Chapter 3

Oda Yukari 1

These days with Nanari gone, I find myself trembling with loneliness.

There’s no one to talk to, no one to get me laid.

I now fully realize how important she was to me, though there’s nothing I can do as the days go by.

I’ll take this time off to train my body.

Remembering from a training program on TV, I started doing push ups with my elbows instead of my hands. By maintaining the position during the repetition, one could break their abdominal muscles down with the weight pressure.

At first, one starts off by holding for twenty seconds, gradually increasing the time to four minutes. It’s an exercise that works wonders which could give you a tight six pack.

However, this exercise has one fatal flaw, which is its simple intensity.

Ten days after I lost Nanari.

I managed to clear up to the thirty second mark, but I don’t feel like I will get it up to four minutes in two months.

I started this back when I was junior high students with Yukari; the two of us experiencing setbacks together.

As humans don’t easily change, I am already feeling the frustration. Well, no pain, no gain.

This time I feel responsible to myself to stick with it and not give up again.


While I’m in the middle of training, in the neighbouring cell next to mine, the ikemen was just given a new girl since the oba-san is gone.

A chest-nut brown hair with slave clothes. None of her areas stick out on her body, with a baby face that looks young.

But from what I can see, the wrinkles on her hands indicate that she might be older than she looks?

The ikemen gladly taps the back of a woman like that.

There’s no fondling, or any hand foreplays. Just suddenly thrusting it in and shaking his waist.

The woman seems to be in pain. Then when he quickly ejaculated, he walked back towards me.

The ikemen said one word.


I thought that was a rude thing to say. But well, considering that our visitors are people made to be birth machines.. the term “loose” would an accurate description.

I change the topic, as continuing this conversation is meaningless.

「Nevertheless, It’s quite boring here. What’s there to do? 」

「I know, right?, there’s neither games, manga, or TV.  Having moved my body around suppressed my hunger and now I’ll go to sleep. Good night」

「Recently, I’ve been sleeping all the time too」

It seems he could no longer hear my words. The ikemen fell asleep in an instant.

I too want to master that technique.

I guess I’ll look around and examine the blocks of stones and wall.

As it gets deeper into the night, sounds of insects scratching and biting on tree branches and leaves could be heard.

I hear footsteps approaching.

「Thank you so much」

「There’s no need to thank me, as you’ve paid enough. Go ahead. 」

One side is the voice of the knight who guards the prison.

The other side is the nostalgic voice of an old childhood friend.

Hearing that voice, I start to wake up on my nice and chilly floor.

My heartbeats start to accelerate.

Sounds of keys unlocking the prison door can be heard.

By the starlight shining in, I finally confirmed the face of the person with the voice.

Oda Yukari.

「Oh, you were still awake? 」

「I took a nap in the afternoon, couldn’t really sleep yet」

「Oho? living a pretty good life to be able to nap in the afternoons」

「Is that how it looks? 」

Yukari looks at the surroundings.

There are buildings of stone and bars of iron.

There is me.

There is a mantle too I guess?


「It’s okay, this still seems to be better than class. I’m alive and I’m able to eat too. On top of that, I can meet my favourite childhood friend once in a while」

Yukari did not respond to my cheeky remark.

I realized I said something really insensitive and I started to reflect on my words.

Yukari didn’t say anything and just gently sat down.

She’s right next to me, about an arm’s reach apart.

「I heard from Izuha」

Izuha, must be the name of the magician girl.

「That you got abandoned by her」

「I guess you could put it that way」

「I heard you were crying everyday」

「I wasn’t crying. I’m happy if the woman I once loved is happy」

This was the advice of the guy in the neighbouring cell too.

After a while, I thought maybe he’s right and started thinking like that as well.

That’s why I wasn’t telling a lie.

「A slave entering the ranks of nobility. It’s been the big gossip outside, an amazing Cinderella story. 」

「Is that so」

「Forget about her. I think that’s the best for you. True love between nobles and plebeian lovers is not going to workout」

「Is that so?」

「That’s how it is」

「Did you come all the way here just to say that? 」

Yukari knows that I’m something like a “breeding horse” right now.. it’s been a nice talk about Nanari.. but I bet there’s plenty more to come.

