Chapter 2

Nanari 2

Ten days have passed since I started living with Nanari.

During all this time I haven’t heard a single rumor about the girls from the class.

In other words, I’ve only been talking, sleeping, and eating with Nanari. Oh and piling myself on top of her.

I feel like we are animals from a zoo.

However, by mixing Japanese and the language of this world『Abyssgard』, I can somehow hold conversations with Nanari.

Apparently, Nanari has no clue as to what happened to the girls of the class either.

「So, Nanari also doesn’t know anything either huh」

「Sorry I couldn’t be of use to you. I was originally from a hunting tribe before I fell into slavery…that’s why… 」

Is their goal to make people into machines that give birth?

I knew it, they are doing horrible things.

For no good reasons,  Nanari had to give birth to two children in the past. It was a severe treatment every time.

Anything she gave birth to had low status.

Those children automatically became slaves. It’s a given that they will have a harsh life ahead. But somehow I can’t sense any feelings of attachment towards the children from Nanari.

That might be the case if you were forced to give birth.

「Then, the girls in my class…ugh, I guess they… 」

「Cheer up, something good will always happen if you keep on living」

Words of encouragement spoken from experience has quite a different persuasive power.

But when I thought of Yukari being messed around with by other men, my blood started boiling.

「If Nanari gives birth to my child, would you have to move on to embrace another man? 」

「Ah, I wonder. It can be said that it’s normal for people like me to be disposed of depending on the child, so it could very well be good bye」

「..Not like that.. 」

「 I don’t really dislike the act of mercy killing, to die without suffering」

Earlier you were the one to tell me that there are good things ahead if you keep on living.

「And I don’t want to be embraced by other people anymore 」

Nanari makes a face sticking her tongue out for a moment, as if she’s trying to conceal her emotions.

But we don’t have the power to make our own choices.

「That’s why I would love to have a lot of …」

「Nanari is ecchi~」

「Because Takuma here is that amazing . When I find out about such a thing how can I think about anything else」

Yup. We do have pretty good compatibility.

I haven’t been with anyone else though.

「Well, let’s get started」

「Gently please」

I slowly insert it into the mother of two who is looking to have some fun with a junior high student.

「Why do you think they kept me and the ikemen alive?」

*Nnn*, perhaps, maybe,* Nnn*, your status are considered high, *Nnn*, I remember something about rare magics,* Nn*, move a bit slower.. I can’t talk」

「Ah, sorry, my bad」

「*Nnn*, *Kimochiii*,* Nnn*, maybe you possess rare skills inside?*Nnn*, Nooo, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing it gently like that.*Nnn*」

Nanari’s hips are cutely bouncing.

I see. Status, magic, and skills huh.

There must be a lot of men with much higher status than me.

My studies are a bit above average, but  I’m slow on my feet.

My body is big, but I am not super lean.

Although I could be possessing magic or a skill, I don’t know how to use it, is it a really rare skill then?

「Nanari, what kind of magic or skill do you have?」

「Ah, eh? Wha? ah, *Nnn*, *Daa~me*, Ah」

I stopped and waited for the Nanari who was drowning in pleasure, and asked the same question again.

「Hmm, my status are high, but…. the children didn’t inherit any of it.. magic and skills.. none at all」

「Those do sound very attractive to have」

I don’t know if there are really such things inside of us, but it looks like the ikemen is likely to survive. While I’m thinking of these things, Nanari who’s in a cowgirl position, starts moving her hips herself.

Hmm, this feels good and the view is very erotic.

「I think it’s coming soon」

「Un, Fill me up」

Pulling her waist down I push my penis all the way to the most inner place, right into her uterus.

「Ahh, it’s coming in, Takuma’s semen is coming in」

By the way, every time except the first was poured in the uterus.

I again waited for Nanari who’s feeling complete ecstasy on my waist. Then I start asking more questions about the situation.

Recently I’ve only heard her moan..

