Chapter 5

Christina 1

I am robbed of my own body.

Just like yesterday, my hands are bound tightly behind my back with ropes.

One of the princess’s knights, Greydia, is looking at me as if I killed her parents, while pointing the sharp edge of a well-crafted sword at me.

「I’ll cut off your big cock if you make me angry 」

She’s been saying the same words over and over again.

The princess and her knights are watching this with a grin on their faces.

Even though I was just thrusting like I was told, she has a grudge on me for some reason.

I wonder if she only thinks of people as “fap materials” to get her off.

No, maybe something like a vibrator?

「After Hime-sama finishes, I would also like to have a turn to give it a try… 」

「Sure, I don’t mind」

「Then, we shall take turns at him until he runs out of stamina」

「Do you think I’ll get two skills if I go for two rounds with him? 」

「If that is the case.. we must do it a lot or we’re missing out」

The “O-ho-ho-ho-ho” type of vulgar laughs continues.

Now then, I suppose I should remember the names of the ones who are going to violate me.

I will use『Appraisal』 on them in order to never forget. Like a lawyer from somewhere says; I will be paying them back double for this someday.


Christina =REAL= Almeria

A princess with blonde hair.

You could say she’s the crystallization of beauty. White skin with soft-looking breasts, a pleasant feast to the eyes.

Her looks show how well she was brought up, but there’s something off about this woman.

Her status shows she is the highest among the people here, she also possesses the skill 『Appraisal』.



She is the woman that I played with yesterday. I am very thankful to her for giving me a mantle in my time of need, she really saved me.

However, she is a very strong and violent enemy.

She has brown colored hair with a short bob hairstyle.

A complete beauty with a tom-boyish feeling to her. She looks like she doesn’t have much in the chest area but that might not be the case under her knight armor.

Her status shows… well, it looks like she’s a meathead.

She has the skill 『Talent of Wind』.


Mira = Shusted 

A dignified looking knight with black hair. Thin body line giving a slender impression, crying is her special characteristic.

She gives bad fellatio, a girl who used teeth.

Her statuses are nowhere near high, and she has no skills at all.



A female warrior with red hair that gives off a very tough feeling .

I could be sent flying like a cannon ball if she hits me.

She has muscles all the way to her chest; that’s the type of status she has.

The skill she has is 『Physical reinforcement I』.


Turna= Milanjol

She has light-brown colored hair that looks really smooth.

A relative of Balga judging from her name?

They look completely different from each other though, she is a total “lolita” girl; a cute girl who ties her hair back.

She looks to be the youngest of the pack, maybe around the age of a junior high student? Probably very close to Nanari.

Her status shows she is extremely high in the intelligence area.. About three times as high as the princess who has the highest status overall.

She has the skill 『Genius』, that’s a skill I definitely want to have, so I’ll touch her later to get it from her.


Anyhow, this is like a scene out of an ero-manga where a group of young ladies toy with a helpless male.

They are definitely enjoying this.

Princess, Mantle, Mira, Gorilla, Genius… I’ll remember all of you.

Someday, I will put you through the same bitter experiences you have given me.

Just as I got the determination to have my revenge, I was wrapped in a white cloth all around again and thrown onto the bed.


「Now then, let’s get started. Someone get this man’s thing ready」


They took out my penis like a bunch of terrorists bullying me.

「Hm, how was this done again yesterday?」

The princess touches my penis gently with her hands and starts rubbing the skin back and forth.

This sensation is not possible from gloves. I thought she would be wearing her gloves again, but that wasn’t the case.

「Hime-sama is so good at this. It keeps getting bigger and bigger」

「What a disappointing thing, does he have no shame? 」

「There is no man who wouldn’t get big getting touched by Hime-sama」

「Ara, thank you for the compliment」

The dry rubbing sound of our skin echoes throughout the room.

「Is it ready yet? 」

「No, Hime-sama must go through the proper preparation as well, the sexual act can’t be done if your vagina isn’t wet」

「As expected from Greydia, words spoken from experience. Then, please wet it for me」


I hear faint sounds of water echoing.

