage…」

I have to be careful not to end up like this. No, wait, since I’m a guy that can serve with my dick, even if my limbs are gone.. I might not be considered at the garbage level?

Well, it was just a “what if” scenario delusion. Don’t run away and do my best I guess.

「Do you think you can start? 」


「As expected of the unrivaled horny fortitude」

I lift the daruma up, and put her on my penis.

She is severely thin. Darumas weighs so little…

「Mother!! Father!! I don’t want it anymore… 」

The moment I heard those words, I froze.

「Hmm. It’s a different language. The words sound similar to when Takuma and Yukari talked secretly? 」

Messy black hair.

I pull out my penis gently.

「Uu….. don’t do any more bad things to me… 」

I see her face that’s been hiding behind her hair.

Horrible bruises on her…and one of her eyes is carved out.

My body shook.

I bite down my teeth in my state of anger.

I know this girl.

Tanaka Nanami.

Her only remaining eye is wandering around with Guuru Guuru sounds coming out of her.

She’s right at death’s door.

I thought so.


「Ah, I thought a thin child would be a good choice, but it’s no good already… should I get the next girl? What’s wrong? You have a scary face on」

Her skin is all dark and sooty.


「Takuma-san? 」

There is a mark from a recent burn.


「Um… 」

Turna seems to have guessed it here. I can’t stop shaking. Overwhelmed with anger, tears start to come out.

I keep on casting 『Recover』. Strangely, I don’t feel any hunger.

Right now, in this unchanging mood of unforgiving anger, Turna speaks to me.

「I will go bring a teacher of the recover magicians who can even use resurrection over here!! 」

Shit. Be quiet.

I gently stroke the head of Nanami…

「Wait, did you just say resurrection magic just now? 」

「Yes, she would get healed in a flash, please leave it to me. However, it might take some time to get Hime-sama to cooperate. Please be careful to not let her die during this time」

「… I understand. As expected of Turna…」

「Magic can do it all」


Turna left with a dash.

The only thing I can do right now, is to spam cast recovery magic…

Somehow, my tears stopped, in a good or a bad way.


「You’re going to be okay」

「Uuuuu… I’m sorry, mom… I’m sorry, dad…. 」

Why are you apologizing?  I haven’t done any bad things to you…

I wonder if she’s recovered a bit from my magic, she is able to be a little violent with the way she moves now.

But I am doing everything I could for her.

As a result, this is how it ended up.


「KaーI was told to heal this daruma, why would you try treating her? This demonic loli-con dick bastard」

「I’m sorry」

This was the old man who took care of us when Turna and I made that sea of blood.

He came to save Nanami even though he should be in other emergencies helping others in need.  This is embarrassing to the max.

「Where else can you find an idiot that kept using his magic till his mana ran out? Humans die when they use too much of their mana. Did you want to die? Fool!」

「I’m sorry for troubling you」


Nanami, who soon started to regain a clear head, started talking to the ikemen.

Turna didn’t understand our words, so I introduced the ikemen to her.

「It’s a relief that Nana-chan is safe」

「Un. I’m happy that Gat-chan is alive as well」

They reunited with excitement. Both of them look very happy.

I wonder if she was his childhood friend that we’ve talked about before. Well, reading the mood, I won’t listen in anymore.

It was from the effects of my recovery magic that she is able to talk now. My efforts weren’t wasted, I’m so glad.

「Alright, it’s all good now. It’s my job now to do the regeneration of the daruma. You just eat up quickly, yeah, somebody quickly bring all the food there is!! 」

「Thank you very much」

「Eat the food at once. You’ve used too much mana, so get it back from eating and sleeping. Young men nowadays try to do everything themselves…. And you two, don’t be all over each other, get out of my way, or I’ll stop curing her!」

Turna gets close to me and says shyly:

「Please don’t worry. His mouth is bad but he is one of the best magicians in this country」

「… Ah. I could tell because of the abilities I copied. He is a monster」

「Can you handle using them?」

「No way. I don’t have a mana pool of 800 to spend」

「Hm. I don’t really understand, but please know that this time is the sole mercy of Hime-sama. Hime-sama lowered her head to Claude-sama to bring him here」

「Is that so…? I ‘m very grateful to Chris」

「Aren’t you glad to be under the patronage of Hime-sama?」

「I think I’m glad from the bottom of my heart」

「Do you feel the love from Hime-sama? 」

「Rather than love, more like the feeling of divinity」

「I feel the same way」

Turna looks satisfied for some reason.

I borrowed a great deal from her this time.


Then, Nanami’s eyes regenerated, hands and feet grew back.

It seemed easy to do from a glance, but it actually is a technique of transcendence.

His mana should be evaporating like hot steam.

「..Man… That was such a rough thing to do. That’s why I don’t want to be involved with you.  So, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? I think you should be generally cured」

Nanami, who could not understand the words of this world, looks at the Ikemen with a frightened expression.