「Nanari, how long will we be able to keep doing ecchi things together? 」

「*pants*haa, haa, usually in couple days I will be pushed to another narrow cell.. so I will be heading to the man in the next cycle unless I got pregnant」

「Is that so?」

「Maybe you don’t want to hear about other men… 」

Nanari then says with embarrassment,

「I, want to stay here forever.」

「There’s not enough to eat here though」

「It’s like this everywhere. Under these conditions, It’s normal to have hunger confusion and resort to drinking sperm or eating some other things… I have never done it; but our neighbour-san next door.. 」

「…Let’s drop that topic.」

「Ah ,sorry. I was just mumbling off.」

I’m in the middle of isolation from our neighbours because it felt disgusting.

It’s like they’ve become beasts already. I don’t want to be like that. The Ikemen somehow is made into a machine to only thrust his hips.

Looking sorry, Nanari comes over to suck on my mouth.

With our tongues entangled, sounds of saliva exchanging cover our cell.

「Nanari you like kissing a lot huh..」

「No good?」

「I don’t mind, but it seems our meals are here. 」

「Un, I’ll go get it. 」

She runs to the knight after tidying up her slave clothes in a hurry, and then returns with our meals.

「I was given a piece of candy… here, try half」

「Heeh~ there’s something like that」

「That person asked If I was hungry, sometimes people are gentle. 」

I have no good impressions from the knights at all, but the candy was really delicious.

Nanari hugged me and said,

「See,  something good did happen」

Candy huh, certainly that was a good thing.

About a month time has passed since I came to this world.

Nanari is probably pregnant because her period isn’t here. She seems fairly pleased about that.

「I think I can love this child. It will most likely be taken from me though. 」

It’s quite sad in another sense.

In this past month, I was just living it up with Nanari.

To be honest, other than things on the conversation level, Nanari invites me many times a day.

Nanari is a perverted woman.

Even now as I am sitting down, Nanari is straddled on top of me having her vagina filled by my pole.

Obliviously using up my half erection.

And then as she realized that I’m getting fully erected when her hips shake, hot breaths come out of her as she moves.

The moment we start to climax together, a familiar face that I knew very well shows up behind our cage.

Oda Yukari.

My childhood friend, and a woman who has been on my mind.

She came together with the magician girl who always cleans us with bubbles.

Our eyes matched, noticing each other while lots of milky white liquid were flowing. I broke a dry sweat from my back.

The look in Yukari’s eyes changed into a bright and cheerful one upon seeing me.

She opened the prison with the keys and came in.

The magician girl, who is together with Yukari, seems to have guessed what Yukari wanted to do so she gave up on trying to stop her.

Noo, don’t give up!!

「A, Ahem」

Nanari is still in the middle of her climax. She seems to be feeling good from receiving my ejaculation.

「Thank god. You were safe huh」

「Um… 」

I wanted to say that if you are not yet aware of this girl who is sitting on me, or for some reason she is invisible to you ,I’d want things to remain the same like this and not wish for anything else.

「Nn, that…. it’s become smaller. Hm, no good? 」

「Not good right now」

Nanari is requesting pleasure while making her vagina twitch *hiku hiku*. You want to keep cumming right? Be a little patient!

「Yukari you are also safe. I was worried about what happened」

「I was told that I have the magic skill『Talent of flame』. Thanks to this, I’ve been taken care of」

「I’m so glad」

Tears start to form under Yukari’s eyes and she wipes them with her fingers as it’s about to fall.

Nanari’s climaxing finally ended. I start to hear my own heartbeats through my ears as she notices the abnormality around her.

「Who? 」

「Not right now..」


Nanari is rarely showing her dissatisfactions.

Then the magician girl who is here with us says something as if she’s handing us a life boat.

「Yukari, it’s about time. If people find out they will definitely be angry and we’ll be sorry」

「Yeah, I know」

It seems Yukari also learned the language of Abyssgard. She’s talking in that language with the female magician.

「Well, we’re running out of time so I gotta go. I will come by again. 」

「Un. Thank you」

Yukari walks towards the direction behind me to leave the prison, but she stopped for a second to see me one last time before leaving.

Then, she came running around.

