Chapter 19

Nanari 1

It took a bit of time until I felt better.

My heart was getting eroded by anxiety.


A girl with brown hair, who looks like a junior high school student.

She had the same slave status as me.

I became a slave after I was transferred here from my world; Nanari became a slave coming from a hunting tribe.

We ate the aphrodisiac diet meals together and warmed each other up in the prison when we had not even a single piece of cloth on us.

She taught me the language of this world, and I taught her Japanese in return.

In this dark world without anyone else beside me, she was there with me.

We have never even quarreled.

Ah, there was a little incident with dripping semen, but yeah, that was all.

Then she got pregnant, her stomach got big, and she gave birth without any incidents.

I saw her as a very important person…

She is now living happily as a noble.


If I think about our social status, I’m a slave and she’s a noble.

Even I know that the gap between us is big now.

At the very beginning, I could have been killed from just looking at Chris’s face.

That’s the original position of a slave.

Even now, Greydia still thinks of me as a bastard from a savage tribe, so it feels quite lonely at times.



***(This “vibrator” from some savage tribe is making me cum again, Hiiiiiiii)***

I thought it was cute at those times though.


I can hear the high-pitched sounds of shoes hitting the floor of stones coming from a distance away.

One step. Again, another step.

*clack* , *clack* it goes.

Then, the door slowly opened.


The first one I see there is Turna=Milanjou.

A 14 year-old loli girl.

Then, at the corner of my eyes, I caught a shadow rushing here.

It’s my first time seeing it in a world with bright lights, the brown hair which has tints of red in it.

Her body, looking slightly healthier than before.

It’s a little tanned.

And, I stayed silent.



Wearing a dress that has blue-colored designs, with tears in her eyes.

Then, I was blown away as she rushed through the door.

Fortunately, there was a bed right there so I was okay after one bounce.


「Are you okay? Takuma? 」(Nanari)

Nanari took a grasp of my clothes and climbed on to me to check me.

I feel the tension I had from a moment ago is disappearing.

「I’m alright 」(Takuma)

Having said that, I started patting her head like I always used to.

She was surprised and flinched for a second, and then she accepted it.

People don’t change that fast, she’s still as friendly as she was.

While I am stroking her head, Nanari, who seems like she had enough, placed her ears on my chest.

Nothing was said between us.

She did something like this before too.

Listening to the sounds of my heartbeat, and then closing her eyes.

Nanami could remain still in this position forever.

She’s not any different compared to the past.

No, there are things that are different about her.

First of all, her chest has gotten bigger.

Remembering that soft feeling of her breasts, which I have not felt in forever, made me very happy.

Then, as if she’s trying to confirm something, she starts feeling me up.

And I also do the same.

Compared to the past, I have gained more muscles.

Eh? Where did this girl’s soft stomach go? It feels as hard as a frying pan now.

The way she laughs when I touch her stomach is not much different compared to the past.

As for her hair, she seemed to have grown it out since we last saw each other.

It looks clean and tidy, extending all the way to her shoulder blades. It’s also glossy and sexy, to the point that is incomparable to before.

Oh, it got in the way right there.

「You can go ahead. I understand your behaviour right now」(Turna)

This girl who can’t read the mood at all.

You can say that I love Turna, but sometimes I want to put some distance between us.


「Turna-sama, what should I be doing? 」(Nanari)

「Getting pregnant through the use of skills is fine, right?」(Takuma)

「This is why Takuma is… remember what you two did back then and reproduce it.  So, don’t use the skills」(Turna)

The sleepy-looking Turna is in serious mode today.

Nanari who often don’t understand things like this is tilting her head.

Speaking of doing it with Nanari, it was always either the cow girl position or the reverse cow girl position.

Other than that… would be things like sucking each other’s mouth while doing it.

Thinking about it like that, It had become a routine.


I lifted Nanari up, and hugged her from behind.

「…You’re warmer than before, you have more meat on you now… looks like you have been eating properly」(Takuma)

「Because Chris has been nice to me 」(Nanari)

Nanari seems to be thinking over the words she just said.

Then, she grasped my hand and put it at her crotch.

This is a nostalgic action of lust that needs no words.

Turna, who’s watching this, starts writing something down on paper.

「I see.. I see.. They spent a long time together in a cold environment warming each other up with their bodies. In conditions like that, it would be hard for them to care about when they developed those skills…」(Turna)

Turna’s observations aside, I’m almost at my limit of holding back, so I’ll start feeling up Nanari’s chest.

