Chapter 6

Turna 1, Christina 2

I am currently working a hard job of thrusting my hips.

Putting my half-erect penis into an unknown pussy, then moving back and forth.

「This is the last one, keep it up」

Thrusting my hips while listening to the voice of Turna, possessor of the skill 『Genius+』.

「hahh, hahh, hahh, 」

「This person is quite cute, let’s give it our best」

「Cute my ass, don’t lie! Isn’t she just a fatty?!」

「Don’t say that. She is a wife with peerage」

「S, Sorry about this… I was the one that asked you to embrace me」

「Don’t let me hear that voice, or it will wither!」

「Yikes, she’s the wife of the viscount-sama, don’t say that!」

「It’s fine, it’s been a long time since my husband has done this with me」

「Stop talking. Ah, I’ll let it out now」

A small ejaculation.

「Haa, so, what about your skills? 」

「I just got 『Talent of cooking』」

「Ah. I see, madam」

「Thank you. I will use this to cook diligently」

My penis has withered.

「Mouu, it’s been so rough lately」

「It’s like this even if we do ten people every day. And what’s with the high amount of old hags coming in?」

「The people who are rich, for a lot of them, their wealth came with age」

「On top of that, there’s a high amount of fatties too」

「That’s because you can get more satisfying meals if you have a higher income」



「I would like you to embrace me as the last one for the day, but I guess it’s not possible right now」

「It’s fine if it’s you Turna. Let’s finish this quickly before Yukari returns」

「I’m surprised by your unrivaled stamina every time」


I’ve been doing my business in the work room that was installed in the prison I used to be in.

Turna suggested that it’s better to use this location for “work”.

Life here is fairly fun.

Well, I did enjoy the past week I spent in Chris’s room.

In that one week, I forcibly attacked Chris and her female knights.

I did it because my 『Appraisal』and 『Lie detecting』 skills showed me that it was okay to, so I couldn’t help it.

Sometimes I forced my dick into the ass of the female knight with brown short bob hair named Greydia.

「I don’t like it in the ass~, please forgive me」

How sweet it felt to ram it in while she begged me not to with her cute glossy eyes.

She kept saying she doesn’t want it because her ass became developed into feeling too much pleasure from there.

Greydia, who was stripped to white eyes from the pleasure, was cute.


As for the slender girl with black hair named Mira, I let her practice fellatio on me because she wasn’t very good at it.


「I…I have never kissed you before… right? 」

Even if she asked me “right?”, I didn’t understand what she meant by that, so I let her kiss the tip of my dick.

It felt so good that I could cry.


I played with the gorilla girl’s pussy by jamming it with vegetables.


Lastly, for Turna, the shape of her dead tight pussy was changed to the shape of my dick. When she graduated from being a virgin, it was a scene comparable to a murder site. There was an ocean of blood; even the grand wizard for recovery magic was dispatched.

She seemed to have discovered a new type of pleasure when she woke up, so there were no problems.

If I had time left to spare, I would also spend time to sleep with Chris, and on that one day:

「Oh no, doing it with this guy is going to drive me crazy!!! 」

With those words in the background, I left it to Turna to do her work.

Turna, who was relied upon by the princess, looked like she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

「Please leave it to me, I will find out the conditions for skill acquisition」

Such devotion.


As I was reminiscing the events of the past week, an urgent request came from Turna.

「Ne~ hurry it up please」

「Ah, wait a moment. Turna is someone with good techniques, so as soon as I put it in, I will be blown away」

「I know how to make you cum in a flash, because I already understood the body of Takuma」

「As expected from a genius」

「Takuma has the skill 『Genius+』too」

「My base intelligence status is low, so it doesn’t do much for me」

The effect of 『Genius+』is +20% intelligence.

In other words, since my base intelligence value is crap, the skill ended up a bit disappointing.

「Hora~ it’s Turna-chan’s loli pussy.. Hora Hora」

Ku, Turna is blatantly spreading her legs, and tempting me by showing her “abalone”.

It’s a bit regrettable to lose to such straight-forward seductions, but she got me fully erect.

「No need to hold back you know, this is exclusively for Takuma」


「Help yourself…. Ahh」

A pussy shaped by my dick.