At the speed of lightning, my lips were stolen from me.

A kiss with a full degree of gentleness.

「Hehe, this is my first time so you better thank me」

「Ah… Un, Thank you」

「I feel a little surprised」

「Well, it was a surprise」

「Yukari, hurry up」

「Okayyy, see you later then. Magicians are said to be treated the same as nobles so I will buy you out one day」

「Un.  I’ll be expecting you」

This would have been a good story so far if my near-limp penis isn’t inside Nanari’s vagina right now.

「Hold it.」

That was said in Japanese from Nanari.

「Hehh? 」

Yukari raises a suffocatingly loud voice.

I seriously thought Nanari was invisible to her this whole time。。。

「Takuma belongs to me」

「E…..eto… 」

Yukari looks between me and Nanari alternately.

A smirk floats on Nanari’s face.

And then she gets up.

To show off to Yukari about the fact that my penis has been suppressed inside of her the whole time.

Large amounts of sticky white liquid fall down at this moment. *bota bota*sounds of semen dripping can be heard, as Nanari shows a face of triumph.

The magician girl covers her face with her hands.

My back is drenched wet, with my heart beating extremely loud.

Yukari is frozen staring at it for a long time, seemingly not understanding what that is….. and then she realized. I trembled with intense fear.

From her face, Nanari can see that she won.

I am preparing myself for the afterlife.

As if she had given up on something, Yukari ‘s shoulders dropped. And then she said it.


「I’m sorry, I swear I wouldn’t do it anymore 」


Yukari is leaving while fuming of anger, and even though I feel bad, I am still relieved seeing her being safe and sound.

Lots of various emotions starts mixing together inside of me, somehow tears start to form.

When Nanari saw that, she quickly puts some words together.

「I’m S.. Sorry. That was your old woman right? 」

「Ah, it’s a little different….. a childhood friend」

「Nya? it was a childhood friend?… sorry I misunderstood …… I was just desperate to not have you be taken away from me.」

「It’s alright, I’m happy enough that she’s safe」

「Un, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry」

Nanari starts licking my tears. It’s a new play.

「Well, this time you can think of me as that person and do me? 」

「…Is that really okay? 」

「Ufu, you can use me at your convenience,  just feel better」

「Thank you. I’m sorry for all kinds of things. 」

Nanari was very kind.

From the day Yukari came to visit me, I’ve been progressively gathering more information.

Mainly, I tried hard to listen in the conversation between the magician girl and the knight.

They were relatively friendly to me.

I’ve been monitoring them closely on how they handled the other slaves without violence. So my opinion of them rose quite high.

Can’t say that about our next door neighbours though.. Well, it can’t be helped.

And what I understood is, the majority of girls other than Yukari seem to be getting treated even more severely than Nanari.

The knight person pointed to the oba-san in our neighbour cell.

The magician girl said something about impregnation and agricultural work.

It may be because there are various treatments for various kinds of children.

It also looks like slaves who can use washing magic at any time are treated as important people. Well, that sounds about right. If this place doesn’t stay clean it will become a living hell.

In my current situation, I remind myself of a thoroughbred in this position.

Just like an imported foreign stallion.

By looking at the end product, one will be able to decide if it will become a fit horse like “Sunday Silence” or “Lammtarra” (referencing famous race horses)

In this case my partner is Nanari. She is a girl with high status but her children couldn’t inherit that.  Maybe they are trying to compare my descendents with her descendents to determine the value of my species.

There was the insurance to live as a slave if I was bought out by Yukari… but it seems now I am hated quite a bit. The magician girl says that her veins pop out just by hearing my name.

That’s why I could be dead depending on the status of my child with Nanari, and maybe why she is allowed to stay with me for now.

Although from the looks of our neighbour, if you become pregnant it is likely to be separated.

There’s also no way for us to hide this information in this cell without a single wall. It will be leaked out from the moment they see Nanari.

「With this child’s ability, it will directly decide your life and death you know. You were born brave weren’t you?」

「Don’t worry, it’s our child after all. With such good compatibility between us, I’m sure an amazing child will come」

「I think so too」

I tried to massage and stroke her belly before I could even see her stomach; I’m already a stupid doting parent.

