Chapter 4

Greydia 1

I don’t know if this is related to having had sex with Yukari.

Somehow, flames have come out of my hand.

「What is that? 」

My next door acquaintance asked me an obvious question.

To answer briefly,


「I see, the magic spell of the lowest fire attributes huh?  」

「Somehow I understood how to use this spell 」

「Teach me as well」


「Think of something to do with flames」


「And then you materialize the flame !!」

The ikemen shows me a look full of doubt.

「You can do this」


The ikemen seems to have no aptitude for this; the magic of fire.

This is no doubt a very convenient magic because it brings warmth, but using it makes me awfully hungry.

Let’s only use this during a case of emergency.

It seems like Yukari’s skill 『Talent of Flame』probably has something to do with this.

「Nope. I can’t do this」

「I’m starting to get really hungry, so I’m going to stop doing this now」

「It’s probably a good idea to stop then」

Yeah, or else I’ll starve to death.

Now then, there’s something much more important going on right now that concerns me.

That is, the opposite side of the cage I live in is currently being renovated.

At first glance, the cell bars were taken out and a new room was made.

I then asked the knight person that I knew about it.

「It’s your new work place. It seems like high class nobles are going to visit you as well. You can’t be doing your business in that dump of a cell」

「Shouldn’t that much be expected? 」

「You are unworthy of this,  you should be thankful」

Hmm. This is bad, it’s like it’s already been decided that I’m going to be cheating on Yukari already.

Well, a wise man once said that having affairs is also a type of culture, and my heart tells me that there’s no problem with that.

Hearing that the guests will be beautiful women also pumps my mood up.

My working area is now done renovating, and my first job approached.

It was this bitch.

If that woman shook her head sideways, my friends’ heads flew off. If she nodded, the other person became a slave.

Name unknown, with an appearance resembling goddess-like beauty in blonde hair.

「Nice to meet you 」

That person spoke to me with an honest tone.

I couldn’t believe her at all.

「You Insolent fool!!」

Suddenly said the female knight who lost her temper, the same person who ignores me normally, and also the one who gave me that mantle.

She glares at me so hard as if she’s ready to kill me at any moment.

I thought about what I should have done, and I got on one knee for the time being.

「Should have done that since the beginning!! 」

「It’s fine, Greydia. It’s just a savage in the end. No need to make a fuss over it」

「*ha*」(warcry sound meaning yes/acknowledged)

I think the average Japanese citizens are definitely more educated than you, but I guess it’s silly to think about it.

Oh, I just realized why this woman is here.

I unintentionally stared at her face….Yup, she’s stunningly beautiful.

Perhaps I will have to embrace this woman and impregnate her?

This princess?!

Is that even possible?


「You are being rude」

I was hit in the back of the head by something.

I fell to the floor, and my head was stepped on by a different knight other than Greydia. I see , there are currently four female knights in this room right now.

「Hime-sama, let’s kill this fool. To be worshipping your looks without permission, he deserves certain death」(Hime pronounced He-may; how retainers address princess)

「I agree as well」

「You guys need to calm down. This man is of an excellent species that holds four skills that I have never seen before. Killing him here would be a waste」


「I understand where you guys are coming from, but this is something I’ve decided on after giving thorough thoughts, so stand down」


「『Skill awakening』, 『First skill awakening』, 『Second skill awakening』, and this unnecessary long skill that I can’t read. I don’t know what all this means, but Nanari, who originally didn’t possess any skills learned 『Talent of Sword』, 『Talent of Spear』, 『Talent of Bow』and her child inherited all those. If all these are from this man’s ability, I too should reap these benefits. Wouldn’t you agree? 」

「All these skills from a guy like this…」

Greydia swallowed her own spit.

「That’s why, everyone should see it; the moment when I have a child」

I’m still being stepped on, while forced to be in a dogeza position.  (dogeza = Orz )

Now then, I think I understand the skills I have so far. I also seem to have an idea as to how I got these skills.

My grandpa was kind of a big shot in a Shinto shrine as a priest. Before all this happened, I was still in the middle of receiving serious training under him because he wanted me to be the next successor priest of the shrine.