「Please keep the fact that we’re doing this every day a secret from everyone, okay? 」

「I know. Rather than that though, this feels quite good. Take this~」

「Nyaa~ give me more」

Turna’s breathing gradually became rough with the popping sounds our love juices are making.

I cover Turna’s mouth to not let her make a sound.

Turna doesn’t really look like she thinks we’ll be found out.

However, this play of not wanting to be found out is making her vagina feel superb.

As I waited for the time to cum, I lifted her up to a position where we directly face each other while she’s sitting on me, as I enjoy her pussy that’s been filled to the fullest.

Turna’s romance is to have a strong man dominating her, making her moan while penetrating her holes.

I start to overflow and cum started to pour inside of Turna.

「*Nnnnn* ー」

「I let out so much, Turna’s pussy is the best」

「That’s right…. Ahh~ Today’s 20th cumshot… Did my skills increase? 」

Turna is worrying about her skills with eyes showing a look full of ecstasy.

「Unfortunately, it didn’t」

「Is it not depending on the number of times you cum in me? Should we try up to a hundred rounds..? 」

「I could go for as many times as Turna wants」

「We should be able to confirm if the method of skill acquisition from pregnancy works first」

「You might be pregnant already though」

「Maybe so」

「Oh, that’s right. Is it possible for me to mate with demi-humans or darumas? 」(daruma will be explained later)

「Is this from a customer’s story? 」

「Yup. I want to distribute skills to as many people as possible. I was thinking of buying a slave woman, but if it’s an ordinary person, it will just come down to the calculation of sperms. On the other hand, if I can afford an elf or a dwarf, I might be able to save them for cheap」

「A beautiful elf or a loli dwarf should be okay for you to embrace, but I don’t know about darumas」

「Slaves who are rebellious are sometimes left alive after losing some limbs or giving birth. However, for the people who get captured alive by goblins, they get brought back to their nests and are forced to make goblin children. If those people were to be rescued, they become the possession of the person that helped, which often ends up with them flowing into the slave market」

「Uee, that’s rough」

「Mmhm, those types of slaves are cheap and there are quite a few in numbers. Hime-sama doesn’t have an infinite amount of assets, so I would like Takuma to endure for now」

「Oh, that’s fine. If I close my eyes, it doesn’t matter who it is, it’ll all be around the same」

「Thank you very much, hearing that really helps me」

The princess might be having money problems right now.


「Then, I will stock up first thing tomorrow」

「By the way, what will they do with the skills they get? Will they join the hunt for monsters? 」

「They will flow back into the market, because they will sell for much higher」

「For what reason do you need money?」

「Money is important, you know? Besides, if it’s someone with a useful skill, no matter which lord ends up buying them, they will become part of their battle force in the frontlines. It will end up benefitting humanity as a whole unless they were purchased for stupid reasons. That’s the conclusion Hime-sama and I came up with」

You guys have been thinking all kinds of things through huh.

「I’ll leave all the difficult stuff to you, Turna」

「Please leave it to me」

If you didn’t say that with semen dripping down from your crotch, that would have been the perfect “Please leave it to me” response.

「Since there is still time till Yukari’s return, want to go for another round? 」

「We already did it for 21 rounds, but Turna will accept it from you」

Turna is directly showcasing her overflowing creamy white liquid. Her twitching vagina is seducing me.

I want to cherish this thrilling moment more.

Now then, round 2!

Turna’s white liquid leaked out from her vagina.

It’s not like I am doing bad things particularly, but I am cleaning up the room with the cleaning magic I stole from Izuha-chan.

As the cleaning bubbles disappear, Yukari appears out of nowhere.

That was dangerous.

「Welcome back」

「I’m home~. Sorry, my body isn’t in good condition today, so no ecchi stuff」


Yukari is such a hard worker. Don’t push yourself if it’s not possible.

Yet, she still comes to this prison to visit me every single day.

Well I’ll be working here for the next few days, so in essence, this is now like a home to me.

「I’m sorry. You want to do it, don’t you? 」

「I sooo want to do it, but I don’t want Yukari’s body condition to get worse」

「…Thank you. I think I have a slight fever going on. Maybe it’s because of that, I can’t get in the mood to do ecchi things」

「I know, it’s okay to just cuddle」

「I’m sorry for being selfish」

「Nah, I want to hold you close as well」

I lay Yukari down on the bed, and I got in to cuddle with her after covering her up with the fluffy futon blanket prepared by the royal family.