Noisy chattering sounds can also be heard around me, but I have no idea what they are talking about or what’s going to happen to me.

「Hime-sama, how is it? 」

「Hm, a little ticklish and not much else? 」

「Please use my saliva as lubricant then」

「I’m counting on you, Greydia」


And the sounds of water echoed again.

「Here you go Hime-sama, go ahead 」

Apparently, her preparation just finished, and now they are letting me wait.

「Ara, isn’t this thing bigger than it was yesterday? 」

「This man probably got even more excited thinking that he’s going to be Hime-sama’s first time」

「Maa~, I guess that’s fine. My father said the first time doing this would just be a pain」

「Oh, your majesty said that? 」

「Yes, that’s why I want to get this over with as soon as possible, ugh」

My penis is hitting a wall right now, the hole isn’t there.

The princess is struggling really hard to fit my penis in there, but despite how hard she’s trying, it just wasn’t going in.

Then someone grabbed my penis.

「Ara, thank you, Turna」

「No need to thank me, Hime-sama. Please sit down on it like that」


It was entering with a slimy feeling, then it stopped, meeting some resistance.

「It’s going to hurt a little, but at this angle the pain should disappear in a moment and be replaced by pleasure」

「If Turna says so, then there should be no problem」

「In short, considering the shape of the vagina and the shape of the penis, one can conclude that in order to enjoy it the first time with men you have to allow him to pop your cherry cleanly. 」

「I’ll give it a shot…Ei」

The princess drops down in one go to pop her cherry.

「How is it? Does it hurt a lot? 」

「No. There’s no problem」


「Thank you. What should I do at this point? I only saw him move involuntarily yesterday」

「Oi, you, start moving」

Hmm, what is this super swelling pussy? it’s like… a living thing.

「Didn’t you hear me?! Start moving! 」

I start thrusting according to their command.

「Are you messing around?! It was much more amazing yesterday!」


「Nice Greydia. This feels good」


「Perhaps Hime-sama’s pussy feels too good to him, his movements are resembling the time he was cumming in Greydia」

「Ara, somehow that makes me a little happy. Then, I shall move a little to give you a reward」

The princess moves her hips awkwardly back and forth.

I gave her a pitiful moan.

「*Ah, haa, hha*, it’s just like what Turna was saying. This guy is drowning in this pleasure」

「Horaa, its fine now, let it all out, give me my skills」

「The princess looks like she’s feeling good too」

「*Mmm*, having intercourse with males is not that bad at all. *Nnnn* 」

While she’s enjoying it so much, my hips are about to break.

I take a break from moving, and the princess started moving accordingly instead.

「Something’s wrong, I’m trembling all around 」

「Come on, no need to hold back you know? Just let it out like yesterday」

「A man won’t be able to stand it if you tease him here」

Someone started messing around my anus with their finger, and it stimulated the prostate gland. At that moment, the semen of “skill” was shot out.

「Ahh, amazing, such amazing amount」

「What skill did you get, Hime-sama? 」

「*Nn*, hold on, I can’t… at this moment..yet.. *Nn*」

The trembling princess is near her climax as well.

「You’re more like a slut than a virgin」

That’s what I want to say deep down in my heart, but even though I can’t say it to you directly right now, someday I will.

「Ahhh~, Da~me, I can’t sit on this anymore」

The princess finished taking everything I shot in her, and gives up the bond between our genitals.

I let out a deep breath next to me.

At that moment, my dick was wrapped in something slimy again.

「Ah, not fair」

「First come, first served. Ah~, a dick covered by Hime-sama’s juices」

I don’t know who this is, but she’s quite tight. It feels good.

My cheeks went red for a second from the sudden pleasure, but it’s not like they can see it through this white cloth anyway.

On my waist, the sounds of my dick colliding with their skin continues to echo, and the girls are making a ruckus trying to get me off.

Then the princess’s fascinating words reached my ears.