Of course, I didn’t want to become something like that. So I tried my hardest to escape with every opportunity, bearing my college life in mind.

The shrine my grandpa works at is one that blooms talents to worshippers, mostly very popular among young folks.

This relationship I have to the shrine might be why I have these skills.

Then, a knight grabbed me by my hair and lifted up my face.

「Know your place and just thrust your hips to satisfy Hime-sama, you understand me?! 」

「Rather than that, can you show me that unreadable long skill that I have instead? …*Guhh*」

Suddenly, the back of my head was being stepped on again.

By someone with a gorgeous leg.

「Hime-sama!!! 」

「Maa, why not. You might be able to understand something that I didn’t. Now then, look in the crystal and tell me what you learn」

I saw the projection in the crystal.

『As my faithful that were invited to this world, please grant as much power to the fated in this soon fallen world. This hand you have has the power to copy the powers of the strong. By touching them, you will able to copy their magic and skills. Everything will perish in this world but give it your best shot.』

Hmm. The god of our shrine.

It’s a god that whimsically grants people talents. Well, that’s why it’s known as the shrine that blooms talents.

I remember one time a worshipper came to our shrine and prayed; 「Thanks to you, I was able to become a soccer player」.I see now that he wasn’t lying.

Even so, it’s a mystery why I have a message as a skill name.

「So, what did you learn? 」

「I didn’t understand anything, couldn’t read the writing at all」

「Is that so? that’s too bad」

There’s no way I would tell her what I know.

Although the knight’s gaze kind of hurts, I will try touching the princess to obtain the skill of『 Appraisal』 from her in the time being.

Then, the moment I gently touched her arm, I saw the look in the princess’s eyes, as if she was looking straight at trash.

「I feel like it’s better to kill you as well」

That’s what her eyes were telling me.

Then I took off my hand that was touching her arm, and she went back to the smile she originally had.

I will check next time, whether the skill of 『Appraisal』will work.

Now once again, the love affair restarted.

Even though it started, there’s really no “love” in this “love affair”.

I am currently wrapped up in a white cloth.

This form I have.. Am I a white dakimakura? (body-sized pillows)

Only the area of my crotch had a hole opened up, with my penis served out.

「This is big isn’t it?」

「Is it really that big?」

「Yes, this is no doubt the thickest one among what I experienced so far. I have only accepted something similar in length」

「There’s no way this can enter me. I am kind of small down there 」

「Ara~, to that extent? 」

「This is Hime-sama’s first time isn’t it? 」

「Yeah, it’s my first time seeing it. What a grotesque thing this is. Somebody, try it」

「Alright, I will try touching it. ..This thing is fevering」

「Hey! I also want to touch it. Why do you keep fidgeting around? 」

「That’s what a guy is like」

「Greydia has done a lot of this kind of stuff when you were caught by enemy soldiers right? How should I do this? 」

「*ha*, then I shall offer you my guidance, Hime-sama」

「How reliable」

That was an awful conversation, but I got excited from it.

My penis was being used as a woman’s toy, as they played with it using their hands and mouth.


「*Nha*, Hime-sama, can you see this? This here is where you stick it in」

「I see it, Greydia」

「And then… Hey you, move your hips」

I am a vibrator.

Switching the power on.

「Nha, this is amazing, Ah~hhhnn」

「Hime-sama, does this mean Greydia’s skills increased? 」

「Oh, that’s right. I should confirm it」

「An~ Stop, no more~*Nnn*, listen to what I’m saying, ahh!」

Greydia’s vagina is tight, but a good tight. It’s probably because she’s a knight.

The amount of love juice flowing out from her is also just right, making me feel very good.

Greydia is bouncing on my waist without trying to escape at all. She’s telling me to stop but she’s actually enjoying the pleasure. This woman.. hasn’t been trained at all.

I kept pushing from the bottom for a long time.