Then Yukari said something.

「I..Um..I think I’ll buy you after all」


「Whether it be a lover or a sex slave, if you have the money you can buy it all. I will work hard and try to buy everyone out」

「Buying everyone? 」

「Yup, humans are rather cheap. I actually already bought one of my friends out」

「Taketatsu Naomi? 」

「Yup I bought Naomi. I would say the time it took to make that money felt equivalent to making around 398,000 Japanese yen」(around 3500 USD)

The price of human comes cheap huh.

Well, it depends on how much Yukari can pay.

「Was Naomi-chan Pregnant? 」

「Ah, yeah. She’s going to be in labor soon」

As I thought, the girls in class are treated just like Nanari.

「… Just so you know, I’m still inexperienced.. 」

「I see, that’s good」

With those words, Yukari closed the distance between us.

Our shoulders are touching.

「I want to buy you…but somehow the price is really high, it will take some time.. so this might be the last time we see each other. I’m sorry」

「How much do I cost? 」

「Right now, you’re about 500 gold coins, but my teacher says the price will still go up」

「How much do 500 gold coins translate to? 」

「Probably around 500 million yen 」

「Wait what! If I cost 500 million yen I must be treated as quite a big shot 」

「It will take 10 years to make that money as it is. That’s why we couldn’t make that money even with the knowledge we know from our world. It’s where I’m racking my brain」

Being able to make 500 million in 10 years, Yukari can be considered quite successful.

「I see, then I’ll be able to get out of here someday」

「…. That’s what I want to say」

Yukari’s body is slowly leaning on me.

I put my hands on her shoulders.

There’s no actions to refuse from her.

Putting my hands around for a soft embrace, facing her directly.

My dick stood tall like Mount. Fuji.

Yukari whose face was dyed scarlet red, returned to its natural color and bursted out laughing.

「*Puu*, you have a terrible beard growing. Heheh, I can see nose hair too. Mouu, it’s been growing for so long… the mood flown out the window already,── I have scissors on me so let me take care of it」

「Mmm, be my guest? 」

「──You haven’t been grooming yourself right? And you know what? I realized this from a while ago…I didn’t want anyone other than you, so I decided my first time should be with you, Takuma. But I don’t want my first time to be like this. I want you to be properly grooming yourself」

「Un. 」

「Well then, I’m going to work on your nose now okay? 」

Yukari takes out a pair of small scissors, and cuts the nose hair. Every time Yukari moved her hands, the nose hairs fell. Yukari then picked up a strand.

「Look, it’s grown out this long」

「That is long」

「Even though it may take some time, I’ll tidy up your hair as well」

「I’ll leave it to you, thanks」

She’s happily cutting my beard batch by batch as well.

「Are there no shavers in this world? 」

「I do have a razor, but I don’t have it with me」

「My hair’s been on the thin side since long ago」

「I know, right? You still don’t grow much hair and I kind of worry about it」

Hairs and beard are dropping down.

From this face to face distance, I can’t see a bra on from looking down on her valley.

「Just blatantly looking at it huh」

「Your tits are too amazing you know. There isn’t a man who wouldn’t look」

「Maa~, is that how it is? Well, I’ll only allow it for today, cause today’s special okay」

「But your tits are really amazing you know. Are they …soft? 」

I only got permission to see, but my hand moved to grope a feel. Oh, she’s not wearing a bra after all.

Yukari stopped for a few second, then resumed cutting my beard as if nothing’s happening.

No, wait, are her cheeks a bit red?

I start rubbing her tits slowly.

「I don’t feel much from my chest as a girl. Did you just learn something new? 」

It’s been a saying from a long time ago, that girls don’t really climax from their chest being touched.

「It feels good for me though」

Soft and warm. It’s where a man’s Romance live.

Yukari’s plentiful chest that I dreamed of, is now in my hands.