「Hehe, my『Appraisal』has evolved to『Improved Appraisal』. I can now see things that I couldn’t before. Ara~, so you love Yukari-san huh? But you also love Nanari-san? Ne~, which one do you actually love? *ufufu*」

What is that skill… That’s super scary…

「Somehow our skills are increasing … You’ve got me interested in you now, so tell me what you know, okay? 」

「You better come clean with what you know, it’s for your own good. Don’t you want to live a good life being under the protection of Hime-sama? 」

「Good job pressuring him, Turna」

I let out a sigh.

「Is there even a choice for me? 」

「*ufufu*, of course there isn’t」

Even now, my bottom half is being used as a toy for the female knights.

I don’t have any freedom anyway.

Like they say, In for a penny, in for a pound. I know this is for my own good.

「I will gladly become your power, Hime-sama」

「It saves me lots of trouble for a savage to understand this quickly. Now then, let’s continue in my room. You hear this, everyone? Let’s move」

「Hime-sama, a bit longer please, ahhn, I’m almost there」

「Is that so? Please end it quickly then, this is an order」

「*ha*, ahhhnn」

Turna starts to unwrap the white cloth off me.

An enchanting scene unfolds right in front of my eyes.

A gorilla was bouncing on my waist.


Then I filled the gorilla’s uterus with my white sticky liquid.

Everyone seemed to be envious of the satisfied gorilla.

…These knights are a bunch of perverts.

Now then, it seems I will be going just like this. My student pants are in the corner of the room, but it doesn’t look like they want me to wear them… just arms tied behind my back and lower half still exposed.

We exit following the path of the prison.

I realized that there was no one left in this prison other than the ikemen and I.

On our way out, I noticed one of Yukari’s friends. It’s the magician girl named Izuha-chan.

As soon as Izuha noticed the princess, she hurried to get on one knee and lowered her head.

The princess passed by as if it was natural. Izuha-chan stayed still until the she left our vision.

So, that’s the proper etiquette huh? I’ll remember this.


We passed through the underground, and finally met light.

「We moved quite efficiently」

「Yes, we should be back at Hime-sama’s room during the evening hours」

「Would be good to get there even earlier」

After she said that, she gets in a gorgeous carriage.

Greydia also got on that carriage.

The other knights are swarming around me trying to get on this carriage with elegant designs comparable to the princess’s.

「Get that man over here」


By those words, I was dragged and tossed in the princess’s carriage instead.

「Well then, shall we go? 」


The speed of the carriage is about the same as a child on foot.

We’re moving very slowly.

Whenever we passed by people, they all stopped what they were doing and got on one knee as expected.

The princess paid no attention to such a thing and asked me a question with a smile.

「The first thing I want to ask you is, how do you have the evolved version of the skill 『Appraisal』as well? 『Appraisal』is a very rare skill only people chosen by the royal family could possess. This isn’t a very good skill that you can just randomly have」

「W, What? That’s the same skill as the one Hime-sama has!!」

「Be quiet for a second, Greydia, I’m talking with this man right now」


「So, tell me? Or do you not know? 」

The princess is staring at me with emerald-like eyes.

It felt as if she’s going to see through everything, making my shoulders drop as well.

I couldn’t come up with any reasonable excuses or lies.

However, I should explain this in a way that the people in this world can understand.

I am trying to rehearse how to explain this in my head.

The princess seems to understand my intentions from the look on my face, so she’s giving me time to answer while looking satisfied.

Greydia on the other hand, seems angry with veins popping out because I did not answer immediately.


Hm, I guess it’s something like this.

「I was a priest in my former world. I was given the ability to copy the abilities of others by that God, that’s why I have Hime-sama’s ability 」

「Isn’t that just straight up stealing?! 」

「This ability was taught to me.. but that is correct, it is stealing 」

「…. If you can get the abilities from mating with your partners…Then I guess you also have my『Talent of Wind』」

「Not exactly right, I can get them just by touching」

「…That’s convenient 」

「Hime-sama, we should kill this guy right here!! 」

The princess is silently staring at me with serious eyes while listening to the words of Greydia.

Then, she let out a deep sigh.

At that moment, the atmosphere of the carriage changed.