Time is passing slowly, but surely.

Nanari’s stomach started to grow, so we stopped having sex.

Even though it seems Nanari wants me to put it in, I thought it would be dangerous to poke around in there right now.

From that day on, Nanari turned into a kissing demon.

「Maybe you like it here? 」

I can talk about it but I can’t act it out. As Nanari’s stomach get bigger, it feels like a death sentence draws closer.

I tried to not think about it as much as possible, but I still remember that time when my sensei and classmate’s heads left their body. The light of the Yankee’s eyes disappearing, the sight of that will never be forgotten.

「You are thinking about weird things aren’t you? aren’t  you feeling good right now? 」

Nanari sucks on my penis.

Licking on my penis all around from the shaft to the head. My thoughts can swing over to the lecherous sounds that my pre-cum and her saliva are emitting.

「Ah shit」

「Hehe, I practiced hard for your sake. I got better didn’t I? 」

「It’s good, keep going」

「Sorry, *slurp *slurp*」

This is the best blowjob I ever received from the horny Nanari with a big stomach.

Nanari, who felt I might be getting close to cumming, increases the pace and puts in her full effort to squeeze it out with her mouth.

Holding her hair with one hand keeping it out of the way, rocking her head strongly back and forth.

The face of Nanari getting face fucked is a very erotic and beautiful thing.

Nanari endures as I let it out in her throat.

The sounds of Nanari swallowing my semen continued as I shoot it all out.

「Eheh, I was loved. It was delicious」

She opens her mouth to show me that she swallowed it all, and then we go into a deep kiss. The lips are sucked and our tongues invade each other.

For a second I thought it was disgusting to kiss right after she gives me head, but the pleasure overrides that thought quickly. Feels like I indirectly gave myself head, but whatever.

「Nanari is an ecchi child」

「Takuma it was you who made me like that, so it’s Takuma who I love that’s ecchi right? 」

Certainly that is true, so I have no other options but to nod.

Nanari with a self-satisfied look.

The happy days are passing by one by one.

Then that day came.

Nanari with a face full of sweat, giving birth while suffering the pain.

I’m trying my hardest to help being the only one here with Nanari; there’s neither a doctor or a maternity nurse.

This is a lonely fight.

But it seems there’s also people that knows of the Lamaze technique in this world. Nanari is using this method to control her breathing while giving birth.

The ikemen next door asked if we are okay in a worried voice.

Ignoring that comment, yup.

I could only hold on to a hand of Nanari.

My first child was born safely by Nanari.

A girl with red hair.

「We need to decide on a name.. but I don’t know what’s a good name to call her」

「She has red hair… How about Rose? 」

「What does that mean? 」

「It’s the name of a beautiful red flower with thorns」

Rose…that’s a good name」

「Nanari starts to give Rose colostrums as she overflows with tears 」

Rose drinks while making a noise.

「She looks healthy huh」

「Un. I wonder」

I wonder about this child’s status; it would be quite meaningful.

「How do you measure her status? 」

「The skill to measure status is a very rare one.. I think we will probably need to bring this girl to the princesses to find out」

I see. Well then, I wonder if they will tell us the results later.

I’m not sure if I showed an uneasy face just now.

Nanari gave me a light kiss on my lips. That was my first time in a while to feel Nanari’s gentle touch.

「Don’t worry, It’s going to be okay」

Nanari is being positive…. but my hands are trembling.

Oh, that’s right.

「Yup, it’s our child after all. There’s probably at least two or three skills on her」

「That’s way too greedy. Normally only one in ten thousand people gets a skill. Don’t be doting on her so hard already」

Oh, she got angry. Guhehe.

That time is here.

Just when Rose fell asleep feeling satisfied from been fed enough, three knights came and took Rose away.

I couldn’t resist or make a sound.

I hugged Nanari and waited for our destiny in silence without a single word.

And then a princess showed up in person.

The second daughter of the king is holding Rose very dearly right next to her face.