「You may touch it, but don’t hurt it; Naomi-chan was saying that biting on it is the worst」

「Then, following what Naomi-chan says, I won’t hesitate to have fun, okay?」

Yukari is cutting my beard, and I get to massage her chest.

This isn’t what I expected to happen, but it turned out pretty good.

I am desperately holding it in, but my crotch is about to burst open.

「Hm, If I keep using scissors, this will take all day」

「Oh? You panted a bit just now? Did it start to feel a little better? 」

「*Nn*.Un. Actually it did start to feel a little bit better..Ah」

「Hurry up with cutting my beard, I can’t hold on anymore」


Yukari spread the scissors open and uses one like a razor.

「I can do it like this. I will apply some gel with magic. 」

Some gooey gel was dropped and painted onto my face, and with smooth motions she shaves it clean.

「Sheesh, should of done that since the beginning」

I am not hesitating to keep on caressing her tits.

「N~Ha, ah a voice came out, I’m embarrassed」

「It’s not embarrassing though, it’s so good and erotic」

「Hearing that doesn’t make me happy at all..*Nn*」

Our breathing starts to get heavy, and Yukari looks like she wants it.

Her chest is heated up, and the nipples are standing up.

「Ah, I..I’m finally done. Next is the hair..*Nn*」

「I can’t take it anymore」

I sucked into the mouth of Yukari.

Yukari’s body trembled from the impact.

I push my lips and force my tongue in.

「*Nn*, Ahh-n」

I suck up the saliva from Yukari’s mouth, and poured my body fluid in her instead.

「Hmm, *Gulp*, mmm」

Yukari looks as if protesting something with teary eyes, but I heedlessly slide my hand in her private area.

It’s melting in there.

「Yukari’s also been expecting it too」

「B-Baka, don’t say it out loud」

I put my fingers into the vagina of Yukari, whose face is puffed up and looking away.

It’s very narrow there, and it’s tight to even put a finger in.

Then Yukari says this with watery eyes;

「….Please… I don’t want the fingers」

「Oh sorry, it definitely looks like it doesn’t need any foreplay, it’s already flooding there」

「B…Baka.. I said it’s not like that… 」

I pull my fingers out, and got out my pumped and rigid dick. The position is missionary style. Yukari is laying down on the stone floor with a captivated expression on her.

「Relax a bit」

「…. Like this? 」

As I confirmed that Yukari relaxed her hips, I pierced her in one thrust.

At that moment, Yukari’s body squirmed like a shrimp. Having shoved my dick all the way in, I then wait to move to give Yukari time to settle down.

Ah, it seems to be not helping much.

「I..It.. hurts, I thought it was going to be bad..Sorry, but this hurts a lot.. it’s painful」

「I’ll pull it out」

I slowly pull my hips back to check.

It really is red, proof that this was her first time accepting a man. I’m delighted about that.

「Does it still hurt? 」

「It hurt more than I thought..but I can endure it.. come.. 」

「Following those words, I slowly put my hips back to work」

「*Nn*, Nnnn, N,Nn, Ah」

It seems to be more than just pain, tears are still flowing out from Yukari, who is desperately trying to withstand it.

This got me so excited.

「Da~mee, N~a~a~a, slower, slower」

「Sorry, I got excited」

「Un. I’m happy that you’re excited, but it’s my first time. Gently please? Ahh」

「Ah, then, do you want to try riding on it? I heard it might hurt less for the first time」

「Un. I heard about that too. Haha 」

I lift Yukari up who seems to be out of breath, and change our position.

The position shifting process was clumsy, but somehow refreshing.

「Ah, the dick fell out」

「You should put it in again, here」


I get excited from the most obvious reactions.

I wonder what would happen if Nanari saw me and another woman like this. Ah. I thought of another woman while doing this. Damn.

Still feeling attached to her, not good, not good.

The woman in front of me is only feeling me and watching me. I have to answer to that.

I slowly push from below, hitting all the spots inside of Yukari.