「…Greydia… This is my first time coming across something like this, I will make use of him」


「I ask you of this, Greydia. Do not let anyone else know of what you’ve heard here, you understand me? 」

「…Y, Yes, Hime-sama」

「I trust you, Greydia. Now then, there are all kinds of ways to use this convenient ability of yours. But first, tell me all you know about your abilities. Greydia, close your ears」

I start telling this princess all I know while feeling a chill down my spine.


I talked about everything I know, but our carriage is sure taking it’s time. We still haven’t reached our destination yet.

Greydia is curled up, still covering her ears.

The princess seems to be digesting my words as she goes into deep thought.

I feel a sense of discomfort coming from her.

Also, I can’t help but think that the treatment coming from the princess to Greydia is strange right now.

In my opinion, their relationship should be one between a lord and a retainer, and also close friends on top of that, but right now it seems unclear to me.

So, I tried using my『Improved Appraisal』on them.

Then I understood with just one look. Just like how the princess can now see who I like from her skill, I can also see the princess’s and Greydia’s relationships with mine.

In short.. Greydia is a spy.

On top of that, I can also see who sent her.

Which means the princess, who can also see her spy status, is treating her as an enemy right now.

Well ,yeah. That’s how it would be if she found out a woman who’s been with her this whole time turned out to be a spy.

No, wait, I wonder if the princess will even throw her out of the carriage.


We went down to the palace without anything happening in the end.

The other female knights got off the carriage and carefully watched the surroundings.

The princess walks forward into the court, along with me that’s being dragged by the gorilla.

The inside the palace is filled with large amounts of glorious decorations.

I wonder how much wealth one can acquire if they were to exploit these.

The princess led us through a side hall.

「Oh, here we are…」

「This way. Ah, you, let that person over there read your memories」

The female knights all have their eyes on me.

I open the door and enter.

「It’s been a long time, Onii-sama」

I see a young man in there.

「Hi, long time no see, Chris. I’m glad you came back. Oh that’s right, I have some delicious sweets, want some?」

「Sure, I’ll be happy to」

Then I arrived at my seat.

The older brother of the princess looked at me for a moment, drew wrinkles between his eyebrows, then looked away. He immediately sent the maid to get the sweets right after.

Now their fun talk begins.

「So, do you need me for something? 」

「As a matter of fact I do. You know how there was a savage that was summoned last year who had four skills? 」

「Ah, right. Did you end up finding out what that mystery skill was? 」

「Nope, I couldn’t understand it, so I thought about checking it with you onii-sama.. It’s been stuck on my mind, please 」

「Wa, I can’t say no if it’s Chris who’s asking me for a favor. Alright, I’ll do anything for a request from my cute little sister」

Seeing the reaction of her older brother, the princess showed a deviate smile.

Then, he grabbed my head like a basketball and started reading my mind.

It seems to be a skill that could judge whether the person he’s questioning is telling the truth or a lie via touching.

Well, it’s pretty much a lie detector.

Just like the questions I was asked in the carriage, I was asked those types of questions which I had no problems answering.


After a long time, the interrogation finally ended.

「Ara, so everything you said in the carriage was true」

「Yup, I have not lied to you」

「That, is a lie」

Chi. (noise of clicking his tongue)

My interview with the princess’s brother is now over.

A sticky kiss of gratitude seems to be the practice of this world. Hm, do they use tongues even between siblings?

But it looks like her brother didn’t get hard from it. The princess waved her hands to say goodbye to him happily like a child afterwards.

Next, we arrived at the princess’s room.

「I’d like to try out the skills we gained, can you do that? 」

「Yes, I can 」

「Well then, you know what to do」


With that being said, Greydia comes forth.

How dignified.

I will be answering in a straight forward manner to tell if she’s telling the truth or a lie.

But Greydia didn’t tell any lies and only said the truth.

「Well then, is it true that my dear uncle sent you as my escort for security and surveillance purposes?   」

「That’s right, I was instructed to do so in order to not have the other political factions influence you, the princess」

「She’s telling the truth 」

「Oh, there is no problem then. Let’s keep on getting along well, Greydia」

「Oh Hime-sama, thank you. There are not enough words to express my gratitude」

「It’s the truth」

This lie detecting skill is quite useful.