「Look at Greydia’s expression」

「She’s trembling and drooling…」

「Looks like she felt really good… 」

「Yeh.. but her skills are… not increasing? 」

「Greydia didn’t have any skills before right」

「Nope, she still doesn’t have any」

「Ah~h~hh, somebody help me, this is driving me crazy」

「Greydia, take in that man’s semen as it is. Let me confirm if your skills will increase like that」

「Y, Yes, Hime-samaーH, hurry up, ahh, let it out, ahhh」

I’ve been patiently thrusting with technique, but the pleasure of her convulsing pussy put me almost to my limit.

At the same time as the female knight begged, white liquid was fired out violently inside of her.

「Uuuu, the mongrel’s… THE MONGREL’S SEEDS ARE POURING IN, Uuuuuuu」

「Hime-sama, how is she now? 」

「..She gained the magic 『Talent of Wind』」

The team of female knights started to chatter among themselves.

However, I was still full of hunger from using fire magic. I don’t think my penis will recover right away after shooting my load in the female knight.

She’s covered in pure whiteness in front of me, oh well.

「Ara, it’s shrinking? 」

「Hime-sama, once males are done ejaculating, it takes a while for it to revive」

「Oh really? 」

「That’s how it is. Greydia’s eyes are rolled back as well. Let’s do this another time」

「Alright, I understand, but Mira doesn’t look like she wants to give up」

If this Mira is the person who’s currently sucking my dick right now, then she really doesn’t know how her teeth work.

「*Puha*, I heard that men get bigger when they get sucked off… No, I know they do. I also want some skills…. 」

「But something’s not right.. I was told by Nanari that he was a man who swung his hips all day」

「I think it’s because we’re too attractive, so he let it all out at once 」

「Well, it looks to be that way. Let’s continue this tomorrow. You guys can watch me try this tomorrow」

「Hime-sama, that’s not fair」

「It is my privilege as royalty. This is an order」


「Someone carry Greydia on the way out. This is not a pleasant sight」

The princess’s group left together while chattering and giggling.

I was left in the room, still wrapped up in a white cloth.


It was Yukari who came to help me.

「Don’t cry anymore, it’s going to be alright」

「Who knows what would have happened if you didn’t come see me two days in a row.. Uuuu *sob*」

「Ah, there, there」

Those people are definitely my enemies. I will never forgive them.

「I bought some bread for you today. Look, you are getting so skinny, how can I not worry about you」

「Thank you. This seriously makes me happy」

「Share some with me too」

「Later I will」


In the conversation between me and neighbour-san, Yukari’s eyes are showing a confused look.

「Eh? Did Ogawa-kun always live there? 」

「I’ve always been living here」

Yukari’s face turned as red as an octopus after she heard that.

She started trembling from embarrassment, then hugged on to me as if trying to escape.

Teary eyes, with a face full of shame.

It seems Yukari couldn’t stand the embarrassment of the fact that the whole event yesterday was being witnessed.

「Sorry, I should have said something about it, but I really wanted to be together with you at the time」

I said that with a look of a sad housedog. Ouuuuuu.

「I was sleeping so I didn’t see most of it. There’s no need to worry though because we are as close as two peas in a pod」

「No, I don’t remember being as close as that with you」

「Ehh? 」

「Don’t “Ehh” me, it’s not like that at all」

The ikemen showed a face which I have never seen before.

It seems he really meant it when he said it… I’ve said something mean.

However, It’s good that Yukari was given peace of mind from his words.

「Then, tell me from which point on did you started watching us? 」

I asked that question with a serious look.

「I think it was from when you started getting your nose hair cut」

Hearing that, Yukari suddenly crouched down.

「Yukari-chan had a hard time enduring the pain, I was moved by it」


Yukari cried out while blocking her ears.

Ikemen, you are someone who always couldn’t read the mood.

So for now, I will give him half of the bread to shut him up.

Of course, I’m shutting myself up as well.

However, I must replenish my dose of Yukari, so I took her to the farthest place from the ikemen to cuddle with her.

It’s so cute that her ears are so red.

「but I won’t do “that” here anymore」

「Oh, right. How about we just cuddle? 」

「That sounds good」

「Alright then, that already makes me feel happy」

Only time will tell after that.