「You can touch them directly」(Nanari)

It seems Nanari wants it as well.

I put my hands in from the sides of her dress and start rubbing her tits that have grown to fit the size of a bowl.

「Nnfuuu…. Takuma hasn’t change huh… 」(Nanari)

I don’t know what made you say that, but it’s only natural that people don’t change in such a short time.

「Has Nanari changed? 」(Takuma)

「…I might have changed quite a bit… Sorry」(Nanari)

She said that she has changed; now my mood has become a little complicated.

Moreover, if she thought about apologizing, that means she is conscious of being guilty of something she did.

Whether she got a new man or not, I can use appraisal to confirm.

Even if she was wavering, from my appraisal I only see one person in the “people she likes” category.

And, that was me.

I let out a sigh of relief.

If that’s the case then I’ll ask her what she meant.

「How have you changed? 」(Takuma)

Asking her a question about how she really feels gives me quite a pleasant feeling.

I wait for her answer as I massage her soft tits that have grown to fit the size of my hands completely.


「…Takuma became second place to me」(Nanari)

I know what she meant from those words because I am not that much of a fool.

「You love Rose that much, huh? 」(Takuma)

「Yeah, I’m sorry」(Nanari)

The husband can’t win against the child. This has been proven many times before already so I don’t think much of this.

I stroke her head and roll up her dress.

After getting rid of the cloth that was in the way, I’ll slowly put it in while hugging her from behind.

Black shorts.

This is the first time seeing black since I’ve come to this world.

Then, I insert it slowly bit by bit.


「Nn….. It’s been a long time so maybe that’s why it hurts a little… 」(Nanari)

「You haven’t done it all this time? 」(Takuma)

「Un… 」(Nanari)

I think it’s definitely wet enough, but since Nanari said it hurts a little, I stopped moving after putting it deep inside.

A few seconds later, Nanari nodded.

I take that as a signal to keep going, and proceed to go slowly like the old days using my hips in this wetness.

If I move for a while, Nanari will start moving as well.

The way we move is not aimed at climaxing, but to spend time and enjoy the sex.

Then, Nanari starts to let out her faint, cute moans.


「Nn…..Haaa, ha, ha…. 」

Turna, who’s been watching us, is frozen in deep thought like a statue.

Ma, whatever.

I’ll wait until Nanari’s sensitivity goes back down.


「Grr…. It’s like they each became a different person…」(Turna)

The groans of a genius.

I haven’t seen that side of her before.


「Turna-sama, if we repeat this process 4-5 times, Takuma will start feeling it」(Nanari)

Nanari, who slightly recovered, is giving away the pleasure methods from earlier.


「I see, then that’s enough. What other things did you do? 」(Turna)

I hug Nanari as we face each other, and give her pussy my rigid cock, directly.


「Uuu, Turna-sama, this is also something we did a lot that was good」(Nanari)

「I see, then please, carry on」(Turna)

The difference with this position and the last one is just that we’re facing each other now instead of me hugging her from behind.

For Nanari, she thinks it feels better doing it with her back facing me. But, for me, it feels better with her facing me. Either way, the difference is not that big to me and it’s well within the same margin for us both.

I’m enjoying her drenched, wet pussy that has become even wetter than a little while ago.

*Nucha*, *Nucha*, the sounds and a sweet smell envelops the room.

Rather than thrusting my hips, I like lifting Nanari’s body up and dropping her back down on my dick instead.


「Nn….Ah. Takuma, you’ve gotten good at this」(Nanari)

「There, drop your arms」(Takuma)

Nanari puffs her cheeks a little, but the next moment, she’s back to enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed.

Then, before long, Nanari reached her climax. It was at a shorter interval than before.

「Huu….My waist is giving in. Unnnn….. 」(Nanari)

Caressing her soft hips happily, I enjoyed this for a long time.

Then, the calm Nanari tells Turna verbally.


「Doing this 4-5 times will have Takuma become all excited as well」

「Nanari-sama sure is loved… 」(Turna)

Turna seems to have said something.

Next time, let’s do this with her as well.

Turna requested us to move on to the next thing, but Nanari and I are locked still.

「Other things…? 」(Takuma)

「There isn’t anything else left… 」(Nanari)

「…There are some other things we do with the mouth, but you can count that with fingers on one hand」(Takuma)

「That was some good information then. Various possibilities have been eliminated」(Turna)


Turna looked happy. Then she continued:

「Now then, please pour it inside later. If you get pregnant, then just take it as a bonus. There’s more time to spare than I initially thought, so I’ll take my time to decide who your next skill wielding partner will be. So yeah, enjoy yourselves」(Turna)

After having said that, Turna exits the room with a maid.