Let’s try it on Yukari next time to hear her say she loves me.

No, wait, it might be fun to get her to say she hates me first.

「Well, let’s call it a day, I am kind of tired. Greydia, go get some rest as well」

When I look at the princess with my 『Appraisal』, Greydia is listed back under her “friends” category.

She is a very decisive person.

Receiving the princess’s orders, the band of female knights dismissed themselves.

There’s only the princess, three maids, and I remaining.

One of the maids takes the princess’s clothes to wash, with two others changing princess’s clothes for her.

The princess transformed into a nightgown in no time.

「Put that man in some decent clothes」

By the princess’s orders, the maids took my clothes off and changed me into something noble-like.

「It really shows if you put someone in different clothes, doesn’t it? Come here, let’s talk while going to sleep」

We took it to the bed and entered the futon together. It’s so fluffy.

Looking at the maids, they are showing an expression saying it’s no concern of theirs, so I guess there’s no problem.

「Ne~,  Use 『Appraisal』on me and tell me who I like」

Hmm. In writing I see there’s a slave #1 listed in there.

「Is this slave #1 referring to me? 」

「Because~, it’s so hard to memorize names. Try using 『Appraisal』again」

What the? When I looked at her again, there was the name of her older brother written there instead.

「Ehhh? 」

「*ufufu*,  skills are something of this degree, remember this well. Liquid information like that can be rewritten quickly. For example, if your physical conditions are bad, your physical status will drop accordingly; but for the mental information, it can become a matter of truth by controlling your own thoughts」

Oh, that makes sense.

「I’ll teach you things like these, and you can teach me what you know. We can get to know each other more in the process, surely we can build a good relationship with each other. I will use you, you can also use me. Well? How about it? 」

「Well then, there is one thing that I want to know」

「If I can answer it, I will」

「Why the hell were we summoned to this world? 」

Oops. I asked with a harsh tone.

「…Ah… that….Well…Well, I can tell you about it」

「Can I touch your head? 」

「You think I will tell you a lie? 」

「Just in case」

「…Go ahead」

A small head that you can almost hold with one hand.

「Summoning people from different worlds… is a policy magicians have come up with. They have done this in order to overcome this world’s current situation by attempting to ask for a better race」

「To overcome this world’s current situation? 」

「Ara, you didn’t know? In this world, there’s an epidemic of demons. The lands we humans can live in are diminishing, and our whole race is at war with the demons」

「Ah, Yukari did tell me that she’s fighting as well」

「Magic users are priceless, she saved so many since she joined us. Shall I bring you a little data as well? 」

The princess gives some instructions to the maids.

Then the maids brought in some reference materials, and the princess spread them out and began to explain.

「This here, Ara~, Yukari-san is amazing. This is our first year of great success」

「I’m sorry, I can’t read the letters of this world yet」

「Hehe, I’ll read it out for you」

There was a record of Yukari who fought fiercely without even having time to sleep.

「What is this red star? 」

「This indicates the number of those who passed away in the war. About this many will die everyday… But our biggest problem is our source of food. With our territory getting smaller and smaller, it becomes harder and harder to get by. There are more people who starve to death than dying in battle」

Somehow, it sounds like we are in the terminal stage of the war.

While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to slaughter those who were summoned without possessing any skills.

But still… No matter how greedy they shouldn’t be, I.. I still can’t criticize them about it.

「This world is in a tough spot. Something has to be done no matter what it is」

「It really makes me feel better hearing you say that. Now then, I want a second skill right away」

「Yes. Leave it to me」

I touch the princess’s chest softly.

Upon seeing that, the maids quickly left the room.

「I just want you to pour it inside of me though」

「You’re right, sorry about that」

I touch the princess’s vaginal area. It’s dry without much of a complexion.

I decide to give it a few licks.

It’s probably because she keeps herself clean, there’s no smell of a woman there.

I wonder if there’s a faint smell of ammonia, it’s a fresh natural smell.

I put my mouth on it and start licking it slowly.

「It’s different to how Greydia prepares it *Nnn*」

I start flicking the clitoris with my tongue at high speed.