When Yukari’s face retook the color of scarlet red, she asked me to make-out with her in the “work room”.

Of course, I agreed to that.

Since we went through the trouble of going to the room after all, we should use it.

「But then it might be impossible to do “that” after all… I still feel very sensitive down there 」

「Ahh, okay. It’s fine. I’m just happy that we’re together 」

「Yeah…but I’ll let you massage my boobs」

「Then, I’m going to massage them now」

「Do it more gently though, I don’t want it to hurt」

「Yes mam」

We spent the rest of the day kissing and massaging. It would have been nice to stay together till the next morning if possible, but Yukari returned home as soon as midnight came; and I went back into my prison cell.

What is this empty, super lonely feeling.

I start falling asleep without minding those feelings.

Then remembering that I will be violated tomorrow, my mood slowly crumbles down.

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    1. This guy reminds me of Rance…. If I remember correctly Rance could power his female party member by doing ecchi things with them, also his children seems inherit his no level cap limit… anyway I have this novel bookmarked

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      1. you are not wrong, but that was more of a secondary ability of his that was awakened to increase the level cap. I believe he was cursed to only have sex with women of a certain level or something. They were implementing a new game play mechanic. And the women who have their level caps increased are reset to level 1 I believe


      2. Yoh scarlet, nice to see you here!
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        I think he’s less unrestrained compared to Rance though it’s a good thing Rance couldn’t copy the skills of his conquests considering he had sex with a demon king ^^


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  2. Was shocked such an erotic novel could have a plot this good. Just have to say my thanks to the translators. “Thank you! Keep up the great work.”


    1. Yes. I have reservations about just how depressing and awful the setting of the novel is, but the translation and editing is top-notch. Thank you, translators/editors, for your work.

      …I just hope at least something eventually good happens in the story and we get something happening (other than the MC being used as a human dildo/livestock to get things with). All I can say is if I get the chance to read about the Princess and the rest of the royal family/nobility dying horrible, painful and slow deaths… well, I’ll keep reading hoping to see that.


  3. Dear god, this is one of the most depressive reads. It’s actually so depressing that even the sexual component of it isn’t exciting. Please, please tell me this isn’t going to be dozens of chapters of this guy just slowly having his mind, soul and body crushed by basically being treated as livestock.

    Just… fuck… I can’t even put my thoughts about this into words. It’s like a mountain slide of shit is just constantly pouring on this guy. Hell, he’s still being intentionally starved! I wouldn’t be surprised if most people, given what has happened and what awaits him would seriously entertain suicide as being preferable to staying in that shithole and in the hellish existence.

    I’m sure someone will probably think of replying “hurr durr, but he gets to have sex with women” – but lemme stop you right there. Sex, especially orgasm, is a fleeting release when about the 98% of the rest of your existence is being starved, beaten, treated like shit, quasi-raped as a human dildo, betrayed by people you loved/trusted (and, yes, Nanari can go to hell by how quickly she tossed him away after becoming a noble) and generally being left to rot in sexual slavery in a mind-numbingly boring dungeon. And, oh yeah, let’s not forget the awesome perk of being threatened with constant death. I think even a stereotypical Japanese male masochist would have a difficult time maintaining a boner in such a depressive and bleak setting.


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    But the other major concern for slave owners is rebellion. Since he gets hungry from using the flame skill, this tells me that his body’s food stores is what he uses for MP. So the idea here is that they are depriving talented, skill holding slaves from getting MP. Of course, all slaves are treated like this because of the risk of ‘were we not supposed to feed the guy in cell A, or B?’… and also because having the practice at all breaks the reluctance to do it at all- thus they feel fine starving everyone.


  5. I don’t understand why people are angry. The god that watches over MC’s family in Japan basically said the world MC is currently living in seems to be ending so MC’s duty seems to be producing children with hero potential to save the world.

    From the prologue, MC was only close to his childhood friend as well. He didn’t really care about his other classmates.

    Besides, MC’s is fulfilling his purpose as a human. All animals on earth basically sleep, eat, and breed.


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