Blonde colored quirky hair with clear white skin.

Glimpses of her breasts can be seen leaking through her high quality silk dress, with enough power to nail any man’s gaze onto her.

The princess smiled and started talking with Nanari.

「Congratulations, Nanari. From today on you are forgiven in my name and hereby you are to enter into the ranks of nobility. Let it be known that you and your child are now under the protection of the royal 『Arturia』 family. 」

「Princess-sama, I cannot thank you enough」

「Nanari, let’s work hard together for the future of our country」

「Y ,Yes, Princess-sama」

The princess rises Nanari up and hugs her without minding the fact that she’s dressed in slave clothes; where others could not consider it as pretty.

I was just idly watching.

「Nanari, your child not only has high status, but also three different skills. 『Talent of Sword』, 『Talent of Spear』and 『Talent of Bow』. Be proud of this achievement.  Please continue making good children in the future」

「Princess-sama, I will do my best」

Nanari happily looks this way.

I also sent her a smile. I knew it, our compatibility was the best.  I’m so glad.

「Well then, come over here Nanari」

The princess escorts Nanari out of the cell with one of her hands.

Then the prison cell was locked.


「Um.. Princess-sama? What about Takuma? 」

What a lovely thing to hear, Nanari.

「Don’t worry, that guy over there , is going to be shared with everyone. You also have the proper rights to that as well」

「So that’s how it is, I’m glad」

「No.. That’s not good at all.. 」

Nanari watched me for a moment, then averted her gaze from me.

「Because it seems that the quality of the sperm will deteriorate if spent excessively, we don’t want her to end up that way」

「Ah I see. There are men are like that as well」

「Ara, I guess that’s true 」

「But it’s so cold over there, I want you to be able to get warmth」

「Yeah, that would be nice, as you have done for me this whole time」


「Also after, I wonder if it’s possible to make the meals larger for him? 」

「Ara, starved people have a stronger libido you know? 」

「Is that how it works? Forgive my ignorance」

「No problem. If you don’t understand what is right, you have to let others know . It’s fine to just spit out what you think. Everyone around me just talks silently and it feels rather lonely」

「Well.. if you’re alright with someone like me」

「Yes, please do, Nanari」

「Yes, I pledge my loyalty to Princess-sama」

「Work for the sake of our country, not for me」

Their voices become further and further away until I couldn’t hear them anymore.

There comes a woman approaching.

A female knight dressed in a male attire.

「Hey, it’s cold here, take this」

「…. You saved me」

「Hmph, it’s not worth much anyway. Use it with care ok? 」

Was this cloak warmed up?

That night, I reunited with a man who I haven’t seen in a long time.

「Two grown men again」

「I don’t have any special hobbies with other men」

「I don’t have one either.. 」

「…Hey, I heard your child was a rather superior one」

「Well, sort of. What about yours? 」

「My child seems unlikely. Supposedly they have to look into it a little more.. Well, the status looks to be high to some extent so at worst It’ll be sent to be someone’s lover in some be a lover for someone」

「I guess I also resemble of something similar, I heard in this world mating with women could be seen as a job. I did not expect to be thrown away by Nanari…. 」

「You guys were close together, but what can you do about it now? The woman you love will live a good life so you could just be glad about that」

「That’s one way to think about it… but I’m shocked.. I planned on marrying her and settling down with her for rest of my life」

「Maa, it makes sense you would think that way with Nanari-chan as your companion. She’s a good woman, if I were you I wouldn’t exchange her for anything either」

For some reason, I am not even happy when this guy praises us.

「But more than that, I am still worried about the girls from our class」

「I wonder if it’s baby booming right now..」

The conversation ended with silence. Then the ikemen says one last thing.

「No matter which one of us gets free, that person should make everyone a grave and pay our respects to them」

「You’re right. Whoever gets to go free…. but I’m not so sure if either of us will actually make it 」

I can faintly smell a woman’s scent from the mantle.

That night, I fell asleep in the mantle.

It was better than nothing, but Nanari was warmer.

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