It seems this is a highly erogenous zone for her.

Well, there’s no woman who doesn’t have a weakness there.

「*Nn* What?* Hann*」

I insert a finger in her vagina next, gently rub her shallow parts inside.

By attacking her clitoris and vagina simultaneously, the princess squirms to escape from the pleasure.

I chased the princess who tried to escape to the edge of her bed.

From there, she could only resist with moans and wriggling back and forth.

「*Nn*, you can put it in soon. Ahhn *Nn*」

The princess, who was persistently attacked in the clitoris, climaxed in the first round already.

I grab the princess by her trembling waist to not let her escape in the middle of her climax.

「*Nn*Fine, you can lick me as much as you want, Hii~ya~annn」

I was given permission, so there’s no need to hold back.

The thick, overflowing liquid from her vagina is producing a sweet smell of an erotic woman.

The princess who’s being licked relentlessly is showing signs of annoyance, as if protesting from her impatience.

「Ah, you’re really persistent, mouー」

Even though she was pushing my head to resist, she seems to have easily given up and left herself to pleasure.

「*Nn*, all I wanted was a skill…but…*Nn*」

The princess is trembling again.

Her mouth at the top complains, but her mouth at bottom is panting and it’s demanding even more.

「Slave #1 is a pervert. *Nn*, Ahh, but… *Nn*」

I was thinking about stirring the insides of this princess, who’s out of breath, to make her squirt, but when I pushed two fingers to the base, I remembered.

This pussy swells.

I don’t have that much experience with women. To be clear, the amount of experience I have with women can be said as meager. However, I think this abnormality of swelling pussy can definitely be considered as a “rare instrument”.

After being reminded of it, I take off my trousers with haste and thrust my nearly exploding dick in her.

It could have been too sudden for the princess, who was trembling from 2 of my fingers in her vagina.

「AAAAAAAAAAH, Hya, Ahhhhh」

She screamed out loud.

Her pussy feels truly like a masterpiece that accepts my pole and answers with joy.

「This is dangerous. Just from putting it in, I almost came」

「AAA,AAhh, I can’t go on.. Hyaaa, hold on.. Stop moving, this is an order. It’s going to leak out」

There’s no way I’ll stop after going this far.

I ignore her order and hit her hips.

Then something other than cum leaked out.

Drifting Ammonia odor in the air.

But I didn’t stop my hips.

「Ahh, mouu, listen to what I say, I am.. the first princess Christina, watch yourself; I’ll remember this…」

She can no longer stop the urination while ignoring my pounding.

She is staring at me with scary eyes after she finished urinating. Then those eyes also changed colors with my ejaculation.

「Ahh~, it’s hot…ugh」

It feels so good as I cum in the princess’s pussy..just pouring everything in there and cooling down.

Now then, what’s going to happen next is also important.

I’ll try to smooth talk my way out for the time being.

「Chris was really amazing」

「… Even if you suddenly call me by my name, my orders are absolute. People who don’t obey will be punished」

The princess grabbed me by the nipples and pulled down.


「The next time will be much more severe」

She looked pretty angry, but her ears are .. somewhat red…hmm.

I will use 『Appraisal』on her.

And confirm who Christina likes.

Hehe. I won.

I cuddle close to Chris and hug her.

She didn’t resist as expected.

Then I whisper in her ears.

「I love you, Chris」

「…That’s not fair」

From the words of Chris, it confirmed what I saw just now was correct.

Then she stared at me with her beautiful eyes and sighed.

「You say that to everyone you had sex with huh」

「I think those feelings are mutual though」

「It really is a problem when you can’t tell someone’s lying. I heard stories about people falling in love from pleasure alone, but I didn’t think it would happen to me. Besides that, my skills have not increased.. I wasted my body in vain」

「Maybe it will increase if we do it one more time? 」

Chris stares at me in wonder.

Then after an expression of worry, she smiled.

「I will punish you if my skill don’t increase after that, okay? 」

I can tell she just told a lie.

Now then, let me enjoy the princess’s “rare instrument” again.



Let me insist on something since this is very important.