「Oh yeah, listen to this」

「Yah? 」

「I, I leveled up and got a skill」

「Hehh, you can still learn more skills leveling up? 」

「Yup, in theory each human can learn at least 3 skills individually」

「By gaining more levels? 」


「I am someone who possess three skills, and my 『Talent of Flame』 upgraded into 『Talent of Raging Flame』. Aren’t I amazing? 」

「That’s amazing, what about your other two skills?  」

「『Talent of Hellfire』and 『Talent of Nuclear Flame』」

Those skill names sound really life-threatening…

「They’re all fire spells huh」

「I am a burning girl」

「Quite an adult at night time though」

Yukari pushed her chest onto me.

「Wait a little longer, okay? Only 4 more. I’m already in negotiation with three of them for the money. I don’t know where I can find the 4th person, but I will absolutely find them」


「Then, I can cut down on my work so we can do a lot of ecchi stuff. You know what.. I want to have a child with Takuma 」


「Because it frustrates me to let some other woman get ahead of me」

She’s talking about Nanari I guess.

「So you thought of it like that.. I didn’t notice at all」

「I am a very possessive girl… You haven’t cheated on my heart, have you? 」

I thought about my behaviours.

「Nope, I only love Yukari」

「*Nn*. Just now, that made my heart skip a beat」

For some reason, my heart’s been pounding really fast as well…

「Well, I gotta get up early tomorrow, so I better get to sleep」

「Ah. Good night」

「I have to get my mentor to help me recover and then head to work… 」

Actually, I have already acquired the lowest level of recovery magic.

I put my hands on Yukari’s chest and use recovery magic.

This makes me insanely hungry.

I seem to be burning calories in substitute of the mana that I’m missing in order to use the spell, since my numerical value for mana is garbage.

When I consulted Chris about it, she gave me slightly better meals because of that, but whenever I use magic it still makes me very hungry.

Ma~ It’s for the Yukari who I love, so I will give it my best until she loses the fever.

Oh, maybe I’ll level up from this as well?

Yukari’s mana is at 80, and mine is at 3.

Somehow, I feel like there is quite a big disparity between us.

….Well then, there’s nothing to do now other than going to sleep while feeling up Yukari’s tits.

Next morning. I start to wake up feeling a soft touch.

It seems like it was a kiss from Yukari.

「Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you」

「How’s your condition?」

「You’re full of openings when you sleep, I’ll tell you more when I have time 」

「Okay, I’m going to go to work as well」

「Un. Well, do your best… 」

「Don’t push yourself too hard either 」

Yukari waved good-bye to me happily and went out.

Ouuuun,  Ouuuuun. (he’s making the sob noise of a housedog again in his mind)


Then, Turna arrived after a short while.

「I was waiting for you」

「I just got here. Good morning~」

「Good morning」

「Then, shall we get to work? 」

「Should we go for a round first? 」

「Can my partner suggest that after work? Your seeds are precious, please don’t waste them」

「Alright, fine」

「Well then, prepare yourself」


The first job was a familiar face.

Blonde hair with emerald-green eyes.

The first daughter of the king who has a big bust, with crystal clear white colored skin.

「What’s wrong? Why did Chris come here? 」

「If you show such a happy face, you’ll be in trouble」

「No problem, come to the bed」

Chris obediently listens.

「So? 」

「*Ufufu*,, is a good day to get pregnant」


Oops, I got too excited.

Turna is laughing. It seems I was showing it on my face.

「Is that alright? The first princess carrying a child from me? 」

「It is the most important thing for women in this world to give birth to as many talented descendants as possible. I want to give birth to your child 」

「With pleasure」

「With that, I feel like I could be getting new skills as well」

「Yes, you should probably gain one skill with pregnancy, I suppose. After the一big explosion of love or giving birth一」

Turna said some strange things.

I hit Chris with my dick that stood tall like Mt.Everest.

「This thing is so hot」

「How about over there? 」

I touched Chris’s vagina and confirmed it’s ready.

Just to make sure, I examined her with 『Appraisal』… It seems I’m still being loved. That felt good.

「Would you like to touch it? 」

「Sounds good」

I start touching Chris’s vagina, and Chris rubs my penis.