Usually, I am never left alone with a customer, so this really shows how concerned Turna is this time.


Then, my 『Genius+』skill that rarely does anything, worked for once.

I thought all this time that Nanari had abandoned me, but that bad feeling was already gone as it proved to be a misunderstanding from Turna’s verbal slips before.

The distance created between me and Nanari wasn’t from a decision made by Nanari. To put it simply, the criminal who was responsible for that was Turna.

What I had was just nothing but a misunderstanding.

If that’s the case, then we can go back to the way we were when we were in prison.

And, Turna, who said what she said after realizing that, would probably not tolerate her followers being any less intelligent.

Well, maybe my 『Genius+』worked this time because I was worried about the misunderstandings between me and Nanari.



「What’s up? You have a happy face on you」(Nanari)

「I’m just thinking from now on I can get hot and steamy with you again」(Takuma)

「Me too…It has become such an awesome thing to do… 」(Nanari)

She’s all wet again?

I take off her shorts and then her dress, now she has become fully naked.

Then, I insert it into the vagina of Nanari, who has a smile on her face.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt something unusual.


All the girls showed this reaction when I poked them suddenly with the skills activated.

Their bodies arch up like a bow, and pleasure leaks out from their mouth.

「Ah, ah, ah, AH-」(Nanari)

Slowly moving the hips, her body entangled together with mine is nothing but a bewitching scene.

「Nanari is the best」(Takuma)

「Nnnna, Auuuuua……AhhhhHhh」(Nanari)

My beloved Nanari can no longer form proper words while tasting the joy of this pleasure.

I give her clitoris a pinch.

「HiiHiiiiiguuuuuuUU, AHHHHHH」(Nanari)

Speeding up the rotation of the hips, the sounds of our skin humping against each other dominates the room.

Nanari is not there anymore, what remains is just a mother with love juice dripping down from her.

*Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, the sounds of her hips being struck. Then… I directly let out my desires in her womb.

Lots of time was spent.

The best moment was full of satisfaction.

The seeds I buried inside her drip out, dyeing her vagina in the color of pure white, making it all sticky.

Now then, normally, this is where I go back to calming myself down.

As “lover” as my occupation, I know how the girls become not able to go on after doing them once like that.

But, this time my partner is Nanari.

Moreover, I don’t even know when she will ever visit again.

I want to hear her cute moans once more.



…I felt the tremors inside, but there are no signs of anything happening.

Then I found out my mana is at 0.

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it then.


「Nanari, we’re going for one more round, okay? 」(Takuma)

Her body twitched at this good timing.

Looks as if she’s saying she wants me to do it.

I activate all the skills I could again and stabbed her right in her vagina with my dick.


I made plenty of love to Nanari.

After that, I just went to work without anything special happening.

I feel proud about the good work I did today.

When I returned home while feeling this sense of satisfaction, I noticed Yukari was looking happy as well.

Our friend, Taketatsu Naomi, is chilling in our home right now.


「Thanks for having me 」(Naomi)

A greeting full of energy.

I also returned a friendly greeting.

「Good evening, and I’m home」(Takuma)

「Welcome home. I’m leaving for Milled for the job tomorrow, so during that time I asked Naomi to take care of you and Umi for me. Please get along with each other」(Yukari)

「Yes, yes」(Takuma)

Will this become a setting where she plays the housekeeper/nanny who I’ll have to pay with skills? Naomi is a pain in the ass.

I feel sorry for interrupting the two people who are having a fun conversation.

「So, when will you be coming back? 」(Takuma)

「Maybe around 10 days? 」(Yukari)

Seeing that I have an unhappy expression on my face after hearing that, she dropped her shoulders apologetically.

Then, she said one thing.

「I’m sorry」(Yukari)

「Well, it is work, after all」(Takuma)

The word that I always used conveniently.


It’s not good to only use that word for my own convenience.

I’m the one being supported by her, after all.


Instead, prepare yourself for tonight.

Yukari understood what I was thinking of from the smile on my face, and responded with a smile.


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    1. I believe she was one of their class mates. I believe she was the one who was crippled and healed by that old magician and the childhood friend of the neighbour in prison


      1. it was nanami not nanari.
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