I’m “safe” because I’m only cheating with my body.

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      1. He haven’t really shown any emotional and psychological reaction that comes with it, so I’m not convince.


      1. This. Even if Yukari had the money to buy him, the Princess would NEVER let him go willingly.


  2. lol, if the princess doesn’t unlock skill anymore then she is definitely only has one talent and that was why the first time they had sex, her skill got an upgrade instead of unlocking new skill.


  3. Regarding the three skills of Takuma, i have a feeling that they work like this somehow (all the skills most likely have the common effect of either giving a new skill or upgrading an existing skill),

    『Skill awakening』 – activates when a women gets creampie’d for the first time by him.
    『First skill awakening』 – activates when a women gets impregnated by him.
    『Second skill awakening』 – activates during the final month of pregnancy or upon giving birth.

    As for his 4th skill, its a lot confusing for me.
    On one hand it says that he has to use his hand to touch the other person to copy the skill, but on the other side, there was no mention of him touching Chris’s brother by hand nor did he touch Chris later on before getting on the carriage. So, how did Takuma end up getting the Lie Detection skill or the upgrade of skill 『Appraisal』 (aka., 『Improved Appraisal』).
    Also, why isn’t there any mention of Takuma possibly getting the 3 skills from Nanari? I mean both of them spent nearly 9+ months together, so Takuma had plenty of time to touch her. Does it mean that Nanari at that moment wasn’t considered strong even after getting 3 skills?


    1. I think it’s assumed that he touched them because of how their conversations went so the author probabaly omitted the specific part of the action but I too wondered why there’s no mention of him having Nanari’s skills so far. Maybe there will be a reason later, we shall find out~


  4. I guess that maybe the next one to do Takuma would be the Queen (aka., Chris’s mother?), since there was already mention of her being beautiful.

    Also i get the feeling that Takuma’s classmate (the girls from his class) might try to also do it with him (with Yukari’s help maybe?), especially if they know regarding Nanari’s case (i.e., Slave being promoted to Noble, because of giving birth to a child with many skills). None of them would want to stay as a Slave for long, would they and the only option to avoid that is to give birth to a child with good skills. Also the Kingdom would want as many possible warriors with skills as possible.

    And most likely almost all of Takuma’s children would be girls (maybe only Yukari would give birth to a boy out of all the girls Takuma impregnates). And with the way Chris and his brother acted in this chapter, i wouldn’t put it past the chance of there being some Incest sex between Takuma and his daughters later down the road.


    1. “Also i get the feeling that Takuma’s classmate (the girls from his class) might try to also do it with him (with Yukari’s help maybe?), especially if they know regarding Nanari’s case (i.e., Slave being promoted to Noble, because of giving birth to a child with many skills). None of them would want to stay as a Slave for long, would they and the only option to avoid that is to give birth to a child with good skills. Also the Kingdom would want as many possible warriors with skills as possible.”

      According to the description on NU:
      “After the whole class was summoned to another world it was not fantasy that awaited them. What awaited them was a cruel dark fantasy where humanity on the brink of destruction by the outbreak of monsters everywhere. All males without high status and skills were disposed of with only two boys surviving that. All females without high status and skills were turned to Sex Slaves with only one girl surviving that.”

      In a previous chapter, Yukari mentioned that she bought the other girl already who was being used as a sex slave (and she was, she was already pregnant). According to this, that means that Yukari and her were the only ones still living and thus all the girls are “freed.” So only Takuma and the pretty boy who enjoys raping/beating women are left alive and not imprisioned. I have a feeling Forgettable-kun is going to be killed off in the future. We’ve rarely seen even a mention of him lately.


  5. “While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to slaughter those who were summoned without possessing any skills.”
    “But still… No matter how greedy they shouldn’t be, I.. I still can’t criticize them about it. [Yes, dude, yes you can and you SHOULD.]”
    “This world is in a tough spot. Something has to be done no matter what it is”
    “I love you, Chris.”

    Stockholm Syndrome/Mind Break finally confirmed. I’m going to be disappointed if later down the road he doesn’t stab this bitch in the back.


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