「*Nn*, Are you making that sound on purpose? 」

It’s the embarrassing sound the love juices are making.

I put two fingers in Chris’s vagina and stirred it.

Chris’s hands left my cock and started touching her own chest instead.

I couldn’t wait anymore.


「Mouu, *Nn*, why does this feel so good… *Nn* Hmm」

「Hime-sama, I think women feel more pleasure as their feelings get stronger. There’s no mistake about it because it’s proven from real experiences」

「That’s embarrassing to say,*mmm*, I want him to hear that when it’s just us two, *hhmh*」

I don’t know if the semen leaking out from Chris’s vagina will stay in there.

I’m confident that if I attack intensely at her, she will cum in no time.

But instead, I want to torment her slowly and tease her with my dick till she loses to it.

First, I will start by gently stirring her vagina up.

「Ahhnnn….Hann, not good, I’m cumming, cumming, CUMMINGGGG!!! 」

… That was just from gently stirring her insides with my dick. Her insides are convulsing and her shoulders are shaking.

「Ahhhhh, this time feels the best so far. Somehow it feels like I’m really being loved, but do it soon please, pour it in me, you are almost there, right? 」

「Chris, I love you」

「… That’s not fair, hmph.. that sly timing to shove it in all the way at the same time」

「Hime-sama’s expression is super erotic right now」

「Oh, thank you. *Nn*, *Nnn*, *Nn*─」

Chris is cutely panting every time I thrust it in her deep in her, with her face progressively getting redder.

Her vagina that is naturally swelling is becoming a total mess now.

「Ah, Ah, I’m letting out a lewd noise, Ann, Ah, Ah, Ah」

「You have been convulsing this whole time, perhaps you are going to cum again? 」

「…………..*Mmm*.. don’t say it.. it’s embarrassing.. Ahhhn」

That’s what it looks like.

Panting hard, hips bouncing, staring straight at me with that look.

「I’m pouring it in, you’re going to be pregnant」

「AAAAAAAA, Takuma’s hot sperm is COMING INNNNNNNNN, COMING INNNNNNNN, OOOOOOOO, I’m definitely going to be pregnant. I’m definitely going to be PREGNANT~Ahhhhh」

I fill Chris’s uterus full with my cum, then I took my dick that was buried in Chris’s vagina out and brushed my overflowing cum on her stomach as well.

「A~A~A~Ah, both inside.. and outside my stomach… are hot… 」

「Second round? 」

「Nope, can’t do. Hime-sama has a royal conference which she needs to attend now, there’s no time」

「Turna, give him a blowjob and clean it up」

「Yes, Hime-sama」

Turna starts sucking my penis.


「Ha~a. Today was amazing though. Maybe I should reward you with something? 」

「I want to have sex with you more, Chris」

「Mouu~ that’s it? Is that really the only thing you want? I’m quite powerful you know? Either territory or money would be fine」

「I want Chris」

「You…..You are just not fair after all」

The reason is mainly because of her “rare instrument”. I think that vagina is the unfair thing.

「I’m done, Hime-sama」

「Not yet, there are still Chris’s juices left on my balls」

「… You’re right, I’m sorry」

Turna starts licking my balls with a red face.

I want to stay in this world forever.

「Now then, I should get going.. Eh? I can’t stand up properly」

「Do you need me to cast recovery magic? 」

「Ara, I’ll be counting on you then. I wonder why I can’t stand properly」

Turna gave a reply with her mouth full of my balls.

「You must have strained your lower back. I think it was carrying heavy objects」

「Ara~Ara, did I do something like that?」

「There we go, I’ve casted recovery magic on you」

「Nice, it got better. Well then, I will be heading to a troublesome meeting」

「Have a safe trip」

Chris stood up gracefully and left with her knights that were parked outside.


「Ano.. I really want to suck on it right now, can I, please? 」

Next is Turna’s turn.

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  1. so far MC is avoiding using the Lie Detector skill on Yukari…. just because she says she’s possessive does not mean she’s ‘safe’ from others . . . . especially if there are mind-altering skills present in that world

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    1. “weird turn”

      No kidding. Whiplash inducing, too.

      Chapter 5:
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      Chapter 6:
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      1. To me it feels like the mc only loves yukari and love talks chris bcus shes weak from those attacks.

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