「He’s asking if you’re feeling uncomfortable anywhere. Let’s heal it if there’s a strange place giving you discomfort 」

「…..Un. Well.. this place here feels a little weird. . Felt as if I had a big foreign object in there」

「Excuse me, could you take a look at her vagina? she seems to be feeling a bit weird there」

「Then, let’s change it entirely to a new one, it’s a special this time *wink*」

I could fall in love with this old gramps’s winks.

Nanami and the ikemen both seem to be happy about it.

Food is being brought in, and just like pets that’s been getting teased by baits, we start chowing down.

Turna comes by and starts talking to me.

「Haah~ I’ve gotten some terrible treatment from Greydia’s harassment」

Turna is eating the meal one piece at a time.

I’m listening to her rants idly.

「It seems half the slaves we bought today were goods on clearance purchased for a low price. I’m really going to let her hear it this time. I will tell Hime-sama on her next time, please forgive me」

I wonder what she’s talking about. There’s no way I won’t forgive her for things like this.

「I am not angry at Greydia. In fact, I’m rather thankful to her. If Greydia didn’t purchase them, Nanami would be dead. Even with malicious intentions, it ended up as helping a friend out, so I can only be thankful for that」

「.. If you say so, then this Turna is happy with it as well. Oh, yeah. Then, please give her anal violently as an expression of gratitude next time. Please remember this. If possible, give it to her unexpectedly and don’t stop, because it’s one of Greydia’s favourite fetish」

「It’s okay only with her ass? 」

「Etto, I was told that it would feel the best if you shove a dirty penis that was in her ass into her vagina」

「Uee, she’s sick in the head」

「There’s no problem if you clean it after it’s finished. No, considering her hobby, it might be more pleasing to her if you don’t clean her」

「I understand. I will thank her with that disgrace when I see her next time」

「I thank you as a friend. Also, I just remembered a wonderful quote in a conversation between her and Hime-sama, so let me tell you, okay?」

「I want to hear it」

「”Thank you very much”」

Greydia, you are a weird woman.

Even so, my heart is strangely calm now. Where did all my turbulence go?

Nanami and the ikemen’s cheerful voices and Turna’s voice praising Chris are strangely far away.

I hear footsteps coming closer.

I know whose footsteps they are.

It’s Yukari’s.

By the way, she mentioned there was someone she couldn’t find before.

…It was Nanami.

「I’m back~ Huh? Shishou is here? 」(Shishou is like teacher/mentor/master)

「Welcome back」

It seems my voice didn’t reach her.

Yukari ran by my side and rushed towards Nanami.

「Nana, I been looking for you. Everyone’s been looking for you」

「Wahhh. Yuka. I wanted to see you」

The ikemen read the mood this time and backed off a little. You did it this time, you grew up.

「Oi, hold on. It’ll be over soon. You.. you’re in the way. Oi, Yukari, look. You always ignore what I say」

The grandpa benefactor is pretending to be mad.

Well, Yukari doesn’t seem to care and they seem to be teacher and student, so it doesn’t matter.

「Enough, I will continue in my own way. Sheesh, you’re just a little girl with some talents!! 」

「Na..Nanami, are you alright? Did you escape from where you were first sold to? 」

「Uuuuu.. After that, I was caught by goblins in the forest」

「..You must have endured a lot. You don’t have to talk about it, come here」

Their breasts mashes together as they hug *purun-purunn*

I’m not trying to lose it here, but this here, is a work of art.

Hang in there beside the purun-purun, oh great grandpa benefactor.

His work seems to be done, and he starts stretching his back.

「There, it’s finally over. I’m going home」

Turna follows up with a response.

「Teacher, I’d like to thank you very much for your continued support this time. Hime-sama will also give you her personal thanks at a later date. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work」

「Ah- cut it. It’s unnecessary. It seems like she’s also a good friend of my disciple. That woman is unfavourable, so you can just come get me directly next time, it’s better that way」

「Yes, sir. I will do just that」

「Alright. Well then, it’s getting close to my bed time, you all have a good night」


I stand up to try say my thanks as well.

「Ugh- enough. I’m tired of being thanked. You’re all welcome」

I got a reply before I could even talk. Let me thank you completely..


「I appreciate your help」

「Hm. I like that tone more」

The old man leaves while waving his hands in a good mood.


「Kaa-You used too much mana」

I heard such grumbling from the corner of my ears.

It’s already dark outside, Turna is staying the night.

Nothing ecchi is going to happen tonight..Well, of course.


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    1. until someone finally and really ‘rescues/bust’ him out of there or he gets to increase his stats to be OP . . . . but from the looks of things, he ain’t going anyway any time soon, not to mention that God of his shrine was being an ass for giving him crappy stats despite that wonderful skill

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  1. MC shouldn’t escape. His mana doesn’t increase at all so using big spells is a big no no.

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