Yukari’s body flinched in a funny way.

「Painful? 」

She shakes her head to my words.

However, Yukari falls over on my chest.

「I don’t want to only be connected with our privates;  it hurts, so can you leave it in like that without moving for now? 」

「I really want to do it with Yukari though」

「Then.. let’s do it like this」

I thrust into her while hugging her like this.

The Yukari who’s panting in my arms seems to be far from climax. How do you say it, she seems to be enduring so much pain going through this.

In that case, it would be good to finish this gently and as soon as possible.

Pulling her hips up a little, going up her tight hole.

「*Nnn*, N~a~a, *Nnn*, Nn~a.. *Nn*」

「It’ll be over soon」

Yukari nods to me and cuddles, I respond by embracing her.

Then I move to bury my dick from below and fill the deep insides of Yukari with my semen.

The highest moment came.

「─Ah, It came out. Takuma’s hot load is inside my stomach..I can feel it.. *Nn*」

A large amount of semen dyed Yukari with my color.

With the long and violent ejaculation, I pat and caress the head of Yukari.

「Thanks for working so hard, it felt really good」

「Ah, yeah. I worked really hard. It’s a complicated feeling, but because I’ve finally done it now I feel like I accomplished something big so it’s okay」

「I’m really happy, it’s always been my earnest wish to be able to hold Yukari. It was the best」

「.. I know. I was aware of your feelings since junior high」

Sorry. I always felt that way about you ever since I can remember.

Yukari takes my silence as the answer.

「I came here knowing this. Are you surprised? 」

「Nope, I knew exactly that Yukari wasn’t interested in that type of thing」

「A man is like a child, they get angry easily, only talks when bragging, it’s very hard to deal with」

「What about me? 」

「Takuma is… someone who’s always been with me……a special…I wonder what is it that I like」

I feel the same way. I’ve been in love with you since we been together as if it’s natural to be.

It might be easy to fall in love.

「Hm, I guess I like your gentle side」

「Thank you」

I returned a kiss to thank Yukari. She smiled, happily receiving it.

We held each other until our emotions calmed down.

Then Yukari got up.

「Well, I better get going, tomorrow is an important day to exterminate monsters for work」

「That sounds dangerous」

「I should be fine because the knights and adventurers will protect us. Magic users are rare so I will not die unless we all get wiped out. Besides, dangerous jobs don’t always come around」

「You just said something flag-like and scary… 」(flag like in english is like a jinx)

「Maa~, don’t worry, my level is still low so it’s the most dangerous period regardless… hmm.. somehow I still feel something in my crotch」

With that comment, we called it a day.

Then I lent my shoulder to Yukari and walked her towards the exit, where she heads back outside.

Realizing I finally crossed the line with Yukari, I fall into a daze full of feelings of satisfaction.

Yukari left the cell and locked it.

Then she brought her face closer to the cage. Understanding the meaning of that action, I brought my face closer to hers as well.

Our lips touched, and started sucking each others.

When our lips departed, our faces were still touching.

「I don’t know when the next time we’ll get to see each other will be, but I’ll definitely come again, so don’t cheat okay」

「Roger that」

Were you satisfied by my answer? Yukari goes back looking very happy.

Yukari’s gone and I’m alone in my cage again.

I can really understand the feelings of a house dog waiting for its master’s return right now. The ones that will shake its tail when the master gets close.

When I was thinking about something like this, my friend next door cried out.

「I want to have such an event with my childhood friend too」

「Jealous? 」

「Super jealous」

「You have a childhood friend as well?」

「Yup. Moreover, she came over to this world with us」

If she was a girl that came over here with us then… she would probabaly be pregnant already with another man’s child.

「No worries」

「Ah, Oh well, but at least we’ve come across a little hope」

If Yukari and her team work really hard, we might have a hope of escaping this life.

It’s a good thing to have a shred of hope, although we’re leaving everything to her.


I feel like somethings different.

Feeling strange, I fell asleep while listening to the words of a ikemen who’s suddenly in high